Dream Girl 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Samar making Laxmi smile by cheering up. Bua ji gets the cake and they cut it saying for a better tomorrow. Its morning, the cycle marathon function starts and Ayesha comes there. Karan says Laxmi is not coming, tell them you can’t participate for personal reason. She says she will surely come. He says she took three injections, she was in bad state, she can’t come. The lady announces that Ayesha is unwell and can’t participate and her replacement did not come till now. Laxmi says wait and they see her. Ayesha smiles.

Laxmi says she is Navrang studios employee and she will do cycling on Ayesha’s behalf. She promises Ayesha that she will win and Ayesha will smile with pride seeing her. Ayesha says sure, all the best. The lady says there will be three rounds, first

making someone sit, then use a heavy luggage and lastly to reach finish line first. Samar’s boss asks him to sell samosas in 30mins. He asks her to take cycle he is young and can drive. Samar says such third class cycle and two boxes, I got Navrang order. The man asks where is advance and contract, and asks him to go fast.

Samar thinks he did not know samosa wala will have sales targets too, and how will he balance two boxes in 30mins. Laxmi thinks she has to win whoever is the partner. She sees a fat girl as her partner and worried. Ayesha and Karan laugh. Karan says her fate is really bad, I can’t influence organizers. Ayesha asks does he know what he has to do. He says yes. Laxmi gets worried and the race begins.

Laxmi is unable to manage. Ayesha laughs. Samar is also on the way. Laxmi sweats driving the cycle. The cycle falls. The girl says she is making her fall again and again, she will complain. Laxmi says no, I won’t, please sit, and starts driving again. Samar says I will reach in 2mins. The first round ends and Laxmi comes very late. She does not drink water to save time. The man gives her egg crate and she asks how can this be, they said some heavy thing. She keeps the eggs and says please don’t fall.

Karan tells his men the plan and asks them to start it when Laxmi gets late and everyone goes ahead. The men put oil on the ground. Samar stops as a kid comes infront of the cycle. He asks him how is he and kid says sorry. The men catch Samar and asks him to give samosas to them. Samar says its for my order. Laxmi sees the slippery road and worries. He asks Lord to help her. She drives slowly and goes. The men call up Karan. The people ask Samar for money as kids needs hospital treatment, and asks for 3000rs. Samar says kid is fine, see he is not hurt, its just cycle, not car. Laxmi gets the eggs fine and says its third round now. Karan calls Ayesha and says she crossed checkpoint 2. Ayesha says I can’t depend on you and tells her plan.

Laxmi drives faster and gets tired. Samar says he will not give money. The people say he will get police and complain. They scare the kid and ask him to say as they say. Samar says he has to involve Manav if the matter goes in police station. He says its just 10mins now. A girl bumps her cycle in Laxmi’s cycle, by which Laxmi loses control and falls in wet mud. She gets hurt and cries.

Laxmi comes with all mud on her and apologizes to Ayesha, telling everything to her. Ayesha goes annoyed. Karan says helping is good, but with using some mind.

Update Credit to: Amena

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