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Hi guys:) And I’m getting addicted to writing os’s. It’s such an amazing feeling I tell u to write a story, add a problem and end it all in one go. And it’s so much fun to see all ur comments. I love seeing all of them and I actually take inspiration from ur comments:) so it would be amazing if all u wonderful ppl give me suggestions for more os’s. I’ve written two other os’s b4. It was of Swasan and Raglak. This is my third os. It’s a Swasan story. I don’t like the pairing Swalak. I never liked it actually. And I hate the pairing Ragsan. That’s y I never write anything related to Swalak or Ragsan. So I’m sorry if anyone is hurt when I said I hate Swalak and Ragsan pairing but it’s my opinion. And I’m really very sorry if anyone came here looking for a Swalak or a Ragsan story… But anyways, enough of my bak bak. Pls enjoy the story:)


It was early morning and Swara got ready quickly and went down to the kitchen. She greeted everyone and started doing her work. She realised that there wasn’t any vegetables at home. She also had to get some household stuff. She looked at the time.

Swara to herself: Badi maa se puch leti hu mein. (Looks at AP) Badi ma, Can I go to the market and buy some things? All vegetables are over and I need some household items too.

AP: Yes:) u can go:) but be careful…

Sujata: Ya. Be careful. I’ve heard that these days ppl have been doing bad deeds on roads and I’ve also heard some other rumours.

Pari: Like what Chachi?

Sujata whispered eerily: I’ve heard about some strange happenings near the lake behind the market.

Uttara: What strange happenings?

Sujata: Ppl say that some old woman sits there and does black magic. It’s very dangerous. In fact Mrs. Varma was telling me that day that her maid’s daughter disappeared in thin air after meeting that old lady.

AP: Yes yes. Even I’ve heard that. So Swara, u be careful ok?

Swara gulped. She was very scared of all forms of horror. She went feeling scared. On the road she kept fidgeting with the empty covers she had in her hand. She kept looking around scared. She went into the market and started buying vegetables. She had a habit of talking to the vendors in a friendly manner while buying vegetables and other things.

Swara smiled at a vendor: How are u bhaiya?

Vendor: I’m fine Swara Didi:) u?

Swara started picking her vegetables.

Swara: I’m fine.

Vendor: Have u heard of that rumour Didi?

Swara: which one?

Vendor: Ppl are saying that there is this old woman who does black magic by the lake side behind this market and ppl disappear if they talk to her…

Swara got scared but managed to put a poker face. She laughed nervously.

Swara: Yeah, I’ve heard that, I didn’t know these things existed.

Vendor: Even I didn’t know Didi, but my grand father told me. U know? Recently, Hari’s daughter went missing because of this and he’s so upset…

Swara looked up shocked.

Swara: U mean Hari the fruit seller?

Vendor: Yes Didi, he’s not here. He’s so upset rite now. It must be so hard to loose a loved one. I’d feel very sad if my sister or any other family member went missing. U know, I also heard that my neighbour, Ganga’s father went missing.

Swara: Oh god? Are u sure no one is playing a prank or something like that?

Vendor: Pretty sure Didi, I even witnessed it happening.

Swara picked out a brinjal but hearing that she dropped it in fear. She picked it up.

Swara: Really? When?

Vendor: Today morning, U know one of my customers, Mishra Ma’am rite? Yea. Today she was coming and I was watching from here and suddenly she saw this old lady and went to her. And after two mins she vanished!

Swara: Oh god! How scary!

Vendor: Yes Didi, it is.

She quickly bought all of the vegetables and left saying bye to the vendor. She bought everything else she needed and went. On the way there were some strong fumes that attracted Swara towards the lake. She saw an old woman sitting there. She looked old and poor. Swara was a kind hearted girl. She felt like helping her. She went up to her.

Swara: Excuse me? Can I help u in any way?

Old lady: Yes dear…

Swara: How can I help u?

Old lady: come here.

Swara went nearer to her and old lady waved her hands in front of her thrice and suddenly the wind blew very strongly. Leaves were flying and surrounding Swara and a gust of wind engulfed.

Swara: AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Swara disappeared. She landed in a dark room. She landed thud on a soft thing. She looked down and saw it was some weird soft stuff. All around there were wails and shrieks heard. She realised that she was the only one here and the sounds were animals around. She got up and walked forward scared. She stopped hearing a rumble. Suddenly a person appeared in front of her.


Person: No one will save u! Ur fate is in my hands now!

Swara: Pls leave me. I want to go to Sanskar! Pls. I haven’t done anything. Pls!!

Tears were rolling down her face now.

Person laughed evilly and towered over her. She fell. He took a knife out and stabbed her hard in the stomach.

Swara’s eyes opened.


Sanskar who was sleeping next to her woke up shocked. Swara started weeping badly. Tears were running down her face. Sanskar went close to her and pulled her to him and cupped her face.

Sanskar scared: S-Swara! What happened?

Swara was sobbing badly. Sanskar tightened his grip on her face.

Sanskar: Swara what happened? Answer me dammit!

Swara saw Sanskar and cried in relief. She hugged him tight. He hugged back. She was crying. She realised that it had all been a dream. But it had scared her like hell.

Sanskar caressed her hair: what happened Swara? Bad dream?

Swara nodded.

Sanskar kissed her forehead.

Sanskar: Oh god! Swara ur getting scared of a dream?

Swara crying into his chest: It was a horrible dream Sanskar.

Sanskar: What was in it?

She looked up at him. He still had his arms locked around her. She told him. He heard it and started laughing.

Swara: Ur finding my fear funny? Go! I hate u!

Sanskar: Ok ok. I’m sorry. I just found it extremely funny. Ur getting such weird and unrealistic dreams and getting scared. If I were u I would have tricked that person and taken the knife and stabbed him.

Swara hit his chest: It’s not funny Sanskar. U know I’m scared of these things!

Sanskar hugged her and pulled her on his lap. He kissed her cheek.

Sanskar: I know. I know that my princess is scared of these things. Who asked u to sit and watch horror movies with Ragini and Laksh when u know ur scared of these things?

Swara: I’m sorry.

He cupped her face and kissed her tears away.

Sanskar: But y was it so scary?

Swara: Becoz he killed me in the dream and didn’t even let me see u b4 dying. I didn’t see u b4 going to market in my dream. (She was speaking cutely) (he smiled) (she continued): Sanskar, U know, my worst fear isn’t horror stuff. My worst fear is not being with u. It’s losing u. I can’t live without u. So imagine how scary it must have been for me to see that I can’t see u before I die?

He put his hand on her mouth.

Sanskar: Don’t talk about dying. I can’t bear the thought of losing u Swara. Ur my life. I love u so much.

Swara snuggled down on his lap.

Swara: I love u too.

Sanskar: And don’t worry, u sleep peacefully.

Swara cutely asked: What if bad dreams come again?

Sanskar: Then I’m here for u:) I’ll fight the bad dreams away for u:)

Swara: How?

Sanskar whispered cutely: With my bare hands. Now go to sleep. U need rest.

Swara obediently listened to him and fell asleep. He kissed her nose. He lifted her and put her head on his chest and he lay back down and went to sleep, holding her close.

next day

Swara woke up and saw that Sanskar wasn’t there. She quickly got ready and went out. while she was going to the kitchen, she felt like someone was following her. She turned around and someone jumped out wearing a scary mask.

Person: BOOOOOO!

Swara: AHHHHH!

She covered her face.

Swara: Hey Bhagwan! Pls help!

Person removed mask and started laughing. It was Sanskar. Swara saw this and started beating him on the chest.

Swara: Not fair Sanskar!

Sanskar caught her hands and pulled her close. He circled his arms around her waist. Her hands were in his chest.

Sanskar: Sorry sorry. But it was a dare from Lucky. Sorry.

Swara melted in his embrace.

Swara: It’s ok. But next time don’t do it. Ok?

Sanskar leaned down and pecked her lips.

Sanskar: Promise. Ok leave all of that now. Come with me:)

Swara: Where?

Sanskar: To make up for this prank, I’m taking u out somewhere. U be with me the whole day:)

Swara: But mom

Sanskar: I’ve gotten permission from mom. She doesn’t have a problem.

Swara: And office?

Sanskar: I asked bade papa. He doesn’t have a problem Either. Come:)

Swara: One minute…

Sanskar: Now what?

Swara leaned up and stood on his feet. She leaned up and kissed him on the lips. She snaked her arms around his neck. He responded and pulled her closer by pulling her by the waist. He deepened the kiss and sucked on her lips. They pulled away after two minutes due to lack of oxygen.

Swara whispered: Ur the best. I love you:)

Sanskar lifted her slightly and kissed her cheek. He set her down.

Sanskar: I love you too. Now let’s go:)

Both held hands and went for their day out:).

The end

I know that was stupid but it was an Idea that came into my head so I did it. Hope u guys enjoyed it:) love y’all:)

Credit: Rain

Credit to: Google+ User

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