My dream girl….(ts)

Hey guys i am here with an two shot got this idea and thought to write it so sorry if its bad

Anyways let get on to the story

Well….i named it my dream girl…..

Guys the edit says one shot sorry it was my mistake but its a two shot

A man is writing something on a book written “my life”

He put the heading on one of the page the book was half filled exact on the pinned page as “my soulmate”

And he put a subheading

“Qualities of my dream girl?”

He put the first bullet and was about to write when there was a knock on his door

He shouted: who’s it

The person: hmm….ur dearest bro laksh?

Yes the person was laksh

Laksh: hmm….seems like u r writing ur diary did i disturb

The man: nope…btw its not a diary its my memories

Laksh: ok watever btw what r u filling up now

Man: hmm….about my dream girl

Laksh: intresting bro so wuld u like to tell me what ur dream girl shuld be like
Mr sanskaar maheshwari

Sanskaar: ofcourse

Yes it was sanskaar he was filling up his book of his life which was big enough to store his sorrows and happy memories it was like a biography but not really

Sanskar begin to write and tell laksh at the same time

-she shuld have a passion of music like i have that is the most important thing i want in her

Laksh(rolling his eyes): ofcourse u probably said this like a thousand times why the hell do u love music singing and playing instruments srsly thats a huge waste of time

Sanskaar: oh gosh lucky stop there i never judge ur passion towards dancing so shut up

Laksh: fine continue

Sanskaar continued
-she shuldnt be sanskaari……( before he culd complete laksh interrupted

Laksh: woah u know what u cant think like that i mean sanskaari is in in ur name

Sanskaar: that was lame yet even if it is in my name i am not sanskaari ok…?

Laksh: fine fine

Sanskaar continued

-she shuldnt be sanskaari instead be bubbly and innocent too

-she shuld be cool not traditional and be gorgeous

Laksh: well thats obvious

Sanskaar: watever

He filled up few more about his dream like hoe any other man wuld i agine and left a little space confusing laksh

Laksh: what tht for( he questioned him immediately out of curiosity)

Sanskaar: thats for her pic

Laksh: u dont even know her dude

Sanskaar: ya true but when i meet her i wuld take a snap of her and stick it

Laksh: fine r u done mom called us for dinner come soon

Sanskaar: yup

Laksh left after listening to his answer

Sanskaar while closing the book ‘hope we meet soon’

Scene shifts to a girl on the terrace with her guitar singing

When another girl comes saying

Girl2:done with ur practice?

Girl1: what brings u here

Girl2: well my dear sis listening to this rocking music i couldnt stop myself to hear u live

Girl1: thats soo sweet of u ragini well i am done

Girl2 is ragini

Ragini: well….swara i am soo tensed tomorrow is my competition well….i am surely practicing hard but still i am scared

Yes girl1 is swara

Swara: dear sissy dont be scared ik u r the best dancer anyways why dont u perform on my giutar and my song

Ragini: lol swara my dance is classical and u expect me to dance on guitar

Swara: why not it sill become indo western

Ragini: its ok sis no need now come down for dinner

Swara: yesss

After dinner the bros r with eachother gossiping

Sanskar: btw lucky i told u about my dream girl what about urs

Lucky: well…even i have dream girl picture in my mind like her qualities

Sanskar: what r those

Lucky: lemme tell its quite opposite to urs

-she shuld be traditional

-she shuld loooove dancing but classical

Sa: like indo western

La: yes and ofcourse she shuld be cute

Sa: cool now come lets sleep tomorrow u have ur comp right

La: ya there r even classical dancers

Sa: cool

They doze off

Ra: swara lets sleep tomorrow i have my comp and we r shifting also na make sure u packed everything

Sw: ya i did but i will miss this house

Ra: me too but now sleep

They sleep too

Next day in comp.

Ragini was getting ready and swara was helping her

Ra: swara i am so tensed next is my performance

Sw: dont worry sissy u will win all the best

Both hug

Ragini dances well

Sa: all the best bhai

Lucky also dances well

In this two people will be the winners one from classic one from western

And the classic was won by ragini and western by laksh

Sanky sees only laksh’s performance and will be busy registering for some musical fest and comp

When he will be rushing he dashes swara

Sw: sorry

Sa: sry

They go away

Swara congratulates ragini

Sw: sis actually i have an imp work and there is a musical fest i really wanna participate can u enroll my name i have to rush to my music school some emergency

Ra: sure

Ragini goes to the counter and enrolls swara’s name

Sanky sees her and thinks she is also a music holic and starts liking her

End of part one

Guys if u liked it i will post the next part soon

I was in a writer mood today so wrote it a bit like a real writer hope u liked it

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  2. i luved it pravalika… it was awesome… ummmmmm it’s of swasan and raglak na….!!!!!!

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