I dreamed a dream – part 2

Hi friends!!!
Thank you for your support!!! the plot is the same one as i mentioned in the intro but in swara’s point of view. I changed some of characters and scenes. I knew that it would be a boring one for some of you who read the previous fiction as you already knew the plot. I won’t blame anyone for it. I am re-writing the fiction for my satisfaction still I hope for your support. Love you all!! as usual, no proof reading! go ahead!

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One week passed.

‘Oh my!!! mumma!!!’, I exclaimed, seeing the clock which showed half past eight.
‘Why didn’t you wake me up?’, I yelled while getting up from my bed and rushed towards the washroom, grabbing my towel.
After 20 minutes, I walked out of the home in hurry while my mom yelled, ‘at least, drink this milk’.


‘thank god!! 15 more minutes to reach 10,’ I let out a breath in relief after reaching the SINWP center after parking my scooty.
‘excuse me. do you know where is the office room?’, I asked the passerby.
‘go straight. Second room from the first left’, he said. I thanked him and went accordingly.
‘Excuse!!’, I said in loud to gather the attention of the fat lady. She looked at me through her specs. ‘I am here to apply for the youngest wild life photographer 2015 contest’, I said in excitement. She gave me the form. I filled it and attached the required documents. As she instructed, I submitted the form in the next counter.

A wide smile played on my lips and dreamed of getting the award while riding the scooty. My day dreaming was disturbed by a phone call.

‘hey, swara!!! Why did you go without me? I already said that I would accompany you’, ragini shouted on the other side.
‘hello!! Don’t shout at me!! someone said, no no.. promised me that she must came to pick me up or else she would change her name into lazy bum. do you know who is that, lazy bum?’, I retorted back.
I heard her sheepish laugh. ‘swara baby!! it’s not my mistake. It’s my phone’s mistake. In fact, I set five alarms but it didn’t ring. What is my mistake in it?’, she said in a complaining tone.
‘hey, drama queen!! Don’t start, okay! I am riding…’, I couldn’t complete my words and my eyes widened in horror when I realized that the break hadn’t been working. I heard ragini’s voice but couldn’t concentrate on it.
‘Oh my!!! Please move away’, I yelled and signed the people to move. The next second, I crashed my scooty into a car and fell on the ground in a half lying position with my scooty on me.

‘Ahhh’, I yelped in pain.
I felt someone taking the scooty off me. then, he helped me to stand. ‘nice perfume’, I breathed in then come to reality, feeling a sharp pain in my left elbow. I had some scratches on the other hand and leg too.
‘are you okay?’, I heard his voice. feeling irritated with his sweet perfume in that situation, I said, ‘yeah, I am fine. In fact, I am feeling like floating in the air’, in a sarcastic way, looking at my pinky pept.
‘what?’, I heard his confused voice. ‘can’t he get a little sarcasm straight? And, these hair… always irritating me covering my face’, I got highly irritated and moved the hair away from my face.

‘what then? Are you blind? Or do I look like fine to you? See! These scratches’, I showed my hand and leg, ‘and, my pinky pept’, looking at the scooty sadly, ‘and, you are asking me I am okay? How could you ask this? You..’, I stopped in middle seeing him.
‘oh god!! Mr. dashing!!’, my inner self screamed in joy. Then, it dawned to me. I said too much to him. I expected some cold words from him but seeing him, staring at me, I remembered aishu’s words and chuckled a bit.
‘hello’, I said in bit loud. But he still stared at me. So, I took advantage of the situation.
‘look, Mr. why are you staring at me?’, I asked while tapping his shoulder.
‘mm.. ahhh.. hello!! miss. Swara!! For your kind information, you are the one who crashed into my car. I helped you. you have to say thank you and sorry instead of shouting like this. Say THANK YOU and SORRY’, he emphasized the words thank you and sorry while smirking.
‘damn his smirk!!! ’, I grumbled.
I didn’t want him to know that I remembered him so I said, ‘wait wait.. I have seen you somewhere’. I posed as if thinking.

‘yeah! Got it!! You are that artist, right? I already apologized to you for spoiling your beautiful painting on that day itself. are you stalking me?’, I asked and I knew that it was a foolish query, raising an eyebrow. I saw the people gathering around us but I ignored them.
‘miss. Swara, don’t conclude anything. You damaged my car but raising query against me. Unbelievable!! You crashed into a parked car’, he defended himself.
I bit my inner cheek then asked, ‘hey, how did you know my name?’, with a suspicion while pointing forefinger to him.
‘oh god!!! Miss, please pull your train of thoughts. That day, your friend addressed you by this name. I should have scolded you that day itself instead of accepting your apology. It’s strange!!! You are looking normal. But I think some of your screws are loosened due to the hard fall. So you forgot the basic manners’, he said while inserting his right hand into his pants pocket, raising my temper.
‘how mean you are, Mr.?’, I frowned but interrupted by him.
‘sanskar, mr. sanskar. now, being a good girl accept your mistake and say sorry then thank you’
I glared at him.
‘if you didn’t do it then without having any option left, I have to file a complaint against you’. I saw the victorious smile playing on his lips, pinching my ego.
‘I would have asked apologize if you didn’t say these things. now see, what i am gonna do with you’, I devilishly smiled inside and pressed my elbow. Tears started to come out of my eyes due to the pain.

‘ahhh, mumma!!’, I started my drama.
‘see this uncle, I already am in pain. My hard earned scooty also got damaged and this man is threatening me. Will people crash their vehicle into others knowingly? Aunty, you know what I have an interview. Only 20 minutes are remaining. If I don’t get that job, my step mom won’t allow me to step into the house. Where will I go then? You all know that how difficult it is for a girl to survive in this cruel world. That, also alone? No one has a kind heart in this world’, I looked at the people then wept loudly, ‘Oh lord!! What will I do now? How will I reach the office before interview?’.
‘swara! What are you doing? Don’t create a mess’, sanskar said while pulling me by my elbow. I exclaimed in pain and he left me.

A lady came to me as if consoling me and said to him, ‘nowadays, these boys are waiting for a situation to tease the girls. You are looking rich and well – mannered person then why are you annoying her? Can’t you see her situation? Poor girl! she is already bearing the physical pain. Apologize now’.

I gave him a victorious wink and he looked at me being surprised. the crowd demanded him to say sorry. Without any option left, he said it but… but I was surprised. Did I see his smile or it was my imagination? I shook my head slightly to come out of that thought.

The people arranged a cab for me and a load auto for my pept. I thanked the people. I sat inside the cab and peeked out to see his lost face. his eyes said ‘you did it, miss. swara’. I stuck my tongue out to him and waved a bye but stopped in middle seeing his wink. ‘Oh god!!’, I turned my head inside and felt some twitching in my tummy.


The next part will be posted on Sunday (21-2-2016)

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