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The Episode starts with Laxmi being stunned seeing Karan. She recalls Samar did not had his phone and did not get her message. Karan thinks how Manav has asked him to call Samar. Karan gets Samar’s phone and gets Laxmi’s message. He thinks there is something wrong and tells Manav that Laxmi messaged him, he will go, maybe Samar is also there. Karan tells Laxmi that he was trying to call Samar, why did she call him. She says you should have not interfered in our matter and check his message. He says I did not check, message flashed, its good I came here and heard you.

He says I m already in between, I m so lucky, I did many favors, you leave Samar, you should hold my hand, atleast we both can be happy. She says I m confused. He asks whats confusion, there is nothing like love, its all give

and take relationship, why did you say all this. She says I know you are saying this as this engagement get done, but I don’t want to get engaged. Karan says its fine you are my friend and care for me. She asks does it not affect him. He says you reached dream girl contest because of Samar, Samar trusted you in MMS scandal, even I would have doubted you being in his place, I knew when you went missing, but Samar was sure you will come.

He says I did all this to take revenge from Ayesha, I was selfish. She asks does he wish that she trusts this. He says I m really happy, you also wanted to get engaged to Samar, even I want this. If Samar heard this, how would he feel. She says maybe Samar has some solution. He asks how did he come in between, did she cheat him, she is cheating Samar by doing this. He explains her that pressure comes in marriage time and such thoughts come, you got guilt, don’t do this, think about Samar. He asks how can she hurt Samar.

She says I can see in pain, tell me you are not sad, that you don’t care. He says Samar is your love. She says I know, I want some time, maybe this feeling ends. Karan asks what if this feeling gets more strong with time? He asks what is she doing, just answer, will you marry me, leaving Samar…. She does not say anything. He says this is the answer, engagement will happen tomorrow, you are getting second chance, thank Lord, I know I love you, but you chose Samar, I compromised, my happiness is that you and Samar get engaged. She says no, I won’t do engagement, no one cared what I feel.

She says she will tell Samar everything. He asks her not to make himself feel sympathetic, he does not want anyone’s pity. Karan gets Manav’s call. Karan says I got Laxmi, I m getting her there. He ends call and asks Laxmi to think about the family’s love, she will have guilt to hurt them, get out of guilt, you love Samar and you will marry him. She asks how can Karan be so good. He says some people have to become Lord, I m such, not wipe tears, I m waiting outside, get ready and come.

Samar meets a detective. The guy tells about all info about Ayesha, he is following Ayesha since court hearing day. She goes to a flat every day, its lonely, she visits the flat and stays for few hours. Samar asks why will she go there. The man says she leaves as if she saw a ghost there, it has flat address, Ayesha is still there.

Samar comes to the flat and sees Ayesha. Ayesha talks to a lady. The man says she is deaf and mute, she is such caretaker like you said. Ayesha asks man to explain who lives there in flat. The man explains in sign language. She says no one can know this and pays hefty amount. Samar hides and looks on. Samar thinks there is something wrong, whats Ayesha doing. Ayesha gets the caretaker to the room, and says she is inside. She signs her to see and sees some girl sitting.

Karan takes Laxmi to Sareen house. Ayesha asks the lady not to open the door if anyone comes. Ayesha leaves. Samar comes there and asks lady who else stays here. The lady is attacked by Ayesha’s person.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Lakshmi has legit lost her brain.

    1. ffss you think your comments are so cool bruh get a life and dont watch it if u dont like it common sense here:0

  2. D stry z gng onn wrong way!

  3. karannn…..u r tooo gooddddd…….I wanttt u to b d main male lead…

  4. I have never seen such a stupid lead actress -_-
    is this girl mad or what?
    and karan was absolutely right.she always thinks about karan’s favors…as if samar never did anything for her! -_-
    samar supported her throughout her journey of becoming dreamgirl…he was even ready to sacrifise his career for her…she doesn’t remember those favors! :/
    idiot laxmi

  5. Karan <3 .pls introduce a beautiful lady for karan nd make thm leads

  6. I feel like slapping lakshmi right now… She’s honestly being so stupid! >.<

    Yes Karan deffo needs a new girl in his life ASAP… He deserves it!

  7. Just wondering where are Laxmi’s Dad Bua and bhai?
    She is getting married and no one from her family is there?
    I think producer has cut the budget those actors are not there any more.

    This track is pretty boring.
    What happened to original plot of Laxmi’s dream of becoming the Dream girl.
    They have just killed vths show 🙁

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