Dream scenes of Kriyam 2 part 7

Dream scenes of Kriyam 2 part 7

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Scene 1

Sayyam looked at Krishna so intense… she closed her eyes..being scared… how can i give a punishment to her..I just can’t​ think about it… But she ruined my kheer that too..Maa ki banaya huwa kheer… especially for me… i can’t let it go Krishna.. Sayyam thinks.. what to do.. he pulls her more closer..They can feel each other’s breath..and ? beat too.. Krishna felt a shiver down through her spine when his warm breath touch her cheek.. he came closer and brushed his beard against her soft cheeks..He smiled with a smirk watching Krishna is helpless.. she shut her eyes tightly…
Sayyam : what happened… Silent mode pe chali gayi…?

Krishna : (open her eyes) huh…
Sayyam loosen his grip on Krishna..smiling… Krishna breaths heavily..looked down..
Sayyam : i know it’s not a punishment..But this time I’m giving you just warning…
He smiled little bites his lip and put hands in his pocket..In Sayyam style…
Krishna get relieved..She sighs..And about to go.. but stops.. She think about suhani the way she motivate her… we are not less to anyone.. you should give a fitting reply to anyone that is needed… Krishna feels confident thinking about this.. Sayyam you just wait and watch..

Krishna​ turns to Sayyam come closer to him.. she clears her throat.. Sayyam thinks hmm.. She’s still here.. he turns… feel a feather touch on his cheek.. It’s Krishna’s hand.. Sayyam surprisingly look at her… She come more closer to him.. this time.. Sayyam felt uneasy.. tries to smile but in vain.. she hold his face more closer to her..

Krishna places a soft kiss on his cheek.. Sayyam eyes get widens…He opens his mouth unknowingly… He felt like his heart stop beating..He was dumbstruck.. to Krishna’s action.. he stood like a statue.. Krishna smiled broadly..watching his state..

Krishna : what happened …?? Phone hang ho gayi…??
Sayyam came back to senses.. He took little more time to compose himself..
Sayyam : what..?
Krishna giggles​… Sayyam is furious to watch her mocking him.. he became serious. Krishna noticed his expression changing..She sense the danger
Sayyam : tumhe tho mein..
Krishna rushed out..Laughing..

Sayyam looked himself in mirror.. what just happened.. Krishna..She kissed me.. he touches his face where Krishna kissed him.. a smile crept on his face.. damn it Sayyam..She taunts you and you are smiling.. what is happening when she around you​.. what is this new feeling.. something drags you towards her… it’s not just attraction.. to her innocence or cuteness.. Something else..

Outside hall

Krishna smiling at what she did..She kissed him..Wow Krishna..You just did it.. Why can’t he understands.. that how much i love him.. why he is always back off.. you need to understand Sayyam… your concern, scolding and care everything..is love.. when will he accept this unnamed relationship into a true relationship.. someone hold her by hand.. she stopped.. and looked at the person..
It’s none other than suhani.. she smiled at suhani..
Krishna : what happened aunty..? Kuch kam hai kya..
Suhani : yeah..Aao meri saath or baitho..
Krishna sit with her…Looks confused..
Suhani : Krishna beta.. i dunno how to thank you…For Sayyam.. i know you are doing so much for him..
Krishna : what is this.. Aunty..?? Beta or thank you it’s just not fair ok…
Suhani : i know… Krishna..But still i want to say..If you aren’t here to help me.. with him i would have lost him.. forever.. tumne Jo pyaar de diya use wo mujhse nahi ho payi.. I’m so proud of you..Tumhe meri beti kehthe huye …
Krishna : Aunty please… don’t
say this… it my duty..Or responsibility.. towards him.. i just love… (Krishna stops)
Suhani : (smiles) pyaar ho gaya..
Krishna looks down blushing…
Suhani : you know what Krishna.. me and yuvraj is also like you two..But when we get to know each other.. we fall in love..
Krishna : but aunty.. Sayyam didn’t want to accept this relationship.. jab bhi mein khadam badathi hum.. wo piche hat jaatha hai..
Suhani : it’s just because of his fear… fear to lose you..
Krishna looked at suhani surprised..

Suhani : u know what..When i got married to yuvraj he used to hate..me everything i do is irritating him so much.. but when we get to know each other..We became best friends..Then we slowly..Fall for each other unknowingly… that’s love.. we never know when, how it going to happen.. when we realised our love..But scared to tell each other.. because I’m not sure that yuvraj also has the same feeling that i do..and i don’t want to lose his friendship.. so in that fear..We never confess our love to each other..but it was the biggest mistake we have ever done..It take our life up side down..and you know what all the consequence we had to face for that single mistake..

Krishna listening carefully suhani… she think about the moments spend with Sayyam.. it’s true..I didn’t know when i started to fall for him… he also used to hate me.. he throw a bucket full of water on me in the first night and made me slept on floor.. I’m also hate him… i thought it’s better I’m dead than his wife..But.. all changes with time..

Suhani : i know he never get love that he wanted..that he deserves to get.. always ignored.. hatred​.. i can’t just imagine the hardships he went through… this small age.. please Krishna..Be with him… always..Kabhi use chodke mat jaana… Jo pyaar mein nahi de payi wo saari pyaar khushiyan..tum de dogi…
Suhani held Krishna’s hand in her.. Krishna smiles with watery eyes..nods giving an assurance to Suhani..

Precap : Krishna find something in Sayyam’s cupboard..that made her smile broadly.. Krishna ‘Sayyam you won’t forget this day…’

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