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The Episode starts with Laxmi tossing the coin to make her decision. She says no, whats happening, why is it not coming what I want. Raj looks on and advises her to follow her heart. She says its not like that, heart sometimes get helpless infront of love, and its big problem. He asks her to believe her fate. She says today’s decision looks wrong later, whatever happens is for food. He says yes, he got food and headache medicine for her. She says I m not hungry, I will sleep and will be fine in morning. He says she can share things, maybe he can solve it. She says no, I have to take this decision myself.

Its morning, Laxmi gets ready. Bau ji asks her to have food. She says Raj is also tired and not waking up. Laxmi looks at Raj and writes a note for him. Samar sees it and acts like sleeping.

He turns to her and she keeps the note under his pillow. She says she is leaving, she will have food in canteen. Samar reads the letter. Laxmi writes be free in evening, she has to talk. Bua ji asks him did he fight with her, what did she write in chit. He tells her the message. Bua ji says I think she will say yes today. Samar asks for what?

Bua ji says I can see whats in your heart, I think she knows everything too, you have always supported her, there can’t be anyone in her life more imp than you. He smiles. Karan tells Laxmi and other girls to speak about the imp person in their life, it will be audio visual which will be shown in final round. Ayesha asks Samar to come tonight, Laxmi will be saying who is most imp in her life, maybe she can take his name. Samar says no use, she did not call me there. Ayesha says love is emotional, if Laxmi takes his name, it means she trusts him. He says fine, I will come.

She says its Navrang’s lightman birthday and she is thinking to have street food party. She asks him to come with his street friends and he agrees. The girls speak about the imp person. Samar comes there with his friends. Laxmi goes on the stage. She starts speaking and sees Samar and his friends. His friends trouble him asking for Ayesha’s autograph. The people talk about Laxmi’s friends, such poor street side guys. Samar stands outside.

Laxmi says many people have supported her in her journey and want to thank. Ayesha calls a man and asks him to start his drama. The man speaks bad about Laxmi which makes Samar angry. Samar asks him to talk with respect and the goons laugh on him. Samar fights with the goons. This creates a big scene there. Ayesha smiles seeing this, while Laxmi is shocked. She goes to Samar and asks whats happening. He says it was not his mistake. She says he does not care for her contest. He says we did not do anything. She asks him to leave and cries.

She says her AV is still pending and asks for a chance. The man scolds her as her friends have done all this mess. The director scolds her. Sania says sorry that your AV did not complete, I knew this would happen one day, they are poor people, so I left your home, she can do friendship with samosewala, but not marriage, she knew this. Karan looks on and says sorry Laxmi, they can’t be your friends who can’t see your dreams fulfilling.

Laxmi comes home and argues with Samar. She says people were seeing her in bad way. He says they were talking rubbish about her, he can’t hear it. She says she can’t shut their mouths, did I ask for help. He says I love you. She says he has answer of love everytime, she will forget all this, she will sell samosas with him, then he will be happy and get peace. She scolds him and leaves. He gets hurt by her words.

Bua ji asks Laxmi to see her CD. Karan asks Laxmi to be dream girl, the video is not good. Karan tells Ayesha that he got the Cd.

Update Credit to: Amena

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