“”A DREAM””:::SWASAN SS by Kakali part 11


(Woohoo somebody said that i should write like this at first,, coz many people r thinking it as Raglak FF seeling d DP.. soo,, )


Hii ev1,, here m with d 11th part..
Thnk u all for ur amazing response on previous parts.. thnk u to all silent readers also..sorry for grammatical mistakes n spelling errors….

So Let’s go inside d DREAM,,,

Link of previous chappies :::
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Link of d teaser ::

Before staring,,i want to make one tjing clear


Here we gooo,,

SWASAN is hugging each other… at that time Simin comes to Swara..


SWASAN r still not effected..Simin starts to giggle…

Simin(thoda loudly)-ehhhem!! Ehhhemmm!!

Finally they come to sence…both r avoiding eye contact..

Simin-Shona,here is ur medicines.. 1st drink d juice it n then take d medicine…

Swara makes faces”Now what’s d need of these!! Hah! Can’t u see m perfectly fine Simmu,, see i can dance n run also”(she is about to get up but this time Sanskar holds her hand,,)

Sanskar(glaring her)-Chup chap sit here..n eat whatever doctor Hemanshi has said…

He makes her eat tablets by his own..
(To Simin)-Simin,where is Lucky?

Simin-Bhai has gone to bring d tablets..actually they r not available in nearest pharmacy..

Sanskar-okk!! Can u plz make some soup or khicdri!!

Swara-But why Khicdri? Sanskuuu is ur Tummy upet today?

Sanskar-Stop ur patar patar,, n take rest…

Simin-ummmmm,, i’ll try to make it..

Sanskar-Yeah, plzz..

Sanskar(damn serious)-Shona,, now tell me,, how all that happen?

Swara doesn’t know what to say,, she is just praying”God ji,, bring my Hippo fast,, now he can only save me from Sanskuuu,,”(her chains of thoughts r broken by Sanskar)

Sanskar- Tell me Shona,,
N yeah one more thing Dr.Hemanshi was saying something about mental stress? I didn’t understand…
R u taking useless stress n all? I didn’t understand what happened to u suddenly?

Swara is again blank,,, those hurting words start to echoing in her ear… tears don’t take much time to flow from her mini coconut eyes,,, N Sanskar is shocked too see that…

“Shona what happened? Why r u crying?”(asks in concern cupping her face)

Swara starts to sob more loudly,, Sanskar becomes more tensed &&&& in no moment She is in his warm embrace… cuddling n weeping like a baby..

“Shhh!!shhhhh!! Shona,, don’t cry,, ”

“Sanskuuu i didn’t do anything,, all d mistakes was of that Diya,, I was just standing there but……. … … …. …… (Says between her sobs)

“Don’t worry… everything is okkk…BUT ‘But what Shona’ “(trying to make her calm)

“MY DUPATTAA,,,,(cries loudly),,”

“Ur Dupatta what Shona?”…

“My Dupatta is no more,,,(again hugs him tightly)
{monologue-No Sanskuuu i won’t tell u anything about my past,, n this is d best way to divert ur mind}(*best self composer remember)

He brakes d hug n stares her with wide eyes”U was crying for ur Dupatta,,, man, what’s wrong with u?”asks in disbelief

“Haaa!!! That was my fav one,,”saying this she again cries…

“U r mad Shona n U’ll also make me mad one day,, but u r cute tooo”says pulling her cheeks…

“Yoo m already mad in ur love,,”(says under breath)

Meantime Lucky comes n runs to her room” Shona,, Shona u r fine na!! ” asks in concern..

“Haa!!Hippo m totally fine,, waise why did u take so much time.”

“Ohh haa!! Actually i was on d way when i saw him,,,(points towards a boy who is standing at d door way,,)”

Swara is confuse coz she don’t know him…

Swara-Hippo who is he? I didn’t see him before..

Lucky-Shona he is (interrupted by d boy)

“Ahha!! Lucky lemme introduce myself”

To Swara-Miss Swara,, M Swayam Sikhawat,, Lucky’s cousin… I have heard a lot about u from Lucky.. n it’s my pleasure that i can meet u today…(extends his hand to shake)

Swara-It’s also my pleasure to meet u Swayam…shakes hand with him n pass a genuine smile

Lucky to Swayam-Swayam he is Sanskar,,(indicating to him) our friend… n Sanskar he is my cousin Swayam..

SanYam(Sanskar n Swayam) to both-Nice meeting u…

Lucky-Swayam u be here with them,, i’ll check d dinner.. dun know what is Simin making!!!

Swayam-yeah sure…

After taking dinner:::::(*God knows what they ate,, Simin what u made?hope they r fine)

Swara n Swayam starts their convo regarding their study,classes n all & it ends on fav food n movie…

Both r talking freely…Sanskar is just sitting there n starting them like anything..he is not feeling good seeing SwaSwa together(*guyz Swayam N Swara makes only SwaSwa,,if u can make any other name u can say me) …

He is finding Swayam soo irritating…but dun know why? now this is it for Sanskar,,

Sanskar-Shona r u not tired? Kab se patar patar kar rahi hooo?? Now take some rest…

Swara-Haa!!Sanskar m lill sleepy… i’ll sleep now…

Sanskar-hmmm!!now take d medicine…

Swara-yeah,gimme,, but only 1,, why?

Sanskar-toh how much u want? U said u don’t like this now all of a sudden how come u like this?

Swara-Yoooo!!! But it’s tasty,, infect i don’t want water also,, i can taste it as a choco…

Sanskar shooks his head”Mad girl,, now sleep”…

Swara-Good nyt Sanskuuu,,, Good nyt Swayam,,,

SanYam-God nyt Shona…

Both come out of her room,,bid bye n goes to sleep…

(Today all r living in Simin’s farm house)

Next Day,,,:::

All r chit chatting(*not d game) something… but our Sanskar is not at all interested with all.. he is eagerly waiting for Swara… all d nyt he was restlessness thinking about her…he is feeling weird dun know why!!!!

Meanwhile Swara comes with Simin taking turtle steps holding Simin’s hand..

Swara-Godddd!!! Finally feeling good coming out from that nest…


Swara-Ha aur nehi toh kya,, i was feeling suffocation Simmu,, i cant live in one place more then a hour… then think omgggg!!! Don’t know how i lived(act as faint)

Swayam-Shona u r sooo cute..(pulls her cheeks)

Sanskar becomes a phuljadhii,,, huhhh!!! (Monologue-Cutee,, he is saying my Shona as cuteee,,, how dare hee,,, i just wanna punch him,, urghhhh !!! He is getting into my nerves)

Swara-Sooo let’s go guyzz,, i wanna roam in streets…

Lucky-maati mari gayi hai kya!!! U r not even fine n u wanna roam in streets… pagal..

Swayam-Yaar Lucky,, she is saying correct,, if she takes some fresh air she will feel good…

Swara-See!!! Swayam can understands me soo well… Hippoo,, u just to to Nalla(Drain)..

Sanskar-Noo Shona we r not going anywhere… u r going to ur home n that’s final..(says in little anger)

Swara-but why Sanskuu¿¿¿(innocent eyes)

Sanskar-Bcz m saying.. n u have to obey me… got that…

Swara-Owwhookkk!!!(with a sad face)

She is about to stand up,, but looses her balance n Swayam holds her at d perfect time…

Sanskar is furious seeing d scenario… he immediately goes to Swara n frees her hands from Swayam…

Sanskar-Thnk u Swayam…now i’ll manage her…saying this he picks her in his arms…

Lucky,, Simin,, Swara n Swayam’s jaw is under d ground… n eyes socket r at hand…

Sanskar goes to d car n makes her sit properly n without paying head to anyone starts the car…

Our Princess is still can’t figure out what was that for a second…she is happy,,emotional,,shy all d emotional chakra is taking round in her heart n mind…(*This is a small happiness which she is enjoying,, soon everything is gonna mess up)

Precap-Teaser part starts….


Done with d 11th part…

How was it!! Sorry if u find it not interesting n short… actually i have bandages in my hand so couldn’t write long one…

Thnk u sooo much for reading….
“No proof reading”…..

Rabia Diii,, see i fulfilled my promise… I bunked two classes for it…yeeiii !! New experience…. feeling glad…
Hope u all like it.. ;-*

Love u ev1.. :*
God bless u all… ;D

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  1. Shrinjal

    Awesome dear??? see today even I commented??? But Teaser!!??

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soooo much Kiddo,,,
      waaa*sleep into coma seeing ur comment…

    2. Hey Shrinjal…off course we can be friends..N I would love to step in a relation with you dear..
      N dear I was a member of this site N a writer too but unfortunately my email address got blocked so I have to leave the membership…
      N I think I know you..you are currently writing a ff right??

      1. Hemanshi

        hi maryam………i am writer of ‘SWASAN MY CRAZY LOVE’ and ‘SWASAN LOVE ME THODA AUR’ i want you to read my ff……will you read it??

    3. Gosh…I have already post the msg but it didn’t appear so I wrote it back…sorry but I think this msg would appear two times..

      1. Shrinjal

        Ohh ..sad!! Try to come!
        I write 3-4 FF’s..??

      2. Shrinjal

        BUT I think I never saw ur comment in my FF’s..

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soooo much Anu… seeing ur comment after soo many days.. ;-*

  2. Hemanshi

    Hahahaahahaha dr. Hemanshi……
    Hahahaahahaha………now people in Kolkata will also hate me as m a doctor *just kidding* hahahaahahaha cant stop laughing ??????????????

    N Simin what u made them eat???
    N are they fine now??
    Or shud I check them???
    Hahhahaha *just kidding*??

    Vese the episode was awesome N I loved Sanky’s jealousy N care for swara….

    1. Kakali

      Let’s see who will hate u,,, *ready with pimpom ball…
      Dun know ,, i’ll ask her…huhuhuhu…
      Thnk u soooo much Diiii… m gald u love it… ;-*

      1. Trisha-Balani

        me too ready with hockey stick……lets see who hates our diiii……hai na kaku…….heheheeh

  3. Wow Ms murderer growing smart day by day I am impressed… The Episode was Awesome I love swara character in the ff…
    N by the way what happened to you .Are you ill or something I mean why do u have bandages on your head Anything serious…
    Take care of Yourself yar…you are one of my V.Good friend so I can’t imagine anything bad happening to you…
    Stay blessed N have a good day ahead..

    1. Kakali

      Arrey Lady Gabbar!!! m totally fit n fine.. just a small accident.. nothing else…
      waa!!! Thnk u soooo much for appreciating my work… it really means a lot to meeee..
      N u r My bestestttt frnd here…huhyhu!!! i’ll surely take care of myself…
      u2 take care okkk…
      stay blessed dear…

      1. Accident???? What type of Accident..yar plz take care of your self N you can take a leave from here I you are not able to write…Your Health is more important than anything..N you are also my best friend here…You are a Indian N I am a Pakistani..if we can become Best friends why can’t our countries do the same… I am really pissed off with conflicts between India N pakistan …N other states are taking advantages of this n are adding fuel in the fire…What do you think about this dear.

      2. Kakali

        Noo dear… now m little fine… it was just a small accident with my scooty… nothing serious…
        huhuhuhu!!! Lady Gabbar waise bhi m going to leave this site in a few days… till April i won’t be active… so trying as fast as i can complete it…Thnk u for ur concern my bff…

        n u said correct yar,, why can’t they end their enmity….
        actually d main thing is mentality…. if we can change it,, we can do anything…
        sometime i feel like hell thinking about d future if war begins… it’s kinda those thoughts which i never wanna witness in even dream also…
        ohhh haaa!!! other countries r doing good work by adding fuel,, but it will burn them also…huhhhh !!!!

      3. What…You are Leaving the site…Noo plz don’t…Oppsss I am also leaving it in 15 days or so..I forgot about it…my Exams are starting in this month itself N my CIE exams are also soon gonna start so the only thing I have to do is to study only…have no time Yar just visit the site for you..bcz You are my best Friend…Love you..
        I am really irked with the current indo-Pak conflict..I hope the relations btw them soon be good…we can’t do anything except to hope N pray…

      4. Kakali

        Yooo Maryam m also here for 15 days or sooo… after competing my SS i’ll leave this site for 5 months as my board exams will start in Feb n end will March at last may b… this is a hard task but have to do it…
        bdw what r u doing in study?

        yooo u r rit… we can only pray … love u toooooo…

      5. Actually dear I am doing O’levels…N my Externals exams are in May\June…I have to work very hard to gain good grades yar… ..it’s being increasingly difficult for me bcz of lack of time..plus I am giving those subjects which cant be don’t without any proper tuition N I am not getting that too..
        Plz pray for me dear..I don’t know what would be my remarks I am my parents pride N I don’t want that pride to result in shame..

      6. Kakali

        My good wishes n prayers r always with… m sure u gonna success n make ur parents pride… they will b proud of u….
        yaaa without good marks we can’t achieve anything or can’t get admission in a good institution… soooo it’s sooo needed…
        same happens with mee,, i also don’t have much time for exams…. so soon gonna quit this site…

    2. Shrinjal

      Hey Maryam! R u registered member? And I wanna be Friend with u..I agree..
      Can we be frnds?

      1. Offcourse Shrinjal why not…we can be friends N I would love to step in a relation with you…
        N dear I was a member of this site I was a writer too but unfortunately my email address got blocked so I had to leave the membership…
        N I think I know you..you are currently writing a ff right??

  4. Rabia

    Hemanshiii u treated swara ???? simin i just hop u didnt mix sugar instead off salt ??? hehehhe just kidding awesomeeeeee epii kakalii anddd thankuuu sooo much for fulfilling my demandd ?????? luv u ???

    1. Kakali

      Diiii u r always welcome… haaaa !!! Let’s ask Simin.. she only knows what has she make.. hyhuhu!!!
      Thnk u soooo much n glad u loved it… love u toooooooo…
      don’t make me emotional again… ;-*

    2. Hemanshi

      hahahah now swara will be scared of ‘HEMANSHI’ name ……….hahahahah
      and the reason behind this is our one and only kakuuuu

      1. Kakali

        Nooo noo noooo Diiii never… didn’t u see how was she enjoying her tablet as u gave sweet one… i guess she is blessing u… haaaa !!!

      2. Rabia

        kakalii she is enjoying infront of her sanskuu and in heart she will definitely cursing hemashii 😀

      3. Kakali

        Shhhhhhh! ! Rabia Diii,,, hufff!! don’t say like that. i can’t handle a doctor- patient… It’s my out of coverage… 😉

  5. Sanky in serial and in your ff…both are jealous…!!! Hehehe..!!I am soo exited for those teaser parts..!! what happened to your hand??!! If something happened…take rest and get well soon…!!Then you start writing…!! We will be always there to read…no matter how much late it is…!!

    1. Huh.. and who knw it better than u na my lvly chandu..
      Missing u!!
      And where is ur teaser dr!!???
      If u gv gv it 2 me..
      with puppy dog eyes.
      Love you

      1. Kakali

        Yooooo!!!! Chanuuuuu!!! beat Chanduuu with pimpom ball…

        Chanduuuu & Chanuuuuuu <—- soooo same name.. *r u twins?

    2. Kakali

      Yoooo Chanduuu ,, m also excited for d teaser… but scared also thinking about ur n alls reaction… haaa !!!
      Nothing much dear,, it was just a small accident with my Scooty… now m much better then yesterday…
      Thnk u sooo much Dear for ur concern..

      Omggg !!! ur comment is killing me.. it’s a very rare feeling dear which i get through ur words…
      once again Thnk u soo very much..* 😀

      1. Hee heee..
        u r soo cute kaku dr!!
        Dnt u knw me and chandu r twins!!?? 😉 😉
        hee hee we r tu twins. Lols..
        and thank dr kaku I 4gt abt pim pom ball. Chandu nw ur list gt bigger. 😉 😉

        keep writing u both.
        lv ya

      2. Kakali

        Ohhh haa u both r TU twins.. how can i forget? *bang my head with coconut… ;¤

  6. Radhika..

    Awesome part di thanku for giving the update soon but don’t effect ur studies because of this an take care of itself .because u r not telling what happen to u so i can only say take care and the chappy is awesome di swayam entry and sanskar jealousy not bad…… The start of love…… And what did simin make them eat must be something sweet like her. And i missed it. Swara falling and sanskar taking her in his embarace. So sweet andcute how come this happen??? Shocked………… Loved the part and teaser gonna start . loved it take care. Love u di????

    1. Kakali

      Awww!!!! My Radhika… Thnk u soooo much dear,,, now m much better… huhuhu!! yooo this ia sort of love… but he is unaware about his feelings…
      waa!! i was also shocked with his actions u know…
      love u tooooo,, n will tc of myself n will tc of my study also…meri choti behen…
      Thnk u once again… ;-*

  7. Mariyajap

    wow di awesome i loved swara’s character

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soooi much Mariya…
      m glad u loved Swara’s character… ;-*

  8. SNY

    As usual rocking sis….
    Stay blessed sis…
    Kaku sis tc of urself ……..

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soooo much my dear Sis… ;)…
      waaa i’ll surely take care of myself…it’s ur order afterall…
      thnk for ur concern… ;-*

  9. Simin

    Meri jaan u wrote this for us by bunking classes and with injured hand thank u sooo much
    Awesome chappy
    I dont know to cook i wonder what i made but see all are fine so i think it was good

    1. Hemanshi

      haahahahahah simuuu ………..how innocent you are *kissing heart*

      1. Kakali

        Hemanshi Diiiii,,,, Innocent n Simmuuu…ommmggg*lying on ICU bed… ;(

      2. Simin

        Love u too

      3. Shreeyu

        Hahaha kaku Di we r innocent don’t u know? that’s y we were ready to get u married … ?

      4. Kakali

        Ommggg!!! innocent n u both… waaa it’s kinda horrible dream come true ;;;*;;;* ¤ ¤ 《¤》 ×÷= *

    2. Kakali

      Waa!! Thnk u soooo much my Simmu,,,
      yoooo u cooked soo well… i guess soooo… *confuse me… ;-*

  10. Shreeyu

    Kaku Di aap theek ho na? Take care if urself Di…. Don’t beat any1 so much c u got hurt na …. Achha where is nia I mean she was absent in today’s Episode may b man hoga… Coming to chappy it was tooooo awesome…. Teaser

    1. Shreeyu

      Ohhooo teaser shuru hone wala hai m so excited …. Simin Di I also wanna have something made by u and kaku Di u also prepare something for me … But let me tell u m vegetarian

      1. Simin

        Baccha the day i will learn to cook something i will surely make u eat till then just dream about your fav dish

      2. Shreeyu

        Di seriously u don’t know how to cook… Kuch toh aata hoga ?

      3. Simin

        Hmm i make pizza

      4. Kakali

        Yooo m also excited about d teaser as well as scared… woo Nia was Ofline today,,, i mean faint after testing Simmu’s home made food…

        waa i know something kind of things which i love to eat like Noodles, Momo, roles, butter panir,, phuska…*only home made…
        n m pure MANSAKAHARI(mansahari n sakaharu) …huhuhu!!! i’ll definitely make a dish for u…

      5. Kakali

        But i dun know how to make pizza…ummmm*Goggle uncle m coming… 😉

    2. Kakali

      Yeah Cutieee m fyn now… waaa!! i was beating new found meleria macchars soooo… u know d redt painful story*weeping…

      1. Shreeyu

        Yup google uncle is very good he always helps Me… Malaria macchars like really ? What is the meaning of ‘u know the redt painful story ‘?
        Take care of urself Di … Lov u

      2. Kakali

        Love u tooooo my Cutieee !!!
        yooo i was beating them with cricket bat…huhuhuhu !!!m much much better now… 😀 😛

  11. Arshaanya

    Aaawww jls sanky ?
    Loved it

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooooo much Arshaaaa!!!m glad dat u loved jealous Sanskar….;-*

  12. Deeksha

    Nice dear… Continue soon…

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooooo much Deekshu… ;-*

  13. Fairy

    Dear frst of all take care of urself yaaar…dnt stress ur hand much….now coming to chapppy it ws soooooper awesome….n my fav. Dialouge ws of sanky wen he said -“stop ur patar patar” to swara…omg i ws laughng lyk hell readng dat????? its realllllly a fab. Story n ur writng style made it more more n more interestng????????? waitng for nxt part….n yeah one more thng i jst loved dat scene wen he picked her up in his arms???keeep rockng n stay blesssed dear??? love u…n sweeety???????????????????☺☺??

    1. Kakali

      Waaaa !!! Fairyyy !!! Thnk u sooo much sweety pie… hahaha… m glad that i could make u laugh…
      uhhuu thnk u sooo much for appreciating my work… feeling like going to paralys reading ur comment… God…love u toooo… u tooo stay blessed dear… ;-*

  14. Abirsha

    Awesome dr….. Loved it…. Very nice…. Now only read the teaser part…. Its sooo shocking….. Hope nothing happens to swara….. As the last scene of teaser is very shocing….. And dr dont bunk classes in school…. U can bunk classess in college…. But not school…. ?

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soooo much Shan diii,, haa!!! nothing will happen to her i guess… but who knows about Destiny…it’s so crural sometimes u know…

      waaaa!!! Diiii m in college… it was my 1st experience…huhuhu…

  15. Huhhu!!! Kaku drl!!!???!! 😮
    u bunk clz and write dis?? Urrrgggg…
    nw im angry. :-/ huuh!!?? Dnt do dat again ok???!!
    Bt bunking clz ia awesome na! 😉 I never bunk my clz b4.. soo my frnds ask me 2 try it once last year. Soo I did it.. 😉 hee hee its soo scared and fun and mny more… bt u knw wt my teacher found dat. 🙁 🙁 🙁 poor me. Soo I said da truth.. lols… 😉 😉 😛

    Today epi ws awesome dr!! Lv it as always. Sooo sweet.
    Is dat new entry is + / – or my suggestion type. 😉 😉
    Awww my lvly swara.. rly she is expert f composing her self.. I lv her!!
    And my sanky drls concern , care ect ect ws sooo adorable.
    My fav 1 is his jealousy.. aww he look sooo cute in it… :-* :-* :-*
    When dat swayam pulls swaras cheeks na then my pov also like sanky nly.. urrgg.. 😉
    And da final part sanky carried swara in his arms.. omg!! Nw again im in my dream lend. And dnt dare 2 wake me up dis tym..lols..

    Hey u met with and accident!?? 😮 and u hv 2,3 bandages. And u r saying dat its ok!!?? Hhhuh…
    u idiot goo and take sm rest.. k nw stop reading.
    get well soon.
    keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya

    1. Kakali

      Omgggg !!! Chanuuu it’s kinda horrible dream come true… i was soo scared thinking about ur reaction…seee same happened… 🙁
      hahahah!! u have hole in ur fate like me,, gimme hifi…

      dear d new entry is pure positive…
      yooo our Shona princess is self composing queen…hahaha..
      Dreamland.. huhhh wake upp*shaking Chanu…we will dream together.. lemme part of it…

      ahha now m much better dear.. thnxx for ur concern…lovee yaa…
      bayaaa bayaaaa(bye bye) ;-*

      1. Hee heee cute kaku dr!!
        Nt nly ur ff ur rply also make me smile.. 😀 😀
        yaaa u r right my reaction wld be worst than dis..
        Bt dis tym I 4gv u bz f ur bandages. 😉 😉 😉 and dnt do dat again..

        Heee heee u r right my fate is rly nt gd!! 🙁 😉

        ok lets dreaming 2gether!!! **************”
        🙂 😉

        Im glad dt nw u r fine! 🙂 then enjoy drls..

        And dnt bang ur head for 4gting dat me and chandu r tu twins.
        If u bang ur head hard na then u ll lose ur memory! 😉 then wt will hpn 2 me!!?? 😮
        I want 2 read dis more.. 🙂 😉
        Lv ya

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soooo much dear… ;-*

  16. Mica

    Kakuuu! you bunk the class ??? gooosshhhhh… you are so naughty..
    you should kinda me, i just bunked my class 52 times in a year at my 11th :3 :3

    1. Kakali

      Micaaa !!! u r such a kid… learn something from me… i have doing this Job(bunking 52 classes in a year) since i was un nursery… goshhhh !!! today’s generation doesn’t know anything…. i should give u lessons.. ;D

  17. Heltej

    Kiddo what happened to your hands… N u bunked class? Really?
    Nice superb part

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Diiii,,, feeling blessed after seeing ur comment…huhuhu dun know why…!!!
      nothing much,, just a small accident,,, now m much better…
      yoo yooo i bunked claases today.. it was so adventurous… hahahah *mad me…

  18. Mirna

    Comom Kakas enjoyyyy bunking I love to do that 😛 wooooooo sanky’s jealousy wooooooow 🙂

    1. Kakali

      Yooo Mirna darlzzz i enjoyed a lot with my irritating bandages…huhuhu… it was 1st n adventures experience…
      Thnk u soooo much dear… ;-*

  19. Vyshu10

    Hahaha…..awesome. Loved it. Awww…sanku fell for swara fully. Did u n hemanshi decide together to make either swara or sanky jealous? It is cute.

    Achcha i have a doubt…will swara intentionally distance herself from sanskar as she thinks she is manhoos?

    Is ur hand fine now?

    1. Kakali

      Here comes Vyshuuu !!! i was waiting for ur comment… haaaa !!! Thnk u.. ;-*
      Dii ke bare mei toh pata nehi but m gonna burn him in jealousy for sure…

      Waaa finally u asked me d question for which m waiting from long..
      noo dear,, Swara will not do anything like that.. that’s why i writer at d beginning “Swara is living for Sanskar………. die for her Sanksar… afterall he is her dream boy..

      Thnk u sooo much for ur concern…yooo m much better now…

      1. Vyshu10

        Aww…u were waiting for me….actually i kept reading this ep so many times that i forgot to comment….dat much i loved it???

      2. Kakali

        Awwww !!! Vyshuuuu ur words mean a lot to meeeee….Thnk u once again dear… ;D

  20. Trisha-Balani

    did i tell u that u r an awesome writer???
    if not then listen……u r an amazing and naughty writer kakuuuuu……i know i didnt commented from so long but i read all ur parts….n i loved them to the core……i even read ur comments n i must say u r too funny and fun loving……hahaahah…….

    take care kakuuuu………..
    vese which ff does simin writes??

    1. Kakali

      Waaaa Thnk u soooo much Y
      yoooo i can understand ur problem… huhuhu!!!
      Thnk u soooo much for appreciating my work dear.. ur comments means a lot to me…

      No Dear Simin doesn’t write…

  21. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    A bigg choly for late comment*pout face.. Actually I was busy with my college and assignments….About chappy,Too.. Too.. Too good dear…Hehe,jealous sanky…Loved it… Keep it up dear…Sorry I can’t comment a long one today*busy.. Waiting for nxt…
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Kakali

      Umaaa !! don’t be sorry dear.. i can understand ur problem as m also facing d same… lots of assignments,,anthropology practicals,,projects n tests huffff !!!!
      but m glad that u took ur precious time to comment…it’s really enough for me…
      Thnk u sooo much dear…
      u2 keep smiling n stay blessed… ;-*

  22. Mahjabeen

    Kaku r u mad or wat?? U met wth an accident nd hvng bandage also in ur hand den wat ws da need fr writng an ff..hv u gn nuts…stupid girl…listen frst u get fine den write nxt part…tk cr of urslf nicely
    Nw cmng to epi it ws sooo amazing darlssss…loved it…nd ws njyng sanskars being jealous….waitng egrly fr treaser part

    1. Kakali

      Ohhhhhh Mahuuuu !!! m really scared tooo see ur anger.myyy Godddd !!! u r such a Don…huhuhuhu… but i love to being scolded by u… but now m much much better.. haaaa …..
      n Thnk u sooooo much dear…love u toooooo… God bless u.. ;-*

  23. Mahjabeen

    Sry dear fr scolding u…chooo chorryyy?
    Tk cr…love u tooo??
    Stay blessd☺

    1. Kakali

      Huhuhuhuu!!! don’t say sorry dear… u2 stay blessed… n have a beautiful day ahead… ;-*

  24. Wow loved it

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soooo much Tani.. ;-*

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