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The Episode starts with Ayesha having tough time in the jail. Abhimanyu asks the staff not to give her water, as she drinks just imported water. Manav is worried for Ayesha. Abhimanyu talks to Ayesha and says how she was before, she used to dream with her roommates, drink in same glass, sleep on the floor, how did she change so much? Ayesha argues with him. He says Manav won’t be restless seeing you here, when he knows your truth. Ayesha asks can she do a call. The lady constable refuses and asks her to talk in morning. Ayesha cries.

Ayesha gets the jail food, and does not eat it. Abhimanyu taunts her and goes. Ayesha gets a chit in the food and hides it. She evaluates who is doing this, as if someone captured when she spoke to Laxmi, it means Abhimanyu has framed her. He gets overthinking and sleeps.

Its morning, Abhimanyu reads the news to Ayesha. Manav says I read the paper, I think someone is framing Ayesha. Samar says Karan is framing her, as she has exposed Karan for that MMS, Karan is bad to use Laxmi and then using this matter to frame Ayesha, if he does not keep relations, we will also end ties and not stop now. Samar goes to meet Karan and gets angry. Karan asks why did he call him. Samar asks where is Laxmi.

Karan says you were marrying her, how would I know. Samar argues with him. Karan says Ayesha has done this, she is selfish. Samar says you did not be loyal to your sister, what can we expect. Karan tells against Ayesha and says you will realize your mistake soon. Samar says I will drag you to jail when I get any proof. Karan says I will be waiting.

Abhimanyu does not give mineral water to Ayesha. The lady says she can get unwell. He says I know, she can faint, but Manav will free her tomorrow, so I have to make her accept the truth today.

Abhimanyu shouts on Ayesha while interrogating her and makes her admit her mistakes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Want to see ayesha kicked out by manav and Samar. She deserves it. Selfish jealous b*t*h.

    1. Well said I’m happy to see ayesha in this condition

  2. Finally Ayesha got what she deserved.

  3. Ha. LOL!!!!!??? Ayesha is in jail. She used to think that she’s top of them
    Now look at her. Can’t believe how wrongly she did with laxmi. Greedy little ( bleep)

  4. Aysha u deserve that laxmi shld be happy to see aysha admitting her mistakes

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