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This is tripthi here ! I actually changed the title as abhigya are already saved . Here after this will be the title of my ff and no bakbaks ….directly to the ff
this epi starts in abhigya’s room and they are watching happy new year film .
Pragya : Suniye the film is over . What can we do now ?
Abhi : Can we play something ?
Pragya : Yes ….but what can we play ?
Abhi : I don’t have anything to play ………..ok we can play zoom !(hope u know this game of singing guys)
Pragya : No …it is boring .And I am so hungry …I want something to eat
Abhi : I can do nothing as ur ladli behen has locked us inside this room
Pragya ; But I am so hungry …I want food now (pouts like a kid)
Abhi : Don’t ask me .Ask ur sis
Pragya : You are so rude . I am hungry (cries)
Abhi : Don’t cry baby …aww meri sweet fuggy na tum ……(hugs her)
Pragya : I want food …..I want it
Abhi : Fuggy ….U are a good girl na ! …good girls wont cry or wont do like this ….so sleep now then all hunger would fly away.
Pragya : really !
Abhi : Really . If u sleep now then I would give u lots of choclate
Pragya : ok (and sleeps like a small kid in abhi’s lap)
Abhi (in his mind ): Fuggy …Phd in literature but still a kid by heart ….I luv this cuteness in u (caresses her hair) ……be like this always and I would trust u in every sec of my life ….that dream should not become true (he to sleeps by resting his head on the headboard of the bed

after 30 mins

Bulbul and purab come there and
Purab : Bul(she cuts him)
Bulbul ;softly
Purrab : Bulbul I think abhi and pragya proposed each other . So only they are sleeping like this
Bulbul : I too think the same but now we hav to wake them nah
Purab : Yes ….but one sec , give me ur phone
Bulbul : For what ?
Purab ; Arrey give it yaar !
Bulbul : Take it (purab gets her phone and takes a pic of abhigya)
Bulbul : Oh for this only u asked me …ok give it to me I will show this to dadi
Purab : No I will only show as I took the photo
Bulbul ; No I will only show as the phone is mine
Purab : Idea is mine (thet start fighting and abhigya are waken up by this noise )
Abhi ; What happened ? Why are u both fighting ?
Purab : Abhi she is stealing my idea
Pragya : what ?
Purab : Abhi I gave her the idea and I took the photo
Bulbul : But he took the photo in my phone so I would only show it
(again they both start their argument)
Pragya : what photo are u talking about
Purab : di both of ur photo
Abhi And pragya : Our photo!!!!!!
Bulbul : Di its not your photo it is…..
Abhi ; Oh my dear sali ….don’t try to escape ….give me your phone
Bulbul : jiju actually (pragya grabs the phone from her and gives it to abhi )
Abhi : let me see it and sees the last pic and he is shocked to see it. He sees bulbul and passes it to pragya .She to give the same reaction
Bulbul: so now u can show it to others nah
Purab : By the way why were u both cudling and sleeping like that
Abhi : She is my wife and I am her husband so what problem u both hav (leaves from there immediately)
Pragya : Ok I will freshen up and come now(she goes to the bath)
Bulbul : Di I hav kept the dresses for u and they are bought by dadi so u have to definitely wear them
Pragya ; ok!

After some time abhi enters the room and sees around to ensure that no one is in the room and he sits on his bed at that time pragya comes out in bath suit (it barely covers upto her thighs ) and sees abhi .He stares at her and she immediately goes inside the closet and locks it . Abhi takes her dress and knocks the closet and gives it to her. She get it and blushes hard for the thing which happened and opens her saree .She is shocked to see that (guys that saree is a mint coloured on and it is netted saree . Due to the light colour it is transparent and that blouse it would hardly cover her back . The only thing that satisfied her was the full long sleves in that blouse ) but she wore them hesitantly . She was trying to tie the doori and at that time abhi knocked the door and started irritating her . she pushed open the door and came out

Pragya : Why are u banging on the door like this
Abhi : (Mesmerised by her look ) ah what did u say
Pragya : why were u banging on the door
Abhi : actually I needed my watch from here so I knocked the door by the way why hav u wore this dress
Pragya : I didn’t hav any wish to wear this but dadi had sent it so I wore …and this blouse has a very long back and I was not able to tie the dori too …so it took so much time
Abhi ; Hav u tied the dori
Pragya : No
Abhi : Shall I tie it ? (Pragya blushes )See no need of blushing as every misunderstanding is over and
Pragya : ok !
Abhi tied her dori and he went along with her to the party and there it became a good day for them

Precap : Tanu is talking to a person (his back is only visble ) I am pregnant with ur child and abhi hears it

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