My dream hero ranveer ( ishveer) Part-4


Hii guys very sry for late update.

Here I continue.

Its a beautiful morning.

At parekh house.
Ishani was geting ready for college.

Here ranveer woke up .he checked his personal tab if there was any message. Or any offer.

He was shocked seeing 35 missed calls of his current co-star neha.
He said she will never let me live peacefully. Early morning her missed calls. ?
Thinking this he went to take bath.

Slowly the morning drawn to evening.

There was a huge hall. The cera panned to the handsome guy.he was looking dashing.
Producer-hello mr ranveer. Congrats our film has achieved a lot of success.
Rv-yes sir congrats to u too.
Producer-by the way how is the party . I hope u enjoy it.
Rv-yes I am enoying ti.
Suddenly their conversation was interrupted by a lady .
Neha-hii ranveer!!
Baby I am very happy people are liking our jodi very much.
Rv-yes. …..thinking(what u have done.the movie is fully depending on my character. Ur just casted to get more publicity.)(otherwise ranveer own is capable to make a film blockbuster?)
Neha-baby how I am looking today??
(Actually she was looking total dumb.she was trying to show off. Ranveer was just trying to avoid her.
Neha-only nice .I expected something more frm u.
Rv-neha I have to make an important call. (Just any how avoiding her)
He was feeling tired and bored carrying a fake smile on his face.

At night.
Ranveer was in his room. He was trying to sleep but was unable to do so.he was getti ng bad dreams.and the dreams of his dead mother.he was missing her so much.

To divert hia mind he took his personal tab .and search any unknown news of himself.
The pages take him in”Ranveer Vaghela – The Superhero’s Appreciation Thread”in a new site called”India Forums”. Ranveer chuckled, he didn’t knew about this site, it is definitely new experience for him and he feels eager to know more about this AT.”Some crazy fans are doingtheir superman’s worshiping, interesting!!!”Ranveer thinks,”let’s see, ifsomeone also does criticize Ranveer or not”. He does not expect good all time, when you climb theladder of success, you also keep making many enemies with it. So, he smiles.He creates a new ID of”Nick”- he likes the name. This is something different from his so called Hindi films names where he has to take either Rahul or Rohan or Raj.”Good one!! This should be the appropriate one to hide my identity”Ranveer smiles in satisfaction. He posts his first ever comment in his own AT”knock knock, this is Nick, a diehard Ranveer’s fan, may be the biggest on this earth, anyone here who wants to welcome me?” Ranveer posts it and feels happy. This game is not bad at all.”Welcome friend!!! but I think you have a wrong conception about yourself, you have not meet with Ranveer’s biggest and craziest fan ever on this entire universe”a prompt answer comes from another account name”Sunny”Ranveer smiles,”not bad at all, who is this Sunny and he/she is claiming as Ranveer’s biggest fan on this entire universe. Let’s see then!!!”Ranveer thinks and replies”I like the person who talks confidently, but have you ever met with him? He is super hero, if you are a great fan of him, let him know it””I meet him everyday, every moment and every hour and I will not tell you anything about it. But, welcome to the crazy land and spread Ranveer’s love all over”Sunny repliesRanveer now starts laughing loudly,”What this person is saying? Is she crazy or what? She is meeting me everyday, every moment, but I don’t know anything about it, it’s so funny and I have to find it out, what’s the secret..ummm…but I can’t ask her directly nah”Ranveer thinks and gives his answer. But, unfortunately, IF restricts anewbie’s post up to the maximum of ten posts, so he cannot move further. Hecannot think what to do, when one message blinks at that moment and it is saying”you have received one personal message”.Sunny: Hello Friend, I know that you have done with your maximum limit of post, but don’t worry, we can talk through PMs and it is countless. It’s really good to know that the numbers of fans are increasing for Ranveer day by day. You know, I have never missed any first day first show for him. He is my dream hero.
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Precap-nick and sunny chatting. ?❤????

Credit to: shadhika lover

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