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The Episode starts with Aarti leaving Karan’s hand seeing doctor. Manav talks to doctor. The doctor sees Aarti and says Ayesha ji. Manav says she is preparing for a role and sends him. Karan says doctor has come to see Samar. Manav says no one will send you to mental hospital. Aarti says but Ayesha told me…. Karan shouts Ayesha is lying. Aarti gets scared and goes to her room. Manav asks what is he doing, they have to deal with her delicately, she is little than Mithi by her mind, have patience. Karan says I don’t have patience.

Manav says Ayesha went, it means she has some imp work, just go and see her, I understood Aarti, I will manage her. Karan leaves. Manav goes to Aarti. He says he is Mithi’s dad, Mithi is her best friend right. He says Mithi loves you and you can talk to Mithi’s

dad. He says when Mithi comes from school, I will tell her that we played, and then we will play with Mithi too. Aarti looks at him.

Ayesha goes to Manav’s cabin and looks for his laptop. She does not get the digital signature and tries hard. Karan comes to Navrang and looks for Ayesha. Kushal stops him to approve a video. Karan asks him to see, he does not have time. Karan gets late.

Ayesha checks info about digital signature. Manav says I have taught all games to Mithi, I have fun playing with her, you would know few games too, I have seen you taught two new games to her, I want to learn, I want to surprise Mithi. Ayesha checks the DVDs. Ayesha gets the DVD and checks it. She sees Prem, Sona and Samar’s signatures and looks for Manav’s. Karan is about to reach her and Kushal stops her. Karan asks him to work himself. Ayesha says maybe Manav saved it on his phone. Karan comes inside and does not see her.

Ayesha comes from outside and asks what is he finding, Manav did not come. Karan says yes, he is preparing for Samar’s wedding. She thinks its perfect to get his phone. Karan makes Ayesha busy and asks her to do casting. Ayesha thinks how to refuse him, she can’t leave and has to go home too.

Aarti talks to Manav. He convinces her to play with him, then they will play with Mithi. He acts kiddish to bond with her and they play. They laugh. Samar and Laxmi come there. Manav says good to see Samar walking. Samar says yes, but how is Aarti playing with you. Manav says yes, every accident has a chance, Aarti did not like Ayesha blamed her for theft, it means she has sense, she needs some confidence, she can talk against Ayesha, she can face the world. Samar says sorry to say, but once Ayesha comes, Aarti will become like before. Manav says we can work on her in Ayesha’s absence. Laxmi says but when Aarti realized what Ayesha said, she went to her room, she will change when she follows her heart. Samar says you are making a wrong try.

Manav holds Aarti’s hand and takes her outside in the lawn. Samar asks Manav to stop. Aarti resists to go. Manav asks Samar not to come behind him and let him do what he is doing, just wait. He makes aarti sit on the chair and gets kerosene and ropes. Samar stops him. Manav says let me do this, wait. Samar and Laxmi look on.

Karan and Ayesha get busy in casting. Manav ties Aarti with rope. Ayesha thinks how to make excuse and go home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh my god..samar will get killed and there will be new storyline in dreamgirl sad for samar lakshami.. Here is the link http://www.metromasti.com/tv/gossip/Dream-Girl-Sudeep-Sahir-enter-the-show-in-pivotal-role/62267

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