“”A DREAM”” (SWASAN SS by Kakali) part 20

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EV1… Here m with d LAST part of our story ” A DREAM”…
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Now let's go inside d Dream,,,,

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Here we goooo ,,,,,


Dr.Hemanshi nods her head with teary eyes… !!!

Lucky couldn't hold himself n collapses on d floor while Sanskar falls on his knees not being able to control their happiness.. !!!
Both cry like mad.. !! Like anything … it feels like they get a new life … actually it's Swara/Shona/Koala who got a new life to explore with her loved ones.. !!!
Yeah Shona is out of danger now. !! She has won her battle of life.. !!!
She is a survivor.. !!! Our Swara is back to us..

Simin cries with smile.. !! Her happiness has no boundaries … !! Her Shona … her Swara is fine now.. !!!

Swayam makes Lucky stand hugging him tight… !!! "Lucky,, See our Shona is back.. !!! Ur Koala is (he couldn't complete as Lucky rushes to Swara's room)…

(She is shifted to general ward,,)

Swayam smiles brightly looking their bond n love for Each other… wiping his tears he comes to Sanskar "Sanskar,, goo to ur Shona, ur Love is back.. !! Go n say her everything.. !! Gooo Sanskar goooo!!. "

Swayam turnes around n looks at Simin who is still in a same place but smiling like a rabbit.. !!! "Sminn(calls her lovingly)…everything is fine now !! Goo n meet Shona. !! "

Simin looks in his eyes n they had a cute lock… but Simin breaks d eye lock n moves to Swara's cabin… (*Simmu don't kill me for this kinda scene.i need to settle ur love story toooo….. it's needed n u have to blush more..pinch ur cute red nose…)

Dr.Hemanshi again comes n check her "Don't worry,She is perfectly fine now… just sleeping under medicine effect… will get consciousness in 1 hours.. "Says n kiss her forehead…. (Swara is like a small sister for Dr. Hemanshi… it was indeed not easy for her to operate her own sister)….

Sanskar goes to her room n n n "Ouuch"… Lucky gives him a tight punch .. "Don't u dare come close to Shona..!!! Don't u even think,,, I will chop u alive.. mark my words" Says Lucky greeting his tooth … his punch was janndar but d way he said was soo funny.. !! (*chuckle)

Blood oozes from his corner of lip … Swayam immediately holds Lucky's hand stopping him for his further Attashbazi.. !!

Lucky angrily jerks his hand n sit beside Swara.. !! Where Sanskar smiles wiping his blood n leans against d wall waiting for HIS Shona to wake upp…



(*Now no more emotional scenes…. only witty witty scenes.. !!! Heyyy -Vyshuuuu gimme hifi.. u was correct Miracle does happens,,,
– Kummuuuu see u said rit m going to give a happy ending here.. ,,,
-Naviiii now gimme ointment .. huhh buy it with ur money..? BDW which toothpaste u use to Sharpe ur tooth.. God.. incredible… !!!
-Chanuuuu now smile… throw u cooker…
-Chanduuuu cancle my Apollo bed..{both Chandu n Chanuuu twin sis killed me alive}
-Micaaaa take ur curse back n say me Cinta Padamuuu…
-Manasaa diii now u happy naa. No need of killing meee..
-Mirna darlzzzz place ur broom n pimpom ball back to their place…
-Arshaaaa waaaa u knew me so well…
-Deekshuuuuu- See ur puppy eyes melted my cotton heart..
-Shaluuu huhh u can't say anything to meee… go to Dustin.. we r same.
-Heltejjj diii no need to go to jail ,,, no need of killing meee…
-Shrinjuuuu now u get up,,otherwise cold will catch u…<—— all were my soon to b murderers… !!! Goshhh even Pluto was not a safe residence for me.. !! )

Rest all were sooo good.. !!! Didn't even threaten me.. !!! LOVE U ALL.. !!!.



Swara gaines consciousness n looking at ev1 who r glaring at her like killing her with their eye spark(*Sometime it shows in Shinshan na,,, kinda attacking from eyes)…

Simin hugs her,, Swayam side hugs her… Lucky pulls her hairs n our Sanskar is crying on footpath… !!! Swara smiles looking at him ,, in return SwaLakMin run out of room giving the new love monkeys privacy… !!!

Swara calls her Sanskuu to come near her…(*as u wish ur highness)Sanskar stands bowing his head down..he doesn't utter anything ,, just cries n sobb more… !! As i always said he becomes kid while crying … "Sanskar why r u crying? Look m fine na.. nothing happened to me… m still alive… "…

Sanskar instantly looks at het cuteee face giving her a light n warm hug.. !!

Swara was shocked at first but reciprocated at last feeling d warmth of her DREAM BOY's hug… it feels heavenly.. !! (*Waaa see ,, how manner less both r.. hug ke chakkar mei mujhe bhul gaye… urghhh bang my head with wall)…

Swara tries to break d hug but Sanskar remained at d same position.. !! He just wanted make sure that she is with him now.. !! She is safe now n will never go away from him… !!! He sobs again .(*can anyone believe,,, i almost faint writing thiese scenes)..

finally somehow Swara breaks d hug n observes his face which is red now due to crying.. !! Nose is continuously flowing … eyes r puffy n red.. !! Hairs r soo messy ,,, corner of his lips is still bleeding … but he is not being able to meet her eyes once…

Swara's eyes get teary watching him in this state n holds his chin … both looks at each other n has a deep eyelock … they could only find love n only LOVE for EO….. Sanskar again hugs her n says between his sobs "Don't leave me Shona.. ,,, I can't live without u… i will die.."

Swara closes her eyes hugging him more tight.. !! Tears makes way from their eyes letting go all their pain … coz its now time for only happiness… !!! …

Simin-"Ehemm ehemmn !!! ( both r unaffected)
Ehemmm ehemmmmm(*don't know where r they)
Simin slapes her forehead n shouts "Tsunamiiiiii land sliding… !!! "
Bith SwaSan jerks from their place n look at Simin with frown where Simin is gazing her slippers whistling (*puuu puuu puuuuuu)….

SwaLak hears her scream n says "Simmu what happened? Why u were shouting?"…

Simin is about to answer but Swara cuts her says "Nothing.. nothing… !! Wooo an ant bite her sooo,,,(glaring Simin)…

All r taking good care of Swara.. specially Sanskar… he is like her shadow.. doesn't even leave her for a singe second… !!! (D same at evening)…



A girl is blabbering something to a texi driver … she is like volcano who can burst any moment.. !!! (*lemme look her clearly) she is wearing torn jeans with shirt that is fold to her elbow.. !!hairs r in a ponny tail..! A big bag in her back… she is kinda tom boyy… !!!but has a princess Ambeer dol in her hand.(*tim boy n princess ambeer,, waa hilarious)
.. "Bhaiyaa jii ,, u can't demand 700 in place of 500 rs..!! From airport to hospital ,fair is only 470,,see even ur meter is showing that.. even though m giving u 500.. then how come u say 700… "

Texi driver(*imagine Pratap Hadda) – Madam jii,, it's 700 only.. actually u know here in India …(She is listening hee Bhayaa ji's crapes from more then half hour.. neither he is leaving her,, nor she is ready to give up.. she is soo damn frustrated … !!! )

The girl monologue-(Bhayya ji is not gonna listen in this way.. i need to take out my weapon… n she shows him a bigg Knifeee.. !!! "One word u will say more Bhayya jiii,,, next moment i will chop chopp choppp chopppp u.. !!! "

Driver gulps his saliva down in fear n says "Naa naa behen jii(sister).. koi gall na,,, 500 hi kaafi hai mere waste(no worry,,SISTER, 500 is enough for me)…

She sighs n goes to Receptionist …


Here in room Swara is sitting with ev1 thinking something n indicating something to Sanskar,Lucky n Swayam… Simin totally unware about it cutting Apple silently.. !!!

The door gets open n that girl comes … !!! All 5 look her like she is not from earth ,,, (*guest from Pluto)… "Surpriseeeeeeeeeee"…. !!!! Says d girl giving Swara a hug following by Sanskar n Luckyyy.. !!

SwaMin(Swayam n Simin)is confused not getting any reply … !!!

SwaSan turn their to each other n looks at Lucky who's eyes r wide open , jaw is under ground,, cheeks r dark red ,, …. !!!!

That was it for SwaSan.. both burst out into thunder laugher… !!!

Swara drages d girl n gives her a binr crushing hugggg "BEEEEEEEE !! (*Micaaaa welcome to India dear,,,)… U here!!! Seriously… I m not dreaming naa.. ?? (Pulls her eyebrows ) u r actually here.. !!!
When u come? Why didn't u inform me? Waaa how did u get address.. ?

"Shonaaa !!! Shh shhhh !! How much u will talk? I will tell u everything.. !! But tell me how r u? Now u fine na. ?(*i wanted to write some emotional moment of SwaBee,, but can't take risk.. !! Micaaa's tears will lead to mini Tsunami)…

Sanskar hugs her n introduces to Simin n Swayam.. !!

Swayam n Beee become so free with EO…!!! Kinda knows from long..!!

Simin is observing Swayam keenly with frown or u can say she is jealous,Swayam is aware about it n looking from d corner of his eyes… he is enjoying his lady love jealousy look…

, Lucky is at same position with open mouth(*Don't know how many flies n mosquitoes went in n come out)…
He is blushing soo hard… !!!

"Lucky why didn't u wait for me,, i also came with u na? Urghhh let it b… !! It's waste to say anything to u"… Says Bee with a cutee angry face… !!!

Lucky has no time to answer since he is too shy to Answer his school crush questions… !! He suddenly takes a pillow n hide his face not willing to meet Bee's eyes.. !!!

Micaaa's facial expression changed n she also blushed hard realising she is scolding him like a typical girlfriend…

All 4(SwaMin,SwaSan) smiles watching those two yumpossiable shy love fellows.. !!!.


Days are Passing n with time all d 3 beautiful couple r coming close .. !! It's been one week Swara's surgery took place.. now she is fine n Dr.Hemanshi is ready to discharge her.. in these days her Maasi maa n Mousa ji come to about her disease .. they were broken but at d same time composed themselves n was happy that now Shona is fit n fine.. !! What else they want.. !!

"Yeahh, u can take her home, i have already signed d discharge paper… but make sure she takes her meds timely.." Says Dr.Hemanshi to all 5 who r so happy coz Shona is coming back to home.. !! Their happiness has no boundaries.. !!

Swara is also happy getting free from that horrible nest… !! She is about to stand up but feels dizzy n again sits with a thud. !! "Swaraaaa !!.,, " calls Sanskar shockingly ,, hurriedly going towards her … he cups her face where tears make way from his cheeks.. !!! "Swara, Swaraaa,, u okk?.. what happened? R u not feeling well? "…

"Noo Sanskar ,, m fine .. wooo i guess it's due to meds effect.. !! " says n again tries to get up.. !!! But allasssss !!!

Swara shocks finding herself in air or u can say she is in d most safest place Her Sanskuuuuu's arm.. !! Yeahh Sanskar picks her up in his strong arms … !! Swara smiles shyly n hides her face in his chest.. !!

Sanskar peaks her forehead "M here naa,, "….

SwaMin n LucBeee laughs aloud.. !!!



LakBee takes Simin to a shop giving excuse that Micaa want to do some shopping.. !!!

Here SwaSan n Swayam is engrossed in work … ohh haaa i forget to tell u all..today Simin's b'day.. !!! Sooo showing as they don't remember it n Simin is sad (*sad pout)….

Bee- Simin this one u try once.. m sure it will look beautiful on u… !!

Simin-(monologue) all d day had been passed… n no one remembered my b'day … !!! Waise koy nehi,, mai agli baar mana lungiii… she comes out of thought hearing Micaa's words.. she shrugged her shoulder n went to changeee.. !!!

Swayam-Guyzzz finally everything is ready… i just Hope Simin loves it.. !! (*fingers crossed)

Swara-obviously she will love it.. afterall uuuuuuu did this naaaa.. (SwaSan giggles)

Swayam shyly smiles n rubs his hairs.. !!!



Sanskar is eagerly waiting for his princess who is taking so much of time to get ready today … !!! They r going to Simin's guest house where Swayam kept everything ready as LakBee n Simin is on d way to home… Simin has no any idea about her surprise b'day party.. !!

Swara comes out of house "Chalooo Sanskuuu m ready"..

Sanskar is stunned seeing her… she is looking not less then A PRINCESS in baby pink coloured long frock with full sleeves… Her hairs r straight … Mineral makeup … !!her fav Light orange lip gloose in her lips giving an extra shine … her big doe like eyes which r awesomely linked with Kajal.. !!! She is looking breath taking with her most beautiful smile… !!!
She almost took his breath away.. !!

Swara is spellbound at d same time … coz Sanskar is looking soo hot in blue jeans white shirt n black jacket… !!! She feels herself soo blessed to have such a handsome,,cutee,, charming as well as caring —- (wait he still didn't propose me)…

They r lost in each other.. Sanskar steps forward n cupps her cheeks with one hand peaking forhead with love n care. !! She closes her eyes feeling his touch !! "U r looking like an ANGEL Swara. !! I m loosing my control " says Sanskar in a husky voice.. !!

Swara opens her eyes wide n her cheeks turned cherry red … !!! Sanskar chuckles n smiles brightly… !! (*faint)

Both makes their way to guest house….


LakBeeMin steps inside d house.. but it's dark from inside… "Arreyyy light ko kya huwa?"

She take some steps &&&&&&& SURPRISE… !!!! shouts SwaSan SwaLakBee… !!!! Swara runs n gives her tight wallaaaaaa huggg.. !!! "HAPPY B'DAY MY SIMMUUUU !!! "… Bee,, Sanskar n Lucky also give her tight huggg … !!!

Simin looks around with teary eyed… She is sooo happy to get a frnd like them.. !! (*n m happy to get u as a frnd my Simmuuuu,,, i know m late … very very late to wish u.. !!! But i wanted to dedicate this last part to u,,, So here is ur Kakuuuu wishing u late "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIMIN..,,, MAY THIS BIRTHDAY BRINGS ALL D HAPPINESS N BRIGHTNESS IN UR LIFE…,,, MAY GOD BLESS U WITH ALL D HAPPINESS U DESERVE… STAY BLESSED DEAR.. "… U know Simmuu i almost gave up ,coz i was seriously had no time to write..i thought i can't complete it today even… n somehow i was really depressed thinking that … but VYSHUU encouraged me to writee.. !! She said u have time n i can do that.. See now m here.. !! Thnk u sooo much Vyshuuuu !! *hug)

Swara-Okkk okkkk !! Now let's cut d cake… m so eager to eat that.. !! (Licking her lips)…(*huhh people who call me bhukkad ,, now see who is bhukkad me or Swara)

Swayam lights d candle straightly looking at her eyes… "ehemmm eheemmm Swayam …basss kar how much u will stare her.. !! " says Lucky teasingly.. !!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U…".(*Guyzzzz let's wish for our SIMUUU,,, )…

…. Simin cuts cake n feeds d 1st bite to Swara … at last she feeds Swayam … she takes d cake piece near his mouth but He holds her wrist n feed her first n he takes a small bite… they are having a deep eyelock which is broken by Micaaaa who is giggling … !!!

Swayam looks at Swara n she signals something .. this is not unnoticed by Simin … before she can understand anything Swayam kneels down infront of her …He holds her hand "Simin ,, today i want to say u something.. m trying to say this from long but i was scared thinking about ur answer… !! I scared to loose our friendship ,, but now i want to say,, (taking a deep breath) I LOVE U SIMIN,,, I LOVE U FROM D CORE OF MY HEART.. !! I WANT TO BE WITH U ALL D TIME.. FOR D ENTIRE LIFE..!! will u accept me as ur partner… !!! Will u accept my proposal? . But Simin doesn't say anything.. !! (*kill me for this worst proposal,,)

Swayam's heart is beating fast thinking about her reply …

"U scared thinking about my answer… but now what happened? R u not scared now?" Says Simin.. !!

Swayam is like he will cry in any moment… he is about to stand up but Simin goes to her knees giving her a hug saying her answer as yes… "YES SWAYAM… I LOVE U .. ,,, I LOVE U TOOO SWAYAM…"… !!!!

Swayam happily hugs her back … SwaSan n LakBee claps for them.. !!! Both SwaMin breaks d hug n blushes.. !!

Micaa holds Lucky's arm n rest her head …. "Lucky they look so cutee na?" Says Micaa …

Lucky is already blushing hard n now she is holding his hand kinda feels fainting… !! Only he knows how he is feeling.. !his heart Iis doing "DHINKA CHIKKA DHINKAA CHIKKA(2) AYYE AYYE EE AYEEE!!! !

Swara comes n says something in his ear… !!! Lucky's cheeks now turns more red … but he smiles thinking something n blush more. !!!

Lucky: I need someone to talk to u..

Micaa: I'm always here for you.

Lucky : I know.but?

Micaa: What's wrong?

Lucky: I like someone so much.

Micaa: huaaa Talk to her.

Lucky: I don't know. She won't ever like me.

Micaa: Don't say that…you're cutee she will definitely like u….

Lucky: I just want her to know how I feel.

Micaa: Then tell her.

Lucky: She won't like me.

Micaa: How do you know that?

Lucky: I can just tell her…

Micaa: Well just tell her.

Lucky: What should I say?

Micaa: Tell her how much you like her.

Lucky: I tell her daily.

Micaa: What do you mean?

Lucky: I'm always with her…I liked her from school days.. now I LOVE HER..

Micaa: I know how you feel. I have the same problem…but he'll never like me.

Lucky: Wait. Who do you like?

Micaa: Oh, some boy.

Lucky: Oh, she won't like me either.(both has sad face)

Micaa: She does.

Lucky: How do you know?

Micaa: Because who wouldn't like you?

Lucky: You.

Micaaa: You're wrong. I LOVE U…

Lucky: I LOVE U TOO(shy)

Micaa: So are you going to talk to her?

Lucky: I just did….

Micaaa smiles n kiss his cheeks tight … !!! Luckyyyy u r sooo smart.. !!! Now Lucky is unable to take d load n he faints at place.. !! All laughs looking at him.. !!!

SwaSan SwaMin hugss Micaa n fainting Lucky… all r happy for them … !!!



Swara- Guyzzz let's moveee… !! Wee need to reach fast.. it's already 8:10.. !!!

SwaMinLakBeeSan -Haa haa ayiii.. !! Just a minute naaa. !!! Don't worry we will reach before time.. !!

They start their journey…



Swara- Aunty where is she? Ohh haa she must b sleeping.. !! We will go to her room.. !!

Lady-Haa Swara beta.. !! U all goo.. i will make some snacks.. !!!!

Swara-Aunty cold coffee for me.. don't forget…

Lady-I know beta..

SwaSan SwaMin LakBee moves towards a room where a girl is sleeping cuddling her Doraemon side pillow(*it's mine only) with a sweet smile … "i guess she is dreaming something.. !!! BUT what .. okk okk let it b.. come to d point now.. " thinks Swara.. !!

Swara to all- Ready guyzzz !!! It's 11:58… &&&&&& she whistles so loud n a d rest blasts one one bigg biggg balloon n as a result d girl jerks from her place .. !!! All Shouts " HAPPY B'DAY VYSHUUUUUU"…

Swara jumps on her n giving her a tight kiss on her cheeks.. !!! "Waaa My Vyshuuuuu !!! Happy b'day.. !!! "

Yooo yooo d girl is our cuteee Vyshuuuu !!! She is amazed to see ev1 there .. coz after school they hardly met each other.. !! But seeing them her happiness has no boundaries.. !!! She instantly hugs Swara n ev1.. !!!

"Swara Sanskar Laksh Micaaa omgg Bee u here… m sooo happy seeing u.. !!! When u come … u know i missed u alot Micaaaa !!! Hugs her tight.. !!! (They were school frndzzz)


Vyshyuuuu cuts d cake n enjoys with ev1.. She feed her mon n dad as well as…

Swara looks at them teary eyed. !!. She misses her mom n dad a lot.. !! She gives an excuse n goes to Terence…

Sanskar notices her tears n follows her.. !!!

Sanskar calls her lovingly "Swaraa"…

Finding no reply he places his hand on her shoulder n turns her to him… !!!

He is not so shocked to see her crying as he can easily understand what she might feeling now.. !!! He just takes her in his embrace … !!! He doesn't stop her from crying … !!!

Toady Swara cried her heart out.. all d pain she was hiding n holding from many years ,, toady she let go all them with her tears.. !!! She is feeling so light now.. !! It's like she has loose a ton of weight… !!!

After sometime Swara stops crying … Sanskar parts away from d hug… "Swara u okk"…

Swara nods.. !!!

Sanskar tries to lighten her mood " Waise Swara !!! Both couple look cutee na together? I wish i could also find a girl for meee..!! "

Swara understands that he is teasing her sooo "Haaa Sanskuuu even m also thinking d same"..

Sanskar naughty smiles fades away in a moment.. he is like "Hawww !!! "…

Swara continuous "Sanskuuu huhh i should accept Shravan's proposal… !!! What's say? (She looks at his face )u know he is so handsome … !!! Waa u know he proposed me last month n my reply is still pending.. i guess we will look good… !!! Hai naa !?! "

That's it for Sanskar … how could she said or think for someone else … how could she… !!! How could she.. !!! Sanskar angrily pulls her towards him n without thinking for a second smashes his lips on her.. !!! She is beyond shock with his sudden action but she melts in his touch n reciprocates with d same passion..!!!

Feeling out of breath They break d kiss n joins forehead "Sanskuuu what was that?" Asks Swara keeping her both hand in his chest trying to catch her breath..

He again pulls by her waist "Don't u dare to take any other boy name,,, U R ONLY MINE.. !!! U WILL B ONLY SWARA SANSKAR MAEHSWARI…understood "



"U know Swara the feeling that u will go away from me,, u will leave me… it kills me Swara.. !! Don't say this ,,, i have almost lost u once for only my stupidity… now i won't be able to live without u Swara.. !! I WILL DIE WITHOUT U.. !! ,,,

All Swara could only hug him.. hug him as tight as she can.. !!! Making him believe that She is only her Sanskuu's ….SWARA IS ONLY FOR HER SANSKAR.. !!!

"Shhh Sanskar … shhh !! M here only.. !! See with u.. ,,, how can i leave u.. !! Look at me Sanskar … (cups his face) I LOVE U .. I LOVE U TOO.. !! n i will b d most happiest person to b called of urs.. !! I LOVE U ONLY SANSKAR.. !! (kiss his cheek)

Sanskar-Then why were u saying about Shravan?

Sanskar- Wo toh i was teasing u… !!!

Sanskar-Whattt !!! Oh really … !!! (smirks)

Swara-Noo nooo noooo Sanskuuu nooo.. !!!

Sanskar-ohh yes Swara.. !!! Huahh haa haaaa n starts to tickle her… !!!



(*Guyzzzz now it's our turn to wish for OUR CUTEE VYSHUUU.. let's wish for her,,, plzzz close ur eyess.. waaaa now i finally get a chance to taste my hand made cake.. goshhh i was curving for this.. !!! )…

All party hard at late night cherishing their old memory.. !!! Everything is just to perfect.. !! D way they feeling now can't be described in words.. !!! (*as i have no words to convey my feelings … how i m feeling to have a cuteee mini family with u all people..!!! M BLESSED TO HAVE U ALL,, )



Vyshuuu hugs ev1 n bids bye to all.. !!!.(*VYSHUU hug from me2)…

All 3 cutee couple starts their journey … !!! A NEW JOURNEY.. !!! THIS IS NOT D END.. !!! IT'S JUST A BEAUTIFUL START OF THEIR UPCOMING LIFE.. !!! GOD BLESS ALL 6 OF THEM.. !!!

~~~~A DREAM~~~~

Sanskar was A DREAM for Swara.. !! Having him in her life was her A DREAM for her .. !!! She had never thought that he would love her back.. !!! Acc to Swara her A DREAM is a dream only which she dreamt from years.. !!!

But who knows it was A DREAM only who make Sanskar realise how much he love Swara. !!!
It was just A DREAM which wake him up from his sleepless night to sleep with his love his Swara to have dreams together… !!!

It was just " A DREAM " for whom SWASAN R TOGETHER FOREVER.. !!!! …


Helooooo Ev1.. !!! See finally i end it today. !!! So from now u don't need to bear it or me.. !!! Today my journey ends here.. !!! U know I started to comment on Imama's FF "LOVE IS NOT BLIND FOR SWASAN" n it's really very close to my heart.. but when i heard IMANA IS NO MORE.. !!! it was like a storm for me.. !!! I couldn't believe that it's actually happened.. !!! I was highly depressed … but these TU family na… it's awesome.. !!! I started to read more FFs taking lots of chocolates n i again back to my avtar.. FF can reduce our pain genuinely.. !! I felt that.. it gives me piece of mind.. !!!
Thnk u soo much TU.. !!!
Thnk u all d writers.. !!!


~~~~Many people say me that i give sad ending n always part away our SwaSan.. !! But i really don't think sooo.. !!! Even if i want also i cant …

in my 1st Three shots SwaSan were together in earth n they were together after death in "SWASAN'S PARADISE".. no one can apart them not even death ….

Then again in my OS I killed them or they were died but look they were still together .. !! They were together to bless their Doll Rabia.. !! Even Destiny can't apart them .. !! U know why



I want to say many things, i want to share my feelings with u all but neither time nor my health is permitting me. !! I have become so helpless.. !!! As i said that i would leave TU in some days .. but see it's not possible ,it's not that easy.. i tried many time but i couldn't … !! TU is so very good habit of mine which i can never give up.. !!! Even though i couldn't but now i have to do.. ,, i don't know how will i live? Huhhh i will always peep here.. !!!





(*sorry for blabbering .. i won't happen…. huhh sorry for d worst ever part.. pardon me for last time… ty)

Let's take a selfie "SMILE"…
Ohh wait lemme do Nagin Dance with U all coz i completed 20 episodes.. waaaaa … jump jump jumpppp… !!! TY..


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    But Dear honestly Speaking…You are an AMAZING WRITER, HONEST PERSON N A VERY FAITHFUL FRIEND. …I LOVE TO THE CORE..,After all kis ki dost ho. ..
    Dream”..Gosh don’t talk about this thing….Bcz in the Dream only we can live our Wishes not in real but that Feeling is really Awesome. …I am very well known to that feeling because I Dream Alot. .Mainly Of my Januu Ny Sweetie My Love ATIF…*Now don’t laugh at me…*N ya I am Gonna join yo I the Naagin Dance it’s my Favourite. .
    I am gonna miss you very Badly kakali. …Vo kahtha hain na “YOU ARE THE BEST THING EVER HAPPENED TO ME.”
    Don’t forget me after my Departure dear…. N Always remember our DIL SA DIL KA RISHTA. …
    BYE Dear..
    Keep smiling. .,May Allah bless you N You Achieve all the Success N goals of your life. …(Ameen)
    Take Care dear

    • Kakali


      Maryammmmmm !!! urghh today even u hate me.. !! waaa u r soo bad.. !! *sob.. !!!
      Awwww yeh huyi na mere lady Gabbar wali baat.. !!! Today m soo happy.. !!! thnk u friend for ur appreciation … m blessed to have a frnd like u.. !!! We r from different country or we can say rival country even we have a relation… “DIL SE DIL KA RISHTA”….
      huhh u dream about Attif … n i dream about SwaSan having a baby Pikachuuuu… now u olz don’t laught.. !!! *blush…
      I will also badly miss u Maryamm… !!!
      don’t u dare to say that I CAN NEVER FORGET U.. !!! urghh even my soul will remember u… !! tttcchhh !!!
      Come join me in Nagin dance.. !! huhuhuhu LOVE U TOO DEAR !!!
      Always stay blessed.. !!
      May all mighty bless u to get ur all dreams, success.. !!!
      Take care of urself too okk.. !!
      We will meet again. !!
      yeh bass do waqt kaa fasla hai,,
      jisko khatam hote hi hum agle mod par phir se milenge.. !!!
      Haa jarur milenge.. !!! just remember me in ur prayers…!!!
      At last Thnk u sooo much Maryamm.. !! for ur encouragement n thnks a lot for being there with me always.. !!! *hug lady gabbar tight.. !!
      Bye..!! ;-*

      • Maryam

        |Registered Member

        You are really a true Friend Kakali….
        It doesn’t matter from which Country which religion or from which cast we are…the thing which matter is our friendship our love towards each other…
        I really love you N will miss
        Bye N we will stay connected by our hearts no matter how much distance is between us….
        Stay blessed….May you receive all the happiness of your life

  2. Hemanshi

    |Registered Member

    Dont make me cry yar baby😫😫😫😫😫

    It was mind blowing…..beyond good…..but now I just want to say you a sorry for two reasons
    First for not taking care of myself bcoz of which u r angry on me😫😫
    And second that in this last month I.e. November I couldn’t give u much time…..I wanted to enjoy this month to the fullest but bad luck…..couldn’t.

    An secondly I want to request you for something
    Pls pls pls try and visit tu whenever possible and come soon otherwise *ready with broomstick
    Hehehe just kidding

    Happy birthday vyshuu😍😍😘😘😘
    Happy belated birthday my dear Simin😘😘😘😘😘😘

    Kaku u have to come back soon with a bang
    And that too soon…….or else I will be angry on you

    And a cute chollllyyyy foe you with my puppy eyes foe the thing for which u r angry on me😫😫😫😫

    And see even I visited tu today just for replying ti comments when i saw this
    *Again a cosmic connection😍😍

    Love u soooo muchhhh babyyy😘😘😘😘

    • Kakali


      Hemaaaaa Diii !!!!! huhh now what i have done?😑 Happy ending diya na !!😶… waaa how is ur health now? u fine na?
      Don’t b sorry Dii,,, i was not angry , just little upset… but now m totally fine.. !! Ewww u still can enjoy..!! huhh let’s do Nagin dance.. !! common common On Disco Diwane.. !!
      Hemmaa Diii u don’t need to request me.. just order me n i will try my bedt to not to disappoint u.. will try to peep here every week as i said.. !!!.
      urghhhh ur those beautiful puppy eyes,,, goshhh they melted me like ice cream.. !! yoo yooo we r sisters sooo heart to heart connection.. !!! Yeiii Love u tooo Diii.. !!! always stay blessed n be happy… Take care..
      aur haa Thnk u sooo very much for being with me all d time … for encouraging me, for making me ur Sis… waaaa *high blush with silent sob.. !!! u2 come back soon.. !! waaa once again Thnk u Dii*hug.. !!! ;-*

  3. Halima

    |Registered Member

    OMG you ended it? It was an amazing journey with you Kakali, I truly loved it. SwaSan were cute and hope you get well soon Kakali.

    You’re right, TU is an addiction, no matter how hard you try to stop but you can’t. Loved the last episode. *hug

    *kisses for SwaSan

    Take care Kakali
    Stay blessed and keep smiling 💫

    Do come back with another FF *puppy eyes.

    Thank you for letting me come to Pluto with you, you’re so generous xx *tight wala hug

    • Kakali


      Halimaaaaaa !!! i don’t have words to convey my sentiments to u.. !!!
      u know m feeling like jumping to moon getting a new friend like u.. !!!
      I know i dun know about u much.. but d last few days we spent through comments was really blessed n memorable for me..*hug..
      U r d 1st one to accompany me to Pluto..my fav planet.. !!!
      Will miss u a lot dear !! *tight walii jhappi.. !!
      Thnk u sooo much dear for appreciating my work.. it means a lot.. !!
      Thnkxx for being there with me all d time even though as a silent reader for ur naughty Tab.. !!! huhuhu !!!
      Waaaa m blessed to have fellow passenger like u till d whole journey .. !!!
      Thnk u once again dear !! *pull ur nose…
      *selfie with Halima crawling on d floor.. !!
      yeiiii God bless u dear..
      Take care n yeah always keep smiling … wobhi battisi nikal keee.. !! ;-*😆

      • Halima

        |Registered Member

        Thank you Kakali… *hug.

        You’re right, you don’t know much about me and I don’t know much about you but our talks in our comments were memorable… *smiling hard.

        I’m happy that you would like to be my friend and in fact accepted me as your friend *dancing and a big and tight wala hug.

        Will also miss you *extra tight hug.

        Cheeeeez *smiling for the selfie on the floor.

        You’re so cute *pull your cheeks.

        I also feel blessed to go on a journey with you *extremely happy.

        Hope to know you more and you know me more but one thing I surely know through the comments… both of us are weird and crazy *giggling

        *dancing on buddhu sa Mann

        Take care, stay in touch, stay blessed and keep smiling xx

        *Eating Choco
        *Carrying a bag for Kakali

    • Kakali


      Halimaaaaaaaa !!! huyaaaaa *hug from me2.. !!!
      haaa our comments r so memorable even m still laughing reading them.. !!! Shreeyu n Shrijal was damn confuse n shock reading them.. !!! they was not getting anything huahh haa haaa … gimmi hifi*by leg…
      waaa don’t take name of cheese… !!! my mouth starts watering…😷…
      me n cuteeeee*slip into comaaaa…😲

      haaaa we r seriously same craxy n weird.. !!! byt kehte hai naaa pagal hi pagal ko sambhal sakta hai… !!! *hug again….
      awwww buddhu sa maan … huhh Mela dilon ka atta hai,, ekbar aake challa jata hai….
      awwww u still thinking about me… !! chocos.. !! u r sooo sooo sooooo good Halimaaa(wait lemme give u a new name)hmmm me Kakali se Kakuuu…then u Halima se Haluuuu !!! yeiii haaa Haluuuu.. !!!*snatch ur half eating choco.. !!
      stay blessed dear.. always keep smiling.. !!! 😀

    • Vyshu10

      |Registered Member

      Kaku…tears aaye the lekin khushi ki…..

      Yayyyy! Swara teekh ho gayi💃💃

      Ye lo Hi-Fi✋ God ji ne tumhari sunli

      Swasan convo scene….too cute yaar n sweet

      Mica…welcome to India! Lak-Mi r shy….aww

      Simin…..see see how ur romeo planned a surprise for u

      Kaku….i m lost imaging swasan in those dresses….They r just awesome. I m so touched reading ur wishes for Simin. Aur taareef mat karo mera….warna blanket ke peche chupna padega.

      Simu n mica…..congrats for ur new bfs

      Kaku ki bachi….now also cold coffee😠😠 And hawww……doraemon pillow🙊🙊 and u all bursted such a big balloon😩😩😩 i got scared. Lekin aap sab ne wish ki…..😊😊😊 Thank you. Got swara’s kiss and everyone’s hug💃💃💃💃💃 Cake bohot acha hai😋😋

      Haaye….swasan kissed on my terrace….hope my neighbours didn’t see

      We would love to have u here for long…..i knw exms r really important for ur future……all the best for them. May u get ur selected in ur dream stream……and come back after ur xms…….and yeah…keep cmng in between when u have time…..bas aake hi bol ke jao…kaafi hai

      Love u….will miss u…..and a big hug…..pinch ur nose n cheeks

      • Kakali


        Vyshuuuuu now m having tears reading ur cuteee sa reply.. !!!
        Waaa Swara ko thik hona hii tha or else Sanskar had to accompany her till jannat.. !!! ;-*
        huhh God ji ne meri nehi sunii..,, maine tumhari sun liii.. !!!
        It was damn hilarious to set up Mica n Lucky as pair… but i guess ev1 loved them.. !! n m soo happy.. !!
        Vyshuuu we r ur Romeo who palned a surprise for u.. *giggle..
        Waaa blanket kyuuu?? huhh hide behind urself.. it’s so adventurous.. !!! puut puuuut.. !!
        ohh goshh don’t talk about BFs.. m a kid … oki *blush.. !!
        Yuppp that’s my Doraemon pillow n i madly love him.. !!
        Cake accha tha na… thnk God.. i was waiting for ur respond… it’s kinda feeling like u r in Hemanshi Di’s cabin after eating it… !!! *mad me..
        Waaa Thnk u soooo very much my Vyshuuuu for ur blessings.. !!
        now let me tell u my expression n sentiments reading ur long ever reply.. !! *jump from flyover. !!
        it feels like going to moon without oxygen mask.. !! God …
        Thnk u sooo much for being there with me , encouraging me always.. !!
        urghhh sirf HI kyuu boluuu.. BYE bhi bolungiii. !!
        Love u too dear.. will miss u ton.. but i will always peep here.. !! *bear hug.. !!
        *run to pharmacy to bring BORO PLUS. !!
        God bless u … always stay happy dear n share also something with me.. !! heyyyaaa !!;-*

    • Kakali


      Vyshuuuuuu !!! i like it na.. !! Awww thnk u dear.. !! huhhh now it’s payback time.. !!! gimme ur whole menuuu.. !!! at least i can imagine n smell themm.. !!! *watery mouth.. !!!,
      heyyaaa !!! LOVE U TOO DEAR.. !!! *jump to ur next comment to reply..!!!

      • Vyshu10

        |Registered Member

        Kaku….u love doraemon na….i ll call u shizuka. Cake yummy thi…..and i had to comment a big one….bcz u made my bday special…..can’t thank u enough for that. Love u😘😘😘😘

  4. Chanu

    |Registered Member

    my drl siso! l lv u sooo much!
    huuhh huuh!
    see u again make me cry! and 2dy is my sisos mrgs 2nd dy!
    bz f u nw also im looking ugly! huuhuuh

    rly dr i dnt knw wt 2 say! i hv milions f wrds 2 say dr! im gonna miss u like hell dr! i rly lv dis ss bt i lv u more and more kaku! rly u bcm fmly 2 me!
    im soo emotional nw.
    and cdnt talk more.
    so abt 2dy epi ill tell u after!

    • Kakali


      Chanuuuuuuu !!! my drl sis? how r u dear? how was uyr sis marriage? did u dance well? i know u did it sooo good rit? 😊
      Awww why u crying Chanuu? see now i gave happy ending na?
      urghhh u can’t look ugly okk.. always beautiful.. !!
      Waaaa u don’t have words to say..*pout.. didn’t u like it.. !*sob.. !
      huhhh but i will miss u like heaven..n!!! love u soo much dear. !! u know u kinda become part of my life.. !! ur comment having different shades like cute,beautiful,day making,scary,threatening… huhuhuhu One piece Chanuuu with different Shades.. !! puut puuuuut u also make u emotional.. !! urghhh !!!
      Thnk u soooo much dear for being there with me all d time n encouraging me as a sis,frnd n everything…. !!! it means a lot.. !! waaa always stay blessed dear… !!! keep smiling n haa don’t leave TU ever.. we will stay connected okkkiii.. !!!
      Thnk u once again.. !! *hug Chanuuu tight.. !! ;-*

      • Chanu

        |Registered Member

        again u make me cry!! 🙁 🙁
        Nw also I cdnt say wrds.. 🙁 🙁
        Im soo sad..

        yaaa yaa.. u gv us a gphpy ending!! Thank u 4 dat!! Ummmah.
        bt im sooo sad bz u r leaving
        .im still crying

    • Kakali


      Chanuuuuuu !!! missing u soo much…*hug.. !!
      i just saw ur comments n u said that u r sick !!!
      what is this dear? u r not well ?
      how r u now? taking ur meds or not? plzz take care of urself dear.. !! i can’t even msg u.. my inbox is not opening.. dun know again what happened?*cry
      don’t cry naa,,plzz don’t b sad..it will effect ur health more… paleazzz !!
      i have a news for u… i m writing an OS dear n will soon upload it … in this week may b.. whether m getting time writing one two paragraphs.. huhuhu i hope i can finish it this birth.. *bang my head with coconut…
      Cute cute Chanuuuu… always stay blessed… huhh don’t cry.. otherwise i will come to SR to join u.. !! ;-*

      • chanu

        Haee heee *smiling sheepishly
        hw did u gt 2 knw dat!!??
        Yep.. im sick!! And dnt knw y.. and I ddnt gt medicine also.. 😉 I rly dnt like that..
        hee hee poor you.. my inbox also nt opening smtyms.. and also smtyms I cdnt see all ur cmnts. Also.. huhuhu..
        dnt knw wt hpn 2 my 4n.. or tu!!
        I think nt nly me my 4n also gt mad hearing my swaragini off air nws?. Huhuh

        Yipeeeeeee ur writing os!!!
        Ummmaah ummaah uumaah..
        I lv u lv u lv u..
        Waiting 4 it.
        nw my sickness is nt here!! Im dancing my hpy dance.

        keep writing
        be happy always
        lv u..

  5. SHAN

    |Registered Member

    Wow kaku its an amazing ss…… I loved it a lot….. U were with me in my every ff and encouraged me…… I always wait for ur comments….. But now will miss it….. Soon finish ur exams and come to tu….. All the best for ur exams dr……
    Happy belated birthday Simin….
    Happy birthday vyshu…..

    • Kakali


      Shan Akkaaaa !!! Thnk u sooo very much for ur appreciation … !!! Thnk u for being there with me all d time n encouraging me.. !!!! Thnk u for giving me a new Akka.. !!! waaa *hug.. !!!same same… i also wait for ur comments… heheeh but whrn u say u cried… i was likeee yeeyyy !!! *shy.. !!! yooo diii will finish my exams ASAP n will b back.. !!
      once again thnk u sooo much Akka.. !! God bless u… ;-*

  6. Rabia

    |Registered Member

    Hmmm…. lett me sett my selffff…. on beddd under blanket cold weather u know naaa ….. okay all settt… 1.2.3 starttttt..
    Kakuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 😰😰😰😰😰😰 lemme take a breath

    Okayyy arrey wahh my nameeee wow wowwww jumping like a frogggg yupppiiiiii……… anddddd i said u to write only all the ideas all the writingss r much mucchh better than me januu soo no need to say thantss because its your hidden talent but im proud of myself (patting my back) that im the one u helped u in bringing out your suchh a brilliant talent…
    😍😍😍😍😍 clapingggggggggg 👏👏👏👏👏👏
    Happy belated birthday siminnnn anddddd
    Happy birthdayyy my bay sabri queen vyshuuuu 😍😍😍😍😍
    And kaku my januu alll theeee besttt andd ajaya krna chalta chaltaaa yuuheee bhataktay lataktay hoye comments krnay plss (puppy face) 🐶
    And dont u dareee to say that your journey ended here because itss just a starttt 😘😘😘😘😘
    Wishh u best of luck again for your futuree and for your examsss always be like thiss the way swara faced her sorrows in this story bravelyy u should also be brave like thisss u know naa life is the name of ups and down u the way u manage the story like this just manage your life alsooo God blesss Youu 😙😙😙😙 be happy alwayssss 😢😢😢😢 miss u luv uuu 😍😍😘😘😘😘
    Enough of bari amma type talksss dont u dare to forget me otherwisee i will scold u and beat u with telepathyy understood?? Gooddd 😆😆😆😆🙌🙌🙌😻😻😽

    • Rabia

      |Registered Member

      Oooooo Myyyyyy Goddddddd i wroteeee thisss muchhhhhhhh 😲😲😲😲😲😲
      Star revolving around my head and thusssss fainted and took the place of kaku in hospital my be travelled to other worldd bye byeee flower in the handd 😷😷😷😷

    • Kakali


      Rabiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Diiiiii,,,, *cough… d whole universe is revolving around me reading ur reply.. !! *dizzy.. !! huhhh now let me settle myself for giving u reply.. !! *mom i need chewing gum.. !!!!
      –>U r jumping like a frog *kiss Rabia di by her prince… goshh thnk to me ,, i didn’t convert u to Kangaroo…
      –>waaaaa my ideas r better than urs… !!! *new shocking invention…
      –>huhh i have to thnk u.. thnk u …thnk u… n will always thnk u till m alive… okiii !!!
      –>yooo u should be proud of urself for getting a sis like meee.. !!! *muh mittha.. !!
      –> kyuuu bhatakte huwe awwu.. !! last time i went to Amazon. now where u wanna send me?*narrow eyed!!!
      –>Thnk u again diii for ur wishes n blessings.. !!! *hug tight…
      –> i will always b like this… just will put on some weight…*1999 kgs…*faint…
      –> haa dii i know life is all about chocolates n cold coffee… i will manage both with a bright smile… !! 🙂
      –> Waaaaa ur 1st ever long comment…*jump to Pluto…
      u seriously became a baddi amma.. !!! exam ka assar hai .. rit? i knew it…. *patting my shoulder… !!! sab pata hai mujhe…. aakhir behen kiski hoon.. !!! 😛
      –> Forget n u … !!! Marwane ka irada hai kya diii.. !!! abhi aur 4 mahine baaki hai mere paas.. !!
      –> Goshhh flower in hand.. !! u know Diii this dialogue almost killed me.. !! whenever i remember this n imagine u like that… i just can’t stop laughing… !! it’s soo hilarious.. !! even i couldn’t stop myself when i remembered this in Tution.. !! huahh haa haa .!!! Sir yelled at me too much.. ! 😢
      Thnk u soooo very much Diii for being there with me all d time n encouraging me.. without u it wouldn’t have been possible… .. !! okkiiii now hug u …
      God bless u diii… always keep smiling n haaa entertain people here.. !! Love u dherrr saraaaa… !!! take care… *smile(selfie) ;-*

      • Rabia

        |Registered Member

        aaaannnn amiiiiiiiiiiiii kakuuuuu im very muchh angrryyy my comment didnt loadeddd :@ due to which i have to writeee… ya Allahhhhh… hayee Allahhh…tauba taubaaaa… have to take glucose… for energy…
        luve u tooooooooooooo dhairrrr balkay double dhairrrrrr saraaaa… and i want u to come to lahoreee naaaa 😉 by mishhhtakeeee.. and come back to earth again otherwise u will becomee ice lolly.. and then ppl will eat u.. and then we cant be able to talkk to uu :O oooo mmmm ggggg…… andd im always their for u… whether it is for pulling your ears or pony tail or giving punch to others 😉 and selfie achi hoo warnaaa dobara click krwau gee :* God bless uu.. takee care…

  7. chandu

    Till now you made me emotional with your ff…!! Now after a happy ending…you made me emotional with your words…!! Every sentence you write in your episode…always brings some expression on my face…whether it is happy,sad, shock,angry…whatever…!! And interesting part is your view at the end of sentence…!! You are really an amazing writer…!!

    And your replies to our comments..were always funny…!!!! Thank you soo much for wonderful ending…!! Thank you soo much for saving my money in apollo hospital…!! Even I am doing nagin dance…!! Crawl…crawl…and crawl…!! Miss you buddy…!! 😀 🙂

    • Kakali


      Chanduuuuuuuu !!! why u emotional dear !! don’t be okk.. !!! see i gave a happy ending.. !! can u believe it.. !! i saved ur money… !!! but beware… !!! next one will b only in my special way.. !!! ☺
      u know Chanduuu whenever u comment… i 1st put my plam on my mouth to suppress my heavy laugh.. !! huahh haa haaa !!! i feel soo blessed when u scold me !!!
      waaa don’t call me writer… i can’t stop blushing…*shy.. !!! *hude behind pillow…
      heyuuuuu u also find my comments funnyyy.. !!! all r seriously family.. !!! 😁
      Thnk u soooo very much Chanduuuu for being there with me all d time.. !! encouraging me..!! i feel short of words to Thnk u.. !!! huhhh selfie from d floor with Naagin dance position… !!! *cheesee.. !!!
      Stay blessed dear.. !!! always keep smiling…😀…
      Will miss u a ton…!!!! ;-*

  8. Parul

    KAKALI dr MISS U N LUV U it was lovely journey wid u n plz try 2 come back then together we will do nagin dance

    • Kakali


      Awwww Parulll !!! Thnk u sooo much dear !!! love u tooo.. !!! will try my best to come back soon n haaa will dooo nagin dance in tune of Disco diwane… what’s say… gimme hifi.. !!
      thnk u for ur support n environment parul.. it meams a lot.. !! God bless u dear !!! ;-*

  9. Nagamanasa

    |Registered Member

    Kaku dear I loved the part soo much and i can’t believe u wrote such a long part dear…really loved it my sissy…



    Kaku dear now what to tell u completed ur ss and now u r going to leave TU…I am gonna miss u a lot sissy…Love u loads…

    • Nagamanasa

      |Registered Member

      Kaku dear come back soon…will be waiting for u and what u said is crct reading ff reduce pain inside and because of the frnds I got here my lonliness also decreased and ur comments slways made my day..miss u…Thnk u…Bye

    • Kakali


      Manasaaaaa Diiii,,, m soooo glad that u loved it.. !! even i can’t believe that i wrote soo long.. but what to do i have to end it na.. sooo.. !!
      Awwww Thnk u sooo much dii fir begin there with me all d time n encouraging me.. !!! thnk u soo much for giving me a new cute dii.. !! it means a lot.. !!! *hug.
      Will misss u a lot diii…,,, yooo i will come soon with my private rocket.. !!! .
      always keeo smiling dii.. love u a lot. !!!
      stay blessed..n rock with ur FF.. !! waaaa huggg again.. !!!
      😀 … Bye !!;-*

  10. SNY

    |Registered Member

    It was last epi btw i totally enjoyed the whole update.!!!
    It was a amazing stry one of the best i ever red.!!!
    Surely will miz u&& u’re ff ….will wait for u sis.!!!
    Ur just beyond perfect ..
    SwaSan scenes r superb…including SwaMin n LucBeee scenes also superb sis…
    Hpy belated b’day Simin di😉😉😉😉…
    Kaku sis miźzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz u😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
    Best of luck for ur exam and future ..tc be hpy sis…..

    • Kakali


      Yazzzzzzzzz !!! I have no words to reply u my sis.. !!! u know yazz whenever u write “next one soon sis” n i read this line.. it always give me uncountable strength to write more.. !!! u r one of d most strong reason i could update my Chappies lil fast.. otherwise God knows…huhuhu *hug u.. !!!
      now lemme thnk u… THNK U soo very much dear for being there with me as a frnd n sis encouraging me all d time.. !!! i feel soo blessed to get u.. !! once again thnk u for ur appreciation n golden words … it means a lot . !!
      one more thnk u for ur wish n blessings.. !!!
      will miss u a lot dear !!!
      always stay blessed n keep smiling.. !!!be here with all n encourage them…… TU people need u .be happy.. !!!.. ;-*

      • SNY

        |Registered Member

        I have no words to express my feelings after reading this cmnd sis….I am so happy about my cmnd is encouraging u….but I am feeling very bad about now u leave tu….All the best for ur exam….after ur exam pls come back with New ff….I hope u will come back with New ff….I miz u sis…take care….

  11. Pooja26

    |Registered Member

    omg!!!!!! its fabulous dear……… 😉 😉
    really loved it !!!!!!!!
    keeep writing lyk dis……..
    stay blessed dear 😉 😉

    • Kakali


      Thnk u Poojaaa !!m glad u loved it… ! thnk u soo much for ur encouragement n support dear … !!! it means a lot.. !!! God bless u .. always keep smiling dear… ;-*

  12. Alku

    |Registered Member

    Kaku dear awesome yaar… emotional with happy tears..u r really an awesome writer…no words to describe chappy loved it.. will miss u…plzz come back soon… 🙂
    Belated birthday wishes to Simin…and happy birthday to vyshu
    Kaku dear…a bear hug to u 🙂

    • Kakali


      Alkuuuuuuu Diiiii,,, u r back!! yeiii ,,,how was ur trip? enjoyed alone !!😢.. waaa don’t b emotional diii.. see i gave happy ending as u all wished.. !!! now gimme a tight hug.. !! *hug Dii,,
      Haaa Dii thnk u soooo much for being there with me n encouraging me all d time.. !! thnk u sooo much for giving me a lil dii … huhh don’t call me writer.. i will jump from flyover.. !!! i m a sis here, frnd here,dii here,, not ant writer.. !!! puut puuuut !!!
      love u dii,,, will miss u a lot…. stay blessed n always keep smiling… n haaa be here with all … okkkiii !!! *hug u tight.. !! ;-*

  13. Mica

    |Registered Member

    waaaaa.. i love this Dr Hemanshi, thank you soo very much for her efforts to bring back our Swara, *hug
    Simin.. happy birthday dear, ummaahhhh, and congraaattttt, yay! you are Swayam’s girlfriend now… aawww i saw you blushing.
    Vyshu..uuughh Happy birthday to you dear!!! all the best for your life.*tickle
    Kaku!!!! huh! Ich liebe dich, uhibbu ki, aku cinta kamu, what in hindi ? afsana pyar ka ?
    waaaa… i kiss him.. i kiss him…. well i’m soo brave, it’s girl power , i’ll mark him as MINE ahem ahem *put sticker on lucky’s forehead when he was fainting..
    hmm, it’s must be Rabia’s effect to make my Lucky fainting..huh! *hate rabia.
    Kakuuuuu… i sent email to Color Tv, don’t dare you leave TU huh! we can sad, we shattered, we are in pain, but another good bye will give us more pain. let us heal our wound for some time, and let us curse every one regarding this decision…. ahem ahem…

    • Kakali


      Micaaaaaa !!! i wish i could send SwaSan to Pluto.. !! huhh !!! what u wrote in Bhahama ? tell me tell me.. !! haa haa u kissed him.. !! waaa new idea yaaa i should write an epilogue showing all 3 of ur marriage life.. !! but not d way u said.. infect in d common way.. !what’s say?? mast idea naaa..??? *faint !now u plzzz don’t laugh bcz i can’t even write a Kissing scene properly n u thinking about that.. goshhh dirty mind.. !!*giggle.. !!
      haa i read ur e-mail.. but it has no effect.. SR team already wrapped up.. !! even final shoot had done… i saw d mast video yesterday n couldn’t stop my tears.. !! 😢.. it kills me.. !! huhhh m here naaa… at home ..where m going?
      Now lemme thnk u .. !!
      THNK U MICUUU !!! thnk u sooo much for being there with me n encouraging me all d time. !! Thnk u for advising me.. huhh in my SS in scene if u felt bad or u thought i shouldn’t write.. then a humble Sorry dear !!! once agin Thnk u.. !! waa God bless u .. n yeah be here with ev1 … people need u badly here.. !! as u said we can shatter n wounded but time will heal it … !!! *Stick Mica to TU with fevicoll.. !!! ;-*

  14. IQRA222

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    kaku di the episode was fabulous
    i cannot express how much i loved this ff and i am going to miss it
    but i am sure that you will write more wonderful ff’s for us pls pls preety pls with puppy face
    and pls dont leave tu

    happy birthday simin di and vyashu di

    • Kakali


      IQRA !!! my sis.. !!! m soo happy that u loved it.. !! ☺
      waa dear i will surely write more FF n SSs n OSs… but after coming back.. !!! now i have to leave … coz i have my final exams na.. sooo… but will surely try to peep here whether i will get time… !! awww plzz don’t show me ur puppy eyes.. it’s melting me like ice..*hide my eyes.. !!!
      Thnk u soooo much Sis for being there with n encouraging me.. !!! it means a lot.. !!! will miss u tooo dear.. !!! always stay happy… God bless u.. ;-*

  15. Radhika..

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    The episode was just amazing , awesome, superb what to say di. All the things happen so beautifully and every thing fall on their places. Just love the part. The part is just amazing di. Firstly swara coming out o danger and becoming fit and fine Laksh and sanskar happiness swayam simin happiness just loved it. And laksh beating sanskar feeling bad for sanskar. But still he is smiling . awww…… So sweet. Than finally Swara get concious the most awaited thing happen. And than all of them love and than sanskar and swara scenes so cute…… Just loved that part and than simin ehemehem no asar on swasan . and mica entry omg so different one . and her coming and laksh expression how cute and shy one and mica also the jealousy part for simin and laksh is too much. And than swara discharge and her getting home and sanskar picking her up. And than simin anger and sad vala part awww. She look so cute and sweet with that look and than the surprise vala birthday part . and the proposal is so beautiful. A very happy birthday cutie🎁🎁🎂🎂.may the day bring lot of happiness. And achieve ur all dreams cutie. Love u😘😘laksh and mica proposal is so different .every thing with mica is different after all mica is different only. And than vyshu happy birthday part. A very advance happy birthday dear.🎂🎂🎁🎁🎂🎂 May this year birthday come up with lots of happiness and u may achieve ur dreams.and fulfil all ur wishes. A very happy birthday dear and than swara emotional scene and sanskar proposing her there. And the end line is beautiful the new start of there lives. Just love the whole part. I was wishing that the last part will never come but at last it come and come like this. Its the most awesome part and Ss I have read…….. Live it too much……. Hope u will comeback soon aafter ur exams and write more and more writting. Just love ur writting skills.
    Loved it and loved the whole part and who say we r bearing u hmmmm not good that u r thinking so we read it because we loved it and love u not bearing ok never ever say like this again. And achieve the dreams which u wanna achieve in coming life. Have a great fuure ahead di. Love u.
    Will mis ur writting.
    Love u😘😘😃😃
    And the part💜part💜💜

    • Kakali


      Radhikaaaaaa !!!!my bacchaaa m unable to reply ur comment dear.. !!! u made me speechless.. !! waaa what should i write now.. !!! u just gave an awesome analyzing comment for whom m searching words to reply.. !! m soo sooo soooo happy that u loved it my sis.. !!! i feel sooo blessed to get a sis like u.. !!! u know i was waiting for uyr comment.. !!! but see na m too late to reply u.. *hug u.. !!!
      even i was thinking that i will not b able to complete today… but what to do i had to finish.. bcz time is nit permitting me to write.. but haa whenever i will get time.. will surely try to write something … pinky promise to my Radhikaaa.. !!! now lemme thnk u properly…
      THNK U Bacchaaa for being there with me n encouraging me all d time.. !!! it means a ton.. !!! *bear hug. !!
      Stay blessed dear.. !!! keep smiling that too battisi nikal keee. !!! i want my sis to b always happy n smiling okkii. n n n rock with ur FF… be here with TU people… they need u n all at this particular period where we SR fans r deeply hurt.. !!! take Care of my baccha.. !!! . !!! Love u soo much .. !!!.
      God bless u.. ;-*

  16. Simin

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    Kaku my jaaan
    What to say i am speechless
    First swara is all good *jump and kiss kaku
    Then my b day*tight hug to kaku
    Swayam proposing me*blushing blushing
    I am soooooo blessed to have u and all in my life
    Thank u everyone
    I love u all sooooo much

    • Hemanshi

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      I think as I thought swayyam is copy of sanskar???
      If not…then imagine😂😂
      You will get a good feel to romance with ur crush’s rubaru😂😂😂😂😂

      I donno whether he is ur crush or not…..

      But as he is every girl’s crush so just guessed😂😂😊😊

      • Simin

        |Registered Member

        Ofcourse di yeh bhi koi puchne wali baat hai
        I admire sanskar sooooooo much
        I wish everyone gets a soulmate like sanskar dven me too*wink

      • Simin

        |Registered Member

        Di di di
        I am sooooooo happy to hear that u are expecting
        Bless u di
        And very angry coz of ur carelessness
        Plz take care
        Give our love to baby also

    • Kakali


      Simmmuuuuuu !!! Finally u r here.. !!! i was waiting for ur comment dear.. !! u know when i didn’t see ur comment ,, i feel like i hurt u with this chappy… may b u didn’t like me writing this kind of scenes.. !!! But thank God u commented… !!! huhhh i almost cried.. !! 😢… never talk to me.. !!!
      now let me talk to Simin ,, not my Simmmu.. !!!
      haa toh kaha thi mainn,,,
      Simin thnk u sooo very much for being there with me n encouraging me all d time.. !!! it means a lot*bear hugg.. !!! God bless u n always keep smiling…
      waaaa Simmuuu !!! *tight jhapppi.. !!! u love ev1 except me.. !!! u illegal cheater… !!! *bang ur head with coconut.. !!! Simmu be here with all … TU people need u n all here badly… now we SR fans r shatter na.. but time will heal our wounds… be here there.. !!! Love u.. again a poller bear hug… !!! ;-*

      • Simin

        |Registered Member

        U can never hurt me kaku
        I am happy to see your love towards me
        When u dedicated this part to me even though u didnt had time made me nostalgic
        I love u sooooooo much
        Never say that i dont love u

    • chanu

      Im soooo sooo sooo sry simin dr 4 being dis much late..
      see im doing 10 sit ups while holding my ears with puppy dog eyes..

      LV YOU
      Be happy always

  17. Shreeyu

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    Oh my God …. Oh my god …. Oh my God…. Uff, wait a minute let me take a long breath first …. *doing inhale exhale
    Huh chalo now let’s start ….. Ready steady pooooo

    Kaku Di it was just marvelous… I just loved it…. Swamin and lakbee …. It was really lovely and my Swasan too …. Simin Di u said that there are lot of years for u to get married (remember kaku Di , when me and Simin Di were coming to attend ur marriage with bullet proof jackets ….. Huhaaa it was one of the most wonderful talk with u two cuties….)
    Simin di a very big I mean a humongous chocolate box for u on this special occasion of urs ….. Wish u a very very very very very Happy birthday🎂 Di….. May u get success and fulfill all ur dreams and wishes …. Many many happiest 😛 returns of the day from ur Shona’s side

    Vyshu Di when is ur birthday BTW….
    But ….. Wait a minute lemme wish u first … God knows if I forgot on that day

    Happy birthday to u ..!!!.!!!
    Happy birthday to u
    Happy birthday to u…
    Wish u a very Happy birthday🎂 Vyshu Di … May God bless u and shower his tones and tones of blessings on u …. 😇😇😇

    Di m already telling that I want a big piece of ur birthday🎂 cake that too chocolate but jyada bada bhi Nhi as I can’t handle to much …..

    And my Cutie , sweetie , foodie- Kaku Di now coming to u …as I already said it or was a wonderful ff by the most wonderful person …. U know Di u r really a gem …. U r so different and really a versatile person …. M really blessed to have a diii like u …. U know ur one talk can vanish anyone’s stress … They r indeed stress busters …. Ur art of giving funny scenes, emotional scenes and I guess all kind of scenes is really out of the world …. If I will search whole universe na then also I won’t b able to get someone like u … Han I can get on Pluto as it is one of favorite picnic spot ….
    I lov uh so much Di and I hope we will stay in contact through hike …. And don’t dare to call ur ff boring I mean u said na that u have to bear it …. Chalo give u a big wala hug and m dragging u to stage to do nagin dance with u … Huh sab ke saath kiya , I want to do once only with u…. But teach me first .,.*doing nagin dance with my cuteeeeee loving Kaku Di… Lov uh loads Di😍😘
    And love u (Vyshu and Simin) Di too

    • Vyshu10

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      Aww….thank you so much my bacha. And history queen….yaad rakho….Dec 10th=my bday, Human rights day.

      Bada piece khane mein problem hogi toh ye lo chote chote pieces par zyaade🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰 khush? Love u too

    • Simin

      |Registered Member

      Awww my shona
      Thank u soooooo much
      U guys are just fab
      I forget my stress after reading ur stories and then talking to u guys
      A big piece of my fav choco cake to u

    • Kakali


      Cutieeeeee !!! see finally m giving u reply… goshh m too late rit… !! but urghh what to do,, time is not permitting me to even log in here… !!! waaa let it b … now lemme read ur comment once more ….
      *take a spoon n stab myself…
      goshhhh Shreeyu this is also ur 1st ever long comment… yeii yeiiiii i have break many people’s record with my last part… m soo happy…*swim…
      –> Omggg cutieee plzzz don’t make me remember that chat.. i still can’t stop blushing… shadi wobhi meri.. huah haa haaa hilarious naaa… but also a blissful convo with u n Simmuuu.. !!
      –> Don’t call me foodie… m not… coz hearing d word food my mouth starts salivating… !!! 😢
      –> waaaa itni tarrif … bapreee abb Ram ji app hi bachaw iss nanhe chaitan se mujhe… bcz of her cute cute words m going under ground…land sliding will gulp me alive..😒
      –> huhh u r not… m blessed to get a sis like u cutieee… infect we both r blessed to get EO as sisters.. !! 😁*hug
      –> ohh haaa picnic slot as Pluto… nice idea. i should talk to my frndzz.. !!
      –> nope my SS is not boring…it’s awesome… i know…*chall jhutthii.. !!!
      –>now take my bear hug n dace with me…*crawlll…
      –> Love u a ton my Cutieee.. !!!
      –> now lemme thnk u properly…
      THNK U sooo very much dear for being there with me n encouraging me all d time.. it means a lottt…!! i can’t get enough thanking u… heyyya …
      God bless u dear.. !! always keep smiling n haa be here with TU people always… they need u n all badly at this particular time … okkiiii !! *hug once again.. !! ;-*

  18. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    KAKUUUUUU,a zor ki jappi for you.. Dil kush kar ditta*smiling like an idiot… Loved it… Aww, my swasan😘😘..Haha,lucky, you are too much..You are madly in love in mica😉😉.. Micaa,congrats, you got a girlfriend instead of boyfriend..Ladki ki rhup main ladka😂😂……

    Siminnn.two..four.. six.. eight.. Sorry that this birthday cheer is late! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY DEAR🎂🎂🍫🍫💐💐

    VYSHUUUU..The greeting may be late, but the sentiments are fresh..HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY DEAR🎂🎂🍫🍫💐💐

    KAKUUU.I am gonna miss you..Waiting for that day, when will come back….ALL THE BEST WAY EXAMS IN ADVANCE.. ROCK THE SHEETS..LOVE YOU LOADS.. MUAAAH*LOTS OF KISSES AND HUG😘😘😘..
    Yeah, let’s take a selfie, eeee*smiling…
    ***double nagin dance with you*crazily*
    Take care
    Keep smiling😀😀

    • Abdul hafiz(Uma)

      Siminnn one more thing, Congratulation for your new life ops I mean love life😉😉.. Now you are not single*tickle you..Sometimes share your love life experience with a innocent kid like me😜😝..Take care of you and your ahem ahem😉😀

    • Simin

      |Registered Member

      Thank u sooooo much dear
      Naughty girl
      Seee i am also a sweet innocent kid ok
      Here kaku gave me a bf but in reality i am single amd happy to have u guys in my life
      So i dont want someone else as u guys are enough for me

    • Kakali


      Umaaaaaa !!! my dear innocent kid…*pull ur pony. !! how r u? how is ur health… now u fine na? waaa see how lately m replying u.. goshh … !!!. ek pyar bhara jadduu ki jhappi from me.. !!!
      awww girlfriend instead of boy friend… hehehehe new discovery Umaa. u said cent % correct.. !!! but haaa Only Mica can handle this girly Lucky…😁
      Umaaaa thnk u sooo much dear for being there with me all d time n encouraging me … it means a lot… !!!
      Thnk u once agian for ur blessings .. *hug.. !!!
      Love u sooo much.. !! always stay blessed n keep smiling … battisi nikal keee…*gimme hifi… will miss u ton.. !!
      huhhh Take care of urself n my Friend UMA.. !!! okkkiii.. !! ;-*

  19. kumu

    loved it..thank u for giving a happy ending..btw whr r u going??
    plz come back with another ff..tc

    • Kakali


      Kummmuuuuu !!! See i can also give happy endings… !! *shy… m soo glad u loved it…
      dear m leaving TU n will come back in April.. !! then will start a new one with u all.. !!
      waaa Thnk u sooo much for being there with me all d time n encouraging me… !!! it means a ton.. !!!
      Love u … always stay blessed dear. !!! ;-*

    • Kakali


      Waaaaa Kummuuuuu Diii,,, me n chotu sa babyyyy…!!! goshhh u almost dig me alive.. !!! Thnk u soo much for ur blessings my new diii… !!:)

  20. Tharu

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    Hmm..what to say…it is such an emotional episode with happy tears…so relieved to see swara was out of danger…I knew that you will not separate our swasan…and Dr hemanshi di you are so sweet..and mica dear you may not know me but I really like to read your comments..so nice..and throughout this ff I really liked lucky and Shona bonding…and finally our swasan is together..will miss you and your ff so much..you are such an amazing writer..all the best for your future and may your all dreams comes true…I am too going to quit tu so will miss you so much…and advance birthday wishes for you vyushi dear..many happy returns for the day…and simin too..love you too kaku..😘😘😘

    • Kakali


      Awwwwww Tharuuuuuuu !!! m sooo happy to read ur beautiful comment dear… !!! ur each n every words means a lot to me..u trusted me sooo much i wouldn’t ever separate my SwaSan.. !! Thnk u sooo much for that dear…
      m soo obliged to get a friend like u.. Thnk u sooo very much for being there with me all d time n encouraging me.. !!! once again thnk u for ur wish n blessings… 😀
      I will miss u a lot dear.. !!! u r my family.. *huggg !!!
      Even i wish u d same dear … all d best for ur future life n upcoming exams.. rock it n i know u will.. waa come back soon.. we will meet each other again okii !! ADARE OYA THARUUU.. !!! Always keep smiling n stay blessed.. !! *pinch ur cheeks..!!! ;-*

  21. Anu

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    Aaaaaaa uh ended it??? Ended it?? Really uh ended it😭😭😭😭😭😭 how dare uh to end it? I start toh read today nd was shock no no double shock to see the last part😭😭😭😭 but i have already read some initial part now!! Will complete reading all 20 parts spon😉😉😉😉😉..

    Btw its awesome….awesome is less in front of it…actually to be frank i dont have words… r uh profeesional writer?? I know your answer is no😛😛😜… Actually indirectly it is my compliment toward uh…the way uh write nd all😍😍😘😘…

    Come back soon with another ss/ff/os…

    But i love sad ending….but that doesnt mean i m not swasanian…i love swasan alot…they r not first couple whom i like but they the first couple behind whom i m crazy at this limit that i m reading fiction…have make id..come on telly nd all…nd the last couple also whom i have love like hell

    All the best for your future…for your studies..
    Love uh nd your writting
    Best regards

    • Kakali


      Samairaaaaa !!! waaa u remember meee… !!! so good to see u here.. !!!
      aww u r a new reader… hehehe enjoy reading n curse me.. !!
      Thnk u sooo much dear for ur million dollar words n kind appreciation.. it means a lot.. !!
      Not professional writer dear… m not even a writer but a reader,sis,friend,n Dii here… huhuu !!
      m glad u loved it n once again thnk u for ur compliment…😊msure dear will try to write more as soon as i get time.. !!
      u love sad endings … gimme hifi… me2…!!ohh haa if u give a sad ending or u love sad endings it doesn’t mean u r not A SwaSan fan… bcz sad ending does exists more than happy one.. !!
      yuppp dear SWASAN R BEST AFTER ALL.. THEY R HEAVENLY N EPIC.. !! not for them only i m here with my TU family.. !!
      Thnk u for ur blessings Samaira..love uh to.. !! God bless u n always keep smiling…. !!!aur haa write more on SwaSan.. people would love to enjoy them.. !! ;-*

      • Anu

        |Registered Member

        h???????? how do uh know my name??? sorry i didnt recognize uh?? do uh know which ff i write?? i m shocked to see my name at first!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i forget!! i m memory loss patient!! i think i should eat badam!!

        hifi..for loving sad endings….butr justified only?? yeh nnhi kisiko b hi mar diyaa without any reason!!
        but i dont love the endinh in which sanku papa die!! lolzz..but i love the ending in which shona die!!

        but plzzzz kaku dii yeh zarror btana how do uh know me! nd r uh on fb?

    • Kakali


      Samairaaaaa !!! now i should seriously suggest u to take almonds not badam.. okk !!! u don’t remember me.. no worries.. but i do remember u. !!
      Exactly i know u have written many OS where we specially got dsad endings.. n before some days u ended ur SS where SwaSan died with EO. i don’t remember d name properly.. but have read that before when someone else posted it behalf of Samadi… isn’t It?

      ohh we all authors have common sense na.. so without justifying how can we kill someone.. !!! we should give a tight reason to d readers for what theyshould say ” IT WAS EMOTIONAL YET BEAUTIFUL,, U JUSTIFIED IT COMPLETELY”… rit?
      nope dear m not in FB… but haa ek account hai.. but that’s not mine.. !!! i have borrowed it from Mica.. soo …
      I know u Samaira.. go to my SWASAN’s paradise TS n check our convo… may b u remember something… 🙂

      • Anu

        |Registered Member

        kaku di!! now i dont need almonds..because i understand everything..uh r thi8nking me someone else because i didnt read your swasan ts…but lemme check maybe i read

        nd second i didnt write many os with sad endings…i have only written one os nd that is funny..cute type..

        but ya your one point write..about my hadi mom’s ss…(Samadi) its humdard!! in that swasan die but that is not posted by someone else that is posted by me only!!

        but dont worry we will know each other now!! nd ha tell mica di account!! kisi aur ka account borrow kara h bina masti k thodi na wapas krdogi?? haha..
        nd ek baar apne mica di ki id chalai na toh aap definetly apni d zarror bnaogi!!

  22. Afra96

    |Registered Member

    Once again many many happy returns of the day dear simin and vyshu..may you both get all the happiness in u’r life..

    Kaku dear I am back to TU after almost a month and therefore I couldn’t comment on u’r previous parts and from now on u will not be active..

    I love this ss soo much and will definately miss u and this ss..
    All the best for your exams and future..

    Keep smiling and stay blessed and come back soon to TU.

  23. Mirna

    |Registered Member

    Wow Kakas it was awesomeeeeeeeeee dear sorry for broom thing ya now it has nooooooooooo use next time will surely think of smething loved it dear 🙂

    Happy bday vyshu and simin dear have a blast 🙂

    • Kakali


      Mirnaaa Darlzzzz !!! waaaa finally u throw d broom.. huhhh but beware … next will b in my way… where u have to cry more n curse me more.. !!! huahh haa haaa…
      Mirna dear thnk u sooo much for being there with me all d time n encouraging me always… it means a lot.. !!i feel myself Kaks to get a friend like u…*hug…
      God bless u dear.. always keep smiling.. aur haa be here with all … TU people need u n all at this particular time.. u know na what m taking about… !! *pull ur cheeks…
      once again a hugee thnk u… ;-*

  24. Ishaa

    Hi kakali…..I guess u know me!!
    Haina! You know I am feelingoing like hugging you tight *sistalove*😘
    I am feeling like bursting crying in your arms *for last part* 😔😔
    I am feeling like beating you playfullyrics *for making us cry*😔😔

    But above all even i have the same request as hemanshi…….pls pls pls visit turn whenever you can…..love u soon muchhh😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
    Lots of kisses and hugs


    Gaal Lal ho gye na?? 😂😂😂
    That is tit for tat for making Simin blushhhhh…..bechari k gAal Lal hogye honge
    Mai or hemanshi kabse swayyam Ko sansKar kakali lookalike sochre hai😂😂😂😂

    Simin hemanshi said you na she will make you marry to his lookalike….see😂😂
    Hemanshi ne NHi toh kakali ne😂

    And Kaku I will bring himmi back to turn soon….pakka but u too have to come soon😘😘😇


    • Ishaa

      Omg soooo long😂😂

      But there are many errors…..my phone has autotyper on thats why…..let me off it


      Love u once again😘😘
      Best of luck for exams

      And yaa one more request before going just ask your himanshi di to taje care of yourself as this year she is hosspitalized for the third time…..😠😠😠😠

      • Hemanshi

        |Registered Member

        Kakali this ishaa is mad!!
        Don’t care about her talks…u know she doesn’t even knows English hAhahah she write yourself instead of herself…..sometimes I can’t even believe that’s she is a doctor

        Anyways…..you know kaku she hasnt created so good bond with u but then to from the day u posted till now she is just worried that y u dint reply her😂😂

    • Kakali


      Ishaaaaaaa Diiii,,, *hug.. !!!
      waaaa u r also doctor.. !!! u know i have a doctor dii,,(Hemanshi Balani) .. huhh r u both twins?
      Diii,,, Obviously i know u… r we not sisters?😯…*bear hug.. !!
      m really very sorry dii for late reply… *hold my ears..
      Awwww don’t cry diii*wipe ur tears..
      Diii as i said to Hemanshi dii, u don’t need to request me.. just order me n i will try my best to come to TU… i can’t deny u n all.. !!!
      m sook happy i get a new dii,, waa *jump.. !!!
      huhh Simin ka badla mujhse… u naughty girl.. seems u r even more hilarious than Hemanshi Diii..
      Love u a lot Diii,,, muahh !!
      m feeling like flying reading ur cute sa comment..
      autotyper ko marro gollii.. !! *shoot..
      Thnk u thnk u sooo much dii for ur love n blessings.. it means a lot..

      Isha dii, what happened to Hemanshi dii,, is she still not fine? huhh that’s why i didn’t want to talk with her….
      Take care of her dii,, n yeah take care of urself tooo.. Love u dheer sara..
      keep smiling n always stay blessed…!! ;-*

      • Hemanshi

        |Registered Member

        Hi kaks….this is ishaa commenting from hemanshi’s Id
        Sooo first of all about your forgiveness then I will have to think whether to forgive you for not😂😛😜
        Hahhahaha just joking
        I was never angry with u that u r saying sorry….i was just worried that u r ok or not as u didn’t reply from long back😊😊

        About your hemanshi di you know first of all she is hospitalized 3 times this year or ab toh 4 times hogya
        First three times because of accidents bcoz of her carelessness and 4th one which is ongoing I will tell you on personal
        ******You know your hemanshi di has given a good news😉😉😉*****
        I think u understood what I wanted to say……that’s why I am asking u to ask her to take care of herself😉😉

      • Hemanshi

        |Registered Member

        And she is still hospitalized as she fell down and she has a life too with her!!!!
        So its taking time for her to recover…..she has came back to India as I am her doctor for the new member…..so I had to do her treatment that’s why!!!

    • Kakali


      Hemaaaa Dii,,u r seriously too much. !!!
      Isha is ur sister… Ii can’t believe.. !!* bang my head. !!
      huhh autotyper is one of d best thing that can make a smart person even dumb.. !!! it’s hell irritating.. 😤
      awww diii what should i say ,, that why didn’t i reply Isha dii,, U know m not visiting TU … even i don’t log in here… if i read ffs then comment without log in… !!! soo not even replying n weather m replying that too 1-2 karke.. at that time either i was on veranda or drooling here n there.. hehehehege… weird na.. !!! i know.. !!!
      par sorry ISHA Dii,, *hug.. !! ;-*

    • Kakali


      Ohhh Isha Diii,, thnk God u forgive me.. otherwise God knows how much chocolates i would have eat. !! m fine dii actually suffering from severe headache since last few days.. so rarely visiting here.. !!
      Ishaa diii,,, i seriously wanna say u something… u know when she said she has to leave TU for some months …. i got an instant doubt may b this can b d reason… even i wanted to ask dii… but how could i… i m an innocent kid. i could have slip into coma before asking… so didn’t press that matter soo much… !!!
      n then she said she was hospitalized … i was very angry on her.. bcz i had bad fear … u know hearing d hospital word it shakes me badly…. i dun wanna say all this in this happy moment… but before some days we have lost our one frmd writer of Swasan Imama… she was hospitalized n now she is no more… then Malika di was in coma..
      i was deeply depressed … again Hemanshi dii said ahe is not good n in hospital.. soo i felt soo scared n thought better not to talk with anyone…
      isha diii m soo happy… noo noooo m d most happiest person hearing this news… m going to b maasi… yeeiiiii… God blesss dii n her soon to b prince/princess.. !!! i wish i could meet her once..
      plzzz Hemanshi dii.. take care of urself n my cousins… plzz it’s a humble request from ur sis Kaku..
      aur ahha Ishaaaa diii now u have double responsibility… 1st to handle Hemanshi kid..
      2nd handle her kid…. omggggg kiddos.. !!huahh haa haaa… say her Congo… i need tones to choco… !!! heyyyaaaa !!! TC dii.. love u.. !! ;-*

  25. Deeksha

    |Registered Member

    Awesome kakuuu….!!!!!!! Sorry I couldn’t comment in the morning….. Actually I read it before going to exam only….. And believe me exam went well….. I was very much happy that it was happy ending….!!!!!!but I thought that u will give the marriage life also along with their kids…. But no problem u gave a happy ending…. That’s enough….!!!!!!

    Do came back with some other story…… Love you…..

    • Kakali


      Deekshuuu !!! awww ur exam went well.. yreeiii*lets party.. !!! don’t b ever sorry dear.!! waaaa marriage life… marwane ka irada hai kya. i can’t even write a KISS scene properly n u expect me to write marriage scenes.. it’s better to bang my head.. !! but sorry to disappoint u dear.. !!
      waaa THNK U soo much Deekshu fro being there with me all d time n encouraging me always… it means a lot.. !!!
      will surely try ro write more.😊. love u too dear.. God bless u .. keep smiling… ;-*

  26. Arshaanya

    |Registered Member

    First of all abt b’day wishes so……….
    Wish u guyz a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY 👏👏🎉🎉🎊🎊🎂🎂🎁🎁 VYSHU n SIMIN
    Stay blessed guyz n party hard u both 😘😘😘…
    Okay n coming to chappy i loved swayyam simin love story 😄
    N coming to laksh n mica omg m so in love wid dis shy laksh 😂😂😂 bt dey both were cute… love u mica 😘😘😘
    Okay n finally d most awaited love cnfsn of swasan…😍😍
    I was w8ng for it from so long… i was lyk WTH botj couples prpsd wen wil swasan come… u gve vry short part for swasan o wanted more bt its ok i loved it kakali n d way sanky kissed her 🙈🙈 loved it…
    Lots of love hugs n kisses to u 😘😘😘😘

    • Kakali


      Arshaaaaa !!!! Waaaa Thnk u sooo much dear.. !!! i know there was kess SwaSan … i could have written more.. but when i realized it was too late.. really sorry to disappoint u Arsha.. but haa as a repentance m trying to write on OS containing some good SwaSan scenes… heheheh !!!
      but m glad even though u loved it.. Thnk u sooo much dear for being there with me all d time n encouraging ne always… it means a lot.. !!!
      lotss of bear hugss n kisses for u tooo..stay blessed …. keep smiling.. !!! ;-*😀

  27. Fairy

    |Registered Member

    hey meri choti judwa behan..
    aww!!u ended it 🙁 🙁
    bt plz do start new ff as soon as u get free…
    love u sooo much 🙂
    u r one of d sweeetest n bstest frnd i got in TU
    plz always b in contact wid me..
    actually m also lill bsy dese days…dats y cnt able to comment on prev. episides..i hope u”ll forgive me for dat my pyari patar patar.. 🙂 😀

    kaku thnku so much for dis wonderfull ff
    i wish u get all success in lyf..n all yr dreamz come true..always keeeep smiling sweetypie..
    n m always dere for u dear 🙂 no matter wt !!okay 🙂
    wl b waitng for u eagerly..keeep rockng n stay blesssed pikachu ki deewani hehheehe 😉 😉

    • Kakali


      Awwww meri badi judwa behen pyarii Fairyyyyy !!!Thnk u soooo very much … love u dherrrr saraaaa !!! huhhh don’t say sorry as i can understand u… okkiii !!!! bdw hiw was ur exam? rocked na? i know.. !! gimmi hifi…
      waaa sure dear i will try to write whenever will get time.. actually preparing for an OS now.. sooo replying u lateee.. solly for that …
      u r one my cutest n sweetest frnd i got here in TU.. we r family na so our thinking is also same…*hugg…
      Thnk u very very much for being there with me all d time n encouraging me… it means a lot… !!!
      i know u r there for me always.. *huggg u tight… thnk u once again for this cutee sa sentence… u kmdun know how m feeling now.. !!!!
      even i wish u same dear… be happy always… may ur all dreams come true (including meeting with Teju) … love u dear… rock with ur FF… stay blessed.. !!! huyyaa !!! TC… ;-*

  28. Simi

    |Registered Member

    Kakali,,, i cant believe swara is alright..
    Meine toh umeedeiin chod di dhi last chapter padke…
    Awesome superb..
    Thanks for fulfilling our wish,,its a happy ending..
    Luv u :-*

    • Kakali


      Simmmmi !!! somehow i also felt same… but how can i give sad ending ? didn’t u saw d reactions… goshh ghar par akkar marna baki tha mujhe … huhh !!! mujhe apni jaan pyari hai.. !!!!
      Heyyaaa thnk u soooo much dear for being there with me n encouraging me.. !!! it means a lot.. !!! Love u tooo…
      waaa God bless u dear… !! ;-*

  29. Jessie

    |Registered Member

    Dinka chika is my fav…kakali..super one girl…I loved the way u brought mica and vyushu….so cute and sweet one….loved the end….

    So happy birthday to Vyushu here..and kakali…kahan jaa rahi ho…do peep at times..TC dear…loads of love…and come back of with another ff when you get time…stay happy….

    • Kakali


      Jessiieeeee !!! see now i will tickle u with my hurricane kinda reply… waaa hug u….. we r same.. even i also love Dinka chikaaa.. ee ee eeeee… !!!*let’s nacho…
      Thnk u sooo much for ur cuteee sa compliment… feeling like jump from flyover reading it… haaaa !!! love u loads… will surely try my best to peep here… huhh as if now m not doing that…*bang my head with coconut… !!! God bless u dear… keep smiling wobhi battisi nikal kee.. !! ;-* *ready to take off to MMZ page… !!! 🙂

  30. Mahjabeen

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    Wah kaku wat an part dear…loved it rlly loved it soo mch…it ws rlllyyy superbbb..evrythng ws prfct..loved da happy ending….
    nd wait wait wat u said dat dis is borng nd bad nd bla bla right..how dare u to say ne -ve words to it huhhh..if u say a single word against it m nt gonna leave..i wll surelyy kill u
    Huhhh m rlly flng sad fr da last part..i will surely miss ur ff nd u too..c u also end it nd thr swargini is also gng to end..willing to cry
    Tk cr
    Love u loads😘😘

  31. Mahjabeen

    |Registered Member

    Wow kaku wat an Epi dear…loved it..loved it soo mchh…it ws rlly superbb…amazing…fab…da endng ws soo awesome…prfct one nd yeahh an happy wala ending….
    Nd wait wait wat u said dat it ws boring nd worst nd bla bla..huhh how dare u say lk dat..dnt evr use those words against my darls ff othrwise i will surelyy gonna kill u…
    Nd rlly m flng double sad frstly fr da last part of ur ff,u ended itt..i will surelly miss ur ff…nd secndly fr swaragini ending..willing to cry😥
    okk enough of my bak bak…
    Chalo bye
    Love u loads😍😍
    Lots of hugs nd kisses to u😘😘😘
    Tk cr

    • Kakali


      Areyyy My Mahuuuu !!! where were u?see i give happy ending… can u believe it.. no naaa… me2… !!
      awwww sorry to say it boring.. i won’t say it ever.. my cutee sis.. !!! now lemme thnk u….
      THNK U sooo much Mahuuu for being there with me all d time n encouraging me always… !!! ur compliments n appreciation means a lott… it’s my energy booster…😊
      don’t b sad dear.. i will b back soon.. actually i preparing for an OS soo replying u late… huhuu sorry for that..
      Love u loads… will miss u … always stay blessed n keep smiling… be here with people… they need u n all now… !!! okiii !!! hug u tight. … TC.. loads of love n chocos. !!! ;-*

  32. Saba

    |Registered Member

    Amazing dear..it was awesome …..it could have been more awesome if you would added Ragu… whenever a new entry take place I thought it would be Ragu..but no..it’s ok bdw Swasan were too cute..I loved swara character very much…thank u for this wonderful ff..it will b always ma fav..

    • Kakali


      Saba dear !! feeling soo good reading ur comment.. !! but feeling sad to disappoint u.. !! sorry dear.. !! but u could have demanded me to add Ragini.. then i could have may b done something.. !!! coz i did what people said n adviced.. !!!
      Thnk u soo much Saba for ur beautiful comment. m glad u liked Swara…. it means a lot.. stay blessed!! ;-*

  33. Maha016

    |Registered Member

    hey drama queen akka…i m lavanya maha’s bestiee maha wont come online till 25 bcz of our xams…but i ll come bcz i m not maha she will take pressure when xamz came but not me…ok akka sorry for the late comment actually today only i read this and thiz was awesome awesome beyond the world akka…love u…and haan i told this story to maha she wanna hug u for this…ummaaa….and vyshu HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR…AND SIMMU DI BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES…and akka we are writing a new ss on swasan I LOVE U ::: SWASAN SS akka read it if u get time…and comment if u like it….

    • Kakali


      Heyy Lavanyaaa !!! say Mahaa that i wanna kill her… huhhh she said this name to u naa… urghhh u also calling me Drama Queen… awww but i just love this name.. !!! Say Maha a huge thnk u for this cute name..
      hehehe Best of luck for both.. rack d exam n finish all d ink of ur pen.. !!
      Thnk u sooo much for ur appreciation Lavanyaa..it means a lot.. love u tooo…
      now lemme THNK my sis Maha…
      Mahaaaa thnk u sooo very much my dear sis for being there with me all d time n encouraging meee… !!! LoVe u…. always stay blessed n keep smiling.. !!! huggg u tight.. !! ;-*

  34. Shrinjal

    Acha kakali di..I couldn’t read it now also…lack of time..Do one thing, u just tell me whether it’s a sad or a happy ending so I will be ready with broom or chocs to welcome u…

    • Kakali


      Areeyyy Shrinjuuuu !!! it’s a happy ending dear…. no need of broom… throw it in dustbin… okiiii !!!
      bapree today’s generation.. we should careful more..!!!! 😊

  35. Navi

    |Registered Member

    Knock knock… navi d grt late commer… some one pinch.. ots real… swara is bck and my swasan are bck to love struck birds.. awesome teemendous ending. Loved it kakali.. evrthng ws perfect beautiful…
    tc kakali all d bst for board examz… bamg with new ffs in april 2017 advance happy new yr too…

    • Kakali


      Naviiiii !!!! oh God .. where were u? infect where r u now a days? u okk naa? don’t b sorry dear… infect m triple late to reply u.. !!! hehehe.. !!why to pinch? lemme do it in my fav way… pull ur ponny tight.. kyuu now see it’s real.. it’s a happy ending…!! *hugg u…
      Naviii thnk u sooo very much for being there with me all d time n encouraging me.. ur threatening n cuteee comment means a lot to me… u know i feel soo blessed…!! waa thnk u once again fir ur wish n blessings.. haaa Love u … !!! will b back soon.. !!! u be here aqith all.. people nees u n all at this particular time.. okiii… always stay blessed n keep smiling… goshh don’t forget to sharp ur teeth.. i will need it again.. !! ;-* *hug u tight.. !!

      • Navi

        |Registered Member

        Kakali will miss u so much… ouch i hv only few hairs kakali plz leave thm.. i wud bcm bald in young age.. tight hug.. first tym im gonna give u this thousand kissess my gift for u.. save thm bcz whn u retirn i wil b ready with bites with sharpen tooth.. im using pepsodent tooth paste kakali.. thn hr have my hug and kisses… ;-* ;-* ;-*
        Tc… all d bst for xamz..

    • Kakali


      Taniii !!! Thnk u sooo much dear for being there with me all d time n encouraging me.. !! it means a lot… n now m glad u loved it.don’t b sorry dear… !! .. thnk u once again… stay blessed n keep smiling.. !! ;-*

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