My dream hero ranveer ( ishveer) Part-2


Ishaani had just gotten out of the shower. She wore her regular clothes, black jeans and a red v-neck t-shirt. On the shirt it said “if you wanna catch me, you gotta be fast.” After checking herself out in the mirror to make sure her outfit was perfect she began to fix her hair. At first she wanted to tie it up, but suddenly she thought “No, I should let my hair down, because according to Ranveer he prefers girls who have the hair down rather than up” Thinking this she quickly put away her hair tie and appliedminimal facial make-up and the grab her bag heading to the hall.Falguni was making breakfast as Harshad was doing his usual, sitting at thedining table reading a newspaper. As she brought the breakfast out to the table Ishaani made her way to the hall where they were.”Papa” she said excitedly. Harshad turned around as he heard his princess’ voice and folded the paper keeping it aside.”Good morning my princess. Did you sleep well?”He asked as Ishaani put her bag to the side and sat down at one of the chairs.”Yes Papa. In fact I had the best sleep ever” she saidsmiling as she began to daydream about Ranveer.”Oh, so Ranveer came inyour dreams once again huh?” he asked sarcastically.”Harshad she is crazy, but because of you this madness has never stopped,why do you always have to influence her?” Falguni asked interrupting their conversation as she placed the tray of tea cups and coffee on the table.Ishaani noticing that Harshad has the newpaper signaled him with her eye to pass it over to her. Harshad without letting Falguni know passed the paper to Ishaani under the table.”Ishaani, Harshad, I’m not dumb you know that right?” She asked as she bringing some stuff from outof the kitchen. “Stop passing the newspaper and give it to me. It’s family breakfast time” Falguni said setting the food on the table. Hearing this Ishaani got annoyed at her parents, but Harshad couldn’t help but laugh at his daughter’s hopelessness.”Papa it’s not funny okay” Ishaani said folding the paper and putting it on the side table.”Ishaani eat your breakfast first because you already getting late for college. What do you ever gain from reading the newspaper anyhow? Ranveer will not just show upat our door one day and will say, Ms. Ishaani. I’m so glad you read the articles about me here is a reward'”, Falgunisaid serving Harshad and Ishaani their breakfast. Ishaani and Harshad looked at each and burst into laughter.”Mom you are too much.You know you should act in some daily soap” Ishaani saidas her and Harshad continued to chuckle upon the discussion.”Haha very funny” she said glaring at Harshad and Ishaani. “Now stop it and finish your breakfast” she said seating down.

sry guys I will show the precap in next epi

Credit to: shadhika lover

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