Dream Girl 5th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Dream Girl 5th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ayesha/Aarti dancing Katputli way on the song Aaja dhola maro tarse hai………….. Manav smiles seeing her. Everyone clap for her. The guests go to take pics with her. Manav says Ayesha got tired, we will take pics later. He takes Ayesha/Aarti to room and says what a performance, I m so proud of you. People were so happy and went crazy, this is what I wanted from you, Ayesha has become Ayesha Sareen from film fraternity, and you won many fans all by yourself. No need to be afraid of Ayesha, you are there, you can do anything.

Ayesha starts laughing. He says its first time, I m seeing you laugh like this, what happened Aarti. She says I laughed like this after a long time, Manav shall I call you kiddish or a fool, you wanted to manipulate Aarti. He gets shocked knowing

she is Ayesha. Ayesha asks Aarti to come out. Manav gets shocked seeing Aarti hiding behind a curtain in scared state. Ayesha laughs and taunts Manav.

Ayesha asks Manav what did he think, that he will make Aarti stand against her. She says Aarti has no courage to look at me, and you were making her against me, you said directors made Ayesha, you know what is Ayesha in reality, did you see how people praised me and going crazy, you were also in full excitement, Aarti is here and she is nothing.

Manav welcomes the guests in marriage. Karan asks for Ayesha. Manav says she is not present, it does not care. He sees Aarti and walks by. Aarti stops Manav. Manav says Aarti you… and gets confused again, thinking Ayesha is fooling him. Aarti looks for Manav. She greets Laxmi’s Bua and Sona. Sona says we have to get Laxmi and goes. Aarti goes to Karan and says she is Aarti. He says you look good, and goes. She goes to him again and says today, I did not feel scared seeing many people. He says I have work, I will talk later. She gets sad seeing everyone avoiding her.

Ayesha gives Manav’s digital signature and asks the lawyer to do all formalities. He gets doubtful on her and says its big decision to transfer 54 % of Navrang on your name, Manav and Prem did not tell me. She asks what does he mean. He says I did not mean it, I m legal advisor of Navrang. She says she is Navrang’s owner. He talks to his assistant. She asks does he feel she is planning fraud against her work and family. He says no. She says the way you are behaving, I feel this. He says sorry. She says its Samar and Laxmi’s marriage today.

Karan and Manav tease Samar. Ayesha lies about gifting a movie to Samar and Laxmi, she has left the marriage and came here. Bua brings Laxmi in mandap and makes her sit with Samar. Ayesha asks lawyer to call Manav or Prem, and confirm it, but tell them you refused to me. He says fine, its nothing like that. He says I will complete papers, don’t feel bad, we have to be careful in legal matters. She says fine, do it fast, I have to attend marriage too. She smiles and thinks this will be gift for Samar and Laxmi’s marriage.

Laxmi’s bidaai is getting done. Manav gets a bad news and asks Samar not to come along and be with Laxmi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Get this bastard ayesha out of show as its getting worse..cant even tolerate watching her

  2. I want manav 2 marry aarti 🙂 .lv manav nd karan .

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