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The Episode starts with Ayesha telling Laxmi that she has done all this. She tells Laxmi has done everything so smartly, and yet she has caught her. She says I stay with Manav and Samar, yet they don’t know about me, what I do, I don’t have any weakness, if I love someone, its myself, see you fell in love and spoiled your plan. Karan and Abhimanyu come there. Ayesha says what an entry, you guys got late, story ended now, but Karan will understand it. She says she said that emotional slave can’t make a queen lose. She says she told him that she will win, but Karan is a fool, Samar will wake up and say the truth to the world, she will be freed, then they three will be behind bars. She smiles and says you guys lost, you all are losers.

She says sorry Samar, but now I won’t trouble you,

end to all the miseries, your and mine. She tells Abhimanyu that his training went flat, Laxmi failed his plan, now this case will be managed by me. She says two lovers met today and then they will stand against each other tomorrow in the court. She leaves. Karan tells Laxmi that he explained her a lot, now everything is finished. Abhimanyu sees Ayesha has gone and looks at Samar. Samar gets up and looks at them.

Samar says I did not think Ayesha can do this with us. Laxmi says its true. Samar smiles and hugs her happily. Samar says he always misunderstood her, and did not think what happened with her in this office daily, what she went through. Scene reverses to the point when Nidhi swaps Samar’s medicines. Samar sees Nidhi changing the medicines. Abhimanyu talks to Samar and tells him that he is not taking anti depressants, he is given something else, he wants to prove it to him. Samar takes medicines from Nidhi and acts like he has eaten the tablets. She checks the tablets and throws it seeing its different. He says it means Abhimanyu said right.

Laxmi calls Samar and says she wants to meet him, she has to talk. He asks whats the work. She asks him to meet in the park. Samar comes there and looks at her. Zara zara…………….plays…………… Laxmi and Samar walk to each other and smile. He says Laxmi, I knew its you, why did you come as Naina. She says I was helpless, I wanted to tell you before, I m sorry, I want to tell everything today. She tells about Ayesha. Samar gets shocked.

She says Abhimanyu and Karan asked me to become Naina. He asks whats the need to do this. She says Ayesha has done wrong with everyone. He says enough, I know Ayesha, she can’t do this. He says Karan is using you, he is taking revenge from Ayesha, did Ayesha push you from temple, she can’t do this. Laxmi says does Ayesha want you to take drugs, I know you take drugs, Ayesha did not stop you, she used me to make me weak and accept I m Laxmi. Samar says no, I trust Ayesha, I don’t believe all this. Karan and Abhimanyu come there. Karan says I told you Laxmi, Samar won’t believe you. Abhimanyu says they traced her phone and came here. Karan tells Samar that he blindly trusts Ayesha. Samar scolds him and says Ayesha can’t do this. Laxmi says I have done this for us, that we get together. Laxmi says we just want to bring her truth out infront of you and Manav, not get punishment for Ayesha.

Abhimanyu says he has a plan and wants Samar’s support. Samar says you trapped Laxmi saying this. Laxmi says hear him once. Abhimanyu says someone is giving you drugs, we want to prove this. Laxmi asks for one chance. Samar says fine, I will do this to prove Ayesha innocent. Abhimanyu says Ayesha will try best to prove Naina is Laxmi. FB ends. Samar apologizes to Laxmi and hugs her. They cry.

Samar says he will bring Ayesha’s truth in Manav’s eyes. Samar meets Ayesha and says Laxmi did this to take revenge from you. Ayesha says but I did not do anything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Literally the one episode I’ve waited for. Samar FINALLY knows the truth about Ayesha ?
    Party time ?

  2. Ayesha is a looser. ??

  3. Awesome episode:-*
    twist ta darun chilo! ekn dekha jak Ayesha r ki hoy..
    just hope ja manav er samne sb sotti ber hoy…
    darun holo ajk…:-)

  4. Wow…nyc episode…superb

  5. Thank god!!!!

  6. Guys did you see the precap, something tells me, this plot is also seen by ayesha and she is up to something….

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