My dream hero ranveer ( ishveer) Part-5


Hii guys here I continue.

Nick: Sunny, I also like Ranveer, but don’t you think that stars are good attheir world. I mean, see them they are so happy, so lost in their own world. They hardly think about their fans.Sunny: Nick, you are new fan of him, so I think you don’t know him properly. Heis a good human being as well. I have read each and every issue of Star Dust magazine where we have seen what he has done for orphan children.Nick: All of these are their show offs girl, you don’t know them, they love publicity, lime lights etc.Sunny: You are telling this as if you know him very well, I know him more than you, even more than anyone and I know how he is and I don’t want to hear anything bad from you further. Otherwise, I won’t talk to you Nick, if you reallystart talking nonsense about Ranveer.Now, Ranveer feels sad. First time he wanted to come out from his artificial starry image, and he hurt her. He feels guilty now.Nick: I didn’t want to hurt you dear, trust me. I am sorry if I have hurt you. Firstand Last time, I will not tell any bad for him, trust me.Sunny: okay..This is your first, I can forgive youNick: that’s like a good girl, friends then and if you consider me as your friend then you have tell me how you meet Ranveer every day?Sunny: ohh okay baba, but not’s already too late here and I have to go to sleep, otherwise mummawill throw me out from the house, I will tell you tomorrow, pakka promise.Nick: okay..tight sleep and I will also come tomorrow and I will PM you. bbye and take care, have Ranveer’s dreamRanveer smiles and closes his tablet.”This girl is crazy, she likes a star like hell. Oh God, Ranveer’s name has become so popular.. I have to catch her tomorrow also. But before that I need to checkthe appointments and all.”That night Ranveer was able to sleep well and whenhe opens his eyes next day,the clock says as ten o clock at the morning. He checked his tab, no message. He knew it, still he expects something. Thisis magnetic. He smiles. New beginning of a day, he checks his mobiles and gets shocked. nearly thirty missed calls and twenty messages from Disha and his secretary.”Oh God!!! When can I get a bit of relief!!! Ranveer shrugged his shoulder in irritation.

Credit to: shadhika lover

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  1. Awesome episode dear! Loved it! I can’t wait for ishveer to meet and ranveer to fall in love with ishani, since ishani already loves ranveer!!!!!!! You are a great writer!

  2. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    So nice episode.ur title (my dream hero ranveer)is very close to the heart of every girls fans of shakthi and the story is also very it.

    1. ^I agree with sana sis

  3. The story is marvelous, wonderful, superb, mind blowing etc. Hope Ranveer will soon fall in love with our bubbly ishani

  4. So nice episode dear seriously it was really really awesome just keep it up waiting for the next episode very excitedly ?

  5. thank u all for commenting.

    and yes in 2-3 episodes ranveer will surely fall in love with ishani.
    and there will be a big twist.
    don’t worry the twist will make ishveer realize their love.

  6. Superb story. Very good epi. Plz update next asap

  7. Very very nice awesome I lived ISHVEER cute chat Update soon

  8. Marvelous sis ……i love this ff more than me

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