Dream Girl 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Raghu sitting worried. He asks servant to make a drink. Shikha thinks he looks worried, I will make his fav drink. She makes drink and thinks Kaka taught this to me. Raghu says perfect, how do you know. Shikha says I made this. Raghu thanks her. She asks him to relax and massages his neck. He says same feeling, like I know you. Shikha gets glad and asks him to close eyes and relax. Ayesha comes there and gets angry.

Ayesha cries and goes to Karan and Manav. Karan asks what happened Aarti Di. Ayesha hugs Karan crying and says my married life is getting ruined by Shikha, save my marriage, please. Manav asks what happened. Ayesha says Shikha is creating misunderstanding between me and Raghu, that I m not Aarti. Karan and Manav say you may be mistaken.. she says no, come,

I will show. They come and see Shikha closer to Raghu. Karan shouts Raghu ji.. Raghu asks Karan why are you shouting. Karan asks what are you doing. Raghu says she is massaging my head, whats big deal, Ayesha would have told this to you. Ayesha says I will tell my brother if my house is getting ruined, Manav is like Lord, why can’t I tell them. Raghu says my Aarti never did drama like this. Karan says we cleared this matter, why again, Shikha told you right.

Raghu says don’t tell anything Karan. Manav says after cancer test, its proved she is Aarti, why this confusion. Raghu says I m suffering Manav. This whiskey is the solution. Karan asks what. Raghu says Aarti never drink, she disliked my drinking, but Aarti knew how I made my drink. He asks Ayesha to make a drink for him. Karan asks Raghu ji, whats this joke, why all this, how will you prove about making drink. Raghu asks him to talk to Kaka.

Manav and Karan go to talk to Kaka. Ayesha says I never made your drink. Raghu says Kaka taught Aarti, you should know, are you not Aarti. Ayesha says yes, just once… he says then go. Shikha thinks I told Ayesha, lie will be out some day. Ayesha makes the drink. Karan and Manav come back. Manav says wait Aarti, Shikha you make the drink.

Shikha makes the drink. Manav asks who are you, I spoke to Kaka, he told me about Raghu’s type of drink, you made the drink exactly, tell me your real name Shikha… Shikha says Aarti…. Raghu and everyone get shocked. Shikha asks but you all are reacting as if you all saw ghost, I told you my name is Aarti, and Shikha is name for this industry. Manav says cut the crap, I m asking something else, how do you know Raghu’s drink.

Shikha says I have seen him making drink. She says you all maybe doubting that I m coming in between Raghu and Aarti, I m fed up, all incidents are happening with me, I suffer the most here, what did I do. Raghu says Shikha its not your mistake, its Ayesha’s mistake. Ayesha says Raghu got blind in Shikha’s love, everyone is planning to prove I m Ayesha, do something. Manav asks Ayesha to relax, Shikha will leave in 4-5 days once her shoot ends. Shikha says even I want to go. Manav says you have patience Aarti, and pacifies Ayesha.

Shikha thinks what to do, don’t know what happened to Manav and Karan, how will I prove, I have to fail Ayesha in just 2 days. She gets message and reads. She says I have to do this and prays. Manav shows the climax concept and explains. Shikha says I m afraid of this scene. Karan asks Shikha will you tell this to Manav now. Manav says let her say. Shikha says we can show climax in dance sequence, and explains him. she says its love story, can’t we keep dance face off between both heroines, the one who wins gets hero, and then a dangerous stunt. She says I want to say in private. Karan goes. She says Karan dislikes me, so I did say infront of him. she tells her idea. Manav likes the idea. Ayesha says so you are creative too, you want to have dance face off with me, why to make fun of yourself. Shikha challenges her and says I m your sister, I have two days, fate changes over night, worry about yourself. Ayesha says you will lose this time too, and calls her loser.

Raghu hugs Shikha and they cry. Ayesha gets shocked seeing them, and says it means Raghu knew Shikha is Aarti, he made Aarti as Shikha, he planned all this against me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Finally after so much dragging awaited thing happend . But nice epi

  2. nice episode ….its awesome…………….

  3. nice ep

  4. thats the reason why i like this show as every episode has uniqueness and creativity which is awesome to watch . i like your story writer . your thought process is amazing.

  5. Shraddha Sharma

    I thought manav is the one who made arti as shikha… but finally raghu is the one ( as an asumption as truth will be out lately)…

  6. Shraddha Sharma

    I hope aysha dont win this time atleast

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