I dreamed a dream – part 1

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My alarm started to scream when it reached 5 in the morning. I washed my face and brushed my teeth then changed into my jogger suit, started my cycling across the empty beach road of Mumbai, the city of dreams, the city that never sleeps. It took 45 minutes to reach the beach. As I sat to relax a bit, the blazing lady started to spread her orange hue rays. I smiled and turned my head and saw a young man, capturing the scenario in his painting. He wore a black vest with cream color trousers. He ran his fingers through his wavy black hair. I could see his broad shoulders and well built biceps. I stared at him for a while and disturbed by my bestie, ragini. ‘hey, swara!! come on. will start the match’.

I tied my mid-length wavy hair in a high pony and picked the ball from the basket and threw it to her. We had some beach buddies. We started to play throw ball. Ragini missed her chance.

‘damn!!’, I heard her and turned.
‘shit! Shit! Shit!’, I growled. The ball hit the paint stand, spoiling the painting. I thought to run away but I couldn’t. ragini reminded me about the ball. The ball, my dad did gift me. I took my baby steps towards him. He turned and my breath got hitched. His messy hair spread over his forehead. He rubbed the stubble on his chiseled chin and looked at me with those deep chocolate brown eyes in anger but it turned soft in a second. I held my ear and started to apologize.

‘I am really sorry. I know, It’s very hard to draw something and you should have put so much effort in that painting but.. it happened. It’s just an accident. We don’t have any intention to do it. we are really sorry for it’.
\He just stared at me, making me feel uncomfortable. I went near him and picked my ball up. Before I walked away, I turned and mouthed a sorry again. Ragini shouted, ‘swara, come fast!!’.

‘what happened, madam? No mood to come? Lost in him? He looks so hot and dashing, right?’, ragini teased in return I gave a slight punch on her stomach.
‘no ragini. She isn’t the only one who got lost. Look at him. he was looking at her as if gonna eat her alive’, aishu also joined with her. Unknowingly, I blushed. ‘ohh hooo!!! See!! Someone is blushing’, ragini said. ‘you guys become mad. It’s late. I am going. bye’, I said and rode my bi-cycle slowly while rewinding the scenes.

I stopped at Mr & Mrs ice cream parlor and bought my favorite cornetto. I started to unwrap it when I saw him again.

‘oh my god’, my mind exclaimed. It seemed his car tire got punctured and he was changing it. The sweat covered his body, making my throat dry. I ogled at him, forgetting my ice cream. After fixing it, he opened the water bottle and poured it over his head as if cooling it. The water droplets made him look hotter. The black vest stuck with his body, showing his rough chest and six-pack. I gulped and came to reality when I felt some coldness on my feet.

‘oh my cornetto!!!’, I pouted, seeing the melted ice cream all over my dress. I went to wash room to clean it. I came out with my next cornetto but he wasn’t there. I smiled while hitting my head slightly.

I saw dida in the hall holding the puja plate spreading the aarthi. I bounced the ball while entering into the home to get her attention. ‘shona beta! Why are you late today?’, she asked. I remembered him and smiled inside my heart with confusion.
‘that’s a big story, dida. As usual, I played throw ball with my beach buddies. Ragini missed the ball which later hit the painting stand, spoiling the painting. then I went ……. and those devils ragini and aishu started to tease me. Indeed, he looks dashing, dida’, I gave her a brief explanation about the beach incident while bouncing the ball.
‘shona!! You are praising a boy. I must see him’. I stopped bouncing the ball.
‘Dida, you too’, i pouted while stretching my hand to take the sweet.

‘ouch!!! Mumma!!!’, I exclaimed while rubbing my hand where my mom had pinched.
‘how many times do I have to tell you? before get refreshing, don’t touch puja items’, she said. I looked at dida and she winked at me.
‘sumi, why are you scolding my shona always? god won’t see these things. The heart and thoughts matter’, said dida while feeding the sweet to me.
‘you always support her’, mom said.
‘don’t worry sumi. You have your husband at your side, right?’, I knew that she would get irritated so I ran to upstairs after saying it.

‘you, devil!! Forgot your manners? How many times do I have to tell you that don’t call elders by their name?’, I heard my mom yelling. I smiled while settling myself on the sofa.
‘leave it, sumi’, I heard dida saying.
‘don’t support her in this matter, ma. it’s high time. she should behave like grown up. Otherwise, how will she behave with her-in-laws then? She..’, mom stopped in middle and I knew the reason. I let out a faint smile.
‘don’t let the tears fall, sumi. you know I hate tears’, I heard my father’s voice.
‘but shekar..’, my mom interrupted by papa, ‘sumi!!’.

My crazy loving family was trying very hard to encourage me, hiding their pain.

‘yes sumi!! don’t cry!! or else, your lovely hubby will turn this home upside down with his filmy dialogues and I cannot bear it’, I yelled while going towards my room and heard their laughing.

Note: the next will be posted on Friday (19-2-2016)

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