My dream…..One shot…Ek Duje ke vaste ….By Anu


Hi guys,I really thank you for your response on my OS so I am here with another idea.

So let’s start
10 yrs back..
Sumo’s POV
I didn’t know why I was so nervous …I have been to many interviews before but for this one I thought it Will change my life.I shrugged these thoughts away,took my files ,sat in my car ready to go for my interview.I was wearing a pink floral jumpsuit.I reached the building.. Malhotra company.
I entered the building and went to the reception.
I…I came here for an interview.
Reception… Your name pls.

I…Ms Suman (I didn’t want to give out my surname.My dad is a business tycoon,but I want to live on my own credibility.
Reception… Oh,Yes pls go straight and enter the room on the left.
I moved to the room and knocked the door.
A male voice …Come in.
I entered the cabin and remained standing.
Guy…Pls take a seat.
I took a seat and answered his interview questions. He seemed pretty pleased.
As I was about to leave

,he stopped me.
Guy…Pls stop calling me Mr Malhotra, I am not a 50 yrs old buddha
I smiled.
I…So,I will call you sir
Guy..You can call me Shravan, I have a name.

Shravan’s POV
I don’t know what happened to me when I saw her.I never let anyone call me by my name but this I told her to.My heart skipped a beat when she smiled.
No Shravan, What are you thinking?? SHE is a ordinary person.I want my wife to be the daughter of one of the richest tycoon’s like Mr Karan Tiwari’s.I don’t know her name but I heard she is pretty.I await good fortune

Now get back to work.
Sumo’s POV.
I found him nice but not that warm and welcoming.
Now back to home ….
I am happy that I got a job with my own credibility rather than my tycoon dad.
End of Sumo’s POV
Like this Suman and Shravan used to work daily…Shravan in somewhere in his heart felt for Sumo but Sumo considered just as her employer.
One day,Shravan asks Sumo to accompany him to a business party.Sumo resistantly agrees scared that Shr might come to know.
She wears a red rose dress (sleeveless). She comes to the venue herself as she doesn’t want Shravan to see.She already told her dad about this matter who was also coming to the party.Shravan gets mesmerized to see her.
Shravan also comes with his dad.
Ramnath enters the venue while Shravan comes with Sumo.
Ramnath goes over to Karan and they start chatting happily. They discuss about Shraman’s alliance .
Ramnath asks Karan to call Sumo while Karan asks Ramnath to call Shravan
Both excuse themselves to meet their respective parents. Sumo knew that Shravan will come to know about her now.She goes their

Ramnath introduces Shravan to Sumo.
Shravan…Papa,she is my PA
Ramnath…She is the daughter of Karan Tiwari.
Shravan heart bounces in joy.
Whereas Sumo’s smile fades.
Ramnath… We are thinking to get both of married .
Sumo looks shocked.
Shravan agrees in positive because he is getting his dream girl .
Sumo has no option but to agree.
A month later..

Shraman get married.
Sumo is taken to Shravan’s room and made to sit on Shravan’s bed.
Shravan enters the room.
Sumo..I married you only because of my dad..There is nothing between us.
Shr was slightly upset but agreed with Sumo.
Suman used to sleep on the couch daily while Shravan on the bed.
A leap of 6 months:
Sumo also started feeling for Shravan but thought that Shravan still thinks of her as his employee.
Sumo was coming out of the bathroom after bathing.As she goes towards the dressing table ,she starts combing her hair.
Shravan who was doing phone sitting on the phone looks up.
He gets up and starts moving towards her. He puts one hand in her waist and one hand caresses her hair
Sumo…Shravan,What are you doing?
Shravan… Shhhhh
Sumo has no option but to keep quiet.

Shravan.. I loved you since I saw you .
Sumo gets a super shock.
Shravan turns her around.
Sumo..That’s why you agreed to marry me.
Shr… yes…
Sumo… I agreed to this marriage by force, to be truthful
Shr..Soo you don’t love me now??
Sumo…I started love you during these 6 months.
Shr…Why didn’t you tell me that you were Mr Karan Tiwari’s daughter.
Sumo…Well I had my own reasons,now let’s get ready we need to leave for work.
Leap of 5 yrs
Shraman have a happy family with a son named Shraman.

This was a completely a random thought and not well written …Sorry for that…
Pls comment(negative comment allowed)
Love Anu

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  1. ??????
    Its a nice story…
    Simple things…makes themselves..look more beautiful…
    Like ur is????????

    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot Sona

  2. hlo .anu was damn cute…
    luved it.!!!

    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot ibtesam

  3. ??????
    Its a nice story…
    Simple things…makes themselves..look more beautiful…
    Like ur OS??????

    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot Son again

  4. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hello anu !!!!
    Spectaculous yar !!!
    How can u say that it is not good .. it is damn good ???
    Take care ..
    Love ya ??

    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot Fatima…You encourage me to write more OS

  5. Nikita

    You can’t say it was not good..
    The simplicity here was beautiful..
    I loved it..
    Love you Anu..!

    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot Nikita didi….Will post an OS soon
      Love you too

  6. Ariana

    U serious? This is not any random piece. It’s so cute! Shravan liked Sumo from the 1st sight. Awwwwww… The the simple lines r wht makes it unique. Too good. Make more OS.
    Loads of love sweetie

    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot Ariana Di….Thanks for encouraging.
      Lots of love.

  7. Hey dear loved it alot plz do write more!! 🙂
    Sorry for sgort cmmnt but yr hell busy….
    Ps: same marie mario maro maria 😉
    Take cars love u byyy

    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot Maria Didi,…A second thanks for taking time to comment from your busy schedule…
      Love Ishita

  8. This was so cute.
    Loved it. ?

  9. WeirdSister

    It was sweetness overloaded.
    :-* :-* :-*

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