Dream scenes of Kriyam 2 part 9

Dream scenes of Kriyam 2 part 9

Hi…Guys… thank you so much… for your support.. actually I was literally down…To see very less comments.. I thought I’m not enough to make a huge audience to read ma ff… so.. I want to thank all from the bottom of my heart to those readers who find time to comment and console me through words.. Thank you for the moral support… it’s really needed for me… thank you once again.. keep reading and commenting.. love you all… 😘😘😘

Scene 1

It’s morning.. Krishna is waking up.. she stretched her body and yawned adorably.. she opens her drowsy eyes.. quickly got up from bed.. thinking It’s Sayyam’s birthday..
Krishna looked at the bed..But couldn’t find Sayyam… Krishna thinks where did he go..That too early..May be went for jogging.. she went washroom.. she took a bath..Came back… and getting ready.. still there is no signs of Sayyam.. she thought..If he went to jogging..He will be back by now.. she dials his number.. it’s ringing..But nobody answering…
Krishna went to hall.. she thought to tell about Sayyam’s b’day to Suhani.. and still trying Sayyam on phone.. she met Suhani I’m kitchen..

Krishna : aunty..I want to talk to you..
Suhani : haan.. Krishna bolo..
Krishna : aunty aaj Sayyam ka b’day hai..Suhani looked at Krishna..In surprise..But then it’s fade away ..The flashes of last year came into her mind..Tears running down her cheeks..
Suhani : mein nahi buri maa hai na Krishna…
Krishna : aunty.. Please don’t say that.. we can’t change the past..But we can forget the past by making a beautiful today..
Suhani : haan.. Krishna.. tum teek kah rahi ho..

Krishna : wo mein ne socha uskeliye ek surprise party rakhoon..
Suhani : acha idea hai.. Sayyam kahan hai..??
Krishna : pata nahi aunty..Subah se gayab hai.. phone bi nahi lag raha hai..
Suhani : acha hai.. we will start preparations..OK..
Krishna : ok
They all started decorate the house and all other preparations..

Sayyam is driving…He is searching something on each side of the road.. at last he found it.. he sighs..In mixed emotions.. It’s his orphanage where he grew up.. he stopped the car near the name board.. looked at it.. name is not clear due rust on the board… he then drive through a pocket road.. to the direction in the board. He reached..and parked the car in front of the orphanage.. he looked everywhere.. nothing changed so..The paint and inmates…He looked at the children playing there.. some of them gathered before him.. there is a ray of hope in everyone’s eyes.. Sayyam found himself in each of them.. he smiled broadly…open the door and turns with a chocolate boxes.. their eyes got widened..They jumped with joy.. some old man come there..
Old man : sambalke…Bacho… sabko dena hai..

Sayyam smiled at them..
OM : who are you.. are you came here to give some donation …??
Sayyam let out a sigh…
Sayyam : I was an inmate here..
OM : oh…Acha… mein yahaan nayi hai..

Sayyam : Ramu kaka…??
OM : wo…chali gayi..Sabko chodkar.. 3 mahine pehle..
Sayyam : (eyes filled with tears)..Ah…Mein ek bar dekh saktha hum..Antar..
OM : haan..kyun nahi..

Sayyam entered into orphanage..Nothing changed.. Little renovation… he went his room..There is new coats and beds are there.. he looked on wall ..Found his name on it… It’s still there… he sat on the floor where he used to sleep.. he leaned over..the floor …looked at the roof…Placing his hands under his head.. he turns to a side..He found himself.. lying on the floor little Sayyam.. shivering.. Sayyam extended his hand to him but he fades away.. a single drop of tears flows down through his cheek..he stood up..Went to back side..

He remembers..This is the place where he spend his most of the time.. when he missed his parents he used to come here..Sat on the rock.. thinking why I’m alone.. Where are my parents..Why they left me here.. he touches the wall..Scratched a spot.. “I hate you maa” scribbled there.. he felt a grieving pain in his heart..Tears flows down through his cheeks.. after a while he felt little light in his mind… he pick up a stone and try erase it..But the stock e was sharp leaving a wound on his hand.. blood started to oozes out…

Sayyam went to the hall..Find everyone in queue.. waiting for breakfast.. he smiled and take one plate being in queue.. he ate his breakfast with them.. while coming back he give a blank cheque to OM.. he looked at him with thankful smile..He blessed him..

Sayyam started the engine..His phone is ringing..He forgot to take it.. he is about to take it..but..In vain.. he checked.. 21 miss calls..from Krishna.. oh..God… Krishna.. what happened..Is there any problem at home.. he tries to dial but Krishna call again..So he take the call…
Sayyam : haan Krishna..
Krishna : Sayyam tum teek ho.. kahan chala gaya tha.. ? Phone kyun nahi uda raha hai..?
Her fear, care and concern everything flowing in that words.. he can sense how much frightened she was..

Sayyam: Krishna ..relax… I’m fine…
Krishna : aise bina bathaye.. where were you..??
Sayyam : (thinks what to say) ..Ahem..I .. I…was in a meeting..
Krishna : jhoot mat bolo.. Sayyam..
Sayyam eyes got widened.. how she knew that I’m lying..
Sayyam : no.. Actually I was in meeting..So couldn’t take the call..

Krishna : ok.. come home asap.. patha hai kitna dar nayi thi mein..Bina bathaye chala gaya upper se phone bi nahi..Uda raha hai.. jaldi aao..
Sayyam : (smiled at her concern) ya.. I’m coming…
He smiled broadly… thinking about Krishna.. he steps on the accelerator..

Krishna was putting flower on the top of the pillars..with much difficulty.. she step on the ladder..And extended her hand to fix the flower on pillars and near by areas.. then she spotted Sayyam on the way.. Sayyam in deep thoughts…He didn’t see Krishna.. Krishna thought to seek his attention.. so she pretends to fall…Screams.. aarhhh… but she really misbalanced..While pretending and falls.. she shut eyes… but she didn’t touch the ground…
Krishna smiled still closing her eyes..
Krishna : mujhe patha tha tum..
She get shocked it’s Yuvraj…
Krishna : da…Da..Dadu..Aap..

She felt embarrassed…Looked down..
Yuvraj hold his back…
Yuvraj : you just put on weight Krishna..Such mein.. jab chotti thi..pathli jaisi thi..
Krishna opens her mouth ..Pouts cutely..
Krishna : Dadu….
Yuvraj : just kidding.. by the way you were expecting someone else..Huh..?

Krishna blushed and looked down..
Yuvraj : I know..I know…He just went to room now.. what’s all this (looking at decorations)
Suhani : I was going to tell you.. Yuvraj.. aaj Sayyam ka b’day hai..
Yuvraj : oh..Really.. use dekh ke Aisa kuch nahi lag raha tha..
Suhani : he didn’t know..That we are doing this for him..

Yuvraj : oh..Ok.. mujhe kya karna hai..
Suhani and Krishna : dadi ko manana hai..
Yuvraj : expected…Hmmm..Ok..
Everyone laughs…

Precap : Sayyam came out of his room to hall.. suddenly spot light falls on him.. he is stunned..

Sorry guys..You are all expected a b’day party..But sorry.. when I started to write this the orphanage story was not a part in my story line.. it’s just pop out.. While writing.. so sorry… I assure you all next one about the b’day party..Only.. keep commenting and reading.. give me your support..and love… thank you all..Love ya..


  1. Isha

    Superb!! U really showed his past and his pain through ur writing and it was well written.. 🙂

  2. Dinu

    Fabulous epi dr.I loved it soooooo much. U r such a talented writer.cvs should learn frm u how 2 write.loved d scene where yuvi hold Krishna instead of sayyam. 😂😂😂 poor Krishna. DinuI can imagine her heartbroken expression😂 loved orphanage scene also.it was heart touching. Eagerly waiting 4 d nxt epi.plz post soon. Till then bye dr tc😘😘

  3. AnahitaAnnie


    |Registered Member

    Loved the whole ff sooo much. Really it sooo good. I mean all the emotions and a perfect blend of comedy. My most fav part was whrn Suhani and krish tells to Yuvraj about pacifying dadi. Wow it was sooo funny. In all an excellent part….😍

  4. Aarti32


    |Registered Member

    See, I want to say something..Now plzz end dis part n start part 3.. I was so excited dat u’ll write abt d dream scenes of Kriyyam..But dis is getting way too long..
    It was jst a suggestion..Rest is upto u!!😃😃

    • Fidato



      I didn’t thought about that.. Anyway I will try both parallel.. if u have any suggestions u r most welcome.. tell me any episode in which u wanted more kriyyam scenes.. I will try ma best..

  5. Zani Saleem

    That story about orphan just touched my soul!!!I really can understand that how must be the orphan children are living their lives and it happen just because of yew!!!The episode was full of love and emotions❤well done girl🔥

  6. Zani Saleem

    That story about orphan just touched my soul!!!I really can understand that how must be the orphan children are living their lives and it happen just because of yew..Thank yew for making me realize something☺!!!The episode was full of love and emotions❤well done girl🔥

    • Fidato



      Ya.. zani.. we are so blessed…With loving and caring parents… It’s just words..But in real life..How much painful it will be ….it’s beyond imagination..

  7. shivani

    Extremely emotional and full of unexpressed feelings and hidden thoughts. The episode was an amazing blend of comedy, love, care, concern, sadness and pain. All of the abive gained equal importance in this episode and were beautifully described.
    The episode was beyond my imaginations. I am left clueless as to what to type right now…
    So goodbye for now. Let me come back to my senses and then I will comment.

  8. yura

    Oh thank you so much fidato. Orphanage scenes were mind blowing. Serial mein bhi aisa kuch dikhaya toh kitna accha rahega. Beautifully written. Waiting for saiyyam ‘ s birthday party.

    • Fidato



      Yes… Yura.. u r ryt… There are a lot of stories in ssel they can show..it will increase to also..But they showing baby dadi…Drama.. let’s hope the best..

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