In My Dream u r My Life…but….in My Life u r My Dream (Chapter-1) Swara the super women

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Chapter-1~sneek a peek in to swara’s life.
{Swara’s P.O.V}

Jiya o, jiya o jiya kuch bol do
Arre o dil ka puradah kholdo…
THE SONG PLAYED OUT as the morning alarm on my phone.With Herculean effort I opened my eyes and looked ot the wall clock which confirmed that it was indeed 6:00 am~ time to wake up.
“Ttttcccchhhh” my sis,Ragini remarked dissapprovingly, still half asleep,as she put the pillow on her head and turned to the other side of the bed next to mine.
I dismissed the loud alarm which had been ringing in gradient high tones with display of phone blinking in various colours (i dont wake up easily),and sat up on the bed staring out of my window looking at “my ruins” as I tried to stretch out the last bit of laziness from my body.
I lived in Malad, a tiny suburb of Mumbai.
It wasnt a happening place like Bandra or even Andheri ; infact apart from the few malls around, it was anything but happening.
I,however loved this place.
It was home.
I had lived here all my life.This neighbourhood had shaped me,given me my middle-class values,given me my patient ambition and more than everything else, it had aroused in me the interest for the unconventional carrier that i now pursued.
“Swara..” mom said,interrupting my train of thoughts.She called me out again while thrusting a steaming hot cuppa of tea in my hands.

I got of my bed,to resolutely get ready for the long,long workday ahead of me.
“SWARA…..try to come home early today” mom said with a conspirational smile,placing my breakfast in front of me.I was about to ask her why, when my phone rang Loudly…….
It was shreya,my boss’s secretary (sry….sissy @ shreya….was thinking of some name for this character..that’s when ur name came to my mind……..hope u dont mind…)
“I need an hour of his day, dear.And you cant say no”she started without an hello or a good morning.
” Good morning shreya” I said,trying to sweeten her up.
“Good morning..sweetie.Now,I need one hour of his time,”she said again.
“Shreya,today is crazy.We have an important meeting with a brand in the morning,then we are off to merger after which we have to make a T.V appearance for an award he is getting.Oh,and did I mention the meetings are in three different cities..????”
“Three different cities !!!!??”

“Actually three different countries to be precise……… Mumbai, Dubai, London”.
We ended up arguing and making bargains on his time every single day.He was so blo*dy busy!!! I could barely understand how he ended up doing everything he had to……… well , probably because of shreya and me.
We finally,somehow managed to squeeze in another meeting for that day.
“Oh,and by the way boss has requested you to select his clothes for the talk show…….said he was too busy to go and pick them for himself” she said.
“What,No……!!!!” I explaimed, dreading the trip to pick the perfect clothes for him.” I dont have time,you have to do it yourself!”
“You are his MANGER”she taunted.

“You are his SECRETARY” I shot back.
” you are the creator,manipulator and custodian of his image,so this job falls within your purview,” she added smoothly.
“Okay shreya.Then as the custodian of his official appointments……… you will book his characters and coordinate the flights,” I wagered.
“No!!!…anything but that!!!!”
“Kk..then it’s sorted” I said smoothly,hanging up the phone.

Precap: Varun’s(Sanskar’s) introduction.

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