Dream scenes of Kriyam 2 part 6

Dream scenes of Kriyam 2 part 6

Sorry guys..actually I submitted this part yesterday but it got rejected by TU due to I’m using more Hindi words they says…so I changed every convo into English and resubmiting it now.. Sorry…

Scene 1

Kriyam lost in each other…. Both looked at each other’s eyes…they were talking so much…than they talk to each other… filled with emotions… They are in state of floating….in some other world.. they don’t know what’s happening in surrounding…they don’t want to know.. just want to live the moment forever…
‘Sayyam , Krishna jaldi aao… naashta ready..’
Suhani’s sound broke their eye lock..and thoughts… they looked around.. understand their position… stood up suddenly..composed themselves…
They felt awkward… didn’t look each other.. Sayyam about to go…
Krishna : Sayyam…ahem.. please…dont tell anyone about yesterday night..
Sayyam : (didn’t turns.. grinned in his style one side) aah…I will think about it….?

Krishna opens her mouth..and pouts…
Krishna : what do you mean…???
Sayyam : exactly what I said…
Krishna huffed…moves her lips to a corner..and looked away..
Sayyam : (grinned again slightly bite his lips) or haan.. When you come just look yourself in.. mirror…
Krishna :(confused) kyun..?? I won’t…
Sayyam : (serious tone)you didn’t apply sindoor on forehead…
Krishna surprised… looked at him lovingly… he went to hall.. keeping his hands pocket.. Krishna smiled..looked at her in mirror.. he noticed that I didn’t put sindoor..she blushed… she took a pinch of sindoor from sindoor box..and apply it on her forehead.. she sighed happily… she then went to join with everyone…

Krishna come to the hall… Sayyam is already there with his phone.. typing something..she looked at him..but he ignored her… Krishna…in mind.. akad tho dekho..then she looked around.. everyone smiling teasingly… Krishna thinks what happened to everyone…why everyone smiling at me.. then she remembers.. was Sayyam told everything to about yesterday.
Suhani : (clears throat) Krishna.. How’s the party..? (Looking at Sayyam)
Krishna : (confused) ahem..it’s was fine Aunty..
Suhani : that’s it…?

Krishna : Nahi..actually it was fantastic.. I was enjoyed…a lot..
Suhani : haan…wo tho dikhi raha..hain… (smiled playfully)..
Krishna furiously looked at Sayyam…but he turns..and talking in phone… Krishna went to kitchen..
Krishna thinks..everyone behaving weird.. I’m sure Sayyam..told everything to everyone.. Krishna take spoon and throw it in on floor being angry. Yuvaani came there..she looked at angry Krishna.. Thought to add some more…
Yuvaani : acha Krishna.. How was party..??

Krishna: (smiles fake) it was good..yuvaani..
Yuvaani : did you dance with Sayyam.. and drinks…??
Krishna get shocked.. Now she damn sure about Sayyam…I won’t leave you.. Sayyam ke bache..
Yuvaani : hello…were you lost..??
Krishna : nothing.. Help me..everyone waiting …
Yuvaani : that means.. Tum ne drink pee li..??

Krishna : (was thinking about Sayyam) haan.. I mean nahi…mein…wo..
Yuvaani : hmm i understood… now you both can give company to eo..wow..
Krishna : it’s not like that..and yes Yuvaani.. Sayyam used to drink but not now.…
Yuvaani : (opened her mouth in shock) what…you are defending him.. Wow..love is in the air…
Krishna embarrassed…to what she blurt out…
Yuvaani : (smirks) in fact.. Not only in air we can see it on face too…
She laughed… Krishna confused again.. What in face…kya matlab..hoga..
Krishna and Yuvaani serving to everyone..
Sayyam still in phone… Krishna angrily looking at him…
Suhani : Sayyam aao..sab laga diya..hai..

Sayyam as an obedient child take his seat.. Krishna passes Sayyam.. He looked at her.. Then move the chair next to him for her.. Krishna gave him a stern look..and go opposite side..
Suhani : (can’t stop grinning) Sayyam everything alryt…?
Sayyam : yeah everything alright.. Why what happened ? Why everyone smiling at me..?
Suhani : nahi..kuch nahi…aaj tumhe dekhne bohut achha lagtha hai..
Sayyam smile confused..
Suhani : Krishna.. Main ne Sayyam ke liye kheer banaya tha..wo bhi leke de dho..use..

Sayyam surprised… and felt so good.. He was waiting for this day for years.. Maa ki hathom ki khana baat hi kuch or hai.. He looked at his mother lovingly…
Krishna put the kheer bowl loudly on the table near Sayyam..brought him back to reality.. Sayyam noticed Krishna.. What happened to her..when she was in room everything alryt suddenly she became Jhansi ki raani… Krishna goes to opposite side..and she about to sit..looked around..everyone smiling seeing Sayyam.. Krishna then noticed Sayyam..and hell shocked..to find the reason..

Sayyam was about eat..but Krishna hold his hand..he looked at her with open mouth…
Krishna : Sayyam…I wana talk..it’s urgent…come with me now..
Sayyam : now..let me have my breakfast first..
Krishna : no..come with me ryt now..
Sayyam : but..kheer tho khane do..
Krishna dragged him..but he managed to take the kheer bowl.. Everyone burst into laughter..

Kriyam room

Krishna dragged Sayyam..into room and bolted the door.. She is panting..
Sayyam : (stern voice) what’s all this..?? He raised his eyebrows.. Krishna holding her dupatta..twisting..
Sayyam : I’m asking you..
Krishna turns towards him..came closer.. Sayyam surprised.. Krishna looked at him..hold his face and turns towards mirror.. Sayyam looked at mirror and find something..that took his breath..

There is lipstick marks on his cheek.. Sayyam wondered..what the.. Yeh kaise..
Then he remembered morning incident.. Sayyam turns to Krishna..
Krishna standing there..feeling guilty.. She looked down.. Sayyam was furious.. Krishna didn’t look at him..
Sayyam : what is this..??
Krishna : (slowly looking at him bit awkward) wo…mein
Sayyam : everything just because of your stupidity..
Krishna : (pretends to not scared) oh..hello.. It’s not my fault..you made me fall on you…
Sayyam realised..that’s true…
She take a tissue from box and give to him..

Krishna : ye lo…
Sayyam take it and wipes off the mark..
Sayyam : so…that’s why everyone smiling at me and you didn’t try to tell me..
Krishna : how do I know.. Jab mujhe patha chala main tumhe yahan keench kar laya hu na…
Sayyam : damn it…how can I go outside now..?
Krishna : yeah..what to do..?
Sayyam : it’s good I took the kheer bowl..

He took spoon full of kheer into his mouth.. Pthooo…. He spit it out suddenly… he make faces.. Krishna is shocked and slapped her head..
Sayyam : yeh itna khatiya..kheer..
Krishna : wo…Sayyam.. Mein…I’m sorry..
Sayyam looks confused..
Krishna : i thought you told everyone about yesterday night and that’s why everyone laughing at me..
Sayyam sternly looked at her..

Krishna : so.. I add salt to the kheer..
She looked down..
Sayyam came near…twisted her arm on her back and pulled her towards him…
Krishna scream a little..to his sudden action…and looked at him scared…
Sayyam : so you wana take revenge..huh..??
He raised his eyebrows..
Krishna could not face him..she looked down.. He came more closer..Krishna get aware of his closeness…
Sayyam : you deserve a punishment..for this..
He smirked… seeing Krishna closed her eyes..

Precap : Sayyam is shocked to Krishna’s action…??

Sorry sorry… Guys… For the late update… hope you all doing good in exams…and please forgive me..for late and my mistakes…. Why Sayyam is shocked.. Any guesses..?? Do comment… Please..

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