“”A DREAM””:::SWASAN SS by Kakali part 10



(Woohoo somebody said that i should write like this at first,, coz many people r thinking it as Raglak FF seeling d DP.. soo,, )


Hii ev1,, here m with d 10th part..
Thnk u all for ur amazing response on previous parts.. thnk u to all silent readers also..

Waaa !!!I cant believe that m going to write 10th part… n without u all it wouldn’t have been possible.. specially my RABIA DI,,she advice me too write,,n m here with u all..soo Thnk u sooo much Diii(fainting queen)…

Now enough of my emotional talks n let’s go inside d DREAM,,,

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Here we goo,,

All r happily playing Chit Chat.. now it’s our Swara’s turn to do her task..

Lucky-Shona,, lemme see what u got in Chit..

After checking ” Haa!! It’s not that bad,, i know u can do that!!” So continue..

Swara- Hippo,, i know i can do everything.. i don’t need ur pravachan..

Sanskar- What’s in that Chit?

Lucky-ahha!! Lemme tell u.. here it’s written that she has to sing a song which defines love according to her..

Sanskar-ohhoo !!! Toh Shona start now..

Swara-uhhu uhhuu(clearing her throat)

She slowly closes her eyes n takes a deep breath,, she opens her eyes blinking twice

Let me see you put your hearts up,
Let me see you put your hearts up,
If we give a little love, maybe we can change the world (change the world)..

You think you’re so small
Like you’re itty bitty.
Just one match in the lights of the city
Walking by strangers on the side of the street,,
Like a quarter in a cup’ll get ’em up on their feet, like
You think you’re never gonna make your mark
Sit back and watch the world while it
falls apart, like
Out of sight, out of mind, like, like
It’s just a waste of time,
Like, like, like
Hey yeah yeah yeah yeah
Hey yeah yeah
If we give a little love
May be we can change the world (change the world)
I said
Hey yeah yeah yeah yeah
Hey yeah yeah
Sing it if you’re with me
All you boys and all you girls (all you girls)
Let me see you put your hearts up, yeah
Let me see you put your hearts up,
If we give a little love maybe we can change the world (change the world)

Let me see you put your hearts up,
Let me see you put your hearts up,
If we give a little love may be we can change the world
Let me see you put your hearts up,
Let me see you put your hearts up,
If we give a little love maybe we can change the world ๐Ÿ˜‰
Hey yeah yeah yeah yeah ๐Ÿ™‚

Finishing her song she gazes at ev1… finding no reaction,, she moves towards her Sanskuuu,,

“Sanskuuu,, what happen? How was my song, Sanskuuu (shakes him)”

Sanskar(comes back to sense)- haa.! Haa!!

Swara again asks him ” How was my song?”(biting her inner lips in tension)

Sanskar-waaah(before he says anything Simin cuts him)

Simin-Oh my God Shona!!! What was that? (Giving her a tight hug)

Swara-haa!! Bolo na Simmu how was it?

Simin-It was like omggg !!! It’s soo beautiful Shona.. u can sing soo cutely(*i was not finding words to describe)..

Swara-Reaaoollyy!! Did i sing soo good?

Lucky-(pinching himself)Ahhh!!! Koala(taps her head) u can sing also..
I know ur mom sings so well..but i didn’t know u can sing too.. it’s a miracle..

Swara-Baas kar yar,, i know ur way to compliment me..

Sanskar- No Shona, seriously it was wonderful.. even i had no any idea about ur singing telent.. ur PARENTS must be proud of u..

Hearing d PARENTS word Swara’s blushing smile immediately fades away.. n same happens with Lucky.. both faces turnes into pale one.

Simin- Yeahh!! Sanskar u r rit..
(To Swara) Shona ur PARENTS r soo lucky to get a daughter like u..

Now Swara is standing just like a statue.. no emotions, no feelings, she is totally blank..

Lucky notices her facial expression n can easily understand n read her mind..soo to avoid this metter he again starts some other talks..

Swara-u guyzz carry on i’ll check d Terence Diyas whether it needs oil or not..

Lucky-Wait Shona i’ll come with u..

Swara-No Lucky.. i can manage ..
says this she goes to Terence. But not alone this time her tears are with her.. who is not ready to leave her eyes,, they r endlessly flowing,, making her eyes red..

In Terence:::

Swara wipes her tears n looks at d sky..
“Mom did u hear,, what r they Saying !! They r saying I M LUCKY…(smiles in pain) .. hahaha but they don’t know na i m d most UNLUCKY girl.. u know naa!! How UNLUCKY i m.. at first just bcz of me,u left us,, or i can say my bad luck ate u..
Again just bcz of me Maasi Maa lost her child..

Now don’t know what i m going to doo..
Sometime i feel soo alone,, why u left me?
Haa!! I know Maasi Maa loves me a lot..
But phir bhi m scared if something happens to Maasi Maa n Moosa ji bcz of me..

That’s why m living in Hostel..
U know Maasi Maa was broken with my decision living in Hostel.. but what to doo. It was needed that time..

N most importantly PAPA helped me to discover myself as UNLUCKY… (She remembers when she was hurt with Sanskar’s words,, she went to her Papa)

A Small Flashback::

Swara- Papa,, plzz listen to mee once.. i wanna talk to u..

Shekher- U here,, what u r doing in my house.. just get out.. i don’t want to see ur face..(said shouting at her)

Swara-Papa i know u r angry with me.. now it’s been 19 years that incident happened.. can’t u forgive ur daughter..


Swara(broken with her Papa’s words)- Whhat do.oo u mea..n by UNBORN CHILD.?(says in utter shock)

Shekher- Kyuuยฟยฟ Don’t u know just bcz of u,, justt bcccz of u Jhanki lost her child in womb…

When u born u ate ur mother,, but Jhanki couldn’t take that shock..she couldn’t believe Shomi is no more.. n for this unbearable pain n stress she lost her child..

JUST BCZ OF U WE LOST 2 PERSONS IN A DAY.. now i wonder what u r upto?whom u r going to destroy now?

Swara is froze at her place.. she comes back to her sence hearing “Now get lost from my house n never show ur face again”

Without saying anything she left d place..

She was hurt with her Dream boy’s words but briken with her Papa’s harsh words..

Flashback ends:::

Papa’s those words forced me to took step to live in hostel.. in a way it was good that nothing can to them now.. but what about my friends.. if anything happens to them i’ll not be able to forgive myself… God jii PLZZ…(cries miserably n breaks down)

In this process she notices that her Dupatta catches fire(*Vyshuuuuu u was soo correct).. she don’t know what to doo,, she is unable to move.. those painful words n flashback r only coming to her mind…

She starts to breath heavily,,, feeling suffocation n trying as much as can take air in a long breath..

At hall:::

All r talking n doing Chit Chat..but Lucky is soo tense..

Lucky-Guyz i’ll check Swara once.. dun know why she is taking so much time..

Sanskar is also feeling weird.. like something bad is happening.. his heart is beating soo fast..he doesn’t know why?

Sanskar- Lucky u be here,, i’ll Check Shona..

Lucky-No Sanskar,, (Sanskar cuts him)

Sanskar-No yarr, m also feeling not good,, i’ll take some fresh air n also check Shona..

Lucky unwantedly nods a yes..

Sanskar moves to Terense… n d view he witnesses make him feel like hell scared n shocked..

There is Swara is lying on floor n her Dupatta is almost burned n fire is about to catch her body but Sanskar immediately takes out d half burned Dupatta n throws away..

He takes her head in his arm”Shona,, open ur eyes Shona,, how happened all this? GOD what should i do now?” Tears roll down from his eyes..he comes to hall..

Lucky sees Sanskar coming n Swara is unconscious in his arms..

“Shoonnaaa (shouts in shock),, Shonaa,,
Sanskar what happened to her,,(tapping her cheeks) Shonaa..”.

Simin(is also in shock)- Take her to my room,, i’ll call d doctor…

After half n hour::

Sanksar-Doctor Shona is ok na? I mean any serious(Doctor cuts him)

Doctor-No Mr Sanskar,, everything is under control.. she was unconscious due to lake of breath..now she is perfectly fine..
I gave her injection,, she will get conscious after 2-3 hour..

Doctor is about to go but turnes around “One more thing,, don’t let her take much stress,, i guess she fainted bcz of mentel stress”..

Sanskar-Sure doctor.. now she is fine na!!

Doctor-yeah absolutely,, now i will take a leave..

Sanskar-Thnk u soo much doctor..

Doctor-its my pleasure..

Lucky is soo amazed to see Sanskar’s care for Swara..but he feels relief..

Sanskar’s condition is more worse then Swara.. tears r continuously flowing., he is damn scared,, feeling like his life is going away from him..

After sometime:::

Swara gets conscious n blabber “Water,, Water”…

Without wasting a moment Sanskar runs to her n make her drink water…

Swara again closes eyes due to injection effect..

Sanskar slowly makes her sleep n kisses her forehead…
N it was all seen by one person n she is Nia..

Seeing all this a lone tear escapes from her eyes..seems like she understands everything…

After 2 hour :::

Now Swara is perfectly fine… u all know na she is soo obedient.. sooooo,,,

1.” Shona What was that?
2. How can u be soo careless?
3.What u was doing when ur Dupatta caught fire?
4.Didn’t u see?
5.U have crossed boundary of carelessness!! Aisa bhi koy karta hai?
6. U r not a kid ook!! U have to take care of urself..?
7. What if something happened to u? 8.What if i didn’t reached at d nick of time ?
9.Have u ever thought !!! Haaa… (back to back questions of her Sanskuuuu)

But our Shona is listening all his questions very calmly just noding her head in YES or NO…

Sanskar gets irritated with her acts n says now what happened to u mouth can’t u answer me..

She again nods her head in YES..

“urghhh!! Then answer me”

“Hawwwww!! How can i talk when u r not even giving a single second to reply..”(with a cute pout)

Sanskar realises what he was saying n again says “Shona from next time b careful..if something happened to u,, what will i doo,, (sits near her n says without realising)

“Haaa!! Naaa ,, nothing happened to me m perfectly fit n fine ..seee!!! N if something happened then(Sanskar cuts her)

” shut ur mouth up, i dun wanna hear anything,, now take rest!!”(about to get up)

But Swara holds his hand n says “Awww !! My Sanskuu is angry with meยฟยฟยฟ
Sorry n n n a tight hug from both…

SWASAN r feeling bleesed in each other embrace…

There is a huge n blushing smile in our princess face n a confuse smile in our prince’s face…(*i don’t know how long they r gonna b like this)

Precap- New entry with…(+ or -) …

Done with d 10th part…
Thnk u soo much guyz for reading..
Guyzz r u finding it boaring!!!?
I mean m i dragging it..?
Plzz if u have any suggestions about it..then say me..
If i did any mistake then also say me i’ll try to make it good….

Thnk u..

God bless u all.. ;-*

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  1. Simin

    Kaku i am sooooo happy seeing sanskar’s care towards swara
    Her father huhhh how can he call her unlucky huhhh burn his hair

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooooo much Simmu..
      waaa!! our thoughts r soo same as i was thinking to burn his hair.. love u Simmu..
      Gd mrmg.. ;-*โ˜บ

  2. Malika

    Awesome yr monkey….. Really love sanskar care towards swara. Awwwww swasan part was superb…….. Who said you are dragging. Huuuhhhhhhh…. Awwww yr….. Love it…… I had miss this ff a lot….. Yr monkey thank God…… Today you updated ……really your writing skill is awesome….. They are correct….. Hmmmmm…… Hahahhhhhh…… New entry who is it. …..please update wooon… Love this f from core….. Hahahhhhhh and I had miss you also….. Happy diwali sorry I know I’m late……

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soooo much Diii ,,,
      waaa i also miss u n ur FFs… haaa !!! thnk god u loved SWASAN scenes…
      Thnk u once again…
      wooho new entry will b ………(it’s a secret u know)
      huhhh !!! Monkey *paralysed…

  3. Fairy

    Hey dear a big vala congratessssssss for d 10th episode??????keep on going lyk dis dear….superb work.!!!!!keep rockng n stay blessed sweety????????????n m waitng for my treat as u completed 10th episode!! ๐Ÿ˜› *love u…??????

    1. Kakali

      Waaaa !!! Thnk u sooo much Fairy,,
      Treat,, huhhhh kahe kaaa treat,, i was in hospital yesterday.. going mad thinking about upcoming exams.. mere toh raton ke need uud gaye hai…

      u2 stay bless dear…love u tooo… ;-*

      1. Fairy

        Hahahahhaha??oh god!!dnt wry deaar xamz mast hoga???itta mat pareshan hoo..โ˜บalll d v bst for ur xamz…i know u r gonna rock it!!????? love u more????????????????take care?

      2. Kakali

        Yoooo!!! I don’t have any other option except Rocking d exam.. otherwise my mom is always ready to throw me out of house… huhhhh !!!! ;( ;( :(:( literally crying on footpath… ;(

  4. Radhika..

    Di how dare u sa y it boring its very interesting and not at all boring and never ever say it boring u know why because I love the FFA and their cute masti and all .and today chappy was just out of words swara is so much hurt her pain u describe it so well di. I was like shocked after reading.how come someone do that much to their own child even till today if my dad by chance also say me something like that i will not talk to him and do many things but he always make me smile and always makw me happy . but i can’t think that there are person like this also in the society. And the pain . it is so emotional part. The way u descibe is so well and swara favourite song is ur favourite song to describe love i think so. And sanskar care and the back to back questions. Loved today part di and congrats di u completed 10 parts . and love the part and love u for giving such a beautiful story. ????

    1. Kakali

      Sorry Radhika for making u cute angry ,,,,
      we r blessed to have our hero papas.. but Swara is not at all i guess… rit…ยฟ

      yeah this one of my fav song of Aryana Grandy…
      thnk u sooo much for appreciating my work once again,, yr words mean a lot to meee..love u tooo..
      stay blessed dear… ;-*

  5. Hey Ms. Murderer..how are you dude…Must say your are becoming smart day by day…Good..N that is clearly shown in your writing..
    OK you asked me about Atif aslam song in the episode 8 but dear the song that you added in that episode was not that of Atif Aslam that’s why I asked you to add one..
    Ok no problem I won’t leave you so easily N will eat up your brain till you listen to his songs N till you add one in your ff…
    Ok Cya…takecare N have a blessed day ahead….

    1. Kakali

      Ahhaa!! Lady Gabbar,, where were u in these decads… haaa !!!
      waaa thnk u soooo much dear,,, n dun worry i’ll surely add Attif Aslam’s song but i really have no idea about d one u mentioned in chappy 8…
      i’ll some other one.. is that ok ?
      u2 take care dear… stay blessed .. have a beautiful day ahead.. ;-*

  6. Rabia

    Awesomeee kakalii and post few more epis this week plz ?? because it is becoming tough for me in this week also ?

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soooo much Diii ,,,
      n yoooo i”ll try to post tomorrow for sure diii,, but u know it’s getting so hard to even reply u all..
      God ji is taking my tests before tests.. haaa !!!
      u made me soo emotional .. huhhhh !!! ;( ;( ;* ;(

      1. Rabia

        Nooo problemmm i will ask after coming ???

      2. Kakali

        Diii i have bunked one of my class n writing.. dun worry today evening i’ll upload it….. God jii help me…

  7. Shreeyu

    Superb one Di …. Just Loved it

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soooo much Cutieeee !!! m glad u loved it.. ;-*

  8. Hemanshi

    Kaku awesome……loved it my teddy bear……muahhhhhh ……..itna emotional chapter……loved Sanky’s care for our innocent shona…..

    Bechari swara bechari ko sanky k kitne saare questions sun ne padhe……

    But the episode was cute and awesome????

    Love u bye tc…..??

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Diii ,,,
      waaa!! Shona is bechariii,,,, My God… i will go to ICU.. hahahah !! m glad u loved d emotional scenes.. i thought it will not upto u all people’s marks..
      haaa !! once again thnk u.. ;-*
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      1. Kakali

        Thnk u sooo much once again…,,, waaa Semma means nice rit??
        huhuhu i dun know tamil/telegu…

    2. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much my dear cute Sis.. ;-*

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    Kakali…go and see…. the water level in the river must have reduced…..all the water came into our eyes reading this ep. I was crying until i saw my name…..i started clapping after seeing my name….

    Congrats for 10th ep

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soooo much Vyshuuu !!!
      haa ho gaya pyar,, ho gayyaa,, par ab vukamp ke liye jyada der nehi.. hahah…
      waaa !!! that’s why i was thinking all of a sudden from where d tsunami came?
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    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Mahuuu for ur wonderful comment…
      yeah, Swara hides her pain n she beared a lot but allas she has to bear more…
      i too hate Sekher,,
      glad u loved Sanskar’s care for her…
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      Thnk u for ur advice… ;-*

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      1. IQRA222

        di its actually my pleasure
        and sorry that i never commented before
        but i was a loyal reader

      2. Kakali

        Awwww!!! thnk u soooo much dear… it mean u was a silent reader.. waaa!!! welcome to d SWASAN paradise IQRA… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. Kakali

      Yess,, lovely it’s a SWASAN SS only… due to some problem,, i couldn’t able to change d cover pic…
      ohhhooo!!! this happened with many people… but now they have use of it…
      huhuhuhu!!! Thnk u sooo much dear… ;-*

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      Thnk u soooo much dear,,, u2 keep smiling dear.. love u tooooo… ;-*

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    1. Kakali

      Awww!!! Chanu reading ur comment,, a bright smile is r not ready to leave my lips…
      Haa dear,, she knows to sing also.. gimme hifi..
      waaa!!! me n cuteeee *paralysed
      Huhuhu!!! i myself dun know how i wrote it… n u know what my sister was literally laughing reading d chappy.. she was checking my temperature whether m okk or not…
      Thnk u sooo much for appreciating my work dear,,
      woohhoo!!! Chanu my teaser is not yet started.. huhuu!!!
      Dreamland… wakeee up chanuuuu*jerking her…
      yooo Nia understands everything… hahah !!!!
      u know na SWASAN is made for each other…
      okk okkk meri maa i won’t call it boaring…okkk!!!

      no dear,, it was just a small accident…nothing else… now m totally fine.. but 3-4 bandages thats all…
      huhhh!!! u have became 2nd Sanskar lagta hai chappy ka assar hai… huhuhuuu….
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  23. How can someone say to her own daughter that she is unlucky and that he hate her..I can’t understand how swara felt at that time…for me my father is everything…but happy to see sankys care towards swara…really emotional that part….btw take care of yourself too…

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooooo much Tharuuuu !!!!
      sometimes it happens dear,,, blaming a new born child for her mother’s death is not a new thing.. it’s a old tradition,,, which is aaome people following very proudly… n Sekher is one of themmm….
      yooo our Papa is everything for us… but Swara is not lucky enough u know… n she has to bear more… ;-*
      m glad u loved Sanskar’s care to her…

  24. Anniya

    Again I am late…..
    This part is really awsm one, sry if I had not cmnted on previous part. What to do I forget sometimes to cmnt( with puppy eyes

    1. Kakali

      Anniya!!! ur puppy eyes always melts mee… damn!!! u r a illigal blackmailer…huhhh!!!
      No problem dear…BDW thnk u sooooo much …. ;-*

  25. Mica

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    1. Kakali

      U said u can’t write long comment… huuah haa haa !!! then what is this?
      Mica it doesn’t matter u write long or short comment.. i just need u alls review Whether it’s in one word or hundred…
      BDW thnk u soooo much dear….
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