“”A DREAM””(Few shotes by Kakali)

Hiii !! Ev1.. how r u all? Actually m back with a new story , i mean with few shots..Hope i’ll not bore u all..
Sorry for my incredible spelling errors n mind blowing grammar mistakes…

So let’s go inside d story “”A DREAM””

“”A Dream is not a thing or word to say ,, it’s a feeling we feel n try hard to fulfil it””
“” A dream is not dat which we see during sleep ,, but a dream is dat for whom we don’t get sleep””… — Many people think like this … n they r soo correct …

But for our Heroin ,,a dream is her love,, her Prince Charming … Her dream is to be with her love for whole life …

Soo aage badhne se pehle let’s have d introduction of our characters ::

Swara Gadodia -“” TOTAL SYAPPA BEAUTY QUEEN”” … this words not enough to describe her,, she is childish,, naughty ,, kiddo,, most importantly d big dramebazz..lives in fantasy..wherever she goes problem makes a way with her… soo talkative :*… having crush on a boy who have stolen her sleep n becomes her DREAM …

Sanskar Maheswari- Breathtakingly handsome,, cutee ,, little bit flirty,,fun loving boy but at d same time damn serious .. in short “”GREEK GOD””..
N n n our Heroin’s first ever Crush/love …
But he hates her,, finds her soo annoying n try as much as can ignore her …

Laksh Singh- Dashing,, hot ,, full flirty boy,, partners in crime with Swara .. her best friend.. but at some particular moments he becomes soo shy ..

Rest characters will be introduced with time …

So lets start our story —

A girl is standing infront d mirror n talking with it “” Heaa !! Mirror Baba !! Tell me tell me who is d most beautiful girl in d world ,,(selftalk-worlds is too much) no no tell me who is d most beautiful girl in our college ..lol..(in a dramatic tone)

But poor mirror is looking at her without blinking eyes .. (huhuhu)
Okk okk no need to say !!as u always do.. I know m very beautiful n cutee (awwww)(saying this she kiss her mirror reflection) Aakhir betii kiski hoon ?(afterall whos daughter i m !!) Mere pyare se chehre ko kisiki nazar na laage … (Full drama queen)

Suddenly she hears a voice coming from back n turn around . . . .

To be continued….

Hello readers !!!thnk u soo much for reading… The idea comes to my mind so thought to pen down it …. shall i continue ??
Plzz do let me know through ur comments…

Take care … πŸ˜€


  1. SNY

    |Registered Member

    Kakali……….awesome dr 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘…
    Nxt one soon…..
    Keep rocking dr…

  2. Radhika..

    |Registered Member

    Yuhuu di u r back yuhu… Excitement have no boundaries now I am very very very……. Happy……….. And the idea is really unique about dreams and swara chacter full dramebazz and sanskar hate her interesting to see who they fall in love as swara is already but how will sanskar waiting for the next part and her talks wih mirror is like a princess story who always say who is beautiful and the mirror gives a name of princess and she got angry and do many wrongs to prove the mirror wrong but atlast she only got trap in her own plans loved the story line continue it di lou😘😘☺☺

    • Kakali


      Awwwww!!! thnk u soo much Radhika … m soo happy u love it… Swara is something else here … huhuhu.. m sure u gonna like it… keep smiling dear .. ;-*

  3. Shreeyu

    |Registered Member

    Oh my God Swara u r so dramatic … Chalo koi nhi ho toh Kakali Di ki k
    character toh dramatic toh hona hi hai …. Haina kaku Di ???? πŸ˜‰ Sry sry I was just kidding …. It was so nice ….loved it thnkew so much ….. Update soon

    • Kakali


      Cutiiueee !!! where did u get my Nick name … ?*damn shock….

      R u a sceret agent ? or r u following me? ommmgg … Shreyuu !!!

      Thnk u soo much dear ..m glad u like it… Swara iss so dramebaz here .. but gonna see her new shade soon… ;-*

    • Shreeyu

      |Registered Member

      Hehe m a secret agent… Oh my God aapko toh meri real id ke bare mein pata chal gya …. 😱 Chalo koi nhi waise u know i can tell u wat u r doing right now …. Wanna know … U r reading my reply on ur comment on TU πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  4. Simin

    Kakali i am happy u are back
    She is really a drama queen
    I think you are inspired by yourself so u put it in swara’s character*wink

  5. Maryam

    |Registered Member

    Hmmmmm. .,.You came back v.nice….But let me remind you MISS.MURDERER…The story should be fully SwaSan…N should be a happy one from starting to end…Ok..
    Coming back to the story it was just amazing I just loved it…N when I came from school I had a feeling that something gonna happen..,,N see you came back with a marvellous store. ..Isa Kehta hain Dil ka Rishta…Hehe

    • Kakali


      Waaaa !!! Maryamm ur 6th sence is soo powerfull… huhuhuhu dear thnk u soo much… :-* *Dil se dil ka rishta.. soo sweet of u…

      story should be only SWASAN but mainly focused on Swara…
      one more thing i can’t promise for happy ending … haaa but something else … hope u all like it.. :-*

  6. Anniya

    |Registered Member

    My swettest frndddddddddddddddddddddddd
    Awsm one, continue …
    Swara is just like you dramebaaz.
    Thanx for informing me, update next one asap…

    • Kakali


      Thnk u soo much my sweeto Anniya… :k..
      Dremebaaz Swara n poor me.. huhuhuhu… next is on d way dear …
      thnk god i informed u.. warna kon jhelta tumhare gusse ko.. :-*

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