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The Episode starts with everyone laughing on Laxmi and ask her what is she wearing. Laxmi says they said its pool party. Nidhi and Amrita show the billiards pool, not swimming pool. They all make fun of her and compare her with Hasmukh. She humiliate her saying she is Salman’s heroine and does not know this. Nidhi stops her and asks her to do food responsibilities given by Ayesha. Amrita says waiters did not come today. Nidhi asks Laxmi to serve, its not their mistake, if she thought wrong. Laxmi serves the cold drinks and they all smile.

They make the drink fall. Laxmi sits to clean and other items also fall. She cleans it and cries. Nidhi and everyone laugh on her. Karan says Amrita, we should tell her this was just a drama. He tells Laxmi that its all a drama, they messaged intentionally,

they knew she will think its swimming poll party. Amrita asks does she know to lie and have fun, she took support of Salman Khan and they used her foolishness, she can’t change their votes. They all say no to her. Amrita asks her to leave now.

Ayesha comes and says I don’t know how they came to know. Laxmi says they don’t like me, its fine, I will leave. Ayesha says stop, and scolds everyone and says Laxmi is feeling bad. She asks about votes and asks Amrita to get the voting slips. Laxmi says leave it, I know their answers. Ayesha says rules are rules. Amrita says no votes and Ayesha holds Laxmi’s hand to stop. Amrita is stunned to see Yes vote and asks who gave this. Laxmi says someone gave me yes vote, I will not leave Navrang now, I will never disappoint you, who gave this vote. Ayesha says that does not matter, you are not leaving, this matters, go now. Laxmi leaves. Ayesha gets angry and says we will have to follow the rules.

Laxmi comes home and cries. Bua ji sees her and asks what happened. Laxmi says I passed, I did not get vote out. Ayesha tells Amrita about her film. Amrita says who gave vote to Laxmi, is it Karan or Hasmukh? She leaves. Karan comes and asks why did she not tell Amrita that you gave vote to Laxmi, who can dare to do this. Ayesha says you learnt something being with me. Laxmi says Ayesha ji gave the vote, she cares for me. Karan asks Ayesha why did she do this. She says she did this by Samar’s words, that any production house can hire talented person. He asks why did she do party drama.

She says its not about retain or fire, we have to break her courage, else she won’t give up, I will make her do what I say, I will make her helpless to go Jodhpur, I will burden by my favors. Laxmi says Ayesha Sareen stood for me going against her team, no one can stop me from becoming dreamgirl. Ayesha says no one can be dreamgirl for next 10years. Karan says it means you are scared of Laxmi, insecure, you should be against her. She says you say on whose side are you. He says on yours, but you should also do some responsibilities. She asks him to have patience, help me in sending Laxmi, I will make your film launch like Samar.

Laxmi says she missed to see Samar, but why do they hate her. Bua ji asks her to think can she be in between them. Laxmi says Ayesha ji is with me, she will tell Manav and make me Samar’s heroine. Sona makes Ayesha jealous by supporting Nandini. She says she got Meera’s admission forms. Ayesha asks her to talk to Meera first. Nandini says don’t say about education, I know everything. Sona says Nandini is PG, and you are just 12th passed. Ayesha says I got many modeling offers and I m a top heroine now. Nandini says everyone knows her struggle.

Ayesha says she is saying a lot, I have to shut her mouth, and Dhruv can do this. She messages Meera by Dhruv’s name. Meera asks for his pic as she does not know him. Nandini says we will go college and then lunch Meera. Meera agrees. Ayesha flops her plan by messaging Meera to meet today. Meera says she will come alone and cancels Nandini’s plans. She argues with Nandini. Sona asks Nandini not to worry. Ayesha taunts them that she understands kids well, as she is younger than hr and goes to see Mithi. She smiles and thinks how can Nandini compete with me.

Its morning, Ayesha comes to office wearing a fracture sling. Laxmi greets her and says I know you gave me yes vote. She thanks her. Laxmi says I voted going against office, I hope you don’t let me down. Laxmi gifts flowers. Ayesha says I can’t take it and shows her hand. She says she was working with Mithi, her daughter, how will I manage my work here. Laxmi says I will help you, just say me. Laxmi carries all her things. Karan asks Ayesha how did this fracture happen, She was fine in morning. She removes it and says it’s a lie, and says the pain will be to Laxmi. Laxmi comes and Ayesha acts seeing her.

Laxmi asks is she very hurt. Ayesha says yes, lots of pain, but work can’t stop. Laxmi says she came to sign employee contract. Ayesha asks her to take home and read well, and bring tomorrow, she read it, its her permanent contract. Laxmi says whats the need to read. Ayesha says its legal doc., read it. Laxmi refuses and signs on it. Karan thinks Ayesha will not leave Laxmi. Ayesha sees him and smiles.

Karan and everyone trouble Laxmi in office and she gets hurt.

Update Credit to: Amena

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