Dream vs Reality

I am back friends. Without wasting your single second I am starting my story. But please read the last paragraph carefully.

First I thank my friend who has made the cover photo for my OS . Thanks #anya Dr for your this master piece edit. I really thankful to you for it.

Story start:-

A girl has slept peacefully covering herself under a soft blanket and hugging a diary close to her heart. She was murmuring something in her deep sleep and a big smile curved on her lips like she is seeing something interesting in her dream .

That time a mid forty years lady entered inside the girl room and pulled her blanket from her body .

Lady: Shona ( I know , everyone already guess about it but still I am telling you , she is our Swara only) get up beta. See time is 7am . And till now you have slept. You know na today boy family is coming to see you.

Suddenly Swara opened her big doe lazy eyes which was looking more beautiful in morning .

Swara:( woke up and sat on her bed where she is stretching her hands lazily) maa, today you should wake me early morning . But see today you are busy on your romance with my dad. So bad maa. You should also scoop some time for your daughter who is staying with you in a same home ( said in a dramatic way)

Shumi: ( hold her ears) really !!! I am busy or it is you, who always busy on her own dream land and with this diary.( pointing towards the lied diary on bed) . And till now I couldn’t understand, what you write everytime inside it.

Freed her ear from Shumi’s grip : Nothing maa . Just write about a dream. And now don’t waste my time. Today I want to see myself most beautiful girl not in universe but in our badi ( said in chuckling voice)

Shumi shrugging her head and said drama queen. If your morning gossip is finish now then you will go to your bath room .

Swara: Yup. I am going. And please don’t disturb me there like sometime before you disturbed me in my sleep and moved to washroom.

Shumi cleared all the mess and neatly spread the bed sheet on bed. Then she also went outside to see other preparation. This is a big day for her. After all today a boy family is coming to see her princess. If everything became fine then next month their daughter will leave this house with her prince. As a parents , they only want their princess happiness. And the boy family is also very good and well established in Delhi. So their princess will stay there like a real princess.

Swara: A very lovely , chirpy, beautiful, kind hearted ,talkative, fun loving, emotional in one word full of life. Now she is working as a PA in kapoor’s company. She is crazy for Bollywood.

Sekher and Shumi : Swara ‘ s parents. Belongs a middle class family.

After sometime

In Swara’s room

A girl was peeping Swara’s room outside from door . When the girl didn’t find Swara she entered inside the room very quietly without any noise . The girl scanned the whole room like a thief. She gave a devil smirk when she got the thing for which she has came here like a thief .

She went towards the bed and picked the diary at the exact time a towel stroke on her head. When the girl turned her face found Swara has stood near the washroom door where her hands are cross around her chest and face turned into red colour due to anger.

Swara: ( in a screaming voice ) Nehaaa ( the girl is Swara’s bestie, who always wants to read Swara’s diary for knowing about her dream boy) how dare you touch my dairy ( came towards her and snatched it from her hand where Neha was giving her close – up add wala smile)

Swara went towards her dressing table silently and place it at a side . Then she started combing her wetted hairs where Neha was getting deadly glare from Swara through mirror.

Neha: ( broke the silence) Swara, why you aren’t allowing me to touch your dairy. ( Swara turned her face towards Neha and again gave a deadly glare where Neha was gulping her saliva in fear. She again faced her face towards mirror where Neha took a sigh but again started her daring baji means conversation) see , today boy family is coming to see you. If you will tell me about your dream boy then I can also help you ( Swara gave her a confuse look.) see if you will tell me about your dream of your dream boy then today I will keep eye on him . So after that I can tell you, he is fit in your dream boy criteria or not.
( when Neha saw Swara is somehow convincing by her talk she taking this opportunity dragged the topic more) if you don’t trust me then it’s ok( said in a sad voice)

Swara felt bad because for her dream everytime she hurts her. But she is telling right. She can help me to figure out, he is my dream boy or not. Because I can’t observe him in front of my family and his family . After all I am a girl , who will sit there on a sofa like a doll and plastering a smile on her face all time ( took a sigh) . But Neha can do it. Yes she is perfect for it.

She went near her and hold her both ears and said : SORRY

Neha looked towards her for sometime then again gave her close-up add wala smile ? and said : It’s ok and freed her hands from her ears.

Neha: ( said excitedly) so today you will say me about your dream boy

Swara bringing her dairy from dressing table and came back near to bed. She sat on bed in indian style folding her both legs . Where Neha pulled a chair from a corner and sat in front her.

Swara:( said holding her diary near to her heart ) you know Neha, from my childhood I am crazy for my dream boy. When I watched Salman Khan’s movie ” Maine pyar kiya” I became crazy on him. That time I was no idea about love because that time i was only 5 years old. But I wanted a friend like him. Then again when I watched his film ” Hum Apke Hai Kaun ” I just loved that shy , lovable Prem who took my heart instantly. Then Sharukh’ ” D. D. L. J” I just loved Rahul character who fought for his love with his father-in-law. That time I wanted a life partner like Rahul , who will fight with whole world for my love ❤.

Neha, who was listening her talk very silently now breaking her silent for asking something.

Neha: It’s mean you only want a love marriage. Because in every movie first the couple has fallen in love ❤ with each other. Then struggled for their love ❤. And at last a ” Happy Ending”

Swara:( said angrily) who said I want a love marriage. If it is true then I would not have agreed for this marriage ( slightly hitting her head ) understood. Because I also love ” Vivah” movie where Sahid Kapoor is playing a caring and lovable husband’s character.

( Neha just placed her hand on her forehead and murmuring a word under her breath” unbelievable”)

Neha: Swara , you want a soul mate or an actor, who will playing his characters very efficiently. These are movies Swara. In reality , these characters are not exit.

Swara: ( said angrily) you want to listen about my dream boy or not. For your kind information, it is you who was wanting to know about it. ( turned her face on other side)

Neha: Sorry sorry. Now I won’t disturb you. Please you can proceed( placed her index finger on her lips)

Swara chuckled seeing her face and again started her talk but again stopped by Neha. Who was asking again a question?

Neha: Stop !stop! I have a doubt . ( Swara gave a glare where she gave a sorry look) I really want to clear one of my doubt. Can I ? ( Swara nodded her head as a yes) . If you both opposite to each others means both of you won’t want to meet again in your life but destiny will make Jodi like ” Pyar To Hona Hi Tha” where Ajay and Kajol were totally opposite from each other. And at beginning of the movie they were only fighting with each other but at end they will confess their love. And yo….

It won’t happen with me not in my dream or yours too : Said loudly interpreting Neha in middle and if you will give chance me then can i proceed with my dream where Neha bitten her tongue with a ” SORRY”

Swara: I want my dream boy would have perfect in every sense.

Scene shifted to two other places where two boys are sleeping on their bed.

First place

Boy 1 waken up exact 6:00 pm and finished her daily chores and after one hour went his washroom for fresh

Second place

Boy 2 has still slept on his bed like a lazy .

Swara: He would have respected and obeyed the elders

First place

First boy came down where his parents were praying in home temple. He joined his both hands and also chanting some mantras. After puja he took Prasad and
took blessings from his parents.

Second place

Second boy , who has slept like kumbhakarna, his sleep disturbed by a continuous knock which was coming from his door. Irritatedly he opened the door and found to see his one of servant has stood in front of his door with a tea cup. He angrily shouted on him because for him his sleep had broken. He closed his door on his face.

Swara: He would have given respect to every girls

First boy went to his office where his employees greeted him very calmly. All the employees are busy on their work. No one is bother for others . And one more thing which attracts anyone i.e girls dress code. All have wore sarees with full sleeve blouse. Because here the boss has made two laws for every employees that are

1) every workers would solve their own problems by themselves only. No one won’t help anyone.

2) the girl would have bound to wear sarees with full sleeve blouse. Other dress codes aren’t allowed. If anyone won’t obey it then the next moment he will get her resignation letter in her hand.

Second place

Second boy entered inside his office where everyone greeted him with a friendly way. The office is very hustle bustle because no principles has here for their staffs. The boss believes on work not in principles. At that time a girl came near him who has wore a black skirt till her knees and a white collar shirt. When the boy saw the girl , they both hugged each other in sideways a friendly way . And both moved towards his chamber.

Swara: He will understand me before i would speak. He will have given my own space. He will haven’t any problem to my job. He will protect me from every bad eyes. He will fight against whole world for my love. And the main thing , we will meet with each other in a filmy style. I want these characters only in my dream boy where Neha gave her unbelievable look

Swara: What??

Neha : Nothing. But seriously Swara, you are believing on this fairy world.

Swara: Yup ( again placed the diary near to her heart which moved a little bit from its place)

Neha looked at a corner and moved this direction and picked up a teddy from her study table and said: And what about your ” SECRET LOVER ” who sends gifts every year on your birthday ?

Swara said in a little irritating voice: Stop calling him a ” SECRET LOVER” because for me he is a ” LOOSER” who hasn’t that much brave to confess his love. For me he is a ” COWARD ” and a ” LOOSER ”

Neha : ( said in a serious voice) if he would confess his love then you accept his love

Swara: ( took a deep breath and said) don’t no. May be yes. You know, when I was getting those gifts on my birthdays I was literally happy seeing them. And every year I was waiting for his gift. But before two years when the gift stopped coming I felt bad. But then I thought, it was a attraction. May be he also move on in his life then why not me. But I really want to meet him for once in this life and ask him , ” why was he sending those gifts to me ?”

Sometime both kept silent which broke by Shumi who is calling Swara from down. Swara slightly hitting her head and ran towards the mirror and as soon as make her presentable for her dream boy.

After one hour

Bose house

All are present in living room . When the boy ‘s mom broke the silence

AP: Shumi ji , please call your daughter

Shumi nodded and leaved from there to bring Swara. At this time the boy also leaved from there for a call

When he collided with someone when he entered inside the living room . Both trembling by the sudden accident. But the nick time the boy hold Swara ( yes the person is Swara) and their eyes meet for the first time. It was looking like a movie scene where the hero was meeting with her heroine at first time.

They come back to their senses when both parents called their respected children

Sekher and sumi: Shona

DP and AP : Laksh ( laga jhatka , mujhe bhi? . Yes the first boy is Laksh so no doubt Second boy is our Sanskar only)

Both came back to reality by their parents voice and felt embracing in front of their family . Both entered silently inside the room where Neha whispered something in Swara’s ear after hearing it Swara flushed.

Neha: Swara, see you were wanting your first meeting occurred with your dream boy in a filmy style. And see here both met each other like a film style only.

From sometime before Swara, who was feeling embracing after hearing Neha’s words she started blushing.

Laksh Sengupta: Owner of ” SENGUPTA INDUSTRY “which is a leading company in kolkata .Only son of AP and DP. A well cultured boy. He is a businessman in Kolkata.

Sanskar Maheswari: Owner of ” SM INDUSTRY ” which is a leading company in India. Son of Sujata and RP. Before 2 years both have died in a car accident. He has completed his education in USA. He is very short temper. He is very particular to his life, dream and passion. Sometime he behaves rudely with others due to his anger. But he is a jolly person who mixes with others in instantly . He never takes pride in his status. And he is very protective , caring when the matter comes on a girl .

Other place means Sanskar ‘s office

Sanskar saw his PA Sanaya is little bit upset from morning. The girl, who always stay happy and spread positivety by her smile. But today she has lost somewhere like her smile. He gently put his hand on her shoulder and sitted her on couch and gave her a glass water . She took it silently from Sanskar and started drinking it. Within a minute she finished it and felt relax.

Sanskar: What happened, Sanaya. Today you are looking lost. Anything is bothering you. You are not feeling well. ( said in concern)

Sanaya: Nothing Sanskar this is ju… couldn’t complete her words for her phone call. And on 5th time she cut the call which was creating suspense.

Sanskar: Who is calling you continuously? And why you aren’t attending the call?

At this time again her phone is ringing . Sanskar snatched her phone from her hand and received the call where Sanaya was trying snatch the phone from him

Other side in phone: Sanaya , please try to understand me . I love you. But I can’t go against my family. So it’s better you forget me. By and cut the call

Sanskar looked towards Sanaya where she sat on the sofa in a thud.

Sanskar: ( said angrily) who is he? And you know , where he has been to see the girl

Sanaya nodded her head and next moment she dragging by Sanskar from his chamber to inside his car. She couldn’t understand anything because everything happened within a second for which she couldn’t react.

After 20 minutes car stopped in front of badi. Sanskar came out from car and went inside it. Sanaya has sitted inside the car and trying continuously her boyfriend ‘s number.

Sanskar entered inside badi and asked some ladies : In which house a boy has come to see a girl( where the ladies gave a suspicious look ) I mean I am groom’s friend. But for some important work I couldn’t reach here at right time. So can you tell me , which house he has come here.

Ladies convinced by his words and showing Swara’s house. Without wasting a second he entered inside Swara’s house where both families were busy with their talk and Swara and Laksh were busy staring each other. But Neha was doing the most important work means she was observing Laksh firmly by this she can tell Swara , he is her dream boy or not.

Sanskar entered the living room and hold Laksh’s collar and dragging him outside of the house. All are shocked by his sudden act . They couldn’t understand , what is going on here. After a second all following Sanskar and trying to stop him but Sanskar was not listening anything.

When Sanskar came out from the house Sanaya ran towards Sanskar.

Sanaya: Sanskar, I am sorry. But it isn’t the correct address. He hasn’t come here.

Sanskar looked towards Sanaya angrily and said : And you are telling me now.

Laksh throwing his hand from his collar. Sanskar gave an attitude look where Laksh was giving an angry look.

Sanskar looked everyone and turned to go when Laksh called him from his behind .

Laksh: I don’t see a manner less guy like you. First entered a house without any permission then dragged me outside like a culprit. And you don’t feel, you should say me a SORRY.

Sanskar turned his face towards Laksh and came near to Laksh and placed his hand on his shoulder:( said in a mocking voice) really but I don’t think so . ( in a serious tone) because for your kind information I hadn’t done it knowingly . When I haven’t done it knowingly then , why will I say sorry? I think, you should thankful to me ( Laksh gave him a questionable look ) because for me now you became a hero in front of all eyes ( said looking everyone where both families were looking him in a disguste look )So first you tell me THANKS. OK patted his cheeks and again turned to go . Swara said in a whispering voice ” batamiz ” which was only audible to her own ears . But she was shocked when Sanskar turned his face immediately towards her direction . Sanskar was looking her in narrow eyes where Swara stood there like a breathless creature. Sanskar gave her a deadly glare before going. After Sanskar’s departure , Swara took a long breath where Neha gave her a suspicious look .

Neha : What happened?

Swara: Neha , you heard something

Neha: No. Why ?

Swara: No I was just asking ( monologue) how could he hear me where Neha stood beside me but she couldn’t here anything? Then how could he hear me?

She shrugged her all thoughts and went inside her house. Laksh gave his acceptance saying as a ” YES ” where Swara just nodded her head shyly. Both the families fixed their marriage
After 3weeks . And after one week their engagement ? will happen. Laksh also said that , he has no objection on her job. She can continue it after her marriage which brought a smile on Swara’s face. She only wants this from her life partner. And Laksh is best for it. Then Sengupta family took leave from Bose house. Swara is happy because today she had got her dream boy.

After one week swalak ‘s engagement finished. Now they both are stamped as a couple .

In the whole week Swara had taken a leave from her office. For this she didn’t meet her new boss. Yes new boss , because for losses her old boss has sold his company. And the SM company has bought it which has created a headache for Laksh. Yes headache because SM industry has bought this factory to establish his business in Kolkata. Which isn’t a good for Laksh company. After all SM company is a most leading company in India where Laksh company is leading in Kolkata only. For this reason Laksh is demanding Swara’s resignation from her job which is creating muh between them. Nowadays this is only their conversation topic. So Swara just hate her new boss. For him only now in their relation are creating distances.

SM industry

After 2days of Swara’s engagement Swara returned back to her work. First thing or sight which caught her eyes that was the name plate of new company which is hanging on the top most floor of the building. Before some days here Kapoor ‘s name plate was hanging. She wasn’t believing, how time and life both are turning every seconds. She took a deep breath and entered inside the office . When her fellow workers congratulated for her engagement because her engagement was private one. For this they weren’t present on that day . But Swara’s mind only has stuck on her boss who is unwantedly has created mess on her peaceful personal life. When one of her friend saw her lost somewhere she asked what happened where Swara just nodded her head as a no. From when she has entered inside the office , all are praising the new boss. She would have also accepted it , so many things have changed in a week. So many new principles and rules have taken by her new boss. She will accept , he is really a true businessman .

At this time one person came near to her and introduced himself Sarat , his boss’s PA com secretary of all branches of SM industry.

Sarat : Hi , Swara right !( where Swara nodded her head.) I am Sarat , your new boss’s Secretary com PA of all branches.

Swara : Hii

Sarat: So in this office you are sir’s secretary. So I want you know about your sir’s likes and dislikes.
( looking her tensed face) don’t worry sir is very friendly with his employees. So your work is , give him two times black coffee in the exact taste and time. I have written all details about it in this diary ( forwarded a diary towards Swara) .

Second thing, sir doesn’t like any mess. So just careful for it. These two things are very important. If you will manage these two things then it will easy for you to work here with him . So best of luck and moved from there.

Swara has stood in front of her boss’s chamber . After sometime a voice came from inside: Come in.

Swara breathed and pushed the door. When her eyes met with her new boss face her eyes widen and a loud scream escaped from her mouth : YOU!! What are you doing here? You are following me. Then your kind information I will throw you out of this office . Now you go from here before I will forget my manners ( showing her finger towards the door)

Sanskar was looking like , what is this ?

Sanskar: If your drama get over then go back to your work and make my coffee quick. Because I don’t like late comers . And for your kind information I am your new boss ( said stretching more the word boss ) Swara stood there with her open mouth. ( sanskar said in a irritating voice) please Shut your mouth miss Bose neither I will die of fish smell . After all I am a vegetarian.

Swara immediately shut her mouth where Sanskar chuckled seeing her actions. Before going Swara gave him a glare and again whispered under her breath. ” KHADUS” . When Sanskar heard it a smile spread on his face.

At outside

Swara: He wants to drink his favourite black coffee na I will make a special black coffee for him in Swara’s style. Swara made black coffee and went inside his chamber with a coffee cup

Sanskar , who is busy on his work without notice when took the first sip at the next moment all coffee sip out from his mouth. Sanskar angrily looked towards Swara where Swara blinking her eyes in a dramatic way

Sanskar: ( in a stern voice) What is this miss Boss?

Swara:( said in a soft voice) it is coffee sir

Sanskar: I know it is coffee. But I like black coffee not normal coffee with milk

Swara: I don’t know about it sir. And before some days someone told me, ” when I hadn’t it knowingly then why will I say ” SORRY” ( said stretching more the sorry word ). So for this I am not saying you sorry ( whole time Sanskar was clenching his cheeks to controlling his anger). Sir now can I go? Because today I have so much work and then leaved from there .

When she entered in her chamber first thing which she did that is she was laughed remembering Sanskar’s face.

After three hours

Three hours has passed. Now it is launch time. Swara again came inside Sanskar’s chamber with his tiffin. She remembered, how sarat told Sanskar don’t like mess. Swara got an another idea to irritate his new boss. She went towards the couch with a smirking face which was also noticing by Sanskar.

Sanskar doubt came near to couch and sitting on it where he keeping his eyes on her. She quietly took out food from tiffin

Sanskar:( in mind) why I am feeling like her silent is coming before the Strom

first she placed dal in a bowl, then curry in an another bowl where Sanskar was observing her every activity neatly. Then she placed rice on a plate using the same spoon. For which the white rice changed their colour in yellow within one second. Sanskar jaw dropped seeing his favourite indian basmati rice condition.

Sanskar:( in an unbelievable voice) what did you do with my rice? How will I eat this yellow rice ( made a yuck face)

Swara: By your mouth and teeth sir ( pointing her finger towards her mouth and showing her white teeth where Sanskar gave her a disgusting look)

Sanskar: I won’t leave you

Swara: I too sir

Sanskar: You get out of my chamber

Swara: Thank you sir and leaved from the chamber

She laughed whole heartedly , the first thing she did when she came outside from Sanskar’s chamber . Then after sometime she went back to her work.

At 9:00 pm

Swara finished her all pending works which was pending due to her leave . After finishing her work she went inside the lift and pressed the bottom for ground floor. When she turned her face to the back again saw the person she is least interested to see in her life . Obviously who will be he? Our hero , our Sanskar who is busy on his phone. After a minute lift door opened both came out from lift. Sanskar went to the parking area to bring his car. Here Swara has waited for taxi. When Sanskar saw her , he stopped his car beside her where Swara looked him a questionable face

Sanskar: Don’t look me like this. I won’t forget and forgive you , what has you done with me today. But today is quite late and it is an isolated place. So it will difficult to get a taxi at this time. So come I will drop you in your house. But don’t dare to think I forgot everything. And I will leave you so easily after you did that much with me. Swara laughed a little and sat beside him in the front seat of the car.

After 20 minutes car stopped near a jungle. Swara looked around the place through the car window and suddenly a terrible thought come inside her mind.

Swara’s monologue

Why he stopped his car here near the jungle? He is not doing it for taking his revenge from me. If he will rape me here then no one will come here to help me. Stupid girl , how will anyone come here to help me where no one is showing. Then what will I happen with me? Laksh will break the marriage with me. My family , my parents also won’t accept me. After some days I will get to know , I am pregnant. Everyone will look me in their hatred eyes where some will looking me in pity eyes . My life will change in 360degree like preeti jinta in KYA KEHNA movie.

Swara screamed loudly as possible she scream: NOOOOOO…….

Sanskar looked her in a horrible face and the next moment his hand placed on her mouth to stopping her noise

Sanskar: What happened?

Swara: Ummmm

Sanskar: What? ( swara shown his hand which placed on her mouth . Immediately he removed it from her mouth)

Swara: Please don’t rape me. After two weeks I will marry with my dream boy. So please leave me. If my marriage don’t fix then I give you a kiss ( sanskar looked to Swara in lifting his one eyebrow ) not in cheek seriously I am telling touching your head( placed her hand on Sanskar ‘s head) I give you on your lips. But now I am laksh’s would be wife. So how can you bad eye on others wife. I can….

Sanskar:( said loudly) chuuuppp. Just shut uppp. One more single word will come out from your mouth next moment I will kiss that also on your lips( pointing towards her lips where Swara hide it placing her palm) first I don’t know why the car stopped here. And you have just imagined things by yourself. Now I can’t do anything. At morning we can get any help. So silently sleep on your seat. ( trying to say something) don’t dare to open your mouth. If you will open the next moment what will I do with you , you can’t think about it also.

Sanskar turned his face in window side and closed his eyes where Swara was checking her mobile who was showing no network coverage. The next moment she slept closing her eyes

At 11:00pm

Sanskar opened his eyes and looked towards Swara. He came out from the car and started repair the car. After one hour he repaired the car . Then he driving the car .

In Boss house

Everyone are tensed for Swara. Because till now she hasn’t come from her office. And her phone is continuously showing not reachable. Laksh , who had come to Swara ‘s house to give her a surprise but he himself got a shock when he known, Swara hasn’t reach in home till now. Shumi is just crying and demanding to bring her daughter back .

After one hour Sanskar reached in front of Swara’s house. When shemish and laksh heard a car sound they came out from house when saw a car stood in front of badi. Sanskar patted lightly Swara’s shoulder. Swara looked to Sanskar in half sleep eyes where Sanskar down the window glass and shown her house though his eyes.

Shemish and Laksh surprised seeing Sanskar with Swara. Swara came out from car and Sanskar immediately went from there driving his car.

Shemish running towards Swara . Shumi just hugged her where Sekher placed his hand on her head.

Shemish:( said unison) are you fine beta?

Swara: ( said with a smile) yes papa and maa

Laksh hold her arms and pulled her harshly from the hug: Where were you? See the time( showing his watch) this is a time to return from office. I have allowed you for your job, that is not mean you will do anything and I won’t say anything.

Swara: But Lak…

Laksh showing his hand : First tell me , what were you doing with this cheap man ? You forgot, that day how he insulted me in front of everyone. Then also you came here with him

Swara: Laksh, he is my boss. He is only owner of SM INDUSTRY.

Laksh 🙁 said in a mocking tone)Ohh now I understood, why that day he was trying to defame in front of everyone. He knowingly did it b*****d. And now he is wanting to defeat me by you. But I won’t give to him any chance. Not this time. Tomorrow You will resigning from your job . And that’s my final decision. And then leaved from there.

Shemish were looking each other surprisingly. Because first time someone has raised voice on her princess. It’s true they aren’t rich. But they have grown up her like a princess. And today they couldn’t do anything where there princess was hearing harsh words from Laksh.

Swara running towards her room and locked it from inside. Where shemish were watching it helplessly.

In Swara’s room

Swara was crying vigorously holding her diary near her heart. Because first time was not happening like her dream. She thought her dream boy would understand her before she say anything. But here , Laksh couldn’t understand her feelings also didn’t try for once. Just went from here hearing his decision like I have no choice without it. I thought, he will give my own space after marriage also. But here he is also showing his rights on me. It is not my dream , whom i had seen from my childhood . Why it happens, where the dream is so beautiful why there reality is very painful. After sometime she slept in sitting position where her head was resting on bed board.

Next morning

Swara woke up with a pale face. Today is not same like her others day. She was tired . Her eyes became swallow and red due to continuous crying. She immediately picked her phone with a hope may be Laksh would send any message. But she disappointed when she didn’t get any message from Laksh. She called him but he didn’t pick up her call. Many bad thoughts came in her mind. She immediately moved to her washroom. After freshen up she went to Laksh office.

Inside Laksh room

” Laksh just listens me for once ” Swara was saying it 15 th time from half an hour who has come here to clear all the mess between them. But Laksh without notice her just doing his work

Swara: ( said in a chocking voice) I am sorry. I will never do this things again. I will resign from my job next week because I have some pending work. After that I will leave it where a fresh tear fallen from her eye.

Laksh : Said in a satisfaction voice) good ( moving towards her and hugged her in sideway ) you know Swara ( dragged her to his front and wrapped his hands around her neck ) I don’t like your job. And why will you do this job where I have my own company. You are my princess dear. I want , you just enjoy your life with me. Leave this topic now. You know at the end of this week a business party is going to held in Kolkata. Many investors will come there. I want to introduce you with everyone. And you know Swara , it is also very important for me. If I will get some investors, then I can easily start my new project which has stopped for funds. I want my better half and lucky charm will stay beside me on this day . So will you join me on that day?

Swara nodded her head and leaved from there.

After one hour

Sanskar ‘s chamber

Sanskar stared the paper which was on his hand and then Swara

Sanskar: What is this Miss Boss? Can I know the reason , at a sudden why did you take this decision ? ( showing her resignation letter. Yes , Swara has given resignation from her job)

Swara: This isn’t a sudden decision sir. Actually after two weeks my marriage is going to happen. And after that I won’t want to continue my job. For this only I gave you my resignation. But don’t worry Sir before leave my job I will finish my all pending works in this week. I know I have did contract with this company and which will end after 2 months but I c….

Sanskar cut her words in middle: I am accepting your resignation Miss Boss. This week you complete your all pending works and then you can leave the job. Now go back to your work .

After that Sanskar became busy in his work where Swara stood there and watching him

Swara’s monologue

He is different from others . Where I was thinking, he will refuse my resignation to showing my contract paper but he immediately agreed for it . If his place anyone else here then he never ready for my resignation.

Sanskar: What? ( said lifting his eyebrow) for which Swara came back to her sense)

Swara: Nothing and leaved from there

After one week

In this week Swara loosen herself in somewhere. Because after that night incident everytime Laksh was showing his rights on her . Laksh was demanding something and she was agreeing on his demand without raising a voice. Because after that incident somewhere she was feeling fear if she will do something which Laksh won’t like it and then he will deny for this marriage . She can’t see her dream will breaking in front of her eyes. Every night she sleeps with a fear , what will happen next in her life? What will his next demand , which she will fulfil without her willing. She never thought a life like this. But now it is her life’s ” REALITY ”

Today is the party day. Where Swara has became ready in a blue saree, simple make up and wore only her mother’s golden jhumkas in her ears . She is looking simple but beautiful.

Party venue

Laksh was introducing Swara with his investors , partners and friends.

Laksh : Swara, meet my new investor of my new project Mr Das

Swara folded her both hands where Mr Das forwarded his hand for a handshake.
Swara looked to Laksh , who slightly nodded his head as a yes. Swara took his hand with her hand for a handshake but Mr Das caressing her hand . Swara pulled her hand immediately and feeling uncomfortable on his gaze.

At that time Sanskar enters inside the party venue where all were gazing on him. Where girls were looking him in a desire filled eyes there boys were looking him with a hatred eye after all after he entered their partners are more interested on him than them.

Sanskar came towards Swara where she stood silently in a fear. She was just praying, Sanskar doesn’t come near to her. Today She doesn’t want any mess in her life where Laksh was looking him a hateful eyes.

Sanskar: Hi Swara. How are you?

Mr Das: Mr Maheswari , you know her

Sanskar: Yes Mr Das , I know her. ( where Swara was looking him in her fearful eyes, Laksh was looking him hateful eyes and Mr Das was looking him in a questioning eyes) she is my friend.

Swara looked him in a thankful eyes if he tells , she is his PA then it creates embrace situation for Laksh.

Sanskar went from there to meet his investors . After sometime Swara has sitted at a corner holdings a juice glass where Laksh has stood far away from her . He is busy on his talk and here Swara was boring.

This time Mr Das came near to her and told her for a dance. First Swara denied but she knows that he is Laksh ‘s new project investor. And Laksh is needing fund for this project. So hesitantly agreed for dance.

They went towards the dance floor. When they reached there he pulled Swara towards him where Swara landed his chest by this sudden force. Then he placed his hand on her bare waist under her saree and caressed it sensually. Swara was feeling disgusted by his touch. In a glassy eyes she was looking towards Laksh who is busy with others.

Mr Das:( said huskily in her ear) you are beautiful. Why you are wasting your time with that looser ( pointing towards Laksh through his eyes)

Swara: ( said nervously) what are you doing? ( trying free herself from his grip but he hold her more tightly) stay like this. Don’t create any scene here. It won’t good for your would be husband

Swara stood there silently where tears are also flowing from her eyes. Sanskar was seeing her confusingly when saw her tears.

Mr Das: You know , I am the investor of your husband sorry would be husband’s project. If I won’t give fund then the next moment he will come on road because nowadays his business is suffering loss. So just obey me

Swara:( said in a sobbing voice ) what you want ?

Mr Das: Youuu

Swara looked him in her widen eyes but next moment a loud slap echoed in the party hall. All looked in that direction Mr Das has stood there holding his cheek in his palm where Swara is crying. Mr Das raised his hand to slap Swara but his hand hanged in air. When he looked that direction, Sanskar hold his hand coming in middle.

Sanskar:( thrown his hand) don’t dare Mr Das neither I will forget we have stood middle on a party

Laksh immediately ran towards them.

Laksh: What happened Mr Das? Swara , what is this?

Swara: Laksh , he was trying to misbehave with me.

Mr Das: ( said innocently) I was just dancing with her . But i think, she has never attend such type of higher class party. So she is behaving like this.

Laksh: Swara, how you behaved like an illiterate girl. He was only dancing with you. It is calling” couple dance” . Now I am regretting to bring you with me.

Swara looked towards Laksh blankly. She was searching her dream boy inside him but she couldn’t find him in Laksh . Her own words were ranging inside her ears
” HE WILL PROTECT ME FROM EVERY BAD EYES. HE WILL FIGHT FOR ME WITH THE WORLD ” . Is he really her dream man or ” it is a bad dream which will break after sometime when she opened her eyes” . ” IN REALITY DREAM HAS NO PLACE ” .

Laksh: Swara ( said loudly which came back her reality) say sorry Mr Das now ( in a authorative voice)

Swara:( wiped her tears) I will never ever say ” SORRY ” to this b****d and ran from there.

In a dark room

back ground music ?: Dil joodein bina hi tooth Gaye………chan se na tote koi sapna from om shanti movie)

Some torn papers have lied on floor with a diary. A girl has sitted on bed holding a teddy near her mouth trying to stop her loud sounds . She is crying endlessly where her tears are not obeying . They were just flowing from her eyes continuously .

After one week

Before marriage day

In this whole week Swara has lost her smile. From that incident she has never try to talk with Laksh. She had thought, after that incident Laksh will deny for this marriage. But her surprise neither he was trying to talk with her nor stopping this marriage. Every function has finished according to their time. Today her marriage last ritual, mehendi has also finished.

At midnight

Swara was looking her mehendi standing near the window when her phone was ringing from her side table of bed. When she saw Laksh name on screen , she became nervous to attend it. When it rang for 6th time she attended the call in her shaking hand.

Swara: Hallo

Laksh: Swara, I am sorry. Please forgive me for the last time . I am promising to you , i will never break your trust again.

A fresh tears started flowing from her eyes .

Laksh : Swara ( took a pause before starting the further conversation) I want to meet you. I want to solve everything before from our marriage. I want to start a new life with you from beginning . So please come xyz hotel.

Swara: But how Laksh? Tomorrow is our marriage. And now it’s 12 am. How will I go to meet with you ? I can’t go now.

Laksh:( in a begging voice) please Swara comes here. You also know that, in these days how our relation has affected by unnecessary things and argument. We need to solve it before our marriage. So please come. I have waited for you

After half an hour

Swara has stood in lobby area of the hotel. She called Laksh , when she didn’t find him there . Where Laksh called her in room no 432 . Swara went the room thinks nothing.

When she entered inside the room someone locked the room from inside. When she turned her face , she got her life’s biggest shock. There Mr Das has stood holding a wine glass in his hand and his eyes were showing only desire, only a lustfully desire.

Swara:( said in a mixture of anger and nervous voice) what are you doing here? And where is Laksh

Mr Das:( in a husky voice) today you will get only me baby. Just forget about Laksh for tonight. You will think about him on your first night. But today is my day darling ( moving towards her)

Swara: ( moving to backward) stop( showing her hand) I am saying you, just stop here. When my Laksh know about you, he will kill you.

Mr Das: ( laughed so loudly) really you are thinking that. I must say, you are the dumbest girl in this world. Till now you didn’t understand, everything has only. planned by your would be husband , ” LAKSH” . and here you are waiting for him. He will come and rescue from here like a hero. Chhuchu. He has sold you for tonight . For this I have sanctioned 5crores for his project. ( it is something which is unbelievable for Swara)

Swara: You are telling lie. He won’t do this things with me.

Mr Das: Then ok I am calling him now in front of you. He dialled Laksh’s number. In one ring Laksh attend the call.

Laksh: Yes Mr Das , Swara is creating any problem

Mr Das: Nothing Laksh. You just told your wife , she will cooperate me in our love session. ( forwarded his mobile to Swara)

Swara: Laksh , what is this? And where are you? Please come here. Here Mr Das is telling rubbish things

Laksh: Listen Swara, Mr Das is telling right. Today you cooperate him then I am promising I will never ask anything from you. And don’t worry, tomorrow I will marry you. This thing won’t affect our marriage. So for tonight, you just cooperate Mr Das.

Swara:( said angrily) you b*****d. For money , will you also sell your mom ? Then sell her . Because now I am going from here. I am not your property whom you can sell anyone ( looked towards Mr Das)
And cut the call. When she leaved to go Mr Das hold her hand and tried to push her on bed where Swara was trying free herself from his grip. In their pulling pushing Swara’s head hitted on a side wall. Next moment she is unconscious. Mr Das lifted her from floor and lied on bed. Next moment he hovering over her body.
The scene freeze there.

Next day

Swara wake up from bed with a heavy pain in her head. She checked the whole room , it was her room. When she remembered last night incident she first checked her clothes which has its right place . She became relax seeing herself in her room that also her clothes. But ” HOW? ” this one question was ringing in her mind.

That time she heard a door open sound where her maa is entering inside her room with a happy smile.

Swara monologue

Mom must be known about it, how did I come here? But how will I ask her directly? Then she will ask me , why I am asking this question? This is a bad idea Swara. Then how will I know , how did I come here?

Her chain of thoughts broke by her maa’s voice

Shumi: Beta today is your marriage. And see yourself, till now you haven’t ready for it. ( swara’s facial expression changing in a horrified look when she heard ” marriage word” from her mother)

Swara: But maa ( searching word how will she tell her maa about Laksh) I do…..

She couldn’t complete her talk because before it Sekher calling Shumi from down

Shumi: Coming . See your papa can’t do a single work without me. I am going ok. You quickly get ready for your marriage. After all today your dream boy will come to take you with him forever . I have kept everything on your bed. And won’t search Neha because I have sent her market. Ok now go ( pushed her to washroom ) get ready soon.

After 1 hour

A boy has sitted on mandap in front of holy fire where priest is chanting the holy mantras. He has wore a simple maroon colour sherwani with golden colour pijama. He covered his face by a wreath . After sometime Swara came downwards . She is looking breathtaking on her red bridal saree , golden jhumkas, mangtika . When Swara looked towards mandap where the groom has sitted covering his face by wreath. Swara’s hatredness increased at that time only. She quietly sat beside him where the priest is chanting mantras. All are happy specially shemish. They have got a right hand for her daughter.

With time passing Swara was recalling the past with Laksh.

How Laksh didn’t give her a chance when she returned back from office with Sanskar ( tears fallen from her eyes) How he insulted her in party for his investor where Sanskar took a stand for him. How he called her to hotel yesterday night? ( every passing minutes her cry was increasing ) finally she remembered his last night’s words , ” Listen Swara, today you cooperate him then…… I am promising I will never ask anything…… from you. And don’t worry, tomorrow I will marry.. .. you. This thing won’t affect……. our marriage. So for tonight, you just cooperate…… Mr Das.”

Now she can’t hold it more. Now she can’t live in a dream . She can’t marry with a moron . Her parents can understand her after all , she is their princess.

She didn’t know herself when she started crying so badly. It may be happened because she had been suffering so much trauma from last week . Her pain was came outside like this. All became shock seeing her cry where Shumi ran towards her immediately and took her in her embarrass.

Shumi:( caressing her hairs) what happened Shona? Why are you crying like this beta? Please tell na. I am feeling scared to see you like this.

Swara:( said in a chocking voice) maa I can’t marry him. He isn’t a good person. Last night he sold me . Maa I will die if I will marry him

Sekher:( placed his hand on her arm) then why didn’t you tell us before beta

Swara:( holding Sekher ‘s hand) I thought you will be sad. But I won’t marry him

Sekher: We also won’t marry you with that moron ( said with a little smile)

Swara looked towards her papa in a puzzle face

Sekher: You don’t want to know, who is your bridegroom ( lifting his eyebrow)

Swara changed her direction from her father to her bridegroom, who lifted his wreath from his face.

” SANSKAR” Only this word come out from her mouth


When Swara entered inside the room Sanskar saw her who came here for his meeting. When he saw Swara was going towards honeymoon suit . He had a doubt. So went to reception and took spare keys . When he entered inside the room , Swara lied on bed in a unconscious state and Mr Das was going to kiss her , when he got a tight punch on his face . Due to this his upper 2 front teeth broke. Sanskar punched him mercilessly black and blue when police reached there . Mr Das accepted his deeds and also told about their project. It is an project of orphanage land and construction but only for paper. But in reality there won’t make anything. And the govt money will transfer directly Laksh’s personal account. By this statement Laksh arrested on fraud case. Then Sanskar brought her home back and told about Laksh to shemish.

Flashback end

Sanskar forwarded a newspaper where has written in capital letter” LAST NIGHT LAKSH SENGUPTA HAS ARRESTED IN A FRAUD CASE ”

Sanskar:( sat on his kneel in front of her forwarding his left hand ) can you marry me?

Swara wasn’t understanding, how will she react. Ya in these weeks , she has known that he is a good person. But how will she accept for marriage, where she has recently got a heart break.

Sanskar: Will you marry with your” ” SECRET LOVER” who sends gifts on your birthday .


A 6 years old girl is distributing chocolates ? where a 10 years boy is looking her dreamingly

Girl:( said childishly) today is my birthday, Neha. You wish me , I also get a friend like Salman Khan in Maine pyar kiya movie.

Neha: Ok

From that day Sanskar every year send gifts on her birthday in name of ” SECRET LOVER ” . But before 2 years when his parents died in car accident, he stopped sending gifts.

Flashback end

Sanskar: Can you give a chance to this your “SECRET LOVER ” . I know, I am not like a dream boy of any girl. I am rude , short temper, some times miss behave with others. But I will try to change myself.

Swara: ( sat on her knee) dare to change yourself Mr Maheswari, I will kill you. You are perfect for every girl because you are not any dream . You are a reality. And I love to marry my ” SECRET LOVER” and hugged him tightly.

But they parted from each other when heard a song and looking that direction where Neha has hold the same teddy bear and singing the same song Ajay and kajol wala


The screen freeze on their smile faces?




But it is also not necessary that,” EVERY DREAM IS SEEN TO BE FULFILLED”


Direct I am coming to the point, if this time I won’t get above 45 comments I am repeating again above 45 comments then I will never ever come here with my new stories. I will just finish my ongoing stories ( that has also not guaranteed ) and leave the page forever . I will write only , if I will only get your appreciations ( criticisms are also welcome) But this time don’t give any excuse like all are busy on their studies, all are having exams and lastly nowadays swasans fans are more active on wattpad than TU. I won’t listen these excuses this time. So I want my comments here only. If you won’t give me the comments then I won’t give my stories. And this note is not only for this story . It is applying my others work too. After seeing your comments, I will take my decision and tell you about it my next ongoing story

Now I am stopping my writing here with a hope this time you won’t disappoint me

Thank you

Have a nice day

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