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The Episode starts with Karan bringing Ayesha out and asking her to return his old sister back, he saved her today by lying there, and tells what all he did for her. She confronts him for sending her to jail by false blame, he knows its Laxmi inside there, not Naina, how can he do this? She says I forgive you for all this, there is no brother and sister now, we are enemies and fight to the level best. He says I will remember this raksha bandhan gift and leaves.

She cries on the way and says she regrets that he wants to change her fate. She says she will not leave Laxmi. Samar calls Laxmi and hears her voice. She asks him to say something. He just hears her voice and sits silent. She says I will end call. He says I m Samar Sareen. She asks how did he call at this time. He says your voice is like

Laxmi. She says I told you I m not Laxmi. She cries. He says I know, I just called to hear Laxmi’s voice. She advises him not to ruin his life after anyone’s shadow. He says Laxmi is not a shadow, she is reality, sorry to disturb you. He ends call. She cries. Zara Zara hone lage……………..plays………….. He takes some tablets and lies to sleep. He thinks where is Laxmi.

Laxmi comes to Navrang. Karan asks her to be alert and she knows Ayesha and Navrang. Nidhi tells Ayesha that she has fixed cctv cameras, and when Laxmi switches on AC, there will be short circuit. Ayesha says good job, I think your time to get promoted has come, lets see what Laxmi does now. Nidhi asks Laxmi to come to writer’s room, and sit there to work. Laxmi thinks how did this new room get made here all of a sudden. She goes with Nidhi. Nidhi shows her the room and gives AC remote to her.

Ayesha thinks why is she not switching on AC and keeps an eye on her. Laxmi thinsk whats here that Ayesha did and recalls Abhimanyu’s words. She looks around to find anything unusual and sees the flower pot. Ayesha thinks Laxmi can’t find it. Manav comes and tells Nidhi to call everyone for the meeting. Ayesha sees the video feed and says come on, do something. Laxmi gets up. Nidhi comes and asks Ayesha to come, Manav is calling her. Ayesha thinks she can go, as its getting recorded, and everyone will see when Laxmi runs to save her life. The flower vase falls and Laxmi picks it up. She steps on the camera and thinks Ayesha’s plan failed and smiles. Ayesha comes to meet Manav and he tells about his brand endorsement.

She sits with the staff in the meeting. Laxmi feels hot and thinks to on AC, She takes remote to switch on the AC. Laxmi stops and thinks Ayesha will come to see her now, and she has done preparations to welcome Ayesha. Ayesha says can I just go and reply some urgent emails. Manav says its fine. Ayesha goes and sees the black screen, someone has done tampering with camera, I have to go and check. Ayesha goes to Laxmi’s cabin and sees the vase fallen. She says how could she know everything.

Ayesha is locked inside the room with rats. Manav helps her in coming out, and asks who has done this. Ayesha blames Laxmi. Laxmi acts innocent.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. I feel bad for samar
    Poor guy is going through so much due to this revenge plan ?

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