Dream Girl 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Karan leaving rats in cabin and saying now it will be fun. Laxmi arranges the cold drink glasses. Samar comes there dressed as Sardar ji and brings samosas to sell there. He changes his voice and talks to peon, saying he came to sell samosas and deliver in cafeteria. Samar says he knows, as his owner told him everything. Laxmi takes the drinks and leaves, and Samar does not see her. She walks past him and Samar bumps into Karan. Karan looks at him. Samar asks what is he seeing like this. Karan says I m seeing, oh hero are you blind, wear specs. Samar laughs and says sorry, I m samosa man, going in cafeteria.

Karan says why don’t Manav make servant passage, dirt came in his sight, and asks him to go. Samar says I did not know Karan’s attitude towards poor, I thought

he is cool, but he is fool. Laxmi shouts seeing the rats in cabin. Karan comes and asks what happened, from where did the rats come. She says I don’t know. He says do something, use some rat poison, make sure rats are not here. He calls her a problem and unlucky girl. He scolds her and leaves.

She asks the rats to go, else she will fall in problem. She says I will show them Jodhpur magic to this rats. Samar thinks of Manav sees him, it will be problem. Hasmukh asks him to take samosas back as no one eats samosas here, and Samar worries as he wants the contract from them. Laxmi tries to catch the rats. Samar tells Hasmukh that samosas are nice and if he can’t sell here, then he will lose his job. Hasmukh asks him to go. Laxmi thinks what to do. She uses cheese and panics as the statue falls. Samar sees his staff’s true face and thinks how they treat poor people, he will not be able to sell samosas.

Laxm hides the broken statue from Karan and sends him. She goes to canteen and takes the samosas. Samar sees the samosas gone and gets glad. Laxmi asks the rats to have the desi spicy samosas. Hasmukh asks Samar to get more samosas thinking the staff took the samosas. The rats eat samosas and she asks them to come out by putting the food to bring them out.

Ayesha and Karan look on and thinks how did she make rats run and the statue is still broken. She smiles. Ayesha welcomes the Japanese delegates. Laxmi gets the idea seeing the makeup room. Ayesha asks where is Laxmi. They see the statue fine and does not guess its Laxmi. The clients like the statue. Laxmi thinks how to stand without blinking. They start the presentation and Amrita gives it. Ayesha sees a rat and turns to see the statue feet moving. She is shocked seeing its Laxmi.

Laxmi shouts seeing a rat and the clients look at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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