“”A DREAM”” (Few shotes by Kakali) part 9

Hello ev1.. here m with d next part of my story..Thnk u for ur great response on previous parts..silent readers thnk u all also..once again sorry for grammatical mistakes n spelling errors..now enough of my paaak paaak…

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Guyzz!! In last episode i wrote 2 words “GAMOSA N XORAI” but in hurry i forgot to describe about them.. soo i explained in comment box… sorry for inconvenience.. above i m giving u all a link plzz check it.. u’ll get slight hint about “GAMOSA n XORAI.”..

So let’s go inside d Dream..::

Recap-Lucky’s dream..SWASAN closeness,,Nia turning into ashhh in burning jealousy!!!

Here we goo,,

SWASAN settle themselves properly at d doorway..

Swara is busy in making Rangoli..she is so engrossed with it forgetting about everything.. she is just busy to make d Rangoli perfect in every way..
(*Guyzz whatever n whoever Swara is!! Nautanki,,dramebazz or destruction queen but she is passionate about her work,, if she decideds to do something then no one can stop her,,)..

Here problem is something else.. she knows nobody can break her concentration during work, but she also knows very well if Sanskar is in front of her,, she can’t concentrate as her full mind will revolves around him n him n him,,afterall he is her ” A DREAM”.. her DREAM boy..

Now also happening same she is trying as much as can concentrate on her work.. but all r going in vain…

(Finally taking a deep breath)”Chall Swara do it fast,, or else it’s not soo fare that u’ll loose control n will kiss ur dream boy..”(saying all this under breath n started to do her work sincerely)

It’s been 20 minutes Swara is making Rangoli..she is not at all looking at Sanskar,, but Sanskar is continuously gazing at her..he is starting her lovingly..(*he himself dunno why¿¿ ,)

After sometime she feels his gaze on her n looks at him,, so Sanskar immediately looks somewhere else..so she again gets busy in drawing Rangoli..

Again she feels his gaze on her n looks at him but huhh!! He is busy staring an ant..

Rangoli is almost complete .. her full concentration is in Rangoli now.. but suddenly she looks at him n finding him starting her n smiling a little…

[♡BG music♡](*guyzz a small song)

( Zara zara aane laage hum paas tere,,
Zara zara hone laage kaam faasle yein,, ;*
Kya tumhi hoo woo dhadkan dil dhundhe gise)

Swara asks him through her eyes soo cutely rising both eyebrows slowly ” What happen!!”

But Sanskar is just smiling looking at her n nods his head in no “Nothing”..

She also smiles back..

( Sochun ki kehn hi dun Tumse main,,
Sochun ki chup rahoon aise hi mai,,
Yeh kaisi kashma kash se hi lagi ae aaj kal.)

This time Sanskar slowly comes near her…Swara again asks him through eyes..N he indicates something to her face..
(They r speaking through eyes)

(*i really dunno how to write all this cutee scenes.. 1st time trying.. readers plzzz forgive me as i know it’s not gonna upto ur marks..,,)

( Gumsum si hameaha rehne lagii,,
Khud se hi baatein hum karne laage,,
Sapno mei tum hi tum aane laage,,
Sapno mei tum hi tum aane laage
Hooo,,, :D)

Swara understands that something is on her face soo tries to remove it but can’t as her hand is cuffed with Rangoli..

So Sanskar takes his hand near her red cheeks n started to caressing it lovingly…
both r lost in each other eyes..there is deep,cute yet passionate eyelock..

( Zara zara aane laage hum paas tere,,
Zara zara hone laage kaam faasle yein,, ;*
Kya tumhi hoo woo dhadkan dil dhundhe gise)

His fingers are still touching her cheeks forgoting about their whereabouts..but suddenly they come into sence hearing a blast sound.. n that sound was made by Lucky who is firing rockets..

(*hahhh!!! Done with d eyelock part.. my hand was shaking during writing..)

SWASAN are embarrassed…but compose themselves…

Swara is blushing soo hard n runs from there…

Sanskar is still standing there thinking what did he do before few minutes.. it’s a quite weird n warming feelings that he can’t describe in words… he is also blushing slightly… a small smile is not ready to leave his lip..

After sometime :::

Lucky- All rit soo everything is done..

Swara-Yooo!! I have completed my part to light up Diyas..

Simin-Haaa me too done..

Nia-I have checked all d electric lights…

Sanskar- hmmm!! All sweets r ready.. n yeah i have arranged d hall also..(*actually they all gonna play games n all in hall)

Swara-Haa!! Sweets!!( Her mouth become wattery) i’ll check them once more.. u all be here i’ll be back in minute..saying this she goes to hall where all d sweets r kept…

She is starting them with open mouth :O :O :O :O.. there r Gulab jamun, Rasgulla, Kalakand, Rasmalai,Jalebi,laddo,Rabbdi,Malai cham cham, Paita,Barfi,Pera, Motichur ke laddo,chocolate peraa(her all time fav sweet)…

She goes near them n glup down her saliva..

She murmurs to herself “God ji maaf karna,,(God ji sorry) n take a Gulab Jamun in her mouth..
“Omggg!! It’s soo tasty..”

She again takes a Barfi n eat that in seconds..

Her eyes light up to see her all time fav chocolate Peraa.. n in a friction of minute she takes two of them n started to eat them licking her fingers…

“O God why u made this tasty tasty sweets,, i can’t stop myself from eating themm … ummmm !!!” Again takes a Jalebi…

“Waa Jalebi is also tasty,, i want more”..

All these scenes are captured by a person..(*yoo!!yoo u all r rit). N that is our Sanskar.. He is just looking her in amaze..

Swara is busy in her own world licking her fingers n rosy lips..”waaa!! This lipstick taste is also nice,, orange orange..” says this she again licks her lipstic..

Sanskar goes n stands behind her.. she feels someone behind her,, n turn around..she is shock to see him n kept her palm on mouth nodding her head in a big “NO” …saying she didn’t even touch a sweet…(monologue-God ji what is this? Why u bring him here? Huhh!! What he will think about me..haaa !! Now i’ll not give u sweet.. all those will be also eaten by me..dekh leena..”)

Sanskar- Shona! What r u doing here?

Swara-Sanskar i didn’t eat any of them.. i was just checking as it is okk or not..!! Believe me…u can check my mouth also..Sacchiii.(saying all this gulping her rest piece which was in her mouth)

Sanskar-Hmmm!! Waise when i said u eat them?(raising his left eyebrow)

Swara is like ” Buddhu,, fas gayi apne hi jall mei”..

“Sanskar i have some work,, huhuhu!! Bye”…she runs from there..

Sanskar- Pagal ladki(smiling ear to ear)..

After completing all d works.::

Lucky-Gyuzz,, let’s play something..m getting bore..(making faces)

Swara- Yeahh!! Hippo lets play hide n seek..

Sanskar-“Hide n seek.” Haaah !!! Shona u r such a kid…hahhahah!!
Shona lets play Chit Chat.what’s say?.(* i myself dunno about it)

Swara- yoo!! Let’s play..i’ll count who will take d 1st chit.. (*guyzz its a game.. where we will write about something in a chit n we have to do according to that)…

Swara started to count “INNI MINI MANNA MO,BAJJE NEKI BAJE DO,, IBBIS TIBBIS LATUM GO”(*this has no any meaning,,) ,n it ends in our Sanskar..

Swara- Waa!! Sanskuuu!! Congo.. now take a chit..

He takes n opens it..seeing that his eyes got wide..

Swara-Sanskuu !! What is there in chit..lemme check..

Swara brust out into laugher reading d task,,”Sanskuu!! Hahaha!! Sanskuu ! It’s not soo bad.. hahahah.. u wear my hills.. hahahah..”

“Shona m not gonna do this”..

Lucky-Buddy u have to do it as it’s rule u can’t back off…

Sanskar makes faces n says “Okkk”..

Music start ::

C’mon, c’mon
Dance D D D D dance,,
Ni chora 🙂 tera thumka bada kinky kinky type da,,
Ni chora tera jhumka bada funky funky type da;-*
Katili teri ankhiyan jaise noak nukeeli knife da:*
Ni Chora tera nakhra bada hanky-panky type da;)
Kisi hit gaane pe jo qamar matka dega tu:-0
Fatichar se ye dil ban jaayega shehzada:3

(According to d beat Sanskar shakes his hip,, taking his hands to eyes showing how beautiful they r n winks at themm…)

Unchi wali heel pehan kar dance Basanti
D d d dance Basanti,,
Hoo !! Har limit ki height pe chad ke Dance Basanti
D D D dance BasantiD D D dance dance dance D D D…

{He sensually bends n touches his legs n hills(*he is wearing Swara’s hills) n shakes his hips twice more}

At d end of d song everyone is staring him with “O” mouth…(haa!! There was written in the chip to dance on “Dance Basanti Song wearing hills” ;-*)

He is so embarrassed…

Swara goes to him n says “Waaah !! My male Basanti .. what a dance!! What a dance..”

“Shona bass karo yaar !!! I have done my task naa!! Huhh”…says Sanskar irritatingly looking all n their open mouths.. 😉 ;0


Precap-Same as before..

Thnk u guyzz for reading… i know it’s really short n not upto ur marks…but thnkk for bearing it..dun worry i’ll soon end it..

Thnk u all..
Happy n Safe Diwali..
God bless u all…

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  1. Hemanshi

    Such a cute chapter………….loved it……..

    1. Hemanshi

      It’s so hilarious also….?

      1. Kakali

        Waaa !!! was it hilarious? hmmm !!! but i was really not satisfied with d chappy.. anyway once again thnk u.. ;-*

    2. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Diii… ;-*.. m happy u love it..

  2. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    First of all.. ‘HAPPY DIWALI’..
    About chappy, fabulous.. Oh God, sanky with hill, hehehe, looking so funny dude??..Aww, my cute and dramabaaz swara, loved her??.. Keep it up dear… Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Umaaaaa !!!
      Happy Diwali to u tooo dear,,play safe….
      Waaa !!! thnk God u find it funny… hahahah…my both SWASAN is yumpossiable..huhuhu !!!
      stay blessed dear…

  3. Rabia

    hahahahahahah wow kakalii tooo awesome 😉

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Rabia Diii !!!! ;-*

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u so much Dear… ;-*

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soooo much Disha… Happy to see ur comment dear.. ;-*

  4. Shreeyu

    Happy Diwali to you too Di… Have a safe Diwali… It was as usual awesome …. By reading ur ff nd comments I can say that u r really a foodie especially for sweets … Isn’t it? Chalo leave it a question is again n again popping in my mind ….that… Have u ever had ‘Petha’…. I hope u know what is it

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soooo much cutieeee !!!!
      haaaa !!! i love chocos… but not sweets n all,, i love spicy things…
      waaa !!! accha chawal hai,, i know what is Petha!! it’s a thing which is used in mechanical engineering..huhuhu.!!!
      jokes apart i had have it dear..
      Challo bataw when will u post ur next part??

      1. Shreeyu

        Achha chawal hai matlab … Mechanical engineering really… Huh… Achha khaya hai… Yahan ki speciality hai… Di I’ll try to post tomorrow but not sure …

      2. Kakali

        Ooopss yeh toh Sawal(question) se chawal ban gayyaaa.!!! waaa we can take it as dinner.. huhuhu !!!
        Take ur time dear,,
        I know Petha Aggra ki specialty hai.,,,
        but my fav is chocolate pera..haaa !!! G/N…

  5. Simin

    Waah yaar
    I want all those sweets hayyeeee gulab jamun jalebi muahhhhh
    Kaku give me your address i am coming to have those sweets
    Hayyeee our male basanti

    1. Simin

      Happy diwali kaku

      1. Kakali

        Happy Diwali to u tooo Simmu.. ;¤

    2. Kakali

      Issi bat ka daar tha mujheee !!!!
      yoo come my Simmu,, we will have it together…u know sharing is caring… huhuhu!!! Thnk u sooo much dear…

  6. Radhika..

    awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……………….. part loved it di what to say……….. give me time
    hmmm the sweets i love then all but which sweet i don’t like in the whole world. i likeall thesweets many more are there in the list tell u later………. i don’t know about swara but i just wanna eat them now.. so going to eat them………….. .
    the god ji talks i loved them as i always talk with godji like this even once i got angry on god and maine godji se katti kar li that’s why get allergy also and everything go bad bad so as a result i say sorry and godji se friendship kar li even mai to har ek bat godji se share karti ho and har ek thing ke liye unki advise leti ho and jab mai kuch bhi wrong karne vali hoti ho tab godji kuch nakuch kar ke mujhe right kar detehai and wrong things se dur rakhte hai love u godji more than anything in the world… ………….
    u to know na.
    and sanskar dance i am laughing by reading that just can’t describe.
    loved the part very much di. love u
    have a happy diwali with lots of happiness and may this diwali came up with lights in ur life and take all te darkness away. enjoy thediwali. ??

    1. Kakali

      Waaaa !!! Radhika thnk u sooo much dear
      … it means i somehow portrayed U in Swara…
      wait i’ll feed u sweet…have it…huhuhu!!!
      u know we should talk to God,, n its a very good habit… but m totally opposite of it.. i only talk to myself.. but sometime i do soo…hahaha…
      so d moral of ur allergy is God ji se kabhi bhi katti mat hoona,, hamesha donation(prasad) dete rehna..hahah..
      Once again thnk u sooo much.. have a happy n safe Diwali..may this Diwali brings all the lightness in ur life n takes away all d darkness…stay blessed

  7. Vyshu10

    hahaha…Dance basanti and sanky….ROFL

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Vyshuuuu !!! ;-*

  8. Khushiii

    Hahaha Awesome chappy Loved it. Happy diwali

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Khushiii !!!
      Happy Diwali to u toooooo dear.. play Safe.. ;-*

  9. Wowwwww………di seriously ……….amazing .

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Ashnoor… ;-*

  10. SNY

    Awesome epi….
    Nxt one soon …
    And hpy diwali sis…

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much my dear Sis…
      Happy Diwali to u tooooo… play safe… ;-*

  11. Mirna

    Happy diwali kaksssssssss. I think all the sweets are ur favv ………. 😛 Cmg to the chappy what a dance by Sankyyyyyyyyy omg i m just imagining and loved it 🙂

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soooo much my dralzzzz!!! huhhh!!! not all … i dun like sweets much.. i love spicy… haaaa!! i was also imagining Sanskar in that attire but i couldnt confess or pen down that clearly… hmmm !!!
      G/M.. ;-*

  12. Mahavir

    awesome di

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soooo much Maha… G/M… ;-*

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soooo much Arshaaa !!! G/M… ;-*

  13. This swara….is bukkad…!! Again you tempted me with all sweets…!! I too want them…!! But I can’t get themmm….!! 🙁
    Episode was soo nice…!! waiting for next part…!!
    Wish you a great diwali…and enjoy tasting all those sweets…!! 😀 😀

    1. Kakali

      Haaaa !!! Chanduu!! My princess is really bhukkad..
      BDW why u can’t get them? wait i’ll parcel this too u..
      Thnk u soooo much dear… G/M.. ;-*

  14. Happy diwali my kaku dr…

    Awwww sooo lvly epi..
    choooo chuweet….. :-* :* :-*
    I lv it…

    Hee heee yaa yaaa swara I cn understand u!!!!
    I also cdnt concentrate when sanky is in tv. 😉 😉 bt u did ur wrk swara!! 😮 gd job..
    😉 😉 😛 lols..

    Dat cute scene. Awwwww sooo sooo sooo sweet!!!! (Hey ill gt diabetes after reading dis)
    my sanku starring swara!!! (Hayeee main tho mar gayi) 😉
    Awwww my cute sweethearts ♥♥
    After reading tht part seeee im blushing 🙂 😀
    Wt is dat song??!! I dnt knw!!?? ?.?

    Haye those sweets?!!! Im sure those r rly yummy. I nly eat gulab jamoon , laddo , rasgulla. I want 2 eat da other 1 also.. 😉 😛
    swaraaaaa u r soo sweet.. rly u r kiddo.. jst like kaku.. 😉 😉
    Heee hee her lip stick is orange!!! Hey change it 2 chocolate!! Its rly yummy. 😉 😉
    Hey copy cat!! Dats my line!!! 😉 😉 u hv 2 pay me 4m chocos!!! 😉 🙂
    Haaahaaa swara is warning 2 god also!!! 😮 lols..
    and chit chat!! Wt a game.. we also doing dat game.. bt its lil bit different!
    Hawwwhaww my sanky in high heels and dance!!
    Soo nice.. even my mouth also turn 2 ‘o’ 😉
    And I lv da way my sanku darling!!! Sooo cute and sweet..

    Wt u said!!! U gonna end it!!! Then u cn see da real me….
    im gonna bang ur head!!! Urrrrggg… and then u ll surly slip 2 coma after gtn up u r mmry will be gone.. soo after dat mmry loss track will be on… lols.. 😀

    keep writing dr
    be happy always
    lv ya!!

    1. Kakali

      Awwww !!! Thnk u soooo much Chanuuuuuu !!!!!
      waaa!! u also can’t concentrate like me naa!!! huhuhuhu..*same pinch..

      omggg u r blushing .. haaa lemme imagine…u r looking cuteeee Chanuuu..
      dun worry no diabetes ,, coz m d temporary doctor here…u can consult mee…
      huhuhu!!! it’s my habbit to lick my lip gloss.. mine wala is chocolaty baby flavour..hahahah!!!

      huhhh!!! u have became soo demanding Dear… again choco… seems u r gonna make me kangal..haa!!

      og my God i really dun wanna see d real u…goshhh!!! it’s my out of coverage…

      Thnk u sooooo much dear..
      n Sorry for replying late as u know my problem…hope u understand…n i was in hospital today sooo…
      love u tooo… n i have posted my next part…
      stay bleesed dear…
      keep smiling u tooooo… ;-*

  15. Marvelous

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soooo much Tani… ;-*

  16. Mica

    sanskar shake his hips in heel ?? *drooling

    1. Kakali

      Hmmm !!! he should also try short skirts…. what’s say? *paralysed..
      Thnk u soooo much Mica .. ;-*

  17. Deeksha

    Loved it dear… Sorry for being late…!!!!!

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soooo much Deekshu!!! no worry no sorry… ;-*

  18. Mahjabeen

    Hahahah kaka u made sanskar dance nd dat too by shaking his hips nd wearing swaras hilll…omg i m just imagining it *fainting…loved it dear..loved it soo mch?? nd dnt thnk to end it soon othrwise i wil b katti frm u..huhhhh?
    Waitng fr nxt
    Stay blessed dear
    Love u?? njy diwali nicely nd safely

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooooo much Mahuuu!!! m soo gald that u love it… waaa don’t faint…u have to read my next part.. haa i have already posted it…
      hawww!! don’t be katti dear,, or else i”ll paralys..huhuhuu !!!!
      u2 stay bless dear… ;-*

  19. Mahjabeen

    Sry darls i hve written kaka instead of “kaku”

    1. Kakali

      No worry dear,, i understand it was a spelling error… huhuhu..

  20. Abirsha

    Finally i read ur all chaps dr…. I was busy in my studies so didnt read any new ff…. Now only i read all 9 parts dr…. Its amazing…. Very nice…. Swara is bhukkad and she loves sanskar very much….. She is very childish too….. There is a fact that the person who makes others happy or smile always have many pblms in their life….. Likewise here swara make everyone happy but in real she has many sorrow with her….. Fantastic….. Loved it soo much….. The sweet scene was superb

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soooo much Dii …
      yeah i can understand ur problem as it is also happening with me.. m not getting time to read FFs..

      hahaha Swara is bhukhaad n childish.. but has a deep mark of pain in her heart…
      Once again thnk u sooo much dii.. ur comment means a lot to me.. ;-*

  21. Kaku Di, I am rolling on floor laughing…Seriously I t was a hilliarious chapter. .BTW I am Watery mouth…What was the need to write the names of all sweets…Now I wanna eat all the sweets….About Chappy- It’s superb, amazing..I lover it Di…Post next part soon.

  22. Kakali

    Pari get uo from floor,,, u will catch cold…
    hahahhah!!! Actually it was not needed to write all those names..huhuhu
    Thnk u sooo much dear,,, n i have already posted d next part… ;-*

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