I dreamed a dream – part 4

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I opened the door, ‘don’t you get tired? You were working full night and shouting like this. Where did you get this much energy?’. ‘aunty told you screamed in your sleep. Did you again get disturb by the nightmare?’, she asked in concern and hugged me tightly. i felt good in her embrace.
‘don’t worry! Everything is going to be fine. I am with you. Just try to move on. Don’t hold back yourself’, her soothing words hit my ears. I am lucky to have her in my life. She is my shooting star. We broke apart the hug and I nodded with a smile.

‘by the way, you are looking different. What is this on your cheek?’, I asked. Before she would say anything, I asked, ‘what’s my jiju said? when will he come to India?’. She smiled actually blushed, ‘lucky called me two hours before and said that his project is almost over in US. so he will come in two months’. ‘That’s it? didn’t he say that I am missing you ragini, without you, I am feeling void in me, so many hot chicks are here but no one can be compared with you, I can’t wait more, I will marry you as soon as I return’, I teased her. ‘shut up!!’, she said while blushing and ran to bathroom.

Laksh, short in lucky, ragini’s fiancé. He saw ragini somewhere and fell in love with her. Love at first sight. He followed ragini for few days and then said his wish to marry her to his parents. His parents are so nice. They brought proposal for ragini. His father accepted it after confirming with ragini. They got engaged six months ago. I shook my head thinking about those crazy days when ragini tried to say those three magical words to lucky.

I choked my food hearing ragini’s words, ‘how dare you, swara? You hid this from me? when did you give your address to Mr. dashing?’.
‘calm down, ragini!! He came here for business’, I said while looking at him who was sitting in the hall and staring at us. ‘nothing else, ragini’, I said to clarify her suspicion.
‘ragini stop there’, I said in a firm tone when I saw her approaching him. I looked around to see dad but he was nowhere to be seen. I got up and took long strides towards them.

‘hi sanskar!! I am ragini’, she introduced. ‘hi!!’, he reciprocated the wish. ‘am sorry. Actually, that day your painting got spoiled and.. ’, she interrupted by him, ‘it’s ok. Let’s forget it’. ‘so friends?’, she forwarded her hand. I glared at her. ‘I think your friend didn’t like it’, he said, looking at me. ‘So, are you stalking my friend?’, she asked with a teasing smile. ‘are you asking me I am stalking the hell? I want to live more’, he smirked at me. ragini laughed. ‘what did you say?’, I exclaimed but was neglected by them. ‘so you got to know her well, it seems’, she said. ‘not well but a bit’, he said as a fact. ‘so?’, she said. ‘of course friends’, he shook hands with her while ragini winked at me. he again got a call. After talking to that person, he said, ‘I have to go now. Please inform uncle behalf of me’, to ragini ignoring me again. ‘for your kind information he is my dad’, I said in loud, couldn’t tolerate the ignorance. ‘we know it’, they said in unison and gave a hi-fi to each other. ‘go to hell’, I muttered. ‘I heard it and ragini, please teach your friend some manners. She doesn’t know how to behave with the guests. I wonder how you are managing her. I pray to god to give you more strength’, he said increasing my temper. I stamped my foot in frustration and heard their laughter while ascending the stairs.

On one side, I wanted to avoid him and the other side, I wanted to avenge him for making fun of me. I took the second one. I waited for the right time and it came as the next day itself. I sat in the hall net surfing when he again came to meet dad as dad took leave for a week. He impressed my mom and dida by taking blessing from them. then he settled opposite me while I ignored him, in fact I was acted. I noticed his behaviors from my corner of eyes. The both started to discuss about the project. My mom offered some beverages to him. ‘mumma, I need some cookies’, I said. ‘go and take, lazy bum’, she said. For that, he smiled hard. ‘bring some for sanskar too’, I heard her while walking towards kitchen. I extended the plate to him and he looked at me curiously. ‘taste it dear! I made it! tell how it is’, my mom said to him. I took my place and unwrapped the chocolate bar. He took a small bite and spit it out then looked at me in horror. A devilish smile played on my lips, remembering that I removed the cream and put toothpaste between the biscuits. ‘not nice?’, my mom asked. Unknowingly, I laughed sensing his reactions. They looked at me and my mom gave me a confused look. Then, she took one of the biscuit. ‘mom! Don’t eat it!’, I exclaimed. She found it by smelling, ‘shona!!’. He excused himself and went to washroom. ‘I didn’t do anything’, I said. before she could catch me, I ran to upstairs.

‘shona!!’, I heard and turned to see him at the door. ‘don’t call me by that’, I said in fake anger while enjoying it inside. ‘no! what will you do?’, he said, taking steps towards me. ‘I will…’, I stopped when he held my wrist. I was terrified. ‘leave me sanskar’, I said looking down. ‘no!!’, he said. ‘please leave me’, I pleaded, didn’t want him to know about my uneasiness. he left me, ‘I was just kidding. I am sorry. Are you okay?’. I pushed him, ‘you fool!! Loser!’, I shouted at the door step while laughing. ‘unbelievable’, he said and smiled. I ran from there before the actual emotion would flow out of me.


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