A Dream (intro and episode 1)


Hello everyone. Hope everyone remember me. Its me Shona. With ur support I am back with another story.

Abhishek Mehra : A business tycoon, his dad died in a plane crash . He lives with his mom.
Pragya Arora : An accountant, she works in abhi’s office. Her parents died in accident and she lives in hostel.
Tanushree Metha : Abhi’s cousin
Nikhil Arya : A client
The story begins with a cute girl (pragya) sleeping. She was in a dream. In her dream, on a beautiful evening she was wearing a red saree and standing in a beautifully decorated place. A guy (abhi) wearing white shirt, having red rose in his hand and comes towards pragya. He bend on his knee, stretches his hand with rose to pragya saying I LOVE YOU ? . Pragya with a cute blushing smile ? accepts the rose.

Suddenly she hears a bell sound it was alarm clock. She wakes up and off the alarm clock. She sees the time it was early morning 5:30. Then she thinks did I had a dream?? She was confused ? and couldn’t remember anything. She gets up from bed and goes to hostel garden ? to pour water to rose plant. While pouring water to the plant she saw a rose in the plant. She gets happy that the bud has become a flower. Suddenly she remembers some part of the dream that a guy proposes her with a rose. She closes her eyes for few seconds, she could also be visualize her dream. She wonders who it might be??? Is he my charming prince?? Will I able to meet him in real?? She thinks its an early morning dream lets see whether it becomes true or not. She thinks its her 1st day of her office so I have to get ready soon.

A guy (abhi) working with his dumbbells. He gets a call from tanu. She says bhai, today we have an important client meeting with Nikhil Arya . I has arranged everything for the meeting. U reach office on time. Abhi yes and disconnects the call. He gets ready to office and goes to see his mom to take her blessings. His mom bless him saying u will get all happiness in the world. Abhi smiles and was about to leave but his mom stops him and asks when you are going to get married?? Abhi replies maa, when the right time comes I will let you know but not now. Its getting late to office so I will catch you in the evening. His mom asks to have breakfast. Abhi says tanu has called me 4times so I have to go now. You don’t worry I will have breakfast in office. Mom says okay andasks him to go temple before going to office. Abhi says yes mom and leaves.

Pragya goes to temple. She prays to god that today is my first day in office. So everything should be good. She thinks about her dream. She asks god whether my dream will become true?? She asks HIM to help her in finding her charming prince. She think will my life get change from this point ?? At that time abhi enters temple. A pandit gives flowers ? to pragya and says everything will be good. Pragya smiles and leaves. Pragya leave from the temple and abhi enters the temple. Air blows abhi and pragya crosses but didn’t see each other. Pragya’s saree pallu falls on abhi’s face while passing him. Still they didn’t see each other. Abhi turns and sees pragya but couldn’t see her face. The screen freezes on abhi’s face.

PRECAP: Abhi sees a girl in baby pink saree.

Guys I hope that I didn’t make u all to sleep with this story. Please do comment with that only I have to decide whether to continue or not. I know that the story is small. I just want to know whether you all liked it or not.

Credit to: Roli Aka Shona

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  1. Thanks shona for making tanu has abhi’s cousin it really sounds gd when she was calling abhi as bhai I loved it to the core

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you Asmitha, I don’t want anyone in-between abhigya that’s why I choose tanu in that character ??

  2. Nice start……

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you rose keep reading

  3. nice starting…

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you Lakshmi keep reading and comment

  4. Definitely the plot is super and different keep rocking

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you sonika, this comment values alot. Keep reading and comment

  5. It was awesome I really loved it to the core and really when tanu calling abhi as bhai omg i was on cloud nine that much happy

    1. Roli aka Shona

      thank you monesha, keep reading and review on the story

  6. It’s really nice yaar continue

    1. Roli aka Shona

      thank you durga keep reading and comment

  7. really nice intro………….

    pls conti

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you di, keep reading and comment

  8. Interesting!

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you pinky keep reading and commenting

  9. Reshma Pradeep

    Nice start…..

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you Reshma Pradeep keep reading and commenting

  10. Great dear waiting fr nxt part???

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you Saranya keep reading and commenting

  11. Sharaya

    Wow its so interesting pls do continue

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you sharaya keep reading and commenting

  12. Nice intro dr.so in ur story Abhi believes God?wow that’s very interesting.n u dint give any intro abt Abhi’s dadi? So in ur story he dont hav dadi?.N iam very happy to hear the word ‘bhai’ from tanu that to for our Abhi? Iam very eager to know the further story .so plz update the nxt part asap.

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Hi rosy
      Yup in my story abhi believes god only because of his mom. Since he love his mom more than his life
      And no dadi in my story. As of now the story revolves around abhigya tanu and Nikhil. Rest u will come to know in the upcoming episodes ?

  13. superbb yarr……………………..intersting

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you nannu for ur comments keep reading and commenting

  14. Nice start……

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you abhigya for your comments keep reading and commenting

  15. Super keep going

  16. supab start keep it up and.please upload it regularly

  17. Omg.. Its Very interesting dear?
    The way u portraying the story just making me to visualise the scenes.. Superb superb superb shona
    Keep rocking✌?❤

  18. nice story intresting

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