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The Episode starts with Laxmi talking to Karan. Samar looks for her and does not get her. He asks someone about the contest and does not get to know. Karan tells Laxmi that this interview is because of her, if she replied him yesterday, he would have not been here. He takes a selfie with her. He says dream girl and director’s pair is good, like Ayesha and Manav, why is she silent. Laxmi says she came to return this dress, she can’t keep it. Karan asks her to use the dress in the round, and says don’t link two things, I told you I m giving this dress as you are becoming a dream girl. She says yes, but you may get mistaken. He asks who told her.

Raj is stopped by the peon and goes to cafeteria. Karan says fate favors the one who is deserving, if she has to become dream girl, she has to be in

such environment, she has to dress like Ayesha, she should look glamorous, as she will be next dream girl and the people around her should be of her status, go and wear this dress, we did this start together, our aim is same, you are my dream, and I can fulfill your dreams. He says this dress has right of just the dream girl.

Ayesha thinks Karan will become great director, he can sell his stories well, by convincing good. Samar thinks he will not go without meeting Laxmi. Sania likes the dress and asks who gave it. Laxmi says she took it on rent, and asks about rehearsals. Sania asks her to get ready in green room. Laxmi says she refused to use, but it came back to her. Samar does not get Laxmi and sees Manav. He says he will surprise Manav and goes. Karan sees Laxmi going upstairs and gets worried. Manav hugs Samar and takes him to his cabin.

Manav asks peon not to let anyone disturb him. Samar says he has come to his office by hiding, and peon hears them. He leaves. The peon Hasmukh tells Karan about Manav and Samar, he has heard his voice. Karan says if Laxmi sees him…. Karan sees Laxmi going upstairs and gets worried. Laxmi thinks Raj is right, I should not take costly gift, but Karan is also right, I have to look good. Karan thinks if she knows Raj is Samar, I will lose her forever. He runs to stop her.

Laxmi hears Raj’s voice and tries to see. She hears about Raj Samosewala and gets stunned. Karan says it means everything is over, she will know Raj is Samar. Manav hugs Samar. Karan worries. Manav says he has meeting, he will come in 15mins, don’t go. Samar says fine Bhai. Laxmi hides and Manav leaves. Laxmi goes to Samar and he is shocked seeing her. Karan comes there and tries to hear them. Samar gets worried that his truth has come out. She asks what is he doing in Manav’s cabin. He says he has leaving now.

She says I have seen Manav hugging you, he called you Bhai. Samar lies again. Karan hears them. Samar tries to lie. She says it not easy to come here, there is some secret he is hiding. Samar thinks to tell the truth to her. He says there is something that I have hidden from you and wanted to tell you, I did not have courage. He holds her hand and says its not like what she thinks about him, actually I m…. Ayesha comes and says Raj…. Finally you met Manav. She says everyone likes him, Manav wanted to meet you personally. Ayesha covers up for Samar, and says we get samosas from him in our canteen. Laxmi says I have to go for rehearsals and leaves. Laxmi thinks what happened to Ayesha, she is acting sweet, she always does acting. Karan hides. Samar asks Ayesha to say sorry to Manav, he has to go. She says fine. He comes out and stops. He gets a message and goes. Ayesha tells Karan that she can’t save him always, once Raj’s secret is out, he will lose Laxmi.

Ayesha asks Karan to show Laxmi their world and blind her. Samar asks Laxmi to come home soon. Karan tells Laxmi to come in the party with him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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