“”A DREAM”” (SWASAN SS by Kakali) part 20


HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EV1… Here m with d LAST part of our story ” A DREAM”…
Waaaa Thnk u ev1… !!! Whoever read n commented on This SS.. !!! It means a lot.. !!!
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Now let's go inside d Dream,,,,

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Here we goooo ,,,,,


Dr.Hemanshi nods her head with teary eyes… !!!

Lucky couldn't hold himself n collapses on d floor while Sanskar falls on his knees not being able to control their happiness.. !!!
Both cry like mad.. !! Like anything … it feels like they get a new life … actually it's Swara/Shona/Koala who got a new life to explore with her loved ones.. !!!
Yeah Shona is out of danger now. !! She has won her battle of life.. !!!
She is a survivor.. !!! Our Swara is back to us..

Simin cries with smile.. !! Her happiness has no boundaries … !! Her Shona … her Swara is fine now.. !!!

Swayam makes Lucky stand hugging him tight… !!! "Lucky,, See our Shona is back.. !!! Ur Koala is (he couldn't complete as Lucky rushes to Swara's room)…

(She is shifted to general ward,,)

Swayam smiles brightly looking their bond n love for Each other… wiping his tears he comes to Sanskar "Sanskar,, goo to ur Shona, ur Love is back.. !! Go n say her everything.. !! Gooo Sanskar goooo!!. "

Swayam turnes around n looks at Simin who is still in a same place but smiling like a rabbit.. !!! "Sminn(calls her lovingly)…everything is fine now !! Goo n meet Shona. !! "

Simin looks in his eyes n they had a cute lock… but Simin breaks d eye lock n moves to Swara's cabin… (*Simmu don't kill me for this kinda scene.i need to settle ur love story toooo….. it's needed n u have to blush more..pinch ur cute red nose…)

Dr.Hemanshi again comes n check her "Don't worry,She is perfectly fine now… just sleeping under medicine effect… will get consciousness in 1 hours.. "Says n kiss her forehead…. (Swara is like a small sister for Dr. Hemanshi… it was indeed not easy for her to operate her own sister)….

Sanskar goes to her room n n n "Ouuch"… Lucky gives him a tight punch .. "Don't u dare come close to Shona..!!! Don't u even think,,, I will chop u alive.. mark my words" Says Lucky greeting his tooth … his punch was janndar but d way he said was soo funny.. !! (*chuckle)

Blood oozes from his corner of lip … Swayam immediately holds Lucky's hand stopping him for his further Attashbazi.. !!

Lucky angrily jerks his hand n sit beside Swara.. !! Where Sanskar smiles wiping his blood n leans against d wall waiting for HIS Shona to wake upp…



(*Now no more emotional scenes…. only witty witty scenes.. !!! Heyyy -Vyshuuuu gimme hifi.. u was correct Miracle does happens,,,
– Kummuuuu see u said rit m going to give a happy ending here.. ,,,
-Naviiii now gimme ointment .. huhh buy it with ur money..? BDW which toothpaste u use to Sharpe ur tooth.. God.. incredible… !!!
-Chanuuuu now smile… throw u cooker…
-Chanduuuu cancle my Apollo bed..{both Chandu n Chanuuu twin sis killed me alive}
-Micaaaa take ur curse back n say me Cinta Padamuuu…
-Manasaa diii now u happy naa. No need of killing meee..
-Mirna darlzzzz place ur broom n pimpom ball back to their place…
-Arshaaaa waaaa u knew me so well…
-Deekshuuuuu- See ur puppy eyes melted my cotton heart..
-Shaluuu huhh u can't say anything to meee… go to Dustin.. we r same.
-Heltejjj diii no need to go to jail ,,, no need of killing meee…
-Shrinjuuuu now u get up,,otherwise cold will catch u…<—— all were my soon to b murderers… !!! Goshhh even Pluto was not a safe residence for me.. !! )

Rest all were sooo good.. !!! Didn't even threaten me.. !!! LOVE U ALL.. !!!.



Swara gaines consciousness n looking at ev1 who r glaring at her like killing her with their eye spark(*Sometime it shows in Shinshan na,,, kinda attacking from eyes)…

Simin hugs her,, Swayam side hugs her… Lucky pulls her hairs n our Sanskar is crying on footpath… !!! Swara smiles looking at him ,, in return SwaLakMin run out of room giving the new love monkeys privacy… !!!

Swara calls her Sanskuu to come near her…(*as u wish ur highness)Sanskar stands bowing his head down..he doesn't utter anything ,, just cries n sobb more… !! As i always said he becomes kid while crying … "Sanskar why r u crying? Look m fine na.. nothing happened to me… m still alive… "…

Sanskar instantly looks at het cuteee face giving her a light n warm hug.. !!

Swara was shocked at first but reciprocated at last feeling d warmth of her DREAM BOY's hug… it feels heavenly.. !! (*Waaa see ,, how manner less both r.. hug ke chakkar mei mujhe bhul gaye… urghhh bang my head with wall)…

Swara tries to break d hug but Sanskar remained at d same position.. !! He just wanted make sure that she is with him now.. !! She is safe now n will never go away from him… !!! He sobs again .(*can anyone believe,,, i almost faint writing thiese scenes)..

finally somehow Swara breaks d hug n observes his face which is red now due to crying.. !! Nose is continuously flowing … eyes r puffy n red.. !! Hairs r soo messy ,,, corner of his lips is still bleeding … but he is not being able to meet her eyes once…

Swara's eyes get teary watching him in this state n holds his chin … both looks at each other n has a deep eyelock … they could only find love n only LOVE for EO….. Sanskar again hugs her n says between his sobs "Don't leave me Shona.. ,,, I can't live without u… i will die.."

Swara closes her eyes hugging him more tight.. !! Tears makes way from their eyes letting go all their pain … coz its now time for only happiness… !!! …

Simin-"Ehemm ehemmn !!! ( both r unaffected)
Ehemmm ehemmmmm(*don't know where r they)
Simin slapes her forehead n shouts "Tsunamiiiiii land sliding… !!! "
Bith SwaSan jerks from their place n look at Simin with frown where Simin is gazing her slippers whistling (*puuu puuu puuuuuu)….

SwaLak hears her scream n says "Simmu what happened? Why u were shouting?"…

Simin is about to answer but Swara cuts her says "Nothing.. nothing… !! Wooo an ant bite her sooo,,,(glaring Simin)…

All r taking good care of Swara.. specially Sanskar… he is like her shadow.. doesn't even leave her for a singe second… !!! (D same at evening)…



A girl is blabbering something to a texi driver … she is like volcano who can burst any moment.. !!! (*lemme look her clearly) she is wearing torn jeans with shirt that is fold to her elbow.. !!hairs r in a ponny tail..! A big bag in her back… she is kinda tom boyy… !!!but has a princess Ambeer dol in her hand.(*tim boy n princess ambeer,, waa hilarious)
.. "Bhaiyaa jii ,, u can't demand 700 in place of 500 rs..!! From airport to hospital ,fair is only 470,,see even ur meter is showing that.. even though m giving u 500.. then how come u say 700… "

Texi driver(*imagine Pratap Hadda) – Madam jii,, it's 700 only.. actually u know here in India …(She is listening hee Bhayaa ji's crapes from more then half hour.. neither he is leaving her,, nor she is ready to give up.. she is soo damn frustrated … !!! )

The girl monologue-(Bhayya ji is not gonna listen in this way.. i need to take out my weapon… n she shows him a bigg Knifeee.. !!! "One word u will say more Bhayya jiii,,, next moment i will chop chopp choppp chopppp u.. !!! "

Driver gulps his saliva down in fear n says "Naa naa behen jii(sister).. koi gall na,,, 500 hi kaafi hai mere waste(no worry,,SISTER, 500 is enough for me)…

She sighs n goes to Receptionist …


Here in room Swara is sitting with ev1 thinking something n indicating something to Sanskar,Lucky n Swayam… Simin totally unware about it cutting Apple silently.. !!!

The door gets open n that girl comes … !!! All 5 look her like she is not from earth ,,, (*guest from Pluto)… "Surpriseeeeeeeeeee"…. !!!! Says d girl giving Swara a hug following by Sanskar n Luckyyy.. !!

SwaMin(Swayam n Simin)is confused not getting any reply … !!!

SwaSan turn their to each other n looks at Lucky who's eyes r wide open , jaw is under ground,, cheeks r dark red ,, …. !!!!

That was it for SwaSan.. both burst out into thunder laugher… !!!

Swara drages d girl n gives her a binr crushing hugggg "BEEEEEEEE !! (*Micaaaa welcome to India dear,,,)… U here!!! Seriously… I m not dreaming naa.. ?? (Pulls her eyebrows ) u r actually here.. !!!
When u come? Why didn't u inform me? Waaa how did u get address.. ?

"Shonaaa !!! Shh shhhh !! How much u will talk? I will tell u everything.. !! But tell me how r u? Now u fine na. ?(*i wanted to write some emotional moment of SwaBee,, but can't take risk.. !! Micaaa's tears will lead to mini Tsunami)…

Sanskar hugs her n introduces to Simin n Swayam.. !!

Swayam n Beee become so free with EO…!!! Kinda knows from long..!!

Simin is observing Swayam keenly with frown or u can say she is jealous,Swayam is aware about it n looking from d corner of his eyes… he is enjoying his lady love jealousy look…

, Lucky is at same position with open mouth(*Don't know how many flies n mosquitoes went in n come out)…
He is blushing soo hard… !!!

"Lucky why didn't u wait for me,, i also came with u na? Urghhh let it b… !! It's waste to say anything to u"… Says Bee with a cutee angry face… !!!

Lucky has no time to answer since he is too shy to Answer his school crush questions… !! He suddenly takes a pillow n hide his face not willing to meet Bee's eyes.. !!!

Micaaa's facial expression changed n she also blushed hard realising she is scolding him like a typical girlfriend…

All 4(SwaMin,SwaSan) smiles watching those two yumpossiable shy love fellows.. !!!.


Days are Passing n with time all d 3 beautiful couple r coming close .. !! It's been one week Swara's surgery took place.. now she is fine n Dr.Hemanshi is ready to discharge her.. in these days her Maasi maa n Mousa ji come to about her disease .. they were broken but at d same time composed themselves n was happy that now Shona is fit n fine.. !! What else they want.. !!

"Yeahh, u can take her home, i have already signed d discharge paper… but make sure she takes her meds timely.." Says Dr.Hemanshi to all 5 who r so happy coz Shona is coming back to home.. !! Their happiness has no boundaries.. !!

Swara is also happy getting free from that horrible nest… !! She is about to stand up but feels dizzy n again sits with a thud. !! "Swaraaaa !!.,, " calls Sanskar shockingly ,, hurriedly going towards her … he cups her face where tears make way from his cheeks.. !!! "Swara, Swaraaa,, u okk?.. what happened? R u not feeling well? "…

"Noo Sanskar ,, m fine .. wooo i guess it's due to meds effect.. !! " says n again tries to get up.. !!! But allasssss !!!

Swara shocks finding herself in air or u can say she is in d most safest place Her Sanskuuuuu's arm.. !! Yeahh Sanskar picks her up in his strong arms … !! Swara smiles shyly n hides her face in his chest.. !!

Sanskar peaks her forehead "M here naa,, "….

SwaMin n LucBeee laughs aloud.. !!!



LakBee takes Simin to a shop giving excuse that Micaa want to do some shopping.. !!!

Here SwaSan n Swayam is engrossed in work … ohh haaa i forget to tell u all..today Simin's b'day.. !!! Sooo showing as they don't remember it n Simin is sad (*sad pout)….

Bee- Simin this one u try once.. m sure it will look beautiful on u… !!

Simin-(monologue) all d day had been passed… n no one remembered my b'day … !!! Waise koy nehi,, mai agli baar mana lungiii… she comes out of thought hearing Micaa's words.. she shrugged her shoulder n went to changeee.. !!!

Swayam-Guyzzz finally everything is ready… i just Hope Simin loves it.. !! (*fingers crossed)

Swara-obviously she will love it.. afterall uuuuuuu did this naaaa.. (SwaSan giggles)

Swayam shyly smiles n rubs his hairs.. !!!



Sanskar is eagerly waiting for his princess who is taking so much of time to get ready today … !!! They r going to Simin's guest house where Swayam kept everything ready as LakBee n Simin is on d way to home… Simin has no any idea about her surprise b'day party.. !!

Swara comes out of house "Chalooo Sanskuuu m ready"..

Sanskar is stunned seeing her… she is looking not less then A PRINCESS in baby pink coloured long frock with full sleeves… Her hairs r straight … Mineral makeup … !!her fav Light orange lip gloose in her lips giving an extra shine … her big doe like eyes which r awesomely linked with Kajal.. !!! She is looking breath taking with her most beautiful smile… !!!
She almost took his breath away.. !!

Swara is spellbound at d same time … coz Sanskar is looking soo hot in blue jeans white shirt n black jacket… !!! She feels herself soo blessed to have such a handsome,,cutee,, charming as well as caring —- (wait he still didn't propose me)…

They r lost in each other.. Sanskar steps forward n cupps her cheeks with one hand peaking forhead with love n care. !! She closes her eyes feeling his touch !! "U r looking like an ANGEL Swara. !! I m loosing my control " says Sanskar in a husky voice.. !!

Swara opens her eyes wide n her cheeks turned cherry red … !!! Sanskar chuckles n smiles brightly… !! (*faint)

Both makes their way to guest house….


LakBeeMin steps inside d house.. but it's dark from inside… "Arreyyy light ko kya huwa?"

She take some steps &&&&&&& SURPRISE… !!!! shouts SwaSan SwaLakBee… !!!! Swara runs n gives her tight wallaaaaaa huggg.. !!! "HAPPY B'DAY MY SIMMUUUU !!! "… Bee,, Sanskar n Lucky also give her tight huggg … !!!

Simin looks around with teary eyed… She is sooo happy to get a frnd like them.. !! (*n m happy to get u as a frnd my Simmuuuu,,, i know m late … very very late to wish u.. !!! But i wanted to dedicate this last part to u,,, So here is ur Kakuuuu wishing u late "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIMIN..,,, MAY THIS BIRTHDAY BRINGS ALL D HAPPINESS N BRIGHTNESS IN UR LIFE…,,, MAY GOD BLESS U WITH ALL D HAPPINESS U DESERVE… STAY BLESSED DEAR.. "… U know Simmuu i almost gave up ,coz i was seriously had no time to write..i thought i can't complete it today even… n somehow i was really depressed thinking that … but VYSHUU encouraged me to writee.. !! She said u have time n i can do that.. See now m here.. !! Thnk u sooo much Vyshuuuu !! *hug)

Swara-Okkk okkkk !! Now let's cut d cake… m so eager to eat that.. !! (Licking her lips)…(*huhh people who call me bhukkad ,, now see who is bhukkad me or Swara)

Swayam lights d candle straightly looking at her eyes… "ehemmm eheemmm Swayam …basss kar how much u will stare her.. !! " says Lucky teasingly.. !!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U…".(*Guyzzzz let's wish for our SIMUUU,,, )…

…. Simin cuts cake n feeds d 1st bite to Swara … at last she feeds Swayam … she takes d cake piece near his mouth but He holds her wrist n feed her first n he takes a small bite… they are having a deep eyelock which is broken by Micaaaa who is giggling … !!!

Swayam looks at Swara n she signals something .. this is not unnoticed by Simin … before she can understand anything Swayam kneels down infront of her …He holds her hand "Simin ,, today i want to say u something.. m trying to say this from long but i was scared thinking about ur answer… !! I scared to loose our friendship ,, but now i want to say,, (taking a deep breath) I LOVE U SIMIN,,, I LOVE U FROM D CORE OF MY HEART.. !! I WANT TO BE WITH U ALL D TIME.. FOR D ENTIRE LIFE..!! will u accept me as ur partner… !!! Will u accept my proposal? . But Simin doesn't say anything.. !! (*kill me for this worst proposal,,)

Swayam's heart is beating fast thinking about her reply …

"U scared thinking about my answer… but now what happened? R u not scared now?" Says Simin.. !!

Swayam is like he will cry in any moment… he is about to stand up but Simin goes to her knees giving her a hug saying her answer as yes… "YES SWAYAM… I LOVE U .. ,,, I LOVE U TOOO SWAYAM…"… !!!!

Swayam happily hugs her back … SwaSan n LakBee claps for them.. !!! Both SwaMin breaks d hug n blushes.. !!

Micaa holds Lucky's arm n rest her head …. "Lucky they look so cutee na?" Says Micaa …

Lucky is already blushing hard n now she is holding his hand kinda feels fainting… !! Only he knows how he is feeling.. !his heart Iis doing "DHINKA CHIKKA DHINKAA CHIKKA(2) AYYE AYYE EE AYEEE!!! !

Swara comes n says something in his ear… !!! Lucky's cheeks now turns more red … but he smiles thinking something n blush more. !!!

Lucky: I need someone to talk to u..

Micaa: I'm always here for you.

Lucky : I know.but?

Micaa: What's wrong?

Lucky: I like someone so much.

Micaa: huaaa Talk to her.

Lucky: I don't know. She won't ever like me.

Micaa: Don't say that…you're cutee she will definitely like u….

Lucky: I just want her to know how I feel.

Micaa: Then tell her.

Lucky: She won't like me.

Micaa: How do you know that?

Lucky: I can just tell her…

Micaa: Well just tell her.

Lucky: What should I say?

Micaa: Tell her how much you like her.

Lucky: I tell her daily.

Micaa: What do you mean?

Lucky: I'm always with her…I liked her from school days.. now I LOVE HER..

Micaa: I know how you feel. I have the same problem…but he'll never like me.

Lucky: Wait. Who do you like?

Micaa: Oh, some boy.

Lucky: Oh, she won't like me either.(both has sad face)

Micaa: She does.

Lucky: How do you know?

Micaa: Because who wouldn't like you?

Lucky: You.

Micaaa: You're wrong. I LOVE U…

Lucky: I LOVE U TOO(shy)

Micaa: So are you going to talk to her?

Lucky: I just did….

Micaaa smiles n kiss his cheeks tight … !!! Luckyyyy u r sooo smart.. !!! Now Lucky is unable to take d load n he faints at place.. !! All laughs looking at him.. !!!

SwaSan SwaMin hugss Micaa n fainting Lucky… all r happy for them … !!!



Swara- Guyzzz let's moveee… !! Wee need to reach fast.. it's already 8:10.. !!!

SwaMinLakBeeSan -Haa haa ayiii.. !! Just a minute naaa. !!! Don't worry we will reach before time.. !!

They start their journey…



Swara- Aunty where is she? Ohh haa she must b sleeping.. !! We will go to her room.. !!

Lady-Haa Swara beta.. !! U all goo.. i will make some snacks.. !!!!

Swara-Aunty cold coffee for me.. don't forget…

Lady-I know beta..

SwaSan SwaMin LakBee moves towards a room where a girl is sleeping cuddling her Doraemon side pillow(*it's mine only) with a sweet smile … "i guess she is dreaming something.. !!! BUT what .. okk okk let it b.. come to d point now.. " thinks Swara.. !!

Swara to all- Ready guyzzz !!! It's 11:58… &&&&&& she whistles so loud n a d rest blasts one one bigg biggg balloon n as a result d girl jerks from her place .. !!! All Shouts " HAPPY B'DAY VYSHUUUUUU"…

Swara jumps on her n giving her a tight kiss on her cheeks.. !!! "Waaa My Vyshuuuuu !!! Happy b'day.. !!! "

Yooo yooo d girl is our cuteee Vyshuuuu !!! She is amazed to see ev1 there .. coz after school they hardly met each other.. !! But seeing them her happiness has no boundaries.. !!! She instantly hugs Swara n ev1.. !!!

"Swara Sanskar Laksh Micaaa omgg Bee u here… m sooo happy seeing u.. !!! When u come … u know i missed u alot Micaaaa !!! Hugs her tight.. !!! (They were school frndzzz)


Vyshyuuuu cuts d cake n enjoys with ev1.. She feed her mon n dad as well as…

Swara looks at them teary eyed. !!. She misses her mom n dad a lot.. !! She gives an excuse n goes to Terence…

Sanskar notices her tears n follows her.. !!!

Sanskar calls her lovingly "Swaraa"…

Finding no reply he places his hand on her shoulder n turns her to him… !!!

He is not so shocked to see her crying as he can easily understand what she might feeling now.. !!! He just takes her in his embrace … !!! He doesn't stop her from crying … !!!

Toady Swara cried her heart out.. all d pain she was hiding n holding from many years ,, toady she let go all them with her tears.. !!! She is feeling so light now.. !! It's like she has loose a ton of weight… !!!

After sometime Swara stops crying … Sanskar parts away from d hug… "Swara u okk"…

Swara nods.. !!!

Sanskar tries to lighten her mood " Waise Swara !!! Both couple look cutee na together? I wish i could also find a girl for meee..!! "

Swara understands that he is teasing her sooo "Haaa Sanskuuu even m also thinking d same"..

Sanskar naughty smiles fades away in a moment.. he is like "Hawww !!! "…

Swara continuous "Sanskuuu huhh i should accept Shravan's proposal… !!! What's say? (She looks at his face )u know he is so handsome … !!! Waa u know he proposed me last month n my reply is still pending.. i guess we will look good… !!! Hai naa !?! "

That's it for Sanskar … how could she said or think for someone else … how could she… !!! How could she.. !!! Sanskar angrily pulls her towards him n without thinking for a second smashes his lips on her.. !!! She is beyond shock with his sudden action but she melts in his touch n reciprocates with d same passion..!!!

Feeling out of breath They break d kiss n joins forehead "Sanskuuu what was that?" Asks Swara keeping her both hand in his chest trying to catch her breath..

He again pulls by her waist "Don't u dare to take any other boy name,,, U R ONLY MINE.. !!! U WILL B ONLY SWARA SANSKAR MAEHSWARI…understood "



"U know Swara the feeling that u will go away from me,, u will leave me… it kills me Swara.. !! Don't say this ,,, i have almost lost u once for only my stupidity… now i won't be able to live without u Swara.. !! I WILL DIE WITHOUT U.. !! ,,,

All Swara could only hug him.. hug him as tight as she can.. !!! Making him believe that She is only her Sanskuu's ….SWARA IS ONLY FOR HER SANSKAR.. !!!

"Shhh Sanskar … shhh !! M here only.. !! See with u.. ,,, how can i leave u.. !! Look at me Sanskar … (cups his face) I LOVE U .. I LOVE U TOO.. !! n i will b d most happiest person to b called of urs.. !! I LOVE U ONLY SANSKAR.. !! (kiss his cheek)

Sanskar-Then why were u saying about Shravan?

Sanskar- Wo toh i was teasing u… !!!

Sanskar-Whattt !!! Oh really … !!! (smirks)

Swara-Noo nooo noooo Sanskuuu nooo.. !!!

Sanskar-ohh yes Swara.. !!! Huahh haa haaaa n starts to tickle her… !!!



(*Guyzzzz now it's our turn to wish for OUR CUTEE VYSHUUU.. let's wish for her,,, plzzz close ur eyess.. waaaa now i finally get a chance to taste my hand made cake.. goshhh i was curving for this.. !!! )…

All party hard at late night cherishing their old memory.. !!! Everything is just to perfect.. !! D way they feeling now can't be described in words.. !!! (*as i have no words to convey my feelings … how i m feeling to have a cuteee mini family with u all people..!!! M BLESSED TO HAVE U ALL,, )



Vyshuuu hugs ev1 n bids bye to all.. !!!.(*VYSHUU hug from me2)…

All 3 cutee couple starts their journey … !!! A NEW JOURNEY.. !!! THIS IS NOT D END.. !!! IT'S JUST A BEAUTIFUL START OF THEIR UPCOMING LIFE.. !!! GOD BLESS ALL 6 OF THEM.. !!!

~~~~A DREAM~~~~

Sanskar was A DREAM for Swara.. !! Having him in her life was her A DREAM for her .. !!! She had never thought that he would love her back.. !!! Acc to Swara her A DREAM is a dream only which she dreamt from years.. !!!

But who knows it was A DREAM only who make Sanskar realise how much he love Swara. !!!
It was just A DREAM which wake him up from his sleepless night to sleep with his love his Swara to have dreams together… !!!

It was just " A DREAM " for whom SWASAN R TOGETHER FOREVER.. !!!! …


Helooooo Ev1.. !!! See finally i end it today. !!! So from now u don't need to bear it or me.. !!! Today my journey ends here.. !!! U know I started to comment on Imama's FF "LOVE IS NOT BLIND FOR SWASAN" n it's really very close to my heart.. but when i heard IMANA IS NO MORE.. !!! it was like a storm for me.. !!! I couldn't believe that it's actually happened.. !!! I was highly depressed … but these TU family na… it's awesome.. !!! I started to read more FFs taking lots of chocolates n i again back to my avtar.. FF can reduce our pain genuinely.. !! I felt that.. it gives me piece of mind.. !!!
Thnk u soo much TU.. !!!
Thnk u all d writers.. !!!


~~~~Many people say me that i give sad ending n always part away our SwaSan.. !! But i really don't think sooo.. !!! Even if i want also i cant …

in my 1st Three shots SwaSan were together in earth n they were together after death in "SWASAN'S PARADISE".. no one can apart them not even death ….

Then again in my OS I killed them or they were died but look they were still together .. !! They were together to bless their Doll Rabia.. !! Even Destiny can't apart them .. !! U know why



I want to say many things, i want to share my feelings with u all but neither time nor my health is permitting me. !! I have become so helpless.. !!! As i said that i would leave TU in some days .. but see it's not possible ,it's not that easy.. i tried many time but i couldn't … !! TU is so very good habit of mine which i can never give up.. !!! Even though i couldn't but now i have to do.. ,, i don't know how will i live? Huhhh i will always peep here.. !!!





(*sorry for blabbering .. i won't happen…. huhh sorry for d worst ever part.. pardon me for last time… ty)

Let's take a selfie "SMILE"…
Ohh wait lemme do Nagin Dance with U all coz i completed 20 episodes.. waaaaa … jump jump jumpppp… !!! TY..

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