Dream Team ( part 1)


Dream Team ( episode 1 )
Hi this is alia..i was fascinated by the dream team…I just going to start a new fanfinction …what happens if people from different states of india will get along…tat was the core one line of my FF

my characters in the dream team are

Swara – an intelligent girl, who is studying engineering at the delhi university..knows hindi and Marathi..as she is a university topper she got an oppurtutnity go to America for her new project named dream project..as it going to happen for 3 months

Thapki – a very charming and a studious girl from IIT university, Chennai…she lives in Tamilnadu..she knows tamil and hindi as her mom is a Marathi…because of her intelligence she too got selected for the dream project..

Twinkle – an young lecturer who just finished engineering in the previous year at the kolkatta university..got an opportunity to get select In the dream project…from her childhood she is waiting for this opportunity…

Raagini – who is known for her mischevious things..but when comes to studies she also stands for the best…she studies engineering at allahabad university…she too got selected for their dream project

Ishitha – comes from Tamilnadu..who works at ISRO…due to her previous big projects she is appointed as a lead for the dream project which is going to happen in America..its a indoamerican project..she is the lead from india…very studious and very perfect in everything.

Shivanya – whose major interest is towards modelling..she joined the dream project for promoting it world wide…dream project needs surplous amount of materials from the world wide…so NASA approached Shivanya and arjun for their ambassadors.

And our boys…

Sanskar – who comes from a royal family but that doesnt stops him to study much…he is coming from chennai anna university…gold medalist of every year…due to his remarkable success he too grabs a seat in the dream project.

Bihaan – who comes from Mumbai..dont had much interest towards studies…loves and enjoys things in his own way…won study too much..will listen to all the lectures and grab the first rank always…never showed any interest towards any girl…his love for engineering and his tremendous success made him a part of the dream project.

Kunj – a very bold man who can do anything possible…comes from a normal family..struggled a lot to achieve his stardom..lives in Punjab…works in a multinational company…due to his uncomparable successs..his company made him a part of the dream project as his company was also the contributing company for the dream project.

Laksh – the one with the minimum study exposure but always steals the show with his different experiments..awarded for the best researcher by dr.abdul kalam in the previous made him a part of the dream project..he is coming from Hyderabad.

Raman – was born and brought up in America…his parents are Indians…he is the one who choosed everyone from india based on their performances…he is the main lead from America for this project

Dream project is about the new discovery of an system which will prevent hi-jack and all the troubles in which the world is facing..to put a full stop to this..america decided to shake hands with india to bring the best software which will heal their troubles..raman who works in NASA came up with this idea…he searched for about an year and made the members…after writting the software..they are going to design a aeroplane with the new technologies
Everyone got their approval letter from America…everyone starts to pack their things and start towards their new journey of 3 months in America
Precap : they meet up in the international airport..raman welcomed everyone and they entered in to NASA.

Guys pls comment about ur feedback..which will lead me to go with the story..i am new here…suggestions are welcome

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  1. Cutiie


  2. Superb concept yaaar…reallly lookng forward to it…amazng intro!!!!loved ragini??…keeep rockng n stay blessed dear???

  3. Winnifred

    I like it, it is cool. Keep going.

  4. good start …keep up aliya.. 🙂

  5. Akshata

    interesting, update soon

  6. nice concept, waiting for the next epi,pl z post it soon

  7. Divyasri SivaKumar

    A different version..good start…all the best

  8. Thapki…chennai…..???????????

  9. Garima

    Wow it is awesome. And bihaan is intelligent not moti budhi I like it .

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