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The Episode starts with Ayesha asking Samar to sit, she will just go and give her shot. She says there is some problem in crane. Ayesha goes and gives the shot. Samar sees Laxmi sitting under the crane and worries. He says if anything happens to Laxmi and looks on the crane coming down. Samar recalls Ayesha’s words and runs to Laxmi. He holds her and takes her away. Laxmi pushes him and asks what is he doing. Ayesha looks on. Samar asks Laxmi is she fine. Laxmi says she said she is not Laxmi, she is Naina.

Samar says that crane was falling on you. Atul says crane is fine, what nonsense. Ayesha asks Samar is he fine. Laxmi says take him to some good doctor. Samar asks what does she mean. Ayesha asks Samar to take rest, they will go home after her shot, and asks Kushal to take Samar. Samar

leaves. Ayesha says sorry Naina, you know Samar’s state, he is not in right frame of mind, you are writer and can understand this, you should have not scolded him. Atul takes Laxmi and leaves. Ayesha smiles.

Ayesha comes to her makeup room and says Samar’s madness will not let Laxmi live, and I won’t let Laxmi die. She sees something on the floor and asks who has thrown this here. She screams seeing the dog there and comes running. The dog runs after her. Ayesha falls down and someone takes away the dog. Ayesha gets hurt. Atul and staff help her. Laxmi looks on and smiles. Atul says someone call the doctor.

Ayesha is admitted in hospital. Manav talks to doctor. The doctor says there is nothing to worry, you can take her home. Manav asks Samar to be with her. Manav and Samar go for doing formalities. Karan comes and asks Ayesha how is she feeling now. Karan reminds how Ayesha tortured Laxmi, and same things are happening with her now. Ayesha asks him to shut up, they did big mistake and will be going to regret. Karan says I thought you will realize you did wrong, but you still want revenge. She asks him to celebrate, but he won’t give any chance again. He says she has lost, and now she has to leave. He says he wants something big, he will wait and ask on right time.

He reminds her about Dashrath and Kaykai story, and he is also thinking to keep his wish ending. Manav is coming there. Karan says maybe I will get everything without asking, its court hearing tomorrow, you can get 14 year jail, take care. Laxmi waits in car and sees Samar. Samar calls Prem and says Ayesha is fine, its small fracture. He ends call and Laxmi sees him in mirror. Samar takes out the pills and someone collides with him. Samar looks for the bottle and Laxmi hides. People gather there to take Samar’s sign. Samar calls someone asking the person to arrange the pills now itself. He leaves. The bottle goes near Laxmi, and she gets shocked seeing its anti depressant pills. She understands how his behavior changed so much. Laxmi comes home and tells Karan that its her mistake, Samar is taking drugs, I will tell him the truth.

Karan says he is taking anti depressant pills. She asks how does he know. Karan says I have seen Samar taking the pills. She asks why did he lie. Karan says I have hidden it as you will blame yourself and our mission…. She asks is he concerned about mission, she trusted him blindly, she does not care that she loves Samar, and Ayesha used Samar, like Karan used her, they both are same, she will tell Samar everything.

Karan says Ayesha wants this that you fall weak, its court hearing tomorrow, we are close to take revenge from Ayesha. She says you don’t care about Samar.

Ayesha talks to Nidhi and asks about Samar’s medicines. She asks her to double Samar’s medicine dose. Laxmi comes to Navrang and sees Samar unconscious on the ground. She runs to him saying Raj…. Ayesha smiles seeing this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Jennifer Thomas

    I think ayesha is the lead of this stupid serial

  2. Ayesha is very snoby and such a show off. She thinks she the prettiest, but no. I love Lakshmi. She is very pretty.

  3. when will ayesha exposed?? now they r dragging this track 2 much! huh! i cant c samar like thi
    s! in this serial villan has much priority than hero!
    really dissapointing!!!

  4. when will ayesha exposed?? now they r dragging this track 2 much! huh! i cant c samar like thi
    s! in this serial villan has more priority than hero!
    really dissapointing!!!

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