Dream Girl 30th November 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Raghu finding ways to trouble Ayesha. She flirts with Raghu. He asks Kaka to bring food. She says she eats breakfast heavy and dinner light. He says mine is opposite, I eat light food and spicy, I hope you like it. She maintains her cool and says she love spicy food, it helps in weight loss. He says I m impressed, spicy food increases desire for each other, now we are GF and BF, so we can try. She says sure, cheers for that. He says lets start. He smiles and shows green chillies. She gets shocked.

He asks which one will she have. She thinks he is mad, is she sure she wants to date him. he asks her to eat chilli. He makes her eat it. She wants to spit it, and stops seeing Kaka. He asks her to have it and sits eating it. She says she did not eat such chillis in life.

He says I m done, I think you can’t eat, have water. She says I eat slow with time. She eats more chillis. He smiles and says nice to see. She asks for juice. Kaka gives her karela juice and she spits it. She asks whats this. He says its karela juice, will you handle me like this, and asks her to leave. She runs from there. Kaka asks Raghu why is he doing this. Raghu stops him.

Karan hears some girl telling about the locations. The girl talks to Aditya. She says she will show such locations. Aditya introduces their location manager to Karan. She drops the coffee cup and apologizes. Karan says that’s fine. She says I m Richa, pleasure to meet you Karan. Aditya remarks Karan Sir. Karan says its fine. She says I will show the locations. Karan says I m ready. Ayesha goes to wash her face and gets angry.

She says Raghu is mad, does anyone get chillies and karela juice. She is called by Raghu. She thinks what will Raghu do now. Richa brings Karan to show location and says is this not amazing. He looks at her. She asks him to come and see the place. Kaka asks Ayesha to wait, Raghu will come. Raghu holds her and she screams being afraid. He apologizes to her and she too says sorry. She says I should have informed you I don’t eat spicy things. He says you are dreamgirl and gets romantic towards her. She smiles and agrees to go on a drive with him.

Richa says I wish I joined Navrang when Manav was there. Karan says Navrang is running on his morals even now its beautiful location, thanks. She says we will have some food. He looks what he recorded and gets shocked seeing someone. He says how can this happen. Richa asks what. Ayesha and Karan are on their way. She thinks she used her charm on Raghu and is glad. He holds her and says sorry. She says its okay. He says sorry to make you eat chillies. She flirts with him.

Karan looks for Manav in the jungle. Richa asks Karan to come. Richa tells someone that Karan has seen him, she is doing her work, but does not feel she can do it more.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. manav is alive

  2. if Manav is alive then Samar is also alive???

  3. Oh yes.manav had fallen from car that day

  4. plz bring samar back..
    who is gonna be the second heroin then?
    i mean as raghus heroin?

    1. Raghu’s heroin most probably will be aarti

  5. I completely hate this show now…
    This show was based on becoming achiving dreams… but the track is always on ayesha and now her sister…
    I just hate the production team and channel who try to run this show..
    Show was good till Lakshmi and samar achived what they wanted that is their dreams and love of each other… after it was only ok till ayesha truth was out and they both got married.. and after marriage the show is just a crap……..
    Please end the show, as this show only based on ego not on achiveing dreams

    1. Bt its all about dreams,,, dreams of ayesha dream girl….it shows her dreams to get everything and everyone. ….so the show is going very well…

  6. And the change the title from dream girl to egoistic ayesha…

  7. fine

  8. indian director forget the title means and keep on showing 1 track. they do not think. dream girl was lakshmi. how can both brothers are out of picture , lakshmi out of picture only aiesha and brought same face sister
    come on director sahib

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