Dream scenes of Kriyam 2 part 15

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Dream scenes of Kriyam 2 part 15

Scene 1

Kriyam eyelock… they look deep into each other.. Yuvani smiled to see them lost in each other…Then she looked around to see everyone looking at them..Smiling.. she came near Kriyam..Clears her throat…But no response from them.. finally she give up… she patted on their shoulder…That idea works..Both come back to reality…

Yuvani : ahem…Bahut ho gaya… Bhai… yeh ankon mein anken dalkar dekhne keliye poori zindagi bacha hai…
Everyone laughed to Yuvani’s saying.. Kriyam felt embarrassed…Parted apart… Krishna looks Yuvani with disbelief..Tum bhi..Hmm..

Sayyam rolls his eyes.. brushed his hair with hand…Then hurried to reach their room.. Krishna looked everyone.. form a fake smile on her face..and move fast to her room….
She locked the door fast… panting heavily… resting her back on the door.. closed her eyes in relief… take deep breaths… she sighs.. Open her eyes to see Sayyam looking at her with folded hands.. she was stood there for a couple of minutes.. suddenly Krishna realised what she is doing.. she want to runs to washroom..But her hair struck on door handle..

She screamed…hold her hair… Sayyam reaches her… Krishna looked at him with her big eyes..He came near her…So it got wider..He come more closer as she closed her eyes… he carefully take her hair out of it…and moves to bed… Krishna is still in the position… he smirks to see her ..
Krishna opens her eyes to see Sayyam already lay down in bed.. she huffed at him..and goes to washroom..But realised he was helping to get her hair back..She slapped her head..

Scene 2

It’s morning… Everyone gathered for breakfast.. they started to eat..
Suhani : Maa… Yahan pass mein ek pahadi Mandir hai… mujhe ek mannath poori karna hai..
Yuvraj : mannath…Kab..??
Suhani : haan.. Yuvraj..Hum donom ko karna hai.. jab Yuvaan ko Sambh..
She stops..and looked at Sayyam…
Sayyam is about to put a piece of roti into his mouth..but stops hearing…Suhani.. unknowingly it fell back to the plate… he felt a pricking pain..and shame to face everyone.. Krishna looking.. Sayyam with concern…She knows how much hurt him…
She placed her hand in his thigh..gently squeezed..him.. Sayyam glaces at Krishna there is a lot of pain in his eyes.. she nods and closed her eyes to give him an assurance… it’s ok.. It’s not your fault…

Suhani felt guilty seeing the state of Sayyam.. Yuvraj nods her that just make it clear..
Suhani : mera matlab hai ki.. jab Yuvaan problem mein tha.or.. jab mujhe patha chala Sayyam ko kisi ne adopt ki..thab yeh mannath maanga Tha..Mere donom bachhom keliye…
She said it one go.. stops and glances at Sayyam.. make sure he is satisfied with her explanation…
Sayyam give her a fake smile.. there is silence for a moment..
Yuvani : this is not fair mumma… betaom keliye mannath..Or betiyom keliye Kuch nahi…(she pout cutely)
Everyone smiled to her childish act… Yuvani sighed for her attempt was successful to divert everyone’s attention…from Sambhav.. topic..
Suhani : nahi Yuvani…Aisa nahi hai beta… her eyes get wet… Seeing this Yuvani stood up and hugged her tight…smiling..
Yuvani : I’m just kidding mumma…

Pratima : acha..Ok.. we all go to temple.. tum bachein..Kuch or plan karo teek hai..
Suhani : haan ma..Mein bhi..yahi baat kehnewali thi.. ok bye guys..Enjoy..
Yuvraj : mein bhi inke pass chaloon… Please..
Suhani : Yuvraj ( stares him angry)
Yuvraj : ok.. Baba…Coming.. you guys enjoy.. (he winks at them)
Sayyam stood up take his phone out from pocket.. Suhani looked at him quizzically..
Sayyam : I should take this.. It’s important..

He rushes out..
Suhani sighs.. Yuvraj comes to her and looked at everyone..
Yuvraj : Suhani..We have to be careful..When we talk about our past.. it will hurt him..So badly..
Suhani : wo..Muh se nikal gaya.. Sorry..

Yuvraj : it’s ok.. Suhani…I’m saying this not just to you but to everyone… bahut mushkil se hum use bharosa dilaya hai..Wo tootne nahi chahiye..Ok..
Everyone nods to Yuvraj… Sayyam behind the pillar.. heard everything… a tear escaped from his eye…
After a while every elders went to temple..

Krishna comes to their room..Saw Sayyam working on his laptop.. she glances at him..doing some works.. Sayyam totally ignored her… Krishna bring the kheer bowl and started to eat..
Krishna : wow..Kya kheer banaya hai..

Sayyam heard this but didn’t show…
Krishna looks at him make faces.. for not getting any response from him..
Krishna : oho..I forgot..
And she went out… Sayyam look in the direction sneaks into make sure she gone..And extends his hand to take the bowl..But he heard someone clears throat..He turns to see Krishna..folding her hands grinning victoriously…for caught him red hand…
He rolls his eyes and put his hands in pocket.. turning.. Krishna smiled..
She come near to him ..give him the kheer bowl..And spoon..
Krishna : mein spoon lana bhool gayi thi..

Sayyam gazes her with innocence.. he took a spoon full of kheer..And give to her.. Krishna is surprised..She opens her mouth unknowingly…But he put it into his mouth..Smiles naughty ..
Krishna raged..At Sayyam…
Krishna : Sayyam….
She started to hit him..But he didn’t turn and eat the kheer as much as he can… Krishna stopped..And make faces… Sayyam turns laughed… Krishna is also join him… he settle down after a couple of minutes…Looked at her gratefully…

Sayyam : Ab tum jao.. I have to complete a presentation..
Krishna : oh… hmmm..Teek hai..

Time skips..

Yuvani saw Krishna near pool.. sitting sadly.
Yuvani come near her and patted on her shoulder…
Yuvani : what happened.. where is your love..??
Krishna : laptop ke andhar…
Yuvani : what… oh.. Got it… he is working..

Krishna : first time coming out like this.. I want to spend time with him…But Mr. Khadoos kam ke alawa kuch dikhayi nahi..Hai..
Yuvani : oh… Hello..Not everyone like you in fantasy world always..Prince ,princess…and fairytale… he is a practical guy…Ok..
Krishna : Yuvani..Tum meri dosth ho ya uska behen..?(angrily stares)
Yuvani : ok..Leave it.. Let’s have some fun..
Krishna : lekin kya…?

Yuvani trips her giving a push to the pool.. Krishna falls into pool with loud noise…
Sayyam on his phone come out of his room hearing the sound and shocked to see Krishna in pool…
Sayyam shouts ‘Krishna’..
Yuvani saw Sayyam..But he didn’t
She rushes to Krishna… Krishna wipes her wet hair from her face..She sternly looks at her coming towards the steps.. Yuvani stops her coming up…
Yuvani : just do what I say… pretend that you are drowning..
Krishna : what…Why would I drown.. I can swim…
Yuvani : oh… duffer.. Sayyam is coming to save you..Just do it..

She pushed Krishna back to pool..
Krishna hesitate to do..

Yuvani whispers..’Just do it..trust me’ and then she hides..
Sayyam come running towards the pool…He saw Krishna submerged in water… he halt at the pool..Looked around.. nervously… kya karoon..Kya karoon.. koi nahi hai.. he saw Krishna’s hand also going down… he squeezed his eyes and say.. you can do it Sayyam..You can do it… he jumps to the water.. he take all his strength and pushed water backwards..To move towards Krishna…But he didn’t cover that much… instead he is sinking down… he struggled to raise his head above the water level…But couldn’t …He struggling to get a stand but there is only water…He is moving down.. he look at Krishna…She is fully under the water.. he shouts..

‘Krish….’ water gushed into his mouth… totally swallowed all the water.. he felt like it choking him…He came up one more time couldn’t see anything..then drawn to deep down..
Krishna didn’t turn..Coz she couldn’t face him.. she heard the splashing sound of water when Sayyam jumps into it..But it’s been a while he is not approaching.. her…So she decided look.. she came up and looked and shocked to see Sayyam drowning.. she swim towards him in flick of time..Pull him by his collar up.. Sayyam losing his conscious… she bring him up and yells to Yuvani..
Both help Sayyam and lay down on the floor… Krishna patted on his cheeks..
Krishna : Sayyam… Sayyam….udo..

But no response.. Krishna..put her hand his stomach and pressed..After 2-3 trials he coughed and spit it out the water.. Yuvani rub his hands..He is getting his conscious..He opens his eyes..to see Krishna..And Yuvani.. both help him to sit.. Yuvani rubbed his back..He coughed again.. he looked at Krishna confused…
Sayyam : you ok…?

Krishna looked down..and nods.. Sayyam puzzled seeing her cold behaviour..
Sayyam : who saved us..??
He glances at Yuvani..But she is not wet..then look at Krishna sternly..
Krishna felt guilty…
Krishna : I’m sorry.. Sayyam.. I don’t know that you can’t swim… I’m…
Sayyam : oh…So you saved me… you knew swimming.. What’s all this…?

Krishna stammers seeing him angry..
Yuvani : Sayyam… Actually It’s..
Sayyam : (cuts her) I ask you something Krishna…jawab do..
Krishna : wo.. Sayyam..Mein..
Sayyam : oh…I get it..Now.. so you are testing me.. ithna bharosa tha mujhpe..

Krishna felt someone stabbed her right in her heart… Sayyam gazed at her being
hurt… Krishna was speechless… he get up..and stumbles.. Krishna hold him… Sayyam looks her with rage and jerked off her hands… Sayyam storms out from there..

Krishna was collapsed on the floor weeping… Yuvani felt extremely guilty.. she tries to console Krishna… Krishna cried hugging…Yuvani..

Precap : Sayyam yells at Krishna… “tumne mera bharosa this hai Krishna”..

Hi guys…Hope you all like this part…Please forgive my mistakes and typo errors… please do comments… Say anything you feel suggestions,critic…
Love you all…

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