My Dream (Part 2)


Hlw this is Sunrise again.
Sorry 4 late update I was busy yesterday :-/ anyway thanks 4 commenting. Pls comment guys it strengthens me and it will results good fan fiction 😉
Now my second episode begins:

Scene 1
Yuvani meeting: A girl is shown wearing green & red bridal dress with Judas in her hand and silver ankles. Her head is covered with red and golden colored chunari.she is wearing jwelleries also. She is smiling shyly. Her makeup is light. She is non other than our $uhani.
A boy sees her and is mesmerized seeing her beauty. He even can’t take his eyes from her. He winks and smiles at her. She gets shy.
Boy have a garland in his hands and suhani also. They exchange garlands. He touchs her hands she gets surprised and turns to go but she slips. He holds her and an eyelock follows…
As u all know the boy is our handsome ¥uvraj.
Somebody calls him Yuvi.. No responses. Again Yuvi…. No response
Again he calls Yuvi and this time he says hmm
The boy is @ryan vidhyadhar rao. He is living with Yuvi and his family is in krishnawati village.
Aryan: utto Yuvi..
Yuvi: hmm
Aryan: yuviiii saying this he shakes him. But no response is there.
Aryan thinks ‘he is kumbkarn so to wake him up u will have to do that Aryan’.
Thinking this he puts chilled colD water in his face.
Yuvi is shocked and tells Aryan : Aryan u spoiled my room. U dirty creature I won’t leave u.
Aryan: vo sab baad me. Pehle ye batao Kya sapna tha. Bada smile shyil kr rahe the. Kon thi batao batao (teasing)…..
Yuvi thinks abt his dream and smiles
And immediately he protests saying nothing like that
Aryan was abt to say something when he hears ishu’s voice calling him. Aryan to himself: ‘margaya tu’
Saying this he runs out.
Yuvi sees this and laughs. Then he thinks abt his dream and smiles but next moment he says to himself no u can’t love her Mr Â¥uvraj Birla. Not her :-# I think u r not well go and take bathe may be u will get well..

Scene 2
Aryan meets ishu and kushi
Aryan: hi ishu. Wow looking great year. R u going to Clg for studying or Han???
Ishu; actually u r right me to ladke pattane jaa rahi hu (teasing)
Aryan: achaaa!!
Kushi comes and hears this
Kushi: hey devi mayya! Pls give this boy atleast some common sense
Aryan: ooo agayi drama queen (low tone)
Kushi: kya kaha? Drama o_O saying this she started beating him
‘Omg she started again’ saying this Aryan started to run from there.
Ishu laughs seeing this.
Aryan: wow thank God what a nice frnds I have got. Save me yaaar ishu from this chudile.
Hearing this kushi stops and says kyaaaaa chudileeee meee now u r gone Mr Aryan contraband rao :@ :@
They started their Chase again.
She slips and falls Aryan gets concerned and runs to her. She started beating him. This time he allows her and last when she stops he asks what wrong did he said u r drama queen.
Kushi: you said that right but I’m nt chudile I’m very beautiful 😛
Aryan: sach me! U r impossible naughtangi :-S
Yuvraj comes there wearing black denims and light violet coloured shirt and an over coat.
Seeing this Aryan teases him saying ‘Ooo kis se milne jaa rahe ho’. Ishu and kushi looks surprised.
Yuvi signals Aryan that ishu and kushi is there
Ishu; asks kyaa?
Aryan was trembling
Kushi says iss Aryan ke wajah muje bhuk lagi h common ishu now we can go to kitchen and meet aunty
Ishu; wait let Aryan say na
Kushi: hey devi mayyaaa! Here I’m gonna die of hunger and u want his answer. Yuvi bhayya kehiye na ishuse
Ishu; acha OK! I’m comming bhukkad
They leaves
Aryan: thank God
Later Aryan, ishu, kushi and yuvi leaves saying bye to Mr and Mrs Birla
Aryan and yuvi in bike and ishu and kushi in Scooty.
ArYu and IsKu goes opposite ways as Aryan have recording.

Scene 3
On roadside:
Isku is on scooty and is caught in a in a traffic jam as there had a small accident . Kushi is enjoying the view of desperate people making fuss to go Ist. Ishu is irritated.
Raman is also there in traffic jam behind ishu but they don’t see each other. (Yhm title song plays)
Kushi sees him and smiles but he gives an angry look. She says to ishu that the guy behind us is so rude he even not smiled when I did
Ishu: u r enjoying this fuss all can see that anD u want him to smile pagal.
A car passes by and was going to hit a small child behind that truck there was a big lory comming from opposite direction. Ishu sees this and runs to save that child meanwhile kushi is lost in thinking of Raman being rude. Raman sees that ishu saved that girl from hitting.
Traffic jam was cleared by police and when isku was leaving, Raman gives a white Lily to ishu for saving that girl. Ishu was surprised and asked what?? r u proposing me in traffic Jam and she starts giving lectures to him. Kushi who understood the thing that it’s for saving the girl tried to stop ishu but in vain.
(Yhm song plays in background)
Raman was irritated and their nok-jok started
Raman calls her jhansi ki rani and ishu calls ravan Kumar
She turns to leave but slips and Raman holds her and pull her up…… They are very close to each other and an eyelock follows.

Scene 4
Yuvi reaches Clg and he sees someone and is hell shocked

Screen freezes

ArAa meeting. Frnds meeting and ASR’s entry.

Who was there at Clg? Will Raman and ishu meet? Y was Yuvi shocked to see someone?
Many questions would be raised in your mind. To clear them stay tuned.
Hope u liked the ff. Pls comment if u want me to continue….
Gud n8 guys
Thought 4 next day:- being brave doesn’t mean lack of fear. They means overcoming fear.

Credit to: Sunrise:)

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  1. Hey make Arnav as suhani cousin or best friend plz it’s a humble request from you sunshine my friend….plz plz

  2. Yaa I agree with you Arnav and suhani will look like real best friend or cousin it will look great ….sparks and me too requesting you sunshine..

  3. Nicely written sunshine..i liked yuvani part..but i cnt understand why khushi is saying yuvi ur intro u said that khushi and suhani are sis..are ishi khushi yuvi and aryan cousins??pls clear my doubts..

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superbbbbbbbb…………

  5. Wow… beautiful. I love Yuvani part.

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