My dream- twinj – Part 1


Hii guys crazy here..
i know many r angry at me ..but seriously guys too buzy..
just 3 more exams but u know what CSE gaps are too much its alomost 2months
exam for me..but once finishes I ll upload the episodes of both d ff

well a dream of
(probaly of 2-3 episodes)

i dont know how to
i its my day dream..
but could not resist my self from letting u all know…

Kunj and A guy..(i dont know who was it..)
on the stage all..were happy their millions of people waiting for somethong..
both had some instrument in their hand(it was just blur to me,imagine ur self what it could be)
the huge crowd was divided in two..
one for kunj..
and other for the guy…
all were cheering them hard..
it was the result time..
and the judge was none other than the Mrs India(guess who..?) yup its our twinkle taneja..
she says hii to all..
she says it could not have been proper..if i do judgment as my husband is here participating so i just backed off..’
and m here only to announce..and nothing else than that..
she says best luck to all..
host(in my dream it was Jai(host of DID))
he brings that chit card of navy blue color..with golden beet pettals on it..
Twinkle removes the card and finds Kunj as winner..
she winks at him and says i might be the first wife to give away the award to my husband..
yes it was kunjs win..
Kunj was just too happy at this…he hugged her..
all what he could here is..
i m too proud of u my dear hubby..
the guy congrats them and leaves..
Kunj Kunj KUNJ ..
is the only name alwys..
first he took away the girl i love..
then he took away my position then he openly challanged me..
then this win..
i m fed up of himm
Twinj decide to celebrate..
they decide to go through
a long drive..
all that no media cathes them nore any fans follow them..
they just go off…

To be continued..
Guys its just a dream…
N to say truth I don’t remember full..
But trying hard to remember it

Credit to: crazy

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  1. Please update soon if you can. I loved it

    1. Thankuuu. dear..n ll try that I do it fast

  2. Hmmm quite interesting

    1. Just “quite”
      Neva mind BT tq han

  3. Hey you know what that name crazy really suite you better but still I must admit it was awesome love it to the core

    1. Thanks dear..
      I myself love this name..
      I renamed it to my name 4 yes back wn I joined twitter
      So that’s very special one..
      Btwn thanks Han.

  4. Osm start dear looking forward 4 f nxt update plzzzzz update soon

    1. Thanks n keep reading ff n keep loving me n my ff

  5. It was ur dream but I think the character who was dreaming it, was yuvi I mean as he said ‘first he took away the girl I loved’.
    It’s just a guess dear. By d way good start dear. Eagerly waiting for the next part

    1. That line was said by the guy whom kunj made to loose n competition..
      N yup its my dream..though I never rember full but instead just few glimpse f it..
      Hope u liked it

      1. Off course I liked it… No no I loved it.

      2. I m glad that u do..

  6. nice…

  7. Crazy well this was a crazily awesome dream
    Pls update nxt part soon
    And ur FF too!

    1. Aww SMC its ur from rest reply to my ff..
      Thanks so much buddy

  8. Hey yr crazy
    Muje to tumne crazy kiya re ♥♥♥
    Hope u will remember the whole dream

    1. Hahahaha..
      I m just loving the fact that u loved it…
      Trying my best to remember dear….

  9. Loved it awesome episode

    1. Thankyouuuu

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