“”A DREAM””(Few shots by Kakali) Part 6

Hello ev1.. here is d 6th part of my story..hope u all like it..n thnxx for response on previous parts..also thanks to my silent readers ..sorry for my grammatical mistakes n spelling errors..

Soo let’s go inside d DREAM..

Here we go::

Recap-Lakmin relation’s official declaration n Swalakmin’s thoda masti..

Sanskar-(shouting n brust his all anger on her)u came here to irritate me,.like always rit? Don’t u have any other work rather then disturbing us.
Why Swara?Why u do this? I m observing this from many days.. u always comes whenever me n Nia is together..
What d hell is wrong with u haa? Can’t u give us some privacy.always poking ur nose in our matter..
Why u do all this??
Answer me damn it.
(jerking her shoulder)Now just get d blo*dy hell out of my sight..(*sorry to all readers)

Swara is just standing there numb.hearing her DREAM boy’s harsh words..she is unable to move.. her eyes are filled with tears.those pearls r about to roll down from her cheeks but our strong Swara composers herself n says without having any emotion n very calmly.

“I came here to give u d scholarship form.Das sir gave me to hand over this to u..
N haa!! Sorry for disturbing ur privacy,today i actually didn’t meant that.
Sorry..”(give d papers in his hand.)

Saying this she move away.tears makes way to her cheeks..she is again broken..broken by his words..

Nia looks at him with disgust n walk away..

Sanskar-Damn it !(bangs his hand on wall)again i hurt her. She came here for me n i,what have i done man. What’s wrong with me..now what should i do?”(frustrated)

He diles her number,but it was unreachable..he again tried n tried,but Allass!! no response..
Suddenly he sees Simin who is going to class.(monologue-it’s better to ask Simin,me b she knows where is Swara)

Sanskar-Simin,just a minute..

Simin-yeah!Sanskar,,what happened?

Sanskar-(hesitates)woo..woo Swara .

Simin understands his hesitation n says”She left for home”.

Sanskar looks on shock”How did u,i mean(Simin cuts of)

Simin-I saw her upset..so it’s obvious that u might have said something which hurt her. What’s new in this? Whenever she cries d reason is only U. BDW now what u want?anytime left?(taunts him,n went away leaving a guilty n shock Sanskar)(*well done Simin)

Sanskar(monologue-yeh kab huwa?me n Swara’s crying reason of all time?(confuse).

Then he remembered all d incidents when he shouted on Swara, when he let go all his frustration on her,sometime even without any mistake he poured all his anger on her just like happened an hour ago.!!

He never realized his mistake but today, he feels guilty for his behaviour,

“How can a girl tolerate my useless anger to this level?how could she never reply me back?she just beared, just beared”he thinks.(huhhh)

“U know sometime words give more pain than actions,tounge has no bone,but it’s strong enough to break a heart into billion pieces..”(thinking all this a lone tear escaped from his mini coconut/almond like eyes).

He never introduced her as his friend..but today he asks a question to himself “Is she not a friend of urs Sanskar?”

N he feels so happy after getting his answer..”Yeas,, she is,she is my friend,, a precious friend which i never wanna loose”
With this beautiful realisation he started to dance on GHINGA LAALLA HUUR,, GINGAA LAALA HUUR HUUR,,(*aww best dancer)

Her sad cutee face flashes on his mind n he becomes sad..but adamant too gain her forgiveness any how..he wants to apologise her..(he thinks something n smiled ear to ear)

Next day at college::

Sanskar is desperately waiting for Swara.but Swara is nowhere to be seen..he waits almost 1 n half hour..

Meantime Swara comes with her Hippo(Lucky).she is same as she was yesterday but her bright smile is missing today. N this thought makes him feel more guilty..

Swara also sees towards him n they had a cutee n short eyelock which is broken by Nia.who drages Sanskar to class.

Swara felt bad seeing them but again composes herself(best self composer ever) n keeps a tight smile.

All 4 are busy in class but Sanskar is waiting to end d class.he is just cheeking his wrist watch.n finally d bell rings(hufff).

All students left d room only SanNia SwaLakmin is here as they have some assignments to complete.

Suddenly Nia’s phone started to ring n she also left d room to take d call.now Lakmin also went as they both r aware of Swara’s situation..

Only left our SWASAN..(*awww,sounds soo heavenly)

Swara is soo engrossed in work that she doesn’t even bother to look at him for once,
He feels so bad as she didn’t wish him good morning also..

He goes towards her n calls slowly yet lovingly,
Swara looks at him, give him a smile n says “HA!Sanskar”

Sanskar is soo happy hearing his name from her but sad too as she didn’t call him Sanskuu.(he himself don’t know why¿¿)

Sanskar is about to say something but Swara cuts her n said “Just give me a second! i’ll wrap up my things then u can do ur works here!”

Sanskar now clearly understands that yesterday’s incident had a mere effect on her..

Sanskar tries to talk to her,”Swara listen !”

“Haa!! Sanskar boloo!!” Says Swara.

“Woo! Yesterday!! Woo..”Sanksar stammers

“Don’t worry Sanskar i can understand, u said all this in anger,n i really didn’t feel bad.”

Sanskar feels soo light hearing this but his happiness fades away hearing her last statement

“As m use of it(under breath)..anyway i’ll try my best to be away from u n Nia,pinky promise,hmm!! It will take some time but will try my level best, now u don’t have any problem naa?”says Swara holding her tears n plastering a smile..

“But Swara we r friends” (cuts him)

“Yeah!! U have told me many times dat we r not friends(indirectly)..will try not to forgot that..u don’t worry Sanskar.”saying this she left d room where her tears r unstoppable now, it’s just flowing from her strawberry red cheeks making her nose more red n puffy..

Here Sanskar is also at d same position.not being able to find out what had happened just a minute ago..he is at verge of crying..

For d 1st time in his life he is experiencing Swara’s this new shade.she was never like this..always bubbly,chirpy but today she is soo different..
He doesn’t know how to react..

Sanskar POV::

I still can’t digest what she said? Oh God she is so hurt with my words.. n u buddhu Sanskuu u was supposed to ask her Sorry? Then what happen dat a single word was not coming out of ur throat.now goo n say her sorry otherwise u’ll loose her friendship for forever(loosing her,thought is enough to make him restless).

POV ends.

Sanskar goes behind her but finds Lucky who is coming towards him..

Sanskar-Where is Swara?did u see her?

Lucky(stearnly)-Now what u want?did she do any other mistake for why u r finding to scold her..!

Sanskar-Noo Lucky !! Nothing like that, i just wanna ask her sorry for yesterday’s behaviour..so can u plz tell me where is she(asks him in pleading tone).

Lucky thinks something n says”She is in auditorium n yeah dare not to say anything to her! Otherwise u’ll see d worst of me!mark my words(indicating to his small coconut like brain)”.

Sanskar-Thnk u n will never forget about ur words… now byee gotta go..

He goes to auditorium where he finds Swara is sitting in a corner engulfes in deep thoughts..

He directly goes to her n says”Swara ! I wanna talk to u!”

Swara notices him n says” Haa! Sanskar!tell me, u need something..(little confuse with his sudden behaviour)

“He holds her hands in his palms”Swara! I m really sorry for yesterday. I myself don’t know how all that happen. It’s just i was so tensed. Swara m soo sorry, plzz forgive me(tears started to flow from his eyes)

Swara just stares him blankly.unable to watch him crying she hugs him tight.(*i dunno anything it was her sudden action).seeing him crying feels like stabbing her heart..

Sanskar also reciprocates with same passion..he just murmurs “M so.r.ry Sw.ara”..

“Shhhh!!shhh!don’t cry Sanskar!m not angry with u.”

Sanskar feels like heaven in her embrace.”u r really not angry with me na?(asks like a kid)”

“No Sanskar!!sacchi m not angry”.

He parts away from d hug n asks”Then why r u not calling me Sanskuu?”

“Waaa!!u’ll not be angry?” Swara asks astonoishly.

“Noo!!this name suites me u know”..says Sanskar.

“Omgg yeh kab huwa?maltab u didn’t like this name na!then how come?”(with narrow eyed)

“Huhh!!u r my friend na,so i love this name,”

Swara is more shock after hearing him calling her as his friend..

“Now how this EPIC also happen?(more shockingly)”

Omg !! Did i had a short term memory loss till today..?why didn’t u take me to doctor?ab kya hoga mera?(again nautanki/dramebaazi start)

“Matlab, don’t u think me as u friend?”

“Haa!haa! U r my friend,but u. U didn’t,i mean!!”(says Swara hasitately)but Sanskar cuts her.

“Forgot about d past Swara, now will u be my friend,”(smiles with hope n joy)

“Whaatt??(shouts in excitement)

“Yeah!!will u?”

(Our Swara is Swara,,how can she resist to be friend of her DREAM boy,so she immediately answers)

“Yoo!!yooo!! I’ll” n hugs him..

Now Sanskar is soo happy.n says “Swara i have a gift for u”

Swara with sparkling eyes”What !what?give me give me..(desperate Swara again back to her old naughty form).

“Just a minute!”he takes out a big box n gives to her..

“Yeh loo”..

Swara immediately snatches d box from his hands n opens it..she jumpes in happiness”Awwww!!Sanskar so sweet of u,i love it soo much.all r my favourite candies..waaa!! Thnk u Sanskuu”..(she again pulls his cheeks but this time soo tightly)

(Actually there are lots of different candies like alpellival,dairy milk shots*doo rupei mai doo laddu* candyman,eaclaires,milkybar,coffico,pulse,chocoman,n some of dairy milk, park,kitkat,five star,dark choco, etc etc,n all r her fav)

Sanskar is soo happy after seeing her happy..
“So friends”
“Hmmmm!!(thinking)Of course Friends..that tooo pakka walla..”

Screen freezes on their happy faces..

Precap-Lemme think..

Thnk u soo much guyzz for reading..
hope i didn’t bore u all.i tried my best to write long chappy..as i’ll not b active till 3rd November.umm !!my tests r going to start..hufff !!!
Soo till then take care,,
Keep smiling..

N Bye bye..

One more thing my SS’s DP has Ragak pic.. but i didn’t set that.. it was done by TU.. m unable to set any other SWASAN pic.as i have some problem. So sorry for that..*Mica special sorry to u..

Now bye bye …

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  1. Simin

    Waaah kya chappy hai
    Finally friendship ho gayi
    Swara share some candies with me too*wink

    1. Kakali

      Yeahh !!! Finally friendship hoo gayii.. huffff !!!!
      Hmmm she will never share her chocolates with anyone accept her Sanskuu…huhuhu…

      Thnk u sooo much Simin.. u r again my 1st commentator…

  2. Swarmayi

    Wohooo… lovely episode.. I just wanted to dance bt I cant.. ( u knw na.. ) finally sanky understood her.. yahoo.. tight wala kiss on ur cheeks frm me.. ummah.. love u.. ????

    1. Kakali

      Shaluuuu !!! uchii walii hill pehenkarr dance basantii.. huaahh haaa haaa !!!
      yoo !!! Finally he understands her.. phewww !!! but i dunno about future…
      Thnk u sooo much dear…love u tooo… n a tight kiss on ur cheek from me tooo…
      Take care.. ;-*

  3. Hemanshi

    Awesome just awesome lived it too the core

    1. Kakali

      Ohhh my Diii !!! Thnk u soo muchhh…
      Take care haaa !!! otherwise u better know meee.. *shooter Kakali..urghhhh !!!

      1. Hemanshi

        Hahahaahahaha don’t worry my gabbar sissy…….I am much better now???

  4. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Oooo, kaku, you are soo good….. I read your previous ff also… It was awesome….You rocks…. Chappy is awesome…. Hehe, his dance, lol??. Good job simin,tune toh pura doh dala?…. keep it up dear.. Waiting for nxt…
    Take care
    Keep smiling that to teeth nikal ke??.

    1. Kakali

      Oooo !!! Umaaa !!! soooo sweet of u dear.. u don’t know how happy i m seeing ur cuteee comment… Thnk u soo much dear…
      u liked his dance … huhuhu … me2..
      Simin is soo daring u know..hahaha..
      u 2 take care dear.. next is on d way..
      n yeah don’t forgot to smile wo bhi battisi nikal ke.. khikhikhi..

  5. Heltej

    Read two parts in one go…. Kiddoo u did it

    1. Kakali

      Awwwww Diiii !!! Thnk u soo muchhh !!!
      u r reading my parts in ur busy schedule… it means a lott dii..
      Take care.. God bless u..love u..

  6. Shreeyu

    Hehe wah wah kakali Di …. At last friendship ho gyi …. I was smiling like an idiot while reading ur … Hehe stupid me …. Chalo post whenever u get tym … Take care Di … Best of luck

    1. Shreeyu

      Ur chappy ###

      1. Kakali

        Hmmm !!! hmmm !!! my chappy.. ;-*

    2. Kakali

      Shreeyuuuu !!! Thnk u sooo much dear… yoo finally friendship hoo gayii..
      huuuuiiii !!!! don’t u dare to call urself idiot okkk..
      u r my cutiee.. only i have that right…
      u2 take care.. n thank u ..

  7. A.xx

    nice,, finally he realised he always hurts her.xx

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soooo much dearr… yeah he finally realised.. ;-*

  8. Mirna

    Heey kaks no candies for meeeeeeee to baddd 😛 awesome chappy and ur signature dance as usal rocked 🙂 love u dear

    1. Kakali

      Mirnaaa !!! sorry dear.. no candies for u..chory
      coz Swara is never gonna share it with anyone.. not even me..
      u know my signature step soo cool.. huhuhu…
      Thnk u sooo much dear… love u 2… ;-*

  9. SNY

    Awesome sis……
    Luv it to the core…….

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Sisss !!! m glad u love it… take care.. ;-*

  10. Mahavir

    di thanku thanku sooooooo much u made them together i loved it di and i need a choco

    1. Kakali

      Waaaa !!! Thnk u soo much Maha… u said me naa.. toh how can i not make them together..hmmm !!!
      noo choco for u..*cholly..huhuhuu.. Swara will never share it..
      Take care.. ;-*

      1. Mahavir

        ooohhh no choco for me *pout*

      2. Kakali

        Listen !!! i’ll give u okk .but don’t say this to anyone… it’s a secret…pinky promise. hmmmm… Maha…;-*

      3. Mahavir

        ok pakka pinky promise i ll dont tell anyone and thank u for the choco di

      4. Kakali

        Shhhhh!!! don’t say it publicly… it’s secret na.. ;-*

      5. Mahavir

        ssshhhhhhh* di public

  11. So that is done by TU……I opened this thinking it to b raglak ff……by cing d dp …but it turned out to be swasan……haha….it happens smtimes……by d way sanskuu is cute name

    1. Kakali

      Yeahh !! dear.. it was done by TU.. actually i have some problem with my account.. so couldn’t change it..

      Thnk u soo much for appreciating d name..
      Take care.. ;-*

  12. Mica

    aaarrgghhh Sanskaarrr!!! where is the ice cream ? you ate it yourself didn’t you ?
    that chocolate was from me, you know Kaku ?
    huh! happy today that they are friend..
    your ff reduced my sorrow… *my shark fishes were dead this morning huhuhuhu
    sorry ?.. gimme your best result first…

    1. Kakali

      Haaaa !! Mica.. u r rit dear.. he himself ate all d icecreams.. yoo yooo !!! i know all d chocos were from u only.. no defence..
      m also happy for them n u…
      SORROW n urs..*joke of d second.. bang ur head with chico..

      Thnk u soo much dear..
      n i’ll try my best to give u my best result.. ;-*

      1. Mica

        huaaaaaa.. no joke…my shark fishes really dead, i searched for them more than 2 years, finally i got them 2 weeks ago , but then due marathon meeting i couldn’t take care of them hiks….whatever, my swasan become friends….

      2. Kakali

        Yuppp !!! but i really dunno how long their friendship is going to live… hmmm !!! *headache huhh…

  13. kakali?
    awwwww soo soo beautiful story dr.
    lv it. dis is da first tym i read this. wonna read all the parts. cn u plz gv me da prev epi link dr!

    i fell in lv with dis story! swasan r frnds nw! yipppeee.
    sanskus gift! 😮 😮
    those r my fav. i want 2 eat it! 😉

    all the best 4 ur exams dr!

    keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya

    1. Kakali

      Awwww !!! Chanu.. thnk u soo very much dear… u made my day with ur comment…
      yooo !!! now SWASAN r friends..n i love those candy tooo…*yummmy…huhuhuhu…

      here is ur links.. hope u’ll like it..






      ..Thnk u once again for ur wishes..u 2 be always happy. love ya 2… ;-*

      1. Thank you sooo much drl 4 da links….

        Ill watch them and after dat ill cmnt you….
        im sooo excite to read them..
        🙂 🙂
        byee byeee
        lv ya

      2. Omģ omg omg!!!
        Kakali dr….

        dis ff is awsome… superb. Mind blowing….ect…. ect…
        soooo sooo cute dr..
        awww….. dnt knw wt 2 say…
        soo sweet…best thing is wht u write in brackets. Soo gd…
        lv dis ff 2 da core…

        swaras eyes!!! I also lv them.. its deep like pond!!??? 😮 seriously??!!
        Swara is rly drama queen. Lv her…
        and sanskar… huu huu huhuhu… my angry bird.. lets nt talk abt him.. or else ill go crazy.. 😉 😉 😀
        hee hee laksh is soo gd here….
        and simin…!! Soo gd frnds..
        Lakmin bond ws supeeeeeeeerrrrbb….
        it ws hilarious. I ws laughing like a mad.. I fell 4m my bed 2 ty. Lols
        lakshs butterflys, ants, grasshoppers, bees and whole cricket match go in wain. Lols.. still im laughing…
        sankys pov and swaras pov is soo nice dr..

        I lv each and every thing in ur ff dr…
        sooo sweet…

        waiting 4 ur nxt epi soo eagerly.

        im sure u gonna rock it… same like here..

        keep writing
        be happy always

      3. Kakali

        Awww!!!awww!!!awwww!!!! Chanuuuuu !!! Thnk u sooo soo much dear… ;-****… ♡♡♡♡
        yooo !!! dear Sanskuuu makes me crazy toooo… huhuhuuh!!!!
        m soo glad dat i made u laugh like hell.. but u know what after reading ur comment i m feeling like heavennn… waaa !!! Thanks a lot dear.. it means a lot..
        n next part is today pucckkkaa!!!
        stay bless dear.. love ya.. ;-*

  14. Arshaanya

    Finally they r frnz nw…
    Loved it kakali…

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Arshaaa. !!! Finally they r frndzz now…
      n m glad u love it… take care dear… ;-*

  15. Vyshu10

    Awesome…..kya yaar itna rula diya mujhe

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Vyshuu !!!
      waaa !!! don’t cry dear !!! looo take my fav hanky n wipe ur tears.. huhuhu..
      keep smiling always.. ;-*… take care..

  16. Nice..all the best for your tests.

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soo much Afra for reading n commenting .. n thank u tooo for wishing meee… ;-* .. take care dear..

  17. Scooby

    Wow al th parts wr awesome kakali… aww lakmin bro sis i ws laughing like hell and thn nia i too hate hr.. omg sans cried and both hugged.. lived dis part….
    all d bst for ur xam kakali.. rock it

    1. Kakali

      Naviiii !!! i was really angry on u…u know… but now… huffff !!! *enjoying ice cream too cool down myself.. huhhh !!!
      awww u 2 hate Nia like Swara … waaa!!! Swara will b soo happy… hmmm !!!
      Thnk u sooo much dear …
      n i’ll rock d exam.. coz i have too.. otherwise mom will eat me alive… huhuhu… take care.. ;-*

  18. Malika

    Ooooh god whenever I read your ff. I feel relax. You didn’t bore us in fact I’m very happy to see swasan together. In this ff each words was marvellous. Thank you sooo much for writing such an amazing ep for swasan. I read this ff three times. I really enjoy a lot. …..

    1. Kakali

      Waaaahhhh !!! diii… u r looking preety in ur wedding attire.. waaa !! soo beautiful…
      Thnk u soooo much for ur wonderful n encouraging comments.. it really boots my energy…
      afterall m ur choti..soo .. huhuhuu !!!
      Thnk u once again.. take care .. :-*

  19. Best epi…loved it

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soo much dear… m soo glad dat u love it… take care.. :-*

  20. Khushiii


    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Khushiii !!! Take care dear..;-*

  21. Even I am dancing as they became friend…!! GINGA LALA HUURR… GINGA LALA.. HURR HURR…!! And while reading all those chocolote names…my mouth started salivating…!! Yummy…!! Loved it..!!

    1. Kakali

      Waaaa Chanduuu !!! same pinch dear… me2 was gulping my saliva during writing.. it’s soo hard to control as m a big foody n chocolate lover… huhuhu…Thnk u sooo much dear..*imagining u while dancing…
      Take care… ;-*

  22. Deeksha

    Ohhh kakali….!!!!!! Loved it…..!!!!!! Sorry for commenting late….. I was busy with my works…..!!!!!!!!! Now I want swasan love story……!!!!!! Lots of love……. ???????

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soo much Deekshu !!! m glad u love it… n don’t say sorry dear..
      hmmm !! n about SWASAN love story.. u r going to witness it soon..lods of love from me 2…
      take care.. ;-*

  23. Mahjabeen

    Amazing amazing..ahh finalyy their friendship done..loved it so mch di
    Best of luck fr ur test
    Take crr☺☺

    1. Kakali

      Yupp!!! Sis finally their friendship is done… phewww !!!
      Thnk u soo much dear for commenting as well as wishing me…
      u 2 take care.. have a lovely day ahead.. ;-*

  24. Radhika..

    awesome part di swasan friendship happen finally yoho very happy!!
    so many candies wanna eat all but can’t.
    and he giv eher permission to call him sansku finally finally… … everything got in their place loved it di.
    all the best for the exams di.
    rock all ur exams i know u will rock them.
    loved it. love u di???

    1. Kakali

      Awww!!! Radhika… Thnk u soo much dear… m also happy for their friendship.. huhuhu!!! but dunno about future…i’ll give u chocolate okk.. but it’s secret.. don’t say it to anyone.. shhh!!
      Thnk u soo much for ur wish.. n m gonna rock it for sure…
      Love u too my sis.. ;-*
      n yeah take care if ur health…hmm!!!*u better know me..
      have a sweet day ahead.. ;-*

  25. Monesha

    Hi dear it me Monesha. I am really sorry for my late comment. It is bcoz of heavy work????. Really i couldn’t manage to come TU daily. Feeling very sad bcoz no time. I hope you will forgive me. I am really happy that you came back ??????. You really killing me by your writing. I am big fan of you. ???? I don’t have words to express. Really your ff was ???? How are you dear? You ok ? Take care darling bcoz if my special friend got hurt then it hurt me So take care your health…. This is my order. And eat wel sweety. Love you….. Take care. Loads n loads of huggggggggs and kisses to you ????? take your chocolate ??? and gifts too. ????? Be happy forever. May God bless my sweetie…… Bye

    1. Kakali

      Moneshaaa !!! sweetyy don’t be sorry dear… now m not angry… n about last comment.. it really doesn’t matter… u read n comment na.. that’s enough for me… i can never b angry on u …
      huhhh!!! m also a big fan of urs FF dear…those r awesome…
      n i can understand about ur busy schedule..

      n about me.. m totally fine dear.. how about u… take care of ur health tooo…
      lotssss of chocolates n huggggssss for u toooo …. keep smiling..
      God blesss u my dear… :-*

  26. Anniya

    Awsm one…
    So finally our swasan re frnd, now Cant wait to see how their frndship turn into love,
    Sanskar when you will fall with swara, be quick man or else someone else will steal her from you

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u Anniya… yeah finally friendship is done…hufff!!!
      hmmm!!! friendship will surely turn into love but when i really dunno..huhuhu!!!!!;-*

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