“”A DREAM”” (SWASAN SS by Kakali) part 19


Hello ev1…
Thnk u for ur response on previous parts.. Thnk u silent readers.. So here is d next part… let’s go inside d DREAM…

Flashback continues ::::

See Sanskar, Swara is no more… ! Our Shona is no more.. !! We have lost our old Shona.. ,, d girl who is sleeping there is not our Shona.. she is someone else … someone else who has no hope, who is a failure of her own life… who is just breathing ,waiting for her death to come n take her with n making free her from all sorrow,all darkness of this bright world.. !!

Look na Sanskar,, what has happened to our Shona.. !! Plzzz say her to come back to us.. !! Plzzz Sanskar say naa.. !! Say her not to loose hope.. !!! Plzzzz Shona come back… come back to us… ur Hippo,, ur Simmu, ur family is waiting for u… Plzzz ” saying this Simin cries bitterly n breaks down in a friction of second….. !!!

Without saying anything Sanskar moves to Swara’s cabin,where she is sleeping peacefully. !! But no doubt her sleep is not peaceful,though she has d sence of emerging from a word of dark,haunted places where she traveled alone all this years n may b she would has to travel alone for all her entire life.. !!!

{¤BG tune : Sanam Teri Kasam¤}

Betahasha dil ne tujhko hi chaaha hai,,
Har duaa mein maine tujhko hi maanga hai…
Tera jaana jaise koi baddua,,
tera jaana jaise koi baddua,,,
door jaaoge jo tum,,,
mar jaayenge hum,,,
sanam teri kasam oo..
sanam teri kasam oo..
sanam teri kasam..

{Without any limits,the heart has loved you only
I have wished for you alone in every prayer of mine.
Your going is like some curse,
if you go far,I’ll die..
I swear on you, my beloved..}

Sanskar slowly sits beside her taking her palm in his shaking plam n calls her name lovingly yet with a fearful voice “Swara”…
He waits that she will say with a bright smile “HAA!! SANSKUU”…
But there is no reply.. neither she is replying nor looking at him.. !! N now he is badly carving for her reply.. he just want to hear her voice once ,calling him Sanskuu once…

Tumhe dekhte hi aankhen ho jaatin nam
sanam teri kasam o..
sanam teri kasam o..
sanam teri kasam..

{When I see you, my eyes get wet..
I swear on you, my beloved..}

Huaa ye kya hashar mera,,,
judaa huaa sabar mera,,
main tere bin ek lamha
kyun kabhi naa jiya…

{what condition I have reached
that my patience has left me,
I have never lived for even a moment
away from you..}

He trembles with his words “Swara,, plzz wake up naa… i know i have hurt u a lot… but plzz Swara u can’t give me this punishment… !!! U can’t do this with us Swara.. !!! U don’t know what had happened to me after that incident.. u don’t know Swara.. u don’t know..

Raat bhar ashkon ne tujhko pukaara hai,,,
har dua main maine tujhko hi maanga hai
Tera jaana jaise koi baddua,,,,
door jaaoge jo tum
mar jaayenge hum
sanam teri kasam o..
sanam teri kasam o..
sanam teri kasam..
tumhe dekhte hi aankhen ho jaati nam,,,
sanam teri kasam o..
sanam teri kasam o..
sanam teri kasam..

{All night, my tears have called for you only,
in every prayer I have asked for you only..}

But u know what, I have realised something… I missed u when something really good happened, bcz you are d one i wanted to share it with… I missed u when something was troubling me, bcz u r d one who understood me so well,,, I missed u when i cried n laughed… bcz u r d one who made my laughter grow n my tears disappeard…. I MISSED U ALL D TIME… !! but i missed u d most when i laid awake at night n thought of d wondering time s that we spent with each other…. Those were some of d best and most memorable times of my life……. & i want to live it again … With u… !!! Only WITH U SWARA… !!! He says caressing her hair qith lots of love …

Nasha tera dil ko lagaa dena nahi mujhko dagaa,,,
main teri aadat ka maarahai kya meri khataa,,,

{My heart is addicted to your intoxication,,
don’t betray me now,
I am now so addicted to you,
what’s my mistake here..}

But i know d truth now..!! U have figured out I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH U .. n u ,,, u just trying to make me stop by hurting me this way… bcz i hurt u rit¿… Well it won’t work… one day or another u have come back for me .. for us… for our LOVE… for our DREAM..

“I LOVE U SWARA”… !!! Says n kiss her forehead lovingly.. !!

Tere bin naamumkin apna guzaara hai,,,
har duaa mein maine,
tujhko hi maanga hai….

{Without you it’s not possiblefor me to live..
in every prayer,
I have wished for you only..}

Tera jaana jaise koi baddua
door jaaoge jo tum
mar jaayenge hum
sanam teri kasam o..
sanam teri kasam o..
sanam teri kasam..
tumhe dekhte hi aakhen ho jaati nam…
sanam teri kasam o..
sanam teri kasam o..
sanam teri kasam..

Swara slowly opens her eyes n looks around… !! Her eyes sight catches d 1st view of her Dream boy… her Sanskuuuu.. !! Who is weeping like a kid which nose is flowing with tears… he is just sobbing sobbing n sobbing… it hurts Swara a lot.. !! He feels her hand is doing movement… so looks up to her face… !!!

Their eyes locked intensely… her hand reaches to cup a side of his face making sure that he is here.. with her, close to her….it’s not any of her DREAM.. !!! She had lost all hopes that her Sanskuu would ever love her back n she had to live with d pain of one sided love all her life till her last breath which is she going to take in few hours… Some droplets of tear escapes from her eyes seeing d same amount of love in his eyes as well as.. She desperately wants to be in his embrace ,wants to threw herself on him n hugs him tightly praying to God not to break her this beautiful “DREAM”… !!
But seems Destiny has kept something else for her… !!

Sanskar smiles brightly with tears seeing Swara but his smile is just for some seconds … bcz after this may b he loose his all reasons to smile for forever….. !! He looks at her shockingly where Swara is breathing heavily… !! She clutches d bed sheet tightly unable to take breath.. !!!

Sanskar is horrified looking Swara in this State… he is not getting what to do… !!! “Swara.. !! Swara.. !! Ohh God.. !! What happened to her.. !!”

He cryingly shouts “Doctor,, Doctorrrrr “…

(To Swara)-Swara ..plz don’t loose hope.. Doctor is coming.. !! Try to breath.. plzzzz … cries cupping her face.. !!

Doctor rushes to Swara “o my God.. !! Her pulse is dropping. !! Oh God.. … !!!
(To Nurse)- Get everything ready in OT.. !! We need to operate her as soon as possible… otherwise !!! (Sanskar cuts off)

“Don’t say anything… i know nothing will happen to her.. !! She has to come… n she will”…

Doctor nods n makes her wear d oxygen mask n gives a injection.. !!! Sanskar looks at Swara’s face n feels her pain.. !!! He just can’t able see her in this state n runs out where Simin is crying bitterly holding her mouth with plam for not doing any kind of noise.. !! She knows if she doesn’t do soo she may brust out crying … !! But she has to stay strong.. She has to for her SHONA.. !! For her BEST FRIEND cum SISTER.. !!!

Sanskar looks at Swara from out n tightly closes his eyes letting go his all tears flow endlessly.. !!. He remembers his dreadful DREAM n it shakes him again.. !!

After half n hour Swayam comes with Lucky …. Lucky’s condition can’t b described in words.. !! His eyes look so tired n red due to continuous crying… hairs r messy… !! He is actually in a devastated state … As soon as he sees Simin in no time rushes to Swara’s room… !! (When he got d news about Swara,he directly come from Indonesia for his Koala)….

He opens d door without disturbing his Koala.. !! He is just starting Swara.. !! Unable to move he comes to sence when Swayam keeps his hand in his shoulder.. !! He looks at Swayam teary eyed n hugs him.. !! Swayam is also in same state …

For Lucky,Swara is not only his best friend… !! They indeed best friends .. but at d same time strength of each other.. !!
Swara always comes first for him after family.. !! She is his Shona, she is his Koala.. !! Who is now sleeping .. !! Not even responding him … !!

Simin n Sanskar also come to d room.. !!
Lucky goes to her ” Aee Shona.. !! Utth naa.. !!uthh… how much u will sleep.. !!? See na this room is so small like nest.. !! I know u don’t like to stay in one place for more time… soo now get up ..(wipes his tears) r u not tired? Look i came .. i came from Indonesia.. !! Now u get up n fulfill ur promise.. !! U said na when i will come u would welcome me with chappal n smelly socks… !! Soo do it na.. i won’t say anything.. !! I will not Chase u… bass tu utth ja.. !! (Tears r endlessly flowing now)… “says n again cries silently…

He again continues “Shona.. yeh deekh (takes out a small box).. here is ur all fav chocos u said me to bring from there.. !! See naa i bring them all.. !! Infect if u want i will buy more.. bass tu uthh jaa naa.. !! Arrey uthhha na Koalaaaa. !! Aur kitna satayegi.. !! Get uppp naaaa… !!! ” saying this Lucky cries so hard n falls on his knees.. !!

Swayam,Simin, Sanskar is now crying more seeing Lucky like this.. !! Only they know how they feeling.. !!

“Excuse me.,, it’s time for her surgery.. Dr.Hemanshi has reached here… we need to take her OT.. ” says a nurse who is cheeking her pulse.. !!

Swayam somehow makes Lucky get up n comes out of room.. !! He makes Lucky sit beside Simin n looks at Sanskar who is doing nothing except starting Swara blankly…

He places his hand on Sanskar’s left shoulder n nods saying everything will b all rit.. !!

Now Swara is taken to OT… all four of them is waiting at d entrance of OT … ev1 is restless… n with d passing time restlessness is increasingly & an unknown fear is appearing in their hearts..

After 1 hour Dr.Hemanshi comes out with a worried face …. as she takes a step out of OT Sanskar madly runs to her following by SwaLakMin…

“Doctor how is Swara.. !! She is fine naa.. !! ” Sanskar asks trying to understand Dr’s facial expression…

“No,she is not fine.. !! She is not responding to ur treatments.. !! She is losing herself..” declares Doctor n says to A ward boy to call Dr.Raheja…

“Don’t loose hope.. we r trying our best… now Dr.Raheja is coming… he is one of d top most famous surgeon here.. m sure everything will b fine.. !! Just pray for her.. !! ”

After 10 minutes Dr.Raheja comes n makes his way to OT living all of them froze n taking their breath ….

(*one more song plzz read it.. it’s one of my fav song from d movie Yaariyan “ALLAH WAARIYAN”)…

Apne roothein, paraaye roothein,,
Yaar roothe naa,,,
Khwaab tootein,
waade tootein,,,
Dil ye toote naa
Roothe to khuda bhi roothe
Saath chhoote naa

{My close ones get angry,
others get angry,
The beloved shouldn’t be angry..
Dreams break, promises break,
The heart shouldn’t break..
{If He gets angry, even God can get angry,
but I shouldn’t get away (from my beloved)}

Simin takes few steps back n run to d temple to pray for her Shona.. !!! She is not in her sence .. just running dashing with ev1 whoever coming on her way..

O Allah Waariyan,,
O main to haariyan,,
O tooti yaariyan mila de oye!,,,

{Sacrificed on you, O Lord, [as in, in prayer with everything ready to sacrifice]I am all lost,
My broken love,
just get me that..}

Lucky leans back against d wall remembering their beautiful moments … when he 1st time meet Swara … he snatched her Tiffin but in return Swara land in his back n pulled his hair so tightly that some of his hairs came in her tiny hand.. from that day he never took any panga with her… n they become best friends as HIPPO N KOALA.. !! A small curve appears in his lips… he smiles in pain also … after all this is d special quality of his best friend who can make anyone smile in worst situation even.. !!!

Udte patangon mein
Holi waale rangon mein
Jhoomenge phir se dono yaar

{In flying kites,in the colors of Holi,
Once again we’ll both dance together,
O beloved..}

Waapas to aaja yaar,,,
Seene se laga ja yaar,,,
Dil to hue hain zaar-zaar….

{Come back, O beloved..take me in your arms, O beloved..
The hearts have completely shattered..}

Swayam takes a sit beside Lucky n remembers how Swara helped to find his feelings towards Simin.. !! How she always teased him saying Simim loves someone else… !!! Now he just wants that bubbly Shona back in his life.. in their life … !!!

Reh bhi na paayein yaar,,,
Seh bhi na paayein yaar
Behti hi jaaye dastaan…

{I can’t even stay like that,
I am not even able to bear..
The story keeps flowing..}

Umr bhar ka intezaar,,,,
Ik pal bhi na qaraar,,
Ungli pe nachaaye dastaan….

{The life long wait,
No peace for even a moment,
The story makes u moves in his fingers…}

Finally our Sanskar is standing in one place looking aimlessly at d door.. !!! Nothing is coming into his mind expect he n HIS SHONA.. !!
Their cute fight,,, Diwali celebration , 1st friendship,,, n those words that he used for Swara..his dream to kiss Swara.. that Slap ,that horrible day n d horrible Dream.. !!! But he touches his cheeks n says himself “Sanskuu u r soo cutee “… he smiles n whispers ” I LOVE U SHONA”…

All four of them’s chains of thoughts r broken by a sound ,,,, Dr. Hemanshi comes out with tears in her eyes,, nobody moved nor Lucky nor Sanskar..both just looks at Dr n wait for her answer. Swayam asks her ….

Dr. Nodes her head …..

At that time Lucky collapses in d floor,,, Sanskar falls on his knees n Swayam moves back whether Simin is froze at her place…

Precap- Blank…?

#Ignore my all outstanding mistakes.. ?

Hello ev1? … see today even i couldn’t complete.. ?Soory.. but what to do i wanted to make this chappy a lil emotional…was it so?did it reach up to ur expectations..?. urghh hope u all like it.. !! Do let me know through ur cutee cuteee threatening comments… !! I know ev1 ready with something..
-as Arshaa is ready to kill me with her beautiful eyes,,.
-Chanduu already booked a bed in Apollo for me.. !!
-Navi is ready with her 32…
-Chanu is ready with Gas stove..
-Deekshuu is reafy with water gun…
-Shaluu is ready with Broom… !!.
-Mica is with crying red puffy nose ready to curse me.. !!

N ready with Submarine … !! *run to Pluto…..

Silent readers comment today.. i m demanding comments from u all… otherwise… huhh i dun know what will i do.. !! It’s kinda whitemail… !!!

Thnk u sooo much for reading… !!
God bless u all… <3 <3…

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      Halimaaaaaaa !!!! reading ur comment i myself feeling Dizzy.. !! goshhh Thnk u sooo much dear !!
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      1. First of all hug back to you too.

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    1. Kakali

      Jesssiiieeeeee !!!! my frnd we r same.. !! even me2 love this songgg very much !!! but i can’t feel or interact it’s lyrics when it plays on KKB.. !! i dun know why… !! my crazy heart.. !!
      Waaa i will try to upload soon as soon as i get time… but now seems it impossible.. !! though i will try my best.. !! Thnk u sooo very much dear !!! Love u a lottt.. !! God bless u.. !! ;-*

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      Shrinjuuuuuuu !!! don’t faint dear.. !! i can’t carry u.. !! huhhh u badmashhh u r too smart to melt me with ur pull dog eyes…*hide my eyes.!!!
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      check it out.. !!
      n yeah i have posted my last part.. !!! go through that part n enjoy. !!! ty dear. !;-*

    5. Kakali

      Waaaaa u r welcome Shrinjuuuuu.. n yoooo its been already posted.. !!!par haa plz don’t kill me after reading.. !! *hide behind u.. ;-*

      1. Shrinjal

        Ok gonna read it but after 2 3 hours as now I’m going to my dance class. .ok bye. .and haan if it’s sas then surely I’ll kill u

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    Stay blessed

    1. Kakali

      Mahuuuuu !!! how r u dear?
      Thnk u sooo very much for ur appreciation… !! it means a lot Mahu !!! what to say , i m repeatedly reading ur comment .. coz u made me speechless.. !!! once again thnk u dear !!
      I can understand u … never say sorry… !!! u commented naa that’s enough for me. !waa i have posted my last part.. read whenever u get time… !!!
      ! stay blessed n keep smiling Mahuuuuu.. !! ;-*

  38. Mahjabeen

    Nd so sryyy for cmmntng late…i ws rlly busy..hope u understnd…ok bye..tk cr

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