My dream hero ranveer ( ishveer) Intro


Hii guys i’am avanti here.
I am new here.
I am going to write a new ff on ishveer.

Actually I read an os on ishveer from there I got an idea .

So here is my character sketch-
Harshad parekh- A business man .loves his daughter ishani anf his wife very much .

Falguni parekh- Harshad parekh’s wife .loves her daughter and is always thinking about her future.

Ishani parekh-a cute, beautiful, bubbly girl .
Studies in NM college Mumbai.
Has a crush on a Bollywood actor RANVEER VAGHELA. ???..and wants to mary him .

Kailash vaghela-ranveer’s father .but does not live with him for certain reason .
He is a good friend of Harshad .

Amba vaghela-ranveer’s mother . Here she is a positive character.

Ranveer vaghela-A handsome , hot, guy?? who is famous Bollywood actor. He thinks that every one is just behind his name and fame. No one loves him truely so he wants to feel love and affection. Loves his mother a lot.

If u think I should continue plz comment below..???

Ammu thanks for helping me. U r my first friend here.?

And all of u are doing a gr8 job.

Plz comment below. …
and I am seeing that many of u have stopped writing .
why is it so ..please do not feel hurted by any bad comments

specially I am missing cutiepie very much she has stopped writing .her ff was one of my favorite ffs .

Credit to: shadhika lover

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  1. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    ho avanti so nice plot , i love to hear that ranvi is a actor . so nice of u . i also req cutiepie to continue her ff . i love that and miss it a much


    Hii Avanti dear…… know I’ve read all ffs of India forums and was eagerly waiting for Parin to update it…….I’ve read all parts pls till part 9 used just story like parin then your own one………its mine special request otherwise your own one……… and this is my favourites ff of India forums…….

  3. Hey dear pls continue your ff your introduction is very interesting I want to read your ff regularly and ya I also like cutie pie’s ff but I don’t known why she is not updating her ff may be she is still stuck in her studies by the way I liked your intro waiting for first episode

  4. nyc concept plz continue writting ur ff and i am also assuming many have stop writting there ff and wats ur name dear

  5. Hi! Your ff sounds amazing and I am waiting for you to start it.. Pls update it soon!!

  6. Sumaiya Sumi

    Very good start love to see ranveer as an actor. Pls continue it

  7. Good start. PlZ update next

  8. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Hi nice one avanthi.. If u have time read my ishveer forever season-2 ff.. Pls and young love but is is over. Only ishveer forever is running.. Pls I like Ranveer as a actor.

    1. Nice intro avanti . continue the ff.

  9. thank u all ..for supporting me
    I am glad that u liked it..
    and ranaji I read ur both ffs .
    but I was a silent reader so I could not comment. …

    l am very happy that u all liked it

    I will update soon
    thankx again..

  10. dhruva l am too thinking to keep the first few episodes same .but I will make few changes otherwise it will be like coping other’s idea..

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      No dear…..I think you are superb writer…..I just say that just copt Parin ff till episode 9……cause I loved it then its should be only yours idea…….

  11. Wow… avanti…. amazing intro…. different storyline…. I can’t wait for it… pls pls update soon… yeah I too miss cutie pie ff, keerthi akka ff a lot…. pls update dear… agin avanti… superb job☺

  12. Amazing…… please continue… love it &???

  13. thanx
    I am writing the next

    1. Nice intro avanti . continue the ff.

  14. Nice intro avanti nd I like protagonist of ur ff don’t stop ur epi nd continue it daily

  15. I have posted the next epi it will be published soon. .

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