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The Episode starts with Ayesha being insecure with Laxmi and being angry. Meethi comes to her and shows the story book. Ayesha gets an idea about divide and rule and getting benefit of two people’s fight. She smiles. Samar gives free samosas, as he is in love and will marry soon. Ayesha comes to meet him, and smiles. Samar is glad seeing her. She hides her face and says he does not have time, so she has come. He takes her to side and asks if anyone saw her… She says you got busy. He asks why will I not meet. She says I know you are in love. He says I knew Manav will tell you. She says no, your face has it written that he is in love, she knows about him that he loves Laxmi.

Laxmi comes to some place and says its such a beautiful place, but why did Karan call me here. Karan looks on. She sees

the menu and gets stunned seeing I love you in it. Karan comes to her and sits in his knees. Samar asks how do you know. Ayesha says is this true. Samar says yes, we stay together, I mean we share the flat. Ayesha thinks Laxmi did full planning, she would have known that Samar is living as Raj. Samar asks her not to tell Manav. Ayesha says its our secret. She thinks she won’t tell Manav, else he will easily agree.

She praises Laxmi and thinks she knows Laxmi is clever girl. He says you groomed her. She asks does he trust this relation. He says a lot, I did not know I will reach Laxmi in finding myself. Karan says he has lost everything just to get her, he has the spark that he was finding. Samar says Laxmi is like kid, innocent, smart, mature. Karan tells Laxmi that he loves her. Laxmi is stunned. Karan says he wants to make everything fine. Karan proposes her and asks her answer. She smiles.

Ayesha asks Samar does Laxmi love Samar Sareen. He says she does not know I m Samar Sareen, she knows me as Raj Samosewala. She says what, how do you know she does not know, did you tell her you love her. He says she does not know my real name, she knows my love and she does not want to get diverted till the contest ends. Ayesha asks till when will he not tell her. He says till she says yes to me, she will say her answer on contest’s last day. Laxmi claps for Karan and says it was great performance, I know its next round. Karan is stunned. She says I think love is beautiful, but it should be mutual, not one sided. He says this is not any round, its true, I confessed my feelings that I love you. She is stunned.

Karan tells Laxmi that he will wait for her answer, he wants her yes, but he will not force her. He asks her to get the dress, he got this from the designer being awake all night, this dress is floral as you got the floral essence and freshness in my life, you have to wear this. She says I can’t take this. He says he is her good friend and big fan, can’t he gift her, and requests her to take it. She accepts.

Ayesha says I knew Laxmi has special thing, tell her to answer your proposal one day prior the finale, as last round is with you, she will know you are Samar Sareen, you won’t know did she say yes to Raj or Samar. He says he feels he will say yes. She says I trust you, we are happy for you. She says his heart can break. He says no, I m taking Laxmi for chaat today. She asks his plans and smiles.

Laxmi comes home and says I got this dress, what if Karan thinks wrong, I liked this dress and got it, its beautiful, whats happening, first Raj and now Karan. Samar comes and she hides the dress. He asks her to come for chaat treat. She says I won’t come. He insists. She says fine, I will just come. Ayesha come to meet Karan. She says she needs to talk. He refuses. She says someone is trying to snatch Laxmi from you.

Samar and Laxmi eat the chall. Ayesha brings Karan there and shows him. Karan is shocked seeing them. Samar says its their first date, he will take her many places. Laxmi says this is not date. He says fine, you came for friendship sake. She wipes the sweat off his forehead and shows concern. She makes him drink water as he coughs. Karan gets angry. Samar flirts with Laxmi and they laugh. Ayesha says Samar is already close to Laxmi. Karan says whats Samar doing here. Ayesha says Laxmi does not know he is Samar, she thinks he is Raj Samosewala. Karan looks at them.

Ayesha tells Manav that she wants to include Karan’s name. Karan is angry thinking of Laxmi and Karan. Laxmi tells Samar that Karan has proposed her, and he is stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I love the Lakshmi – Karan angle !! It keeps me glued to the screen !!

  2. I love this serial i.want that before anyone can tell laxmi tha Raj is Samar raj as samar himself tell her hoping for the best
    I jist want laxmi and samar together only

  3. superb serial

  4. Ayesha is sooo bad….i hate her

  5. yaar love triangle…. bht bura hai… either one will be hurt.. but whatever happens laxmi should win the contest and become the next successful dreamgirl… Ayesha should loss the battle…

  6. i like both karan and also samar.i know that samar is the pair for laxmi but i am very sad and feeling sorry for karan he is so cute yaar

  7. Fast ….I can’t wait for next episode. .

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