I dreamed a dream – part 3

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To distract me from the feeling, I started to assemble my phone parts. I relieved after seeing ragini’s name on the mobile screen.

‘hey!! What happened? Are you okay? You suddenly screamed and the call had been cut. I tried many times but It became switched off’, she asked in anxiety. ‘nothing, dear!! Just met with a minor accident’, I said in a calm tone.
‘what? Are you fine?’, I moved away the phone due to her scream. ‘hey, relax!! It’s just a minor one. I am fine. Chill!!’, I said.
‘can’t you ride properly, swara? I already told you to practice more, get a license then ride through main roads. You just have a learner license, idiot’, she started to scold.
‘learner license! Thank god!! He didn’t see the L board on my pept. Otherwise, he must give me a lecture too’, I chuckled thinking.
‘are you listening? I think I must say this to aunty. Last time also you emotionally black mailed me from saying. But, today…’, I interrupted her, ‘don’t dare, ragini!’.
‘try me then’, she said in a firm tone. ‘swara dear, don’t argue with her. Somehow, you have to prevent her from saying. Otherwise, papa won’t allow you to ride in this life. then, you have to travel by those boring cars. Remember!!’, I heard my inner voice while I reached my destination.
‘ragini!! You know me, right? It’s not at all my fault. The break failed, dear’, she didn’t ready to hear me. ‘okay! Okay!! At least, you can open your door, right?’, I said, standing at her door step.
‘what?’, she asked in confusion. ‘idiot!! Open the door!!’, I said and had cut the call. She opened and frowned, ‘can’t you ring the bell?’. I signed her to see my wounds. She took me inside and started to apply medicine on it.

‘where is uncle?’, I asked, glancing around the house. ‘he went on a sudden office trip. Will return after two weeks’, she said while bandaging my hand.
‘wow!! Good job, doctor ragini’, I knew whenever I did address her by doctor; the anger would fly away from her. ‘don’t butter me. I won’t fall in your trap’, she said. I gave my innocent puppy look till she got carried away.
‘I trapped. Change that puppy look, okay? I won’t say but on one condition. Until I permit you, you mustn’t ride alone’, I smiled widely. We shared a hug. Then, I explained about the accident.

‘whoo!!! Mr. dashing.. oops!!! sanskar! you again met him. did you ask his number? At least, facebook id? wait!! Does he follow you or vice versa? how does this happen that always you both are clashing into each other?’, she asked the non-sense questions, irritating me.
‘are you out of your wit? you have to scold him being my friend instead of asking his contacts and these non-sense questions’, I shook her by shoulders. She gave a teasing look, ‘note my point. You both are looking cute together. if destiny wants, you will meet each other for sure’.
‘don’t dream ragini. It never gonna happen and I don’t want this attraction to grow more. Again, she started with these destinies, fate and all. she will never change’, I thought and sighed.

‘why don’t you stay with me? you will get bore being alone here’, I suggested her, diverting the topic. After a thought, she nodded her head. Then, we went to my home. As we expected, seeing my bandaged hand, my mom turned the home upside down with her ranting.

Ragini convinced my mom ignoring my glare, ‘aunty, you know about her clumsy nature, right. After submitting the form, she started to jump in joy and fell down. It’s just a minor sprain. I checked.. ’.
‘uffo!! ragini MBBS started her boring speech’, I wondered seeing their serious face and turned my attention towards my phone.

Few days had passed. My hand got recovered completely. Well!! The credits went to ragini MBBS. But my mind got irritated by two things. One was as usual, ragini was pampered the most by my mom since she lost her mother in her early age. I wasn’t jealous of her. It was just that they were teasing me with it. the second and main thing was ‘him’. I didn’t see him after that accident. I had gone to beach for a stroll in the expectation of see him despite my mom opposed it saying my injuries. But he had never showed up much to my disappointment. What happened to me? I couldn’t get rid of his thought from my mind and I couldn’t share it with my best buddy. If I did, she must tease me to the peak.

As she said, it was destiny or what that we met again. Previous night, I had a nightmare, the same nightmare which was haunting me from last few years. I got sleep around 3 in the morning. I felt so tired due to the constant crying so I didn’t go for cycling.

‘shona, why didn’t you go for cycling? Are you feeling unwell?’, I got disturbed with dida’s voice. I felt her hand on my forehead. ‘I am fine, dida. I slept late so feeling sleepy ’, I said in sleepy tone and cuddled more to my panda bear. She covered me properly and went.
‘swara dear!! It’s 10. Wake up!!’, again I got disturbed by my mom’s loud voice. ‘mumma!! Five more minutes please’, I whined like a kid. ‘no way!! You are becoming lazy day by day’, she said while pulling away my blanket. ‘sumi!!!’, we heard my papa’s voice. ‘mom!! See your hubby needs something. Go and look after him’, I said while pulling back the blanket over me without opening my eyes. She mumbled, ‘you will automatically get up now’, while moving away the curtain, leading the sun rays to brighten the room. ‘mom!! Close that damn curtains’, I shouted but she had already left. I didn’t want to do it so I brought my panda close to my face blocking the sun rays.

After few minutes, I felt something strange. I opened my heavy eye lids slowly. A man was so close to me. again, the nightmare dashed into my mind. I felt some shivers passing through my veins. Sudden fear arose in me. tears made it way out of my eyes. I screamed calling out my mom while throwing away the things near me. Nothing had registered in my mind. I hugged my mom tightly as soon as I saw her. I felt safe in her arms.

I heard my papa’s firm voice, ‘who are you? what are you doing here?’. ‘mmm.. Sorry! I am sanskar maheswari. I am here to meet Mr. Gadodia. The servant showed me the way but he didn’t tell me the room. By mistake, I entered into this room and she started to scream’, I heard a familiar voice.
‘sanskar maheswari? Shit! Shit! Mr. Dashing’, the reality dawned upon me. ‘destiny’, raginis’ voice echoed in my mind and I brushed that thought off. I looked at him. he looked like a scared kid after getting caught by his mother for doing a mischief. Realizing the situation, I started to laugh.
‘papa!! Chill!! You are scaring him’, I said in between my laugh. They looked at me amused. ‘okay!! Sorry!! I shouldn’t have screamed like that. Actually, I saw a horror movie last night. when I heard his slow steps, I got scared. So as a human being, I screamed in fear’, I looked at them to see their reaction.

My family somehow got convinced because it was my usual excuse whenever they caught me crying or screaming. But he didn’t. why the hell didn’t he just brush off the things? He gazed at me intently. I couldn’t bear his gaze so I averted mine, ‘damn!! He caught my lie’.
‘oh!! I should capture this moment’, I clicked pictures of them.
My mom twisted my ear, ‘I told you not to watch horror movies at night. can’t you listen?’. I hissed in pain, ‘mumma!! Leave me! papa!! Dida!! say her to leave me’. ‘okay, mom!! I won’t watch horror movies at night’, I promised for that she left my ear.

I rubbed the ear to sooth the pain but got irritated by seeing his smiling face. ‘stop smiling, sanskar’, I said feeling irritated.
‘you both knew each other already?’, my dida asked. ‘yeah!! We met before due to an accident’, he said flatly. ‘oh no!!!’, my mind exclaimed. we hid the accident from my family. ‘what?’, I heard in unison. Sanskar gave a confused look.
‘what what? Dida, I already told you that we spoiled a painting accidently while playing throw ball few weeks ago’, I tried to divert the topic and got success in it too. ‘yeah! Remember!! That dashing guy!!’, dida said. Sanskar looked at me surprised and I acted like I didn’t notice him. then, he got a call and excused himself.
‘swara, go and get freshen up’, my mom said and the trio left from there. I let out a sigh and locked the room. ‘please please, god!! Make me stronger! I shouldn’t fall for him. please end this attraction soon’, I prayed while my heart beat fluttered due to an unknown joy.


Note: The next update will be posted on Tuesday (23-2-2016)

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