My dream hero ranveer ( ishveer) Part-6

Hii I am back.

So here I start….

Ranveer comes home from his shoot ..he is very tired. Ranveer comes in his bedroom and opens his tab.He knows that Sunny is waiting for him, he has promised yesterday to come online, and he doesn’t want to be a traitor. He logs in and sees a scrap and with some PMs from Sunny.Sunny: Ye bhi koi baat huyi,you said me to come online,and now you are vanishAgain another scrap from Sunny,”I am so angry with you, you don’t know how to keep promise, I am waiting for you”now her PM,”reply me when you get some time, I have lots of thing to share with you regarding Ranveer, but when you will come Nick”Now Ranveer writes a shortmessage to Sunny,” Sorry my dear Sunny, sorry kan pakarke, I got busy and wo bhi for your Ranveer only, you know nah, his new movie is a big hit, so I have gone to take an autograph from him for you only, I didn’t get it as he was busy in the party, but I got late”He writes it and clicks on the send button with the name of his GOD.Nick messaged Sunny and waited for her reply. In the meanwhile he visited his Appreciation Thread to check the messages. But he found Sunny spamming the AT all alone. Sunny’s posts-Ranveer the rockstar Ranveer the cool dude Ranveer the magician Ranveer my dream man Ranveer the superhero Ranveer blushed and smiledreading all these posts. Nick Posted – Sunny pleasecheck ur pm na The second he posted this there was a screen flash stating you have private message. He immediately clicked and checked the message. Sunny’s message,”Its ok Nick and i am not angry with you now. But please from next time do inform me before hand. You know na i was waiting for you and therefore i even cancelled my plans to go out with my parents just in the idea that you wanted to talk to me. Now forget it.But yeah from now if you do this then i promise i wont even talk to you and wont even trust you.” Reading this Ranveer felt bad on what he did with Sunny and he again pmed her,”Sorry Darling i promise i wont do this again. Please forgive me sweets ” Ranveer again went to the AT-Sunny – Nick i repliedNick – I pmed againSunny – I checked and its ok. I am not angry nowRanveer heaved a sigh of relief reading thisNick – Thanks sweet you know you are really a darlingSunny – Btw nick i am sorry i have to go and sleep as my parents will be coming home at any moment. Ranveer thought, “I dont like her parents. They always are an obstacle in mine and Sunny’s talk. Oh god what to do”Nick – Its ok sweets we will talk tomorrow and i promisei wont let you wait tomorrow. Bye darling have a tight sleep with Ranveer’sdreams again. Sunny – Ok before going Nick can you do me a favorNick – Yeah say anything for you dearieSunny – Can you please complete the remaining two pages by the messages for Ranveer and complete this AT…Actually this AT has already completed 146 ATs and i want that before Ranveer’sbirthday after 3 weeks we should reach 150th AT. please compete this AT na.”My gosh!! this girl remembers my birthday too. Infact i had forgotten my birthday i remember my birthdays only when media and fans make me remember and that too on that day only but she made me remember 3 weeks before itself. She is really the craziest fan of mine” Ranveer gets amazed and thinksNick – Dont worry Sunny you sleep peacefully and i will complete your duty. Reading this Ishaani loggedout and Ranveer started posting whatever she used to postNick – Ranveer the rockstarNick – Ranveer the superheroNick – Ranveer the magicianBut while posting every post he used to laugh on himself too. Ranveer had never laughed like this in ages but this girl whom he met online made him smile in just one day.”This was magnetic”thought Ranveer. Afterf completing the duty given by Sunny he too logged out and dozed off happily.

Guys plz comment .
I know its boring but aftet two three episodes u will surely like…
If the comments are less I will stop plz comment even if it is negative. I won’t mind.??


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  1. No fear y r u thinking it’s boring it’s good and cute and about me I don’t have any idea that I will survive or not as I am suffering from brain tumour and tomorrow is my operation and I think mostly I will die or slip to coma if operation is unsuccessful but dear seriously I love ur ff a lot

    1. We r there for u tanvee. We’ll pray for u. Stay strong god will help u. We all love you

      1. ^I agree with sis!

    2. Tanvee dear.. I saw ur comments just now.. I really feel sad for u dear ? GOD BLESS YOU cutie pie! Ur our lil princess!! We love u alot <33333333 … The operation will be success! Please don't loose ur faith on God… Our prayers will bring you back to the normal stage.. "GET WELL SOON"

    3. Hey my dear Tanvee don’t get afraid of anything everything will be fine we all are there for you and praying from God for you,you will be definitely fine you are very strong girl. My dear I believe that if you will think positive with full confidence nothing wrong will happen to you? I believe that your operation will be successful and you will be fit and fine so no need to be afraid ok bye my dear little sweet sister? may God bless you?

    4. Nothing will happen to u sis…….I’ll always be there for u

    5. Tanvee dr pls dnt say like tis.pls dnt lost ur strong.nothing ll happen to u.after reading ur comment iam started to crying.iam sorry sissy.if i hurt una really sorry pls forgive me.getwell soon dr.god bless you.god never leave good peoe.u r my cute sissy i am waiting for ur comment pls comeback soon and comment dr i love u sooo much

    6. Tanvee how r u? r u fine? I hope so!! ??

  2. Please don’t stop it’s really nice episode

  3. Hey dear Avanti the episode was so good I really liked it don’t get disappointed by low comments your ff is really really awesome ?

  4. Ha don’t worry about less comments. There r so many die heart fans for ur ff as me….. today it’s a cute episode. Looking forward for the next

  5. FANTASTIC EPISODE DEAR!!! I loved how Ishani was eagerly waiting to talk to Ranveer!! And the last part was too cute because of how Ranveer was realizing how much Ishani loves him!! I dont think your ff is boring at all!!!!!!! I love this ff! I cant wait for your next episode!


    Hii avanti dear…….after a lot wait you posted na…..good dearie….waiting for next one !!!

  7. It’s not boaring at all …’s the best ff for me sis……thanks for giving us such an epi

  8. thanx all for comments. and I will surely update.

    and tanvee.I know u will surely be cured.and tomorrow’s operation will be surely succesful.I will pray for u.u will surely live.

  9. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Nice episode dear.don’t worry about comments.u doing a good job.

  10. Fabulous epi! waiting for ishveer to meet each other… good night sis… ,*-*

  11. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    oh dear its not at all boring . i loved it pls pls update fast and what a plot really u r super . pls continue it akka . dont even date to stop it …

  12. Really very nice ff dr.dnt worry its not boring.keep going

  13. Hey pls post the next episode soon. Eagerly waiting for it

  14. Please post the next episode

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