Dream scenes of Kriyam 2 part 8

Dream scenes of Kriyam 2 part 8

Hi… everyone….hope u all fine … actually I’m from Kerala.. Srishti is visiting my homeland.. This is festive season..for us and all family gathering.. So maybe i couldn’t upload in a regular intervals..So sorry guys… i know very few of them reading my ff.. Regularly.. but it’s ok.. I’m not a skilled writer.. and u people are busy with exams.. still some of them giving their valuable time for me… It’s really big thing for me… keep commenting..And supporting..Me guys.. love you all ? ? ?

Scene 1

Krishna is in kitchen.. thinking about Suhani’s words… she didn’t go to their room because she didn’t want to face Sayyam after what she did… in morning..
She blushed…when she think about the kiss.. It’s just a peck..but Sayyam was shocked..He didn’t expect such brave move from Krishna​..She was so sure about it.. she was smiling while doing her kitchen work. Suhani notice Krishna…

Suhani : what happened…Aaj bahut khushi ho rahi hai.. huh?
Krishna came out her thoughts..
Krishna : huh… wo kuch nahi aunty..Bas aisi..hi..
Suhani : it’s getting late..Enough…You just go and sleep..
Krishna : Little more aunty..
Suhani : Bas mein ne kehthiya Na..Bas..
Krishna : OK aunty… gudnyt
Suhani : gudnyt…Beta..

Krishna thinks while walking… please Bhagavanji…Make him sleep early..today please.. how can I face him… she reaches their room..She peeps into their room.. she felt relieved watching Sayyam sleeping peacefully holding his pillow.. she sighs happily…Went to change her dress..

She slowly open the cupboard.. without making any sound.. she looking at Sayyam
While searching for her night dress..Some files fall from cupboard.. Krishna shut her eyes.. tight..Then opens.. to see Sayyam..But he is sleeping… peacefully..
Krishna pick up the files fallen from cupboard to take it back in place.. some photos and papers falls.. she took it.. It’s Sayyam’s photos of childhood.. she smiled and looked at him.. then she find his passport..She opens it..Find his name Sayyam..There is no surname in it..(I dunno whether there is any surname for him) she felt sad.. Then she look at the date of birth..then at the calendar.. tomorrow.. then she looked at clock it 11.58 means 2 minutes more..
(u know guys when yuvan proposed Krishna with letter written with his blood she was telling him that you changed a lot in one year so…birthday again)
She came near to his bed.. then flashes of his last year birthday came to her mind.. Everyone hated him that time.. so he forced everyone to come to the party..With a lie.. forcibly made Suhani feed cake to him..and the slap.. Everything flashes in a second..
Krishna looked at him.. I didn’t know that you bearing that much pain in you..At that time.. you just wanted the love that didn’t get.. when you didn’t get it..You try to snatch it… she sat on her knee beside him.. Sayyam is sleeping adorably..Like a child.. her hand lifted towards him without her permission.. caressed his hair and face… clock ticked 12.. she came more closer to his ear..And whispers.. “happy birthday Sayyam”
A single piece of her hair fall on him… that make him awake…
Sayyam screams… Krishna hold his mouth with her hand make him shut..
Krishna : ssshhh … chillao mat..
Sayyam breath heavily…Still in a fear… looked at Krishna questioningly..He hold his chest… Krishna quickly take out her hand..
Sayyam : (still in shock) what are you doing here..?
Krishna thinks what to say..
Krishna : wo..Me..mein..
Sayyam : kya.. Kya mein kya..huh??
Krishna : wo ..Mein cockroach..
Sayyam : what tum cockroach.. connection kya hai..?
Krishna : nahi..connection nahi.. wo tumhare baal mein thi mein hats raha tha..
Sayyam : (looks at her disbelief) really.. Khan hai.. I couldn’t see any..
Krishna : (gulps) tumne chillakar bhagaya hai na…kahan milegi..?
Sayyam somewhat convinced.. he brushed his hair with his hand… Krishna turns and blows out some air in relief….
Sayyam looked everywhere..then turn back to sleep.. Krishna went to wash room for change..
She came back.. after changing.. she thinks.. what to do.. I will tell this to Suhani aunty.. morning.. Sayyam just wait..You won’t be forget this birthday ever in your life… I promise you..You will forget all those birthday in your past that give you only pain and loneliness.. she glances at Sayyam.. again.. smiled.. it will be a great surprise for you.. Sayyam.. she leaned over sofa… tucked in..and slept…

Precap : Krishna is doing decorations.. she saw Sayyam coming on the way…she misbalanced and falls..

Hi..Guys.. I know this is a short one.. sorry… keep commenting.. and support me… forgive my mistakes.. love you all…

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  1. Nice epi waiting for next one

  2. Awesome

  3. AnahitaAnnie

    Wow It was fantastic Fidato. Loved the kriyam scenes. Can’t wait for his birthday…. When r u updating next..

  4. Aarti32

    Nice one..N a cute surprise ahead, I guess??

    1. Fidato

      Yep…Cute surprise..U r ryt.. aarti

  5. V nic episode u r a v good writer.waiting for next episode

    1. Fidato

      thank you dear

  6. Fidato

    Thank you kriyyam fan, Sunni and Annie…

  7. Fidato

    Sorry **sinni

  8. Awesome…first time saiyyam’s birthday in any ff…waiting for next part please update soon

    1. Fidato

      Yep…birthday… first time..Thank you
      Wish me luck so that I can meet our expectations..

  9. Wht r u saying yaar.u r a amazing writer. If u dn’t get much comments dat didn’t mean dat u r a bad writer.there r many silent readers like me who don’t comment usually bt dey read every ffs.and I love 2dy epi 2 d core.hope scenes like dis shows in d ssel also.bt nevermind.there r lot of amazing writers 2 cure our heart by their beautiful ffs like u.??tnk u so much 4 writing beautiful scenes like dis.it made our day.bless u dr.tc byee???? Eagerly waiting 4 sayyam’s b’day prty????

    1. Fidato

      Thank you dear…. For the lovely comments.. through comments only..I got to know that you are enjoying ma ff.. that’s why… Anyway…Thank you…

  10. Its intensely emotional and beautiful fidato. All descriptions were absolutely vivid and could be envisioned in the best possible way. The dialogues and words were stupendous. Krishna’s actions and thoughts were truly adorable and loving. Feeling bad for sayyam and sincerely hope for krishna’s wish to come true.

  11. Your writing is unique and original fidato. Please do not make the mistake of thinking that you are inferior to other writers in any respect. Comparison only leads to disappointment and perpetual downfall of a person. Therefore shun the thought that people dislike your story because the number of comments can in no way gauge the grandeur of a story. Some people prefer to be silent and do not express their emotions by commenting. But the fact lays undenied that many people read your story and love it immensely.
    So please do not underestimate yourself and become gloomy. Continue writing for the glory of the world.
    Praise and admiration I offer unto you…

    1. Fidato

      Thank you shivani… Himmat bada diya tumne meri… Thank you for your support….

  12. Very nice update. Saiyyam birthday….nice thought. Update asap

    1. Fidato

      Thank you…Will do soon..

  13. It’s amazing.. I loved this part was waiting since very long… Nd don’t think people are not reading it they are just not commenting that’s all but you story is different from others.. So be confident.. Nd enjoy ur festivals.. Will wait for the next part!! ??

  14. Fidato

    Thank you Aveesha..
    Thank you for the support….

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