Hii guyz….happy diwali…I’m very late here…I know that…saying everytime Sry will be bad…soo I’ll give uuu Diwali Gift today….I need a proper response guyz…orelse what is the need of writing the story in my busy schedule…okay now lets start the story…don’t forget to read the A/N given below..happy reading

“Call the bride”pandit said while chanting the mantras
Sanskar was already present in the mandap(wearing the sherwani which swara selected…totally looking breathtaking)

“Stop this marriage”said kavita who is still in normal dress

Everyone looked

“What nonsense u r speaking kavita”sanskar stood up from the mandap angrily..

“I’m speaking correctly only sanskar…nonsense is that girl who is standing there”kavita said pointing her index finger towards swara who was standing behind Sujatha not knowing anything..
“Swara…what did she do kavita??”asked Sujatha with a confused look
“Everything is because of this low class b*t*h”kavita said irritatingly
“Kavita….mind ur words..she is like my daughter”Sujatha said raising her voice..
“Wah!!what a scene yaar…u r shouting at me for that low class…u r supporting her and opposing ur to be daughter in law..wah!!”kavita said clapping her hands.

“U know what i’m stopping this marriage because of this low class girl…everyone is praising her…even sanky spends more time with her than me…mom also likes her only..she knows everything abt sanskar which I also don’t know…everyone is asking whether I’m going to marry sanskar or she is going to marry him…come on tell me sanskar what relationship u both have…I know this low class girls can do anything for getting money…what did she showed u to trap…did she….”before kavita could complete her sentence she got a tight slap in her cheeks…it was Sujatha…

Sanky was fuming in anger…he held his fist tightly while swara closed her eyes hearing those hard words and tears were continuously rolling in her eyes…

“Aunty…u slapped me…just for this low class girl”kavita asked angrily rubbing her cheeks
“Enough…enough of everything…not a single word from u I’m going to hear now…what did u say..u r stopping this marriage…now I’m saying I’m stopping this marriage…From the first I didn’t like u I agreed for this marriage only for my sanskar happiness…Bt now it’s enough…if u ever loved him u would have not doubted him…I don’t need a girl who doubts my son…a girl like u can never keep my son happy…just get out from his life…get out from here”said fuming Sujatha
“Huh…what u r rejecting me..it’s true I never loved ur son..I just loved his fame and money…I just wanted to take his property..orelse who will love this mom’s son”kavita said showing attitude..

Sanskar was totally shocked hearing her confession…he just gave her a tight slap in another cheek..
“U betrayer….just get out of my house now..Atleast now I got to know about u..how cheap u r…swara is not low class…u r low class…how mean u were…don’t u dare to show me ur face to me hereafter..orelse u will see me the worst part of mine”sanky roared in a dangerous tone

Swara was totally broken hearing those words…ragini was also crying seeing her bestie in this condition…she was just rubbing swara’s back and consoling her…

Suddenly the media persons went to swara and asked her all the rubbish things..
“What relationship do u have with sanskar sir”
“R u in living together relationship??”
“U r sanskar sir affair ahhh??”
“How many days this relationship is going on”
“Soo u r reason for breaking sanskar sir’s marriage???”

Hearing all those questions swara totally broked…she fell on her knees..she was crying badly..

“Y muruga…y this is happening to me..what did I do…I never did a wrong to anyone..muruga…if my mom comes to know about this what will I do??muruga”swara cried hugging ragini..

Ragini was also broken..she can’t help her bt all can do is supporting her Side…

Swara’s phne started to Buzz…seeing the Id she became shocked..

Swara attended her phne thinking mom came to know about the situation in tv..
“Hello..maa”swara said in a low voice
“Shona beti…how r da..hmm ur rockstar is getting married..soo u will be there only..I know..u will not have time to talk with me..be careful beta..don’t forget our culture dear..always remember it..behave as per our culture rules..do all the works there..okay u will be busy there bye beta”swara’s mom said without knowing the situation happily

“Haan maa”the only word left her mouth realizing that her mom didn’t know anything and how happy she is….swara don’t want to make them cry saying her situation soo she kept hang the phne silently..

The situation became worser….kavita left home making everyone mad…media started to gossip about them..swara was continuously crying…Sujatha was totally confused what to do further..while sanky was fuming in anger hearing the words from media and the people surrounded them..

“Enough of everything now”Sanskar shouted attaining everyones attention

“Just stop it…enough of everything…get out from here…just get out”sanskar shouted in full rage facing the media..

Media persons were totally shocked seeing his this side…..after few seconds sanskar took a deep breath and said”listen… understand our relationship…just to increase ur trp ratings don’t hurt this innocent girl…we know what relationship we have…it’s a pure relationship…her love towards me is full of pure..it doesn’t have one percent of impurity also..it’s that love which a fan has towards there hero…our friendship is pure…we don’t need to prove this to u..we have to prove only for 2persons..one is our parents and another one is our future partner..our parents already know about our pure relationship…soo we will deal with the second person in future…surely they will also understand as they will love us…soo don’t make gossips about innocent soul…don’t think like a reporter think like a normal person who has soul..that’s all I can say”

Hearing his speech media person felt guilty…they just said sorry and left the place..

“Muruga…maa,sir I’ll leave”swara said tiredly..
“Bt beta”Sujatha said bt before she could complete her sentence sanskar stopped her…
“She need rest maa…she needs loneliness now..let her go..”sanskar said while eyeing swara..

“Bt there eyes are saying different story”one girl said in the crowd silently..

Sanky was also broken seeing all the matters happened today…

Swara went to her hostel room and she directly fell on bed and cried her heart out…

Ragini felt really bad for her…

Screen freezes with crying face of swasan

Soo done with my chapter guyz..how is it…hope I didn’t bored u all…I have changed my story plot soo it will move on based on ur comments…

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