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Darshini akka naa ungaloda story edhum last one week ah padikala I’m Sry..Bcoz of my phne only..Adhunala daan comment panala..naa last padichadhu hmm Ayooo story name terilayae*scratching my head*hmm..adha akka laksh ragini marriage Apo daan face papaga..Aprm rendu perum social media la search panni irupaga..then laksh will fulfill her wishes..idhu daan naan last ahhh padichadhu..idhuku Aprm neega post panna ellam Enaku links message pannuga pls pls pls..

So no more bak bak we will start our story..

Previous parts: http://www.tellyupdates.com/dream-life-swasanpart-1/


[7:46pm, 28/03/2017] Bharathi aju?: MRNG IN SANSKAR HOME..
Sujatha:what happen sanskar..y ur face is looking pale…u didnt slept properly ah??
San:no..nothing like that..just wrk tension..(he made excuses)
San:okay maa..im leaving..its getting late for shoot..
Suj:hm.go safely..

Sankar left to his wrk..

Suj:noo sanskar..u r hiding something..soon i’ll find it..

His phne rang..he made an irritated face seeing the name of the person in the phne..
San:hello..yes tell me..
Os:hey dear..where r u..r u coming or not??i’m missing u dear..
San:ah kavita..i’m coming(scooby dear ur guess is correct..genius yaar…for this guess i’ll give a diary milk silk???enjoy dear)..
Kav:hm..okay dear. Bye..come soon..

Kavita…yes we r in love…she is my co-actor..this media na..bcoz of that only gossips started..we were just frnds only..bt bcoz of gossips she approached me…i know she is beautiful..we have a good chemistry in on screen..so i thought i too have feelings towards her..soo i said okay for our relationship..(argg..bcoz of chemistry biology u will say okay to that chudali ah??…how mean..then wat will be our angles condition..idiot)..bt i think maa also doesnt like this relation..she always wished to get a homely nd traditional girl..bt kavita is totally opposite..she is totally modern nd she hates traditions..Bt after that I don’t want to be with her..I don’t know y bt nowadays her company his irritating me..our marriage is on next month..I don’t know what I’ll do after marrying her..??..


Hahaha..fool..sanskar..he thinks that I’m marrying him Bcoz of love..Noo..not at all..I’m marrying him Bcoz of his fame..he is very rich..still now I’m a side actor..after marrying him I’ll use his fame nd I’ll become a big celebrity than him..then I’ll divorce him..till then I have to act like this..finally I’ll marry my sahil..

Kavita pov ends..
[9:33pm, 29/03/2017] Bharathi aju?: Sanskar nd kavita were dng there shoot..he was feeling irritated with her torture..to be relax he left the place..nd went to nearby garden..

(Guyz sanskar went to shoot at 5 o clk mrng..soo now its 6:30..)
He was feeling relaxed..the pleasant sound of birds..fresh air made him feel calm..he was sitting in the chair nd viewing the scenario..he covered his face with scaf soo Noo one can disturb him..

Rag:shona..get up..
Swa:maa..pls 10mins..
Rag:ahhh..shona..I’m not ur maa..I’m ragini..get up soon..
Swara got up hurriedly..
Swa:muruga…Ohhh Sry rago..I thought I’m in home..thats y..Sry..
Rag:its okay swara..it will be difficult for few days then u will manage..okay come we will go to garden..
Swa:what??garden..at this time..r u kidding..we have to go to clg..
Rag:urgg..shona..clg starts at 9 only..come lets go..
Saying this she dragged swara..

Swa:rago..what is this..till now in my life I have not came out of house these much early..muruga…its very cold here rago..
Rag:ufff..shona..be independent shona..always in house..now in hostel..try to come to the outside world..

Sanskar saw swara nd ragini walking in the garden..his eyes were glowing after seeing swara..in this early mrng she is witnessing like a moon for him..his eyes forgot to blink..
San:this is the girl I saw in the clg..yes she is that girl only..I remember her..her big eyes..her rosy lips..her browny long hair..what she is dng here??soo this means she lives in the nearby area..not bad..

At that time he saw a old women age of 60-70 was shivering in cold..he thought to give his scaf nd blazer to her..bt before he could go someone gave her blazer nd scaf..

Its none other swara..
Swa:Dadi ma..take this u will feel better..
Old women:thanks beta..god bless u dear..ur dreams will become true beta..always god will help u..nd he will be with u in any situation..
Swa:thank u Dadi ma..ahhh Dadi maa..muruga will never leave my side..u pls take care of urself..don’tsit in this cold weather..
Old women:hahaha..beta..thanks for ur concern..
Swa:where is ur home Dadi maa..come I’ll leave u there..
Old women:I don’t have any home beta..my son left me in road..Bcoz he thinks me as burden..soo I’m here..Noo one is for me beta..
Swa:Noo Dadi maa..god will never do any thing without any reason. Every things has a reason..whatever happens is good for us..I’ll meet u in evng..evng u will see the happiness..bye Dadi maa..

These all things were witnessed by sanskar..somehow he also started to like her character..with a happy face he left the place..

Swara came nd took that old women to an orphan house..
Swa:Dadi maa..now u should not tell that u don’t have anyone..see now this is ur house..these Dadi are ur frnds..these childrens are ur grand daughters nd sons..soo now u have all relatives here..nd I’m also ur grand daughter..soo don’t worry..god had done that Bcoz u will get a relation like this..
Old women was having tears in her eyes..
Old women:thank u beta..my own son betrayed me…Bt u made me a new relation..god will never leave ur side beta..ur future husband is very lucky to have u dear..
Swa:thank u Dadi maa..I’ll come tomorrow..

While swara went out a man came out frm behind the pillar..its sanskar..yes he followed her…mrng he listened her convo with old women..soo he was very curious to know what swara was going to do…soo he came to the garden in the evng before swara nd followed them..
Automatically a smile appeared in his face while that old women said ur future husband will be very lucky to have u..

He started to like her caring sense..

Like wise daily sanskar goes to garden nd sees swara antics..a week passed like this..

Sujatha nd sanskar were praying to god..
Suj:oh god..my sanskar life is important for me..his happiness is important for me..bcoz of that only I agreed to the marriage..Bt I don’t think that kavita will take care of him nicely..god u only have to save him..

San:ganapathi bapa..I don’t know what’s happening in my life..bt I’m going to marry kavita next month..I don’t know what bt I’m thinking that I can’t be happy with her..u only should give solution for me..

Sanskar got a call soo he went out..
[7:54am, 30/03/2017] Bharathi aju?: Suj:ganapathi bapa pls show a girl who will take care of my son nicely..(while she opened her eyes she saw a girl..wearing red color Saree..jasmine flower in her hair..she was also praying there….totally Sujatha liked her very much)

Suj:god..is this the girl u r showing me to marry sanskar..wish she marries sanskar means I’ll be really happy..how traditional she is..
(Frm mrng Sujatha didn’t ate anything..she was keeping fast..soo she was feeling dizzy.. )
Sujatha was going to fall down..bt at that time that girl came nd helped her..
She made her sit nd gave water to her..
Girl:maa ji..drink this water u will feel better…
Sujatha felt very happy Bcoz she called her as maa..till now that kavita is calling her as anti..Noo respect is given for Sujatha frm kavita..Bt this unknown girl is giving respect nd speaking very politely..she liked her care..
Suj:Noo beta..I have kept fast for my son..soo before he feeds I should not eat..
Girl:maa ji..fast is kept only for the purpose to live happily nd healthy..when u itself becoming weak means then what is the need of keeping fast..hmm okay..u r saying that u have kept fasting for ur son then we can do one thing..u think that I’m ur daughter..soo if u r daughter gives means u can drink na..soo drink now..
Sujatha felt very happy..Bcoz she itself is saying her as a daughter..Sujatha drank the water..now she was feeling better..
Girl:okay..maa..I’m leaving take care of urself.
Suj:beta where r u going..wait..my son will come now..meet him nd go..
Girl:Noo maa ji..It’s getting late..next time if I see u means surely I’ll meet ur son..Atleast to scold for leaving u alone..I’ll meet him..bye..
Sujatha laughed seeing her care..
Suj:okay beta..Bt Atleast say ur name..
Girl:I’m swara..
(Hehe..Swara only can do all this…)
Swara left the place..

Suj:swara…nice name..
[9:18pm, 30/03/2017] Bharathi aju?: SANKAR came….
San:maa..what happen…y r u sitting here. Y r u looking dull…
Suj:beta calm down…just I was feeling dizzy..that’s y One girl helped me nd gave me water.
San:what is this maa..u should have called me naa…okay where is that girl..I want to thank her..
Suj:Noo prblm beta..she already left..very nice girl..I think u don’t have luck to meet her.come let’s go…

The next day sanskar had a live interview..
He was wearing black full shirt..blue jeans..looking totally handsome..
Anchor:wow..sir u r looking toooo handsome in this dress..
Sanskar just passed a smile..
Like wise they were talking abt his carrier nd personal things..
Anchor:okay sir…now its time for ur surprise..I think u will really love this surprise..we hope u like it..soo here is ur surprise..

He showed his hands towards tv..

It showed a video clip..

The anchor was speaking in the Video..

Sir we were thinking many things to make u surprise..Bt nothing is giving that much shock to u…soo this time we thought to do something different..
A celebrity will be happy only by their fans..soo here is ur surprise by a fan…
He showed towards the entrance..

The whole stage lights were off now..
Only the light of entrance is on..it was like moon light in the dark..whole stage was very quite…

Sanskar was very curious to see whats happening..

Door opened
Bubbles were coming frm the doors…
Entrance door light also got off..

Light on…

A girl was standing there..showing her back…

She was wearing long white gown…

Her hairs were left freely…

She turned…………..

Sanskar became shock………………….

To be continued……..

Hahaha…don’t worry I’ll not stop…episode continues…

She is none other……..

Our angle…..


She was really looking like an angle…

Sanskar was in shock…he was not believing his own eyes..

In shock he stood frm his chair…..he was standing numb there..

His eyes were glowing by seeing her…


Sanskar came to sense nd he sat ..

Swara came with bouquet…

She was having full white roses in her bouquet…

Straightly she came nd gave to sanskar..

He was smiling seeing her..

Swa:sir…u r really looking handsome in this dress..black suits u sir..

San:(light blushing)thank u..
Anchor(u can think him as Manish in colors channel)
Manish in mind(I toooo said this sir didn’t said anything but now that saying means he is saying thank u…)
(Oii Manish what jealous ahhh..I’ll kill u if u say anything abt our swasan..correct la guyz..what u r saying guyz..)

Man:sir..we were searching for a perfect fan..that time only we got to know abt her..she knows abt u..each nd everything she knows..

San:oh good..thank u..
(Oh god..she is that much craze on me ahhh…thank u soo much…)

Man:so sir…now we will check her…now I’ll ask questions abt u to her..she will answer…u should tell whether she is saying correct or not..sir truely u should tell..u should.not help ur fan….Bcoz for this questions we itself don’t know the answer..

San:okay..pakka..I’ll tell true..I also want to test her..I’m ready u ask questions..

Man:r u ready??.
Swa:yaa I’m ready..
San:one min..one min..whats ur name Angel..
Swara was feeling butterflies in her stomach..Bcoz he said angel..


San in mind..
Nice name..swara..Angel…

Man:okay…First question..what is sir dob..
Swa:easy question..
20 June 1995..
Man:hahaha..everyones knows his bday is on 16 April..u r saying Wrng..hahaha..
Swa:Noo sir…I’m saying crct..its the crct bday of sir…
Man:don’t fool us..okay we Will ask sir itself..sir..sir..
San was in shock..Bcoz no one knows his original bday..except his mother..even kavita don’t know this..how she knows he was thinking..
San:ah Manish..she…she..is saying crct only..my original dob is that only..For education purpose I was saying Wrng dob..

Manish shock..swara rocks..

Man:hmmmm…ok okay…now next question..
Who is sanskar sir first crush..

Sanskar who was drinking water spilled it…nd he was coughing continuously..
(Hahaha..funny boy)
San:what..Manish..what question is this..mom will be seeing this program..
Man:just for fun sir..u be calm sir..u tell swara..
Swara was laughing seeing sanskar condition..

Somehow sanskar had confidence that she will mostly say the name of kavita..


Sanskar widened his eyes..(how come she knows this..oh god..I’m gonna die in home)

Swa:Meera is the first crush of sir…hmm..when sir was studying 9th std..that girl joined his class…first time itself sir fell for her..he always tried to talk with her..bt he never spoke to her..only one time she spoke to him..that too she said sanskar mam is calling u..then after finishing her 10th std she left the city..that was sir first crush..

Sanskar was giving an unbelievable look to her..he was opening his mouth o shape..

Man:Sirrrrr..is she saying true….this hero was not talking to a girl ahhh..what a shocking news..

Sanskar just nodded his head saying that whatever swara says is crct..

Man:soo many things is coming out..okay okay..I don’t want to make sanskar sir to face any prblm in home..I’ll stop asking questions..

Sanskar took a long breath as reliving..

Man:bt one last question..

San:now what??..

Man:Swara u say..is there any thing or news abt sir which no one knows…

Swara:hmm..soo many things are there.
Man:wah..I just asked that anything is having ahhh..Bt u r saying that many things..so tell us some..

San(Ohhh god what she is going to tell I don’t know…pls save me…angel pls don’t play with me..)
Swara laughed seeing his scared face…

Swa:hmm..sir has another name also…varun..
Sanskar smiled hearing his childhood name frm her…
Swara:then….(she was blushing)Noo I’ll not say leave it..
Man:arrey..say naa..we r waiting..

San was confused seeing her blushing..

Swara:woh…woh..sir has a birth Mark in his back bone..
Man:what..wait..we know that u know everything abt sir..bt this birth Mark and all..we cant believe..
Swa:hello..I’m saying true only..if u have doubt means u itself see..

San????..what..Noo..I’m accepting that u r my true fan..okay..leave this question nd all..

Man:sir..how can we leave like that..
San:then…how can I show like that..u idiot Manish..
Man:okay sir..u don’t need to show..bt u can say naa that she is saying crct or not..
San:woh….woh..she…s..he..yes..she is saying crct…

Man:wah!!!superbb swara…really u r a true fan..
Swa:thank u…

San:thank u for being apart of this show..nd It’s really an amazing day for me..
Man:how was our surprise sir..
San:it was really awesome…the best day of my life..
Swa:sir..if u don’t mind..a selfie sir..
San:yaa sure..

They took selfie..the show ended..while going out..sanskar was waiting for swara to come..
Swa:ah sir..
San:if u don’t mind..can u share ur number…
Swara was in cloud nine..
Swa:woh…sir..hmm sure sir…
Swara shared her number..

Swasan went to their respective places happily..

To be continued…


Sanskar marriage..bt with whom..
Girl:stop this marriage…

Lady:if u respect me means do this marriage..

Guyz done with my part 3..how was it..guyz I don’t have my phne soo I’m not reading any of ur ffs..kakali I read till 2 part only..pls send the links after that part..do comments dear..hope I didn’t bored u..thanks for ur support in my ff..keep commenting..see u soon guyz..until then its Bharathi signing off..bye bye..

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