I dreamed a dream New Intro

What take us back to the past are the memories. What bring us forward are our dreams.
Then, what is the biggest thing that stops people from achieving their dreams?
Fear of failure, fear of mistakes, or fear of the so called society?
After every storm, the sun will smile. For every problem, there is a solution for sure.
But, the thing is that most of us won’t try a bit to find the beautiful sunshine after getting hit by the hard storm, the society.
Life is so strange and full of unpredictable beauties and surprises, isn’t it? Sometimes, a stranger becomes someone in your life. Someone, who comes as sunshine and do miracles, can change your life into a fairytale even without your notice.
Like that, as a stranger, he came into my life as sunshine to brighten my life, to re-write my destiny, to become the reason for my living, to fill the colors in my unfinished paintings, my dreams.

I am swara and it’s my story, ‘I dreamed a dream’.


Hi friends!!!!

How are you all? missed me? but I missed you so much. As you guessed, it’s the same story swasan –I dreamed a dream. I already told that I wasn’t satisfied with the story so I tried to re-write it in swara’s point of view. Hope, this time, I can write it as I dreamed. It has some variations from the previous one. I try to elaborate the story so I will include new scenes and characters. But I need something, priceless. What else? My energy drink, your comments. Will you feed me? I am so hungry so please prepare fast. Hahaha!!! Love you all!!

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  1. thanks dear for coming again I really missed you every day wonderful thought continue plz soon

  2. It’s a nice start plzz update d ff asap waiting 4 it ….

  3. Nice start indeed…u write good…keep writing… N feed us soon with ur episodes.. 🙂

  4. Hey..tysm for cuming back..i missed ur ff…plz update ur ep 1 asap ..

  5. Very happy to c u bk,and very nice intro..

  6. woww I’m so happay……u come back dear…,I can’t believe …..plz update soon yaar ……I love u r ff plz continue…..

  7. Finally u came back……..update the 1 epi soon

  8. wow sindhuja u r back…..thank you for coming back nd i was worried that my fav ff has ended……bt now i m happy that u r back…..happy s not a word to express my feeling….so glad…..it s my dream couple ff…..how will i miss it…..swasan my fav couple…..pls update ur 1st epi faster…..in short my hero ilayathalapathy’s style “i m waiting”……

  9. Hi sindhu epudi iruka???? Long see no tym ah??? Na i dreamed a dream patha udaney nee than irukanum nenachen… na romba sandhosama irundhen un peru patha udaney….. i knw its sindhu nd she is back with thunder episodes…. welcome back….. nd enaku ne mundai eludhuna ff pidikum dnt regert dat… nd pudhu ff ku na eager ah wait panren….. kumudha happy annatchi….

  10. Yipeeeeee..happy to see you back dear. Of course the story is not new but I have confidence in you that you will execute in a better way. Missed you a lot and I don’t know why buy the way of your writing is so close to me and please its a request from my side to not to write the story more emotionally because I may end up crying dear. All the best.

  11. Yeah for sure n ur previous ff was awesome n i hope in this ff u will again put ur magic.all the very best n try to update soon dear…

  12. Finally u came back I m so happy and ur previous is awesome I don’t have to describe ur talent ur an amazing writer and pllzzzzzz update soon and all the best yaaar for did ff

  13. Hii dear..howzz uhh…happy to see uhh back….n thanks for writing this story again…..srsly we missed u..n your single shot was awesome.. Best of luck… And eagerly waiting for next part

  14. Sindhuja can you plz provide me link of your last ff only of last 3 parts

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