Dream scenes of Kriyam 2 part 5

Dream scenes of Kriyam 2 part 5

Hi… Kudrat thank you so much..for your lovely comment..there is so much innocence in that..even though I’m getting very less comments..m totally satisfied by the the regular readers..love you guys.. here is the next part.

Scene 1

Sayyam and Krishna were so closed to each other. Sayyam caresses her face..she smiled shyly…her face become red…. Sayyam couldn’t control…his fingers running through her face, nose and lips.. his eyes got stuck at her lips..he was thirsty….to suck it a whole..he was coming closer unknowingly… she became nervous coz of his close proximity.. he can hear her heart beats so loud..and her breathing rate increased according to his closeness.. she clutches on his t shirt …there is cm gap between their lips.. Krishna turns her face… Sayyam disappointed…while she turns.. he is about to go..but Krishna stopped him..he looked at her intensely.. she lied down…and he came over her.. he gently placed kiss on her forehead.. Krishna closed her eyes..he come near her eyes..and kissed those big brown eyes.. then he give peck on her nose..she smiled.. then coming towards her lips…he is about go but she turns again.. Sayyam was little angry this..time..he then smiled mischievously…looked at her blouse’s dori.. he open the knot…giving a shock to Krishna..but she didn’t turn..she clutches the pillows.. Sayyam smiled at her nervousness…he then pull out her blouse from her shoulder..to a side..revealing her bare shoulder..placed a kiss.. Krishna was shivering… breathing heavily… Sayyam move towards her neck..and buried himself on her neck.. Krishna couldn’t bear she was startling..let out a loud sigh in pleasure… Krishna get goosebumps all over her body. Krishna turns without Sayyam and hugged him suddenly… Sayyam smiled victoriously…. Kissed on the other side.. both breathing heavily… both drenched on an unknown happiness … Sayyam coming towards what he was left twice…this time Krishna didn’t turn..but to his surprise..she put her hands around his neck..and pull him closer… both lost in their world…they don’t know what is happening..just getting closer and closer.. finally they meet..both shivering..let a current passing right through their spine..felt a tickle in their stomach..they kissed..

Sayyam open his eyes..saw the roof…he shut his eyes.. he is kissing Krishna on her lips.. he just open..he found the roof again..he shook his head..found the roof nothing else.. what in earth..he thought.. was it a dream…he looked around..damn it…yes in my room..was that just a dream..he is sweating..tries to get up..but he couldn’t.. he felt an unusual weight on his left side..

Sayyam..found it’s nothing else … Krishna sleeping peacefully..on his chest..wrapping her arm around him.. he couldn’t believe that…how could you Sayyam…how could you have a dream like that… Sayyam thinks just get up..before Krishna wake up..if she found out like this.. there will be big trouble.. so he got up without disturbing her sleep and went to wash room.
Krishna stretched her body…she yawned adorably…and got up ..then tries to open her eyes.. there is an unusual weight on her head and pain.. she shut her eyes hold her head pressing with hands. She try to remember what happened yesterday…some of the incidents flashed on not in order.. she look around.. found Sayyam getting ready. She wondered..itna jaldi ud gaya..then her eyes fell on the clock it’s 8.45 already.. what…I was sleeping..this much..oh no…she just hit her head..ouch..she hit on her bruise..
Sayyam turns listening Krishna..
Sayyam think about the dream…then nervously looked at her.. Krishna is clueless..
Sayyam : ud gayi tum..jaldi ready ho jao.. maa already asked about you once.. mein joot bola..ki tumhari tabeer teek nahi hai..
Krishna : haan..mera sir tho patak rahi hai..kya huwa tha mujhe..?
Sayyam : tum peeke bahut kuch kiya..baad mein bathatha hum..ab jake ready ho jao..varna maa ko shak ho jayengi..
Krishna stand up..and about to go washroom.
Sayyam : or suno..wo..neembu pani peeke jao.. hangover utharne keliye acha hai..
Krishna looked at him..she said thank you by eyes..and drank all..and rushed to washroom.. she took bath in record time..
She was getting ready..she glances at Sayyam repeatedly..he was on phone..he was ignored her… finally Krishna decided to ask Sayyam about yesterday..

Krishna : wo… Sayyam kal raat kya huwa tha..?
Sayyam : tumhe kuch yaad nahi…?
Krishna : nahi…mein ne kuch ghadbad ki..?
Sayyam : hmm…poocho kya kuch nahi ki tumne..?
Krishna : (tensed) kya…mein ne kya kiya..? Party mein kuch kiya..tha..??
Sayyam : hmm..
Krishna : ghar mein aakar….kuch..
Sayyam make faces..
Krishna : (hesitantly) kal raat…. humare… beech kuch huwa hai kya..?
Sayyam turns to hide his smile..
Sayyam : tumse yeh ummeed nahi thi.. Krishna..
Krishna is stunned…
Krishna : kya…mein…(stammers)… tumhari saath..kuch.. I mean …
Sayyam looked at her shocked….
Krishna : (didn’t looked at him) mein ne tumhare saath koi sabardasthi ki….? (Feels guilty)
Sayyam couldn’t control anymore..he burst out in laugh… Krishna looked at him clueless… Sayyam…laughed..he hold his stomach..due to laughing uncontrollably…
Krishna come closer to him…

Krishna : tum hass kyun rahi ho..??
Sayyam : stupid …pagal …..
Krishna make faces…
Sayyam : tum itni stupid ho… sabardasthi ek ladki ke saath..ladka kar saktha hai..ulta nahi… it’s not biologically possible…

Just then Sayyam…thought..what did he say…his face expression changed.. he remembers the day when Suhani told him the whole truth… how sambhav misbehaved with his mother..why she left him alone in orphanage.. everything flashed before his eyes.. he sank deep into thoughts..
Krishna understood..his state.. she slapped herself for blurting out that word in front of him.. she thinks what to do now..
Sayyam was in the verge of crying.. thinking the hardships his mother went through coz of him and his father.. something strikes on his head.. bringing him back to reality… he looked at the direction..where pillow comes in..
Krishna is standing there with another pillow..really frustrated..and throws it on his face…
Sayyam : Krishna kya kar rahi ho..stop..
Krishna : yahaan meri jaan nikal rahi thi..tum mazzak kar raha tha…(pretends to be angry)
Take another pillow..and started to chase Sayyam.. they were running around the room.. both got tired..and stopped..
Krishna : tumhe tho mein..
Sayyam get back..few steps..but there is some oil spilled over floor..when Krishna hurriedly taken oil… Sayyam stepped over oil and slips.. Krishna was coming towards him..so he hold her hands…both fell down…
They have an eye lock…

Precap : all family teasing kriyam…but kriyam looks clueless..at each other…

Sorry for late update…hope u enjoying.. do comment…and forgive my mistakes… love you…

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